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Walmart Beauty Box Subscription Review – Fall 2015


The Walmart Beauty Box is a quarterly subscription box from Walmart. They feature brands you will find at Walmart, plus coupons.

FYI – I believe they ask for your birthday at sign up to customize the box based on age. (There may be other reasons for box variation as well). For reference, this is a box for a 30-year-old.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).


The Box: Walmart Beauty Box

The Cost: $5 (ships once a season)

The Products: Beauty samples from brands carried by Walmart. (I’m guessing coupons too).

Ships to: US only

Delivered via: USPS

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Aussie Mega Hairspray – 1.5 oz Value $.50

ACT Advanced Care Clean Mint – 1 oz Value $.25

These are both good sized items for travel. I like the hair spray scent, and it didn’t make my hair too stiff or sticky.

Mouthwash isn’t the type of item I look for in a beauty box, but I’ll take it! (I like that this one is alcohol free).


Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 – 9 ml Value $1.50

Vaseline Instensive Care Advanced Repair Fragrance Free Lotion – 2 oz Value $2

If it I was to give this box a theme it would be, “All the beauty things I forget to pack when traveling.” The Aveeno SPF is a very lightweight formula, and I like the scent too.

I love that the lotion is fragrance free. The packaging describes it as a rich, non-greasy lotion, and I’d say that’s about right!


Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in Gladiolus – FULL SIZE! Value $8

(Good to know for swaps – sealed with a sticker)

Yay for a full-sized item! This is a BOLD red lipstick. Here it is swatched:


I pretty much shy away from all bold lip colors, but I like that this is a cool (vs warm) shade of red. It works with my skintone, and the formula goes on smooth, so I may end up wearing this a few times!


This box also included foil packet samples of:

Nivea Extended Moisture Lotion

Crest 3D White Brilliance Daily Cleansing & Whitening System



L’Oreal Age Perfect Glow Renewal Facial Oil

L’Oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur

I’m never excited about foil packets, but I consider these just bonus items in the box.

There were also two coupons included:


$1 off any L’Oreal Paris True Match Product

$3 off any Jennifer Aniston fragrance purchase of $22 or more (excluding gift sets).

Verdict: This box has a value of about $12. I think that’s good for a $5 box considering that these samples are from drugstore brands, so the values are going to be lower. (It is no Target Beauty Box, though!) Looking at the #walmartbeautybox pictures on Instagram, it looks like there were quite a few variations of the Fall Box, and I totally have box envy of most of them. Oh well!

What do you think of the Fall 2015 Walmart Beauty Box? What items did you receive in your box?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (98)

  1. Im actually ok with the winter box this time. Not because it was anything special but because it seems we are all getting pretty much the same stuff for $5. Im ok with that. What im not ok with is what happened with the Fall bow where some people made out like bandits and the rest got screwed with coupons. I dont expect much for $5 but I do expect that they treat us all equally.

  2. Winter C2 box – terrible.

    “Let’s put a Rogaine coupon in with a hair coloring coupon!” Smart thinking…

    I had the same box as Christina, except her Burts Bees was my leopard printed Swisspers (q-tips).

    I just made myself 10 years younger in my account; given I’ve seen some younger boxes with the same plus 3 more items. Sigh.

  3. Winter Box 2015. FAIL.
    I just received the “old” lady version of the Walmart Winter Beauty Box 2015 in the mail today.
    Walmart should just call this the coupon box because that’s exactly what I got. Once I saw the contents, I cancelled my subscription immediately.
    I thought they would’ve learned from the backlash they received from the Spring 2015 box. That one was also filled with coupons. So much for their email announcing the upcoming arrival of this “amazing box”.
    I guess they didn’t learn. Well, I guess I learned today. I’m done.

    The Winter 2015 box version WM Winter C1 contains:
    Pantene Pro-V Hairspray (not even the professional series) – travel size
    Nspa Exotically Creamy Coconut Rich Body Butter – sample size 1.7 fl oz
    Pure Silk Shaving Cream in Raspberry Mist – travel size
    Centrum Vitamints – single 2 vitamin sample packet that you can get for free in the mail
    Burt’s Bees Renewal Intensive Firming Cream – tiny sample (repeat)
    Clairol Root Touch Up $2 coupon
    Cover Girl Star Wars booklet with a $3/2 products coupon
    Rogaine Coupon $5
    Roc Anti-Aging $3 coupon
    Jennifer Aniston $3 coupon
    Olay Regenerist Luminous smear sample & $3 coupon $3
    L’Oreal Find Your Match $1 coupon Card

    • Same here. My 14 year old usually loves to get these boxes. This one was a let down for sure.

      • Ughh I got the same box and cancelled immediately!?

    • My box came today and is exactly the same as yours ? I’ve been on the fence about canceling a few times but theres usually something worth at least $5 so I haven’t. But I’m done – this box was just insulting!

    • Same here, my Fall box only had Act mouthwash and hairspray.. Nothing else. Very disappointing.

    • I changed my age before the Fall box went out but can’t remember right now what I got in that. The code for the Winter box that just shipped for me is WM Winter T1&2 and the code for the Fall one was WM F T1B.

  4. I was pleased with my last box, I have yet to be disappointed. I am older, 63, so I often get skin care. The last box had a full size ROC serum which goes for 20.00. The one before had a full size lipstick from l’Oreal. I have not been unhappy with any box and think they are great fun. Way better than Birch Box, and cheaper too. I got a nice sample size of a dry shampoo which I use so I was really glad. And the usual samples. I have never gotten anything that was worth less than 10.00. I love this box, and I am not a huge Walmart fan.

  5. I got the same thing for my walmart beauty box Fall 2015. It was disappointing. 🙁

  6. I got a lot of foil packets including sunless tanner.. in a box for fall/winter? I’m a fair redhead anyway so I don’t do any tanning, real or fake. 🙂 A few random travel sizes, none of the travel size items in the review above at all, no cosmetics. It was a letdown, overall, but I guess it was okay for five bucks. I’ll try one more before deciding whether to cancel.

  7. After seeing/a lot of reviews about walmart beauty box, I finally signed up 2 wks. ago. For just $5, it’d be a good deal.
    I was so excited when I got mine just after 8 days of signing up.But unfortunately, I didn’t get what others have received n their box.Mine were just Vaseline intensive care cream,Aussie hairspray, Act mouthwash and foil samples of the following: Loreal miracle blur,oil,Jergens 3days glow,Jennifer Aniston’s perfume,Crest 3d,Garnier full&plush shampoo&conditioner,coupon for Loreal true match.
    It’d been nice if I got same a lipstuck or a mascara,like others got 🙁
    I emailed Walmart,but just got automated reply,but no more follow up email from them after that.

    • I did the same, mostly because I thought it would be a great box of stuff that I would either throw in my travel bag, or add to my donation box for the homeless shelter. Nuuup. It was not the deodorant, razor, lipstick, etc. stuff that others received. It was foil packets and a tiny bottle of Neutrogena face cleanser, the Aussie Mega hairspray, and a little container of Nivea creme. No coupons, except for the Jennifer Aniston perfume one.

      Maybe because it was so late in the season, they just threw whatever was leftover in the box. I don’t know. I’m hoping the winter one is better. I also lowered my age from 45 to 20, just for kicks to see if that gets me more fun things next time.

  8. Im really disappointed. Ive been a long time subscriber of this box (since it started). This one I did not receive. I payed for it, and tracking says it was delivered. I don’t know where in the world it was delivered, but it wasnt to my house. It took 2 weeks of continued emails for them to finally reply, and all they said was it was delivered and if you want another box you’ll have to pay again. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! So I cancelled…..which is disappointing because it is a great value. Oh well……so fyi ladies, if yours doesnt show up…. they dont care, it won’t be replaced and you wont get your money back!!

    • Heather did you call the post office and ask them about your missing package? I’m a carrier and most scanners have GPS on them now that will pin point the location of where the delivery was scanned.

      • Thanks Kristi, I didn’t bother calling the post office, I figured their wasnt anything they could do.

      • Heather definitely call!!! When we scan our packages the GPS marks the exact location it was scanned showing where it was delivered. You also want the post master to talk to your carrier about this because obviously wherever this ended up the people were dishonest and kept it. They will make note and trust me your carrier will be much more careful. They may even find it. 😉

    • Call 1-855-712-0222 and tell the people who answer there how unhappy you are.

      • Thanks Rowan, i couldn’t find a number online!

      • Your Welcome.

        I got that number from my CC statement and I think it got posted before by others in previous posts about these Walmart boxes.

  9. I signed up as a new customer a week or two ago and have not heard one peep, no emails, nothing. So if they were bumping newbies to the front of the line, they missed me! I’m over 40 so hoping I’ll be getting the ROC but at this point I’m starting to think I won’t be getting anything at all!

  10. I got mine and I didn’t get some of the items above I did get about 5 1 time use sample cards, plus 3 big sample items. No full size items in this box. What I got was worth only about $5 or less but considering I didn’t pay shipping -it’s still a deal.

    I don’t like wal- mart in general but the first one I tried last year was good deal with a lot of top dollar full size items. If the next one I get is the same as this one I will be canceling but in all It’s only $5 people…

    [pic’s of what I got are on my facebook wall today]

  11. Not worth it! Got my box with only half of what other people received. I got about 3$ worth of product. After calling multiple times I finally got ahold of someone. He was rude and explained that the boxes all vary in what you get. Only some get the value box. He rudely pointed out that the value was in the coupons. I will be canceling today. They are also an outside company that are partnered with Walmart not ran by Walmart. Which would explain how unprofessional and poorly ran this is. I know that Five dollars quarterly is not that big of a deal but it’s better spent on the Target box. Where the target box I spent 10$ and got 50$ worth of product!

  12. Did anyone by chance contact Walmart about the boxes being so different in value?

    • Yes, the guy was rude. He said that the value is in the coupons. I got about 3$ worth of product. So the people that are unlucky pay for the people that get a box with value. It is not ran by Walmart put a separate company that is partnered with them. Your money is better spent with the Target box.

      • I got my Target boxes today and they were fantastic. Walmart needs to get their act together!

  13. I’m so done with Walmart! It’s just random stuff they are throwing in boxes I tried to hold on hoping boxes would get better but I’m not that lucky so I cancelled after receiving a horrible box. I will stick with Target beauty boxes at least I’ll know what I’m getting in my box.

  14. My box is disappointing. In South Florida, I am “Over 30” but my daughters box was excellent. I was given 4 tiny samples in little foil packets of : 3d white, Jergens sunless tanner,, shampoo/conditioner & tiniest ever of revitalift. Then I got 2 samples of L’oreal shampoo , small nivea hand creme , aussie mega hairspray & teeny neutrogena facial cleanser.

  15. My box was similar, I got a nude gloss from New York Color and instead of the Aveeno I got 3 foil packets of shampoo, conditioner and styling cream.

  16. The biggest problem I have is that those of us who were already subscribers were put behind people who just signed up and got our boxes late. I did an experiment so ill let you all know what happens. I ordered 3 boxes, 3 accounts. I used 3 different ages 20,36,56 to see if age matters. I also ordered all different weeks. One of the accounts I was already a subscriber (which didnt seem to matter)!

  17. Seems like the beauty box lottery @Wal-Mart. Not excited about this custserv either, but might give it a try. Sounds like a great box once in awhile and mediocre most of the time tho.

  18. For $5 bucks (shipping), it’s a great deal.

    BTW, I’m still waiting for mine to ship. For those who maybe wondering why Walmart has taken your payment &/or shipped yet, I was told by C.S.:
    “Subject: Fall Beauty Box
    Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2015 13:23:52 -0700

    Thank you for the email. The Fall Boxes had been delayed due to a back-order. We are now actively shipping Fall boxes all this week and next week. You will receive an email with the tracking information once it has left our fulfillment center.

    Sorry for the delay – your box is coming soon!

    Thank you

    Customer Service “

    • Oops! Correct:
      For those who maybe wondering why Walmart has taken your payment &/or shipped yet, I was told by C.S.:

      Should be: For those who may be wondering why Walmart hasn’t taken your payment/charged you &/or shipped yet, I was told by C.S.:

  19. I recieved my box today and was bummed considering I have seen Fall boxes others recieved in Sept with the razor and other products. My box contained the Aussie hairspray, Vasline lotion (again), Act mouthwash,Aveeno spf (again), Revlon ultra hd lipstick and a bunch of foil packets. Im 26 so I think the age factor may variety depending on what they have in different locations. It seems to me all the good boxes get shipped first, IMO

  20. I just opened my Walmart box. The shipping notification stated I was getting the “C3” version so I was expecting to get the full size ROC retinol serum, the deodorant, the razor, etc. after seeing reviews from others that received the classic box for the over 35 y.o. subscribers. I am 44 years old and live in Ohio and am not a new subscriber. I did not receive any full size items. I received the Aussie hairspray 1.5 oz., Dove body wash 1.8 oz., Amlactin lotion 2 oz., ACT mouthwash 1oz., Aveeno moisturizer 0.3 oz., and Neutrogena Healthy Volume mascara trial size. Also included were a coupon for the ROC reitnol serum, Loreal Revitalift foil packet, Loreal Glow Renewal foil packet, and Crest 3D White foil packets. I wonder if the variations in the boxes have anything to do with geographic location (warehouse they are shipped out of) in addition to age?

    • I received the same box. I’m 41 and live in Chicago.

    • The box I got wasn’t even worth $5 and Walmart won’t even answer my emails! So upset about it.

    • 39 in Cali. I got the exact same box. I actually liked my box for the most part

    • I received the same disappointing box. I’m 52 and live in west central Illinois.

    • I received the same box and immediately cancelled my account, I saw so many great unboxing videos and was bummed by the this box full of samples. No matter how I add it up, there’s no way this crap is worth my five dollars. I believe the new subscribers got the good boxes and the current subscribers got the leftovers from previous months, just my opinion tho.

      • I agree. Same.

      • I’m a new subscriber. My box was absolute crap. I received the Aussie hair spray, Vaseline lotion, and tiny ACT mouth wash. The rest were coupons. I received the target beauty box on the same day and the difference was significant. I’d rather pay $10 for target’s than waste my money on this.

      • Yup got the same things .. Don’t use any of those products .. Will probably cancel .. Disappointed

    • I’m from Long Island ,NY and thats what I got, all small samples ,nothing full size, kinda crappy

    • same here.. Was so disappointed with it, I saw so many unboxing videos on youtube that had the deodorant and razor, I didn’t even get the biore mask which I was dying to try. I emailed them on Thursday about it, has any body had any luck getting replies from them?
      I’m waiting until the winter box arrives, if it’s crappy like this one I will unsubscribe.

  21. Anyone else get the Biore self heating one minute mask?

    It was pretty fantastic, but I can’t find it anywhere to actually buy it in person!

    • I did! I’ve been on the fence about hunting down some more, just because it was both amazing and mildly terrifying to use.

      It looks like Walmart sells a 4-pack of single use packets for a little less than $5 on their website. They either don’t carry it in any of my local Walmarts or it’s out of stock at every single one.

      • I echo the mildly terrifying….and yet, I kept putting it on my face…I mean, how does it do that?!

        Also, I think I have seen at my CVS before – maybe try there?

    • Hi Mieke, I know for sure Ulta has it because I bought a box for my daughter. Considering it was a 4 pack for almost $6 I was happy I received one in my Walmart box. I liked it. That warming sensation felt so nice!

  22. This was also my first Walmart box. I am also in my early thirties. I got the samples of the hairspray, mouthwash, dove body wash, amlactin, aveeno, and the mascara. I also got the foil packet for the crest white strips and it has a $2 off coupon behind the strips. There were also packets of Loreal glow renewal facial oil and Loreal miracle blur. It also came with the coupon for Jennifer Aniston frag with the sample attached. The last item in the box was a $3 coupon for the ROC serum. I am really happy with this box I love the smell of the dove body wash and I will use all of these products. So, for my first box I am really happy and I think I will continue to get this box.

    • Mine was identical and I’m 36.

  23. Like everyone else, I’ve had total hits and total flops with the WM boxes, but for $5 I’m willing to ride that wave. This time was a huge hit. I received the full-size ROC serum, travel size Dove, ACT mouthwash, John Frieda 7-day volume, Curel Rough Skin Rescue, the razor and foil packets of Nivea and Crest. I have the Revlon lipstick from past boxes but haven’t used it yet. Seeing the color swatched on Liz though makes me think it’s more wearable than I believed it to be.

    • I received your exact same box , I am loving the full size Roc serum ??

  24. Ok, looking at those instagram pics made me a little envious! Wow…some people really got hooked up, and some…like me…notsomuch! I’ve never gotten a full size product, although in my first box I got a coupon for the free spray Dove. My last WM box was crap, but I had changed my age to the 20’s to see what I would get. I changed it back to 30 and it got better this time, but maybe I should just keep my real age and hope it keeps improving 🙂

  25. How have I been missing out on the box???
    Signed up now and excited to see what I get!!

  26. I just got my email that mine has finally shipped. When I signed up, it was still the summer box. I should have been sent a fall box a lot sooner than now. Some people that just signed up for the fall have already received those. I’m afraid mine will be filled with left over junk at this point. I may have to cancel.

  27. I got an almost entirely different box (I think the hairspray and moisturizer were the same) and LOVED mine!! Best box to date. Don’t remember everything in it since I got it a couple weeks ago – but had a mini of my favorite deoderant (plus a coupon) and make up removal wipes. I was thinking of cancelling but am def keeping!

    • I got the Dove deodorant and makeup wipes too! Love both of them!!

  28. I’ve been getting the Walmart box since season #1 and I love it. I don’t use everything but I end up using most of it and give the rest to my boyfriend/friends. I always look at the Target one to see if I want to buy it this time and I never have. I like the Walmart one better than Target.

    • Oh, and the lipstick is horrible.

      • I haven’t got my Walmart box yet but I got the Target one and it had this lipstick. I’m not a fan of this shade either but you can dab a little eyeshadow over it to change the color, gold or purple work great. Also don’t forget Halloween. And I haven’t tried this tip yet but I keep seeing that you can use red lipstick blended under foundation to cover dark circles.

  29. I received the old lady box with the ROC in it, but I’m also 42 so it was expected. I received my box a while ago, sometime last month. Been a subscriber since the 2015 spring box, and received the spring box then the summer box within two weeks of each other. Must have something to do with the timeframe of subscribing. For $5, I’m happy with the items I receive, of course its not my favorite subscription, but I can almost always use everything I receive.

    • I changed my age on the site to get the other boxes. I’m 45, and may be old…but I wanted Aussie Spray! lol Maybe next time I will enjoy it more. 🙂

  30. My first walmart box sucked. I subbed at the end of summer and got random nothingness. This one was great. Got the full size Roc serum, Dove deodorant, Schick razor, ACT mouthwash, Curel, Crest samples and John freida hair stuff.

  31. I’m pretty sure I got my fall Walmart box a while ago, like a month ago. It was one of the beat Walmart boxes I’ve gotten since it had so many travel sized items that I will definitely use when I travel.

    If you wanted to buy a small mouthwash like that, it would likely cost way more that $.25, I would think at least $1. Travel size items are sometimes at premium prices bc of the convenience of the small size

  32. I received a box very similar to this one but with no full size products 🙁 And I opened that account for a faux 40 year old profile to get the ROC serum after learning it was in the 35+ box. So apparently they are not age-curating after the first wave. My box had a tiny (stinky) Amlactin instead of the full size lipstick and I didn’t have the True Match coupon. Icing on the cake, all this were shipped more than a month after the payment. Needless to say, I cancelled immediately. Walmart disappointed me, I will stick with Target on low cost boxes category.

  33. I’ve been getting the Walmart box since it came out. $5.00 every three months is in my budget. Sometimes I get great boxes, and sometimes I get things that I don’t need or that are barely worth the price. I think that the items that we get are entirely random. It depends on where they’re being packaged and what items they’re given to put in the boxes. I’ve noticed that there are many variations of the boxes. Overall, I get more than my money’s worth and I try not to compare mine with the ones other people get, although it sometimes isn’t easy. Birchbox, which was my first sub box, drove me nuts at first. Especially when I’d see that some of the people got high value full sized items that I didn’t. I finally decided that they do their best and that I should decide if I was happy with my box before I make comparisons. It’s not worth it. I enjoy my subs and I don’t want anything to spoil it for me.

  34. Wow there is such a big difference in the products and values of these boxes! That is the same lipstick I got in a Target box awhile ago. I agree that the version with the razor, Dove deodorant, Roc is great and I would have loved to get that, but what are the chances? If I would have gotten this box, I’m glad I cancelled.

  35. My box was totally different. I got a full size Roc wrinkle filler! It was a great box! I signed my husband up for his own box cause he keeps taking my stuff!

  36. I got a crap box as well, it was the other one with the amlactic lotion and the small sample of neautrogena mascara. Very disappointed, I thought I was going to get at least the razor. It is a bit of bait and switch of them to have earlier subscribers get better boxes, see the instagram posts, and then new subscribers who subscribe later in the season get “leftover boxes” that they recycle old products from the last season. I would rather have waited til the winter box.

    • I got the mascara and lotion too. The same mascara they gave out last time! I got that lipstick last time too…thank goodness I didn’t get it this time. I got a Dove travel size body wash, which was nice, but no full size products for me either. 🙁

  37. This is the same box I received and I wasn’t thrilled. I have that same lipstick from a Target Beauty box. I may try changing my age.

  38. I don’t shop at Walmart as I find their business practices unethical but the target $5 boxes beat this hands down

  39. I unsubscribed. While bloggers seem to get full size lipsticks and many samples, I got 4 boxes of stuff that barely amounted to $5. Last time I got an NYC Made in China lipgloss that retails for under $2. I absolutely refuse to pay for Made in China beauty products. Next!

  40. I received my first box yesterday and I was a little disappointed. I had viewed prior boxes and was impressed with the variety and sizes Especially for the $5. But I quickly got over it and enjoyed looking through my goodies. I did receive the mascara. Best item in box. Wish I had the ROC serum. Love that stuff. On the plus side I have some stocking stuffers.

  41. My box was very different (only one product in common with Liz), and I thought it was awesome.

  42. I got the same one Liz got and although it was only $5, I was pretty disappointed after seeing others with razors, deodorant, the Roc serum, self tanner, etc. I know mine was delayed because of demand (I got an email stating so and just got my package yesterday) so i am not sure if that’s why it wasn’t as good as some others. Oh well.

    • Did you order yours right away? I ordered mine on the first day and still mine was delayed. I felt jipped compared to others.

      • I ordered on 10-8. Think I’ll stay subscribed through next season to see if that makes a difference.

    • I got the email too. I’ve been subscribed since the spring, so I’m not technically new. So I’m not sure how they decide, other than age, who will get what. Oh well…maybe next time!

  43. I got the travel-size Dove antiperspirant, the full size Roc serum, the disposable razor, the Crest samples, the ACT mouthwash, the John Freida, and the Curel. I was pretty happy with everything except the John Freida, which was a volumizing product, since I have curly hair. I’m 36, if that helps any.

    • I meant to add… That’s the same lipstick I got in both a previous Walmart box as well as a Target box, and I love it. It seems to still be making the rounds.

  44. My fall Walmart box was amazing! It is my favorite subscription box I’ve ever received, I LOVED everything! Box included:
    Schick razor, travel size Dove deodorant, Ausie Mega hairspray, Revlon Ultra HD lipstick, L’oreal self-tanning lotion, Act mouthwash and foil samples of Nivea body lotion, Jergens wet skin moisturizer, Crest 3D white brilliance, and Biore self heating mask. Also about 6 bucks in coupons that I fully intend on using!

  45. Hey, wait a second…I got the ROC cream too and I’m in my early 30’s….well, I guess it’s never too soon to start fighting the “deep wrinkles”. I actually really enjoyed this box – I too got the razor (which is always a keeper) the John Freida conditioner and the mouthwash (another keeper for sure!) so all in all it was a WIN WIN!

    • Im in my 30s and didn’t get it. I also ordered mine the very first day and ended up on a wait list, just got mine yesterday. I wonder if maybe they ship from different warehouses and depending on location we get different items? Hmm

      • I had switched mine to 30’s and I didn’t get it either. That’s a good point about it coming from different places…that could explain all the differences. My warehouse needs to step it up! 😉

    • I am 49 so here is hoping for the roc!

  46. Mine was different but it was OK, it arrived few weeks ago and another one is on the way… could it be the Winter edition?… Anyways I hope it comes with good things.
    I got Avenoo sunscreen for body, a sample of some One Direction (or other band) perfume, a liquid Revlon lipstick, full size of Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serum and a sample of Healthy Skin Boosters Facial Cleanser (I really liked this one!, actually I just bought the full size) it doesn’t overdry my skin and leaves it smooth 😀

  47. My box was almost the same as Liz’s except in place of the lipstick I got a little mascara. I also got an amlactin lotion instead of the Vasaline. I got one more item extra which was a small body wash. I also have box envy. I really wanted to try the razor and face wipes so many others got. I would have also liked the roc serum. Maybe next time ill get the good box. I even ordered mine the day it came out and just got it yesterday.

  48. Aw, I’m sorry about yours! I got a full size Roc serum…which I then sold on ebay and made about $10. So I got the rest of the contents free! And there was also a razor, which is also worth the value of the box. I don’t remember what else was in there.

    • Lucky, what age did you put? I’m trying to get the Roc serum too!

  49. I finally cancelled this box — it is only $5 but I just kept getting random samples that I would never spend money on so in the long run it just wasn’t worth it.

  50. My Walmart fall box was a giant disappointment, there was no full size Revlon lipstick in mine. I got a sample size Neutrogena mascara, which Liz didn’t get. I also got mine a like a month ago. I got the ‘young’ version and it was all foil packets or free samples. Wasn’t impressed, but it’s only $5. The “old crone” version looked a lot better this time around.

    • I didn’t realize there were different variations sent out! I got the one with the Schick razor, Neutrogena mascara, Simple makeup wipes and little Dove deodorant. I couldn’t remember how I got any of those samples lol.

      • I got the same one as you. I liked the razor and deoderant is always good!

      • I got the same one as you. I liked the razor and deodorant is always good!

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