Peaches And Petals Subscription Box Review – October 2015

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Peaches And Petals Subscription Box Review October 2015 - BOX

UPDATE from Liz: After posting this review, several readers have commented that the eyeshadow in this box may not be counterfeit and, in fact, may be from the Smashbox Beauty Resolutions Kit for Sephora sold in 2009. (Here is a review of this kit from Dazzle n Sparkle).

Either way, I would recommend considering throwing out this product to remain safe. (Also – any listings of this product on swaps will be removed for safety purposes).

Peaches and Petals is a monthly lifestyle box that sends you “fun, flirty and fashionable vintage-modern” items. You can expect items like fashionable jewelry, accessories, and beauty samples.

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Peaches And Petals Subscription Box Review October 2015 - all items

The Subscription: Peaches and Petals

The Cost: $14.99/month with free shipping

The Products: “fun, flirty and fashionable vintage-modern lifestyle” items

Ships to: US

Peaches And Petals Subscription Box Review October 2015 - info

Each box also includes an info card that lists and describes each item in the box.

Peaches And Petals Subscription Box Review October 2015 - november spoiler

Also included was a sneak peek at the spoiler item for October!

Peaches And Petals Subscription Box Review October 2015 - items 1

Elizabeth Arden Tote – value: $40

This was the guaranteed/spoiler item for this box. It’s a pretty cute bag. The only thing that has me questioning it is that the tag says that this tote is “a free gift with any $42 fragrance purchase.” I know stores like Sephora and department stores often have offers where you get a free bag with a fragrance purchase. I like the tote, but I just wonder how they got a big batch of these that were apparently intended to be free gifts with purchase.

Peaches And Petals Subscription Box Review October 2015 - items 2

The rest of the items came in this little box.

Peaches And Petals Subscription Box Review October 2015 - items 3

Barielle Pro Essentials Skin Care White Tea Antioxidant Moisturizer – 1.5 oz (Full Size), value: $12

The info card prices this at $14.99 but Barielle’s website sells it for $12, so I went with that. I’m not familiar with this brand, but I’ll give it a try.

**Smashbox Eyeshadow Trio in “Glow On” – value: $28?**

It is very, very important that I emphasize that this product is, to the best of my knowledge, counterfeit. I tried searching to see if I could find any old packaging of authentic trios, and the only place I find this packaging is on sites like Ebay. First of all, “Glow On” isn’t even a shade offered in this line of products. Secondly, the label on the back says it was made in China, and Smashbox cosmetics are made in the USA. Third, the true Smashbox eyeshadow trios are packaged very differently. The black plastic of the case goes in between each color in the true trios, and the lid flips up on a hinge, whereas this one unscrews. It’s possible that this is just a very, very old product but the packaging feels cheap – nothing like what I’d ever expect from a premiere cosmetic line at any point in time. Also, it came with no kind of seal or box at all. Authentic ones from a store come in a box.

Also worth mentioning: Even if this were authentic, it came to me in such poor condition that I’m surprised someone from Peaches and Petals actually felt okay putting it in my box. So, even if it is authentic and just old, I’m still upset about this item. See below for a close-up.

Peaches And Petals Subscription Box Review October 2015 - items 5

Like I said, there was no seal of any kind, and the packaging was sticky, scuffed up, and very dirty.

Peaches And Petals Subscription Box Review October 2015 - items 6

Peaches And Petals Subscription Box Review October 2015 - items 7

Another discrepancy between this product’s packaging and real Smashbox eyeshadow trios is that the real ones are called “Photo Op Eye Shadow Trios” and this doesn’t say “photo op” anywhere. Also, authentic ones have a little chart on the back showing the name of each individual color in the trio.

Peaches And Petals Subscription Box Review October 2015 - items 8

Anne Taintor Magnetic Postcard – value: $2.99

This item feels like an odd inclusion to me. It’s just not my taste, either.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish in Vigorous Violet – Full Size, value: $3.99

This polish is a pretty shade, and I haven’t tried this Sally Hansen polish before. I found this color for sale online, but not on the Sally Hansen website, so it may be an old shade? I’m not sure.

Verdict: To be honest, this month’s Peaches and Petals box concerns me. There’s something weird about a few of this month’s items, and sending super old or counterfeit beauty items is a huge red flag for me. Personally, sending a counterfeit beauty product is just about unforgivable to me, especially because it puts subscribers in danger! There’s no safety regulation and a lot of bad things can happen by putting unsafe makeup on your skin.

The value adds up to $86.96, if you use a $28 value for the questionable Smashbox shadow trio.

What do you think about Peaches and Petals? How do you feel about the issues I have with this month’s box?

UPDATE from the Peaches and Petals Facebook page:IMG_0411

UPDATE from Liz: Several readers have commented that the eyeshadow in this box may not be counterfeit and, in fact, may be from the Smashbox Beauty Resolutions Kit for Sephora sold in 2009. (Here is a review of this kit from Dazzle n Sparkle).

Either way, I would recommend considering throwing out this product to remain safe. (Also – any listings of this product on swaps will be removed for safety purposes).

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Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered Beauty Army and Birchbox in 2012 and instantly fell hard and fast for the world of subscription boxes. Over the years of writing for MSA she has found many subscriptions to fuel her addiction, but her favorites include fashion, geeky, beauty, and mom/baby boxes to share with her son.

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  1. Horrible box. Threw it away and canceled.

    • I can’t blame you! I was on the edge of signing up for this – just because the price was so great but honestly everything in the box ranged from concerning to down right horrifying. So glad I waited!

  2. I did not get this box (and won’t ever get it), but has anyone tried contacting Smashbox to see if this is really a Smashbox product? and if it really is – how and when was it sold? was it really part of a boxed set/trio or what?
    For those that do like the box, that is great. I personally wasn’t wowed at all by the first one, I thought it kinda looked “cheap” (the umbrella was cute, but didn’t look good quality). Then the “spoiler” was released and it was obviously a GWP bag from a few years ago, which there is nothing wrong with that, but it pretty much gives you a good idea of how they’re doing business.
    I don’t see how they can say they didn’t purchase the eyeshadow directly from Smashbox, but it is made by them… how do they really know that? Can Smashbox really confirm that? Wonder how they would feel about all of this…

    • I think someone else commented or I might have seen it commented on their Facebook page but they contacted Smashbox and they said that Peaches and Petals were not one of their consumers so they do not know if the product sent is authentic.
      Peaches and Petals keeps saying that it is authentic ACCORDING to their vendor. But they also say it “isn’t that old” when I e-mailed them even though I mentioned this particular eyeshadow trio is found from a 2009 set! Apparently 6 year old make-up isn’t that old.

      • I also called smashbox. First, according to US and the global sales department, smashbox is manufactured in more than US…including China. They couldn’t confirm this was their product. However, I was told all smashbox products (even individual items in kits) have a 3 digit product number. Call with SB reference # 8414976.
        I checked the batch number on check and it said it was made in Feb/2012. I typed in the number as a smashbox number.

        The Made in China issue doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a knockoff. However, SB wanted Peaches & Cream info. I gave them email addy and their parent company’s name and addy.

        These literally look like they fell off the back of a truck. These may actually be 3 year old SB shadow. However, the lack of that code makes me wonder if they worked with unscrupulous vendor.

        Shady and rude about accusations. For such a new company, they should be trying harder to retain subscribers. And they should not let their first boxes be anything but impeccable.

        I know It’s $50 box and I knew the Elizabeth Arden bag was gwp and that was fine. But it would have been better to send an apology for vendor delay and delay the box.

        Rember this all Smashbox is NOT made in USA, if you but in States it probably will be. However, with boxes and people searching for cheapest vendors, you may get an item made in Canada, EU, Mexico or China.

        Check is great site for figuring out how old that mascara you have in drawer is. Just enter brand and lot #. It also has liar of how long different items are good for. So this SB, if it is indeed SB eye-shadow, is approaching 4 years old based on batch number.

        • Good to know that everyone is doing their research and checking this stuff out – one of the many reasons I love this site 🙂

          and thanks for the info about the checkfresh website – that will be really useful!

          • No prob. I am mlakeup junkie and sometimes I’ll find something that I don’t remember buying and when I check it on site the batch was made like 8 years ago. I guess I’m makeup boarder too. Ha.

  3. I just cancelled.

  4. My eye shadow pot was sticky also and broken up. I wrote CS about it and she seemed surprised because she said all items were in good shape when put in the boxes. Other than the eye shadow nothing in the box excites me. I’m giving them another chance next month. Was happy with my first box.

  5. My eye shadow pot was sticky, as if it had some type of glued seal around it and then removed. It had some type of fuzzy stuff stuck to it.

  6. I was not thrilled with the first box. Even though I got it at a great price, I did not want another box. It felt to young to me. I also would prefer to spend a double the $’s on decent quality items.

    Based on this review with the eye shadow, I cant see myself subbing again. No matter how much I might like a spoiler.

  7. I got a counterfeit product in a sub box once, and canceled immediately. It was a counterfeit of a NYX palette too; a cheap product. When I took it out of the box, the word “palette” was misspelled as “pallet”. A big company wouldn’t misspell something like that. I researched further on what the real palette looked like and found mine was fake. Thankfully that sub is now out of business; but it was a disaster for me. The owner said they’d send a replacement product and never did.

  8. Has Smashbox EVER had any of their products made in China? That would be the most concerning for me. No matter the brand or ingredients, if it was made in China, it’s not going on my skin.

    • According to their Global Conaumare Care dept, they have plants in many countries. US, EU, Mexico and yes China. Although, Chinese manufacted products are usually sold overseas, typically Asia.

      • That should read: according to Smashbox Global Customer Care Dept…….plants outside US.

    • You probably have a lot of things made in China that go on your skin. You just don’t know it. Tons of good companies use cheap Chinese production. All that made in the USA requires, for example, is that final assembly be made here. All of smashbox’s eye shadow can be made in China and still be called made in the USA as long as the final assembly is here.

  9. Second Response from P&P

    “Hi there,

    I thought I addressed it by stating all products were not old or used, as well as our reply on your Facebook posts. 🙂

    However, I’ll be happy to go into more detail for you. Two of the items are still sold on Barielle’s website. The 3rd isn’t, but was a special in the 3 piece set. None of which are old, used, or expired. As you found, these were a BOXED set. We opened that box, and put one in each customer’s subscription box. This is why they aren’t individually sealed. When most items are boxed, they don’t have an additional seal.

    The creams are designed for your face, but could even be used on hands, feet or your decollete. The creams are used just like any other moisturizer. A small dab after your normal face care routine, before putting on make-up, or after a shower. The exfoliate is used almost like a face wash. You would gently massage a small amount on whatever body part you choose, and rinse away with warm water. This removes dead skin cells, and promotes the development of new ones. As with any exfoliate, you should limit to once a week. However, if you are using it on your hands or feet, it could be used more often.

    As stated in our reply on Facebook, labels do change constantly throughout the retail industry, but that does not affect the fact that they are still brand new- unused products. This refers to the the nail polish. As with all of the other items, it’s not old or expired. It’s just been revamped, and we were able to get a great deal due to a label. I’ve actually still seen the “old” label in stores like Walmart and Target.

    The eye shadow was sent to us in bulk packaging. They were not sealed individually, but sealed as a container. We then again, un-boxed the shadows and sent one to each customer. As for the lint and glitter, I’m not sure. We had a few eye shadows that were broken when they arrived to us, and since they weren’t sealed individually the fine powered could have got on the outside of your container. The lint could have been in a box that was assembled earlier in the day, and waited in the warehouse to have items put in it. I’ll address this with our shippers, and make sure each box is wiped out before adding items to it.

    I hope this covers everything, if not, please let me know. 🙂

    Best Wishes,

    • Wow! The second response comes off as entirely snarky and rude. I would’ve been entirely annoyed getting a response like that to a legitimate concern.

  10. First response from P&P

    “Hi there!

    We’ve read your concerns on Facebook and addressed them there as well.

    I’ve also included some direct links from Smashbox about their products and discontinued items:

    “Why has my favorite product been discontinued?
    We apologize for discontinuing your favorite Smashbox product. We appreciate your understanding when a product or shade is discontinued, it is not done impulsively, but by taking into account many factors. Decisions to discontinue or introduce a product or size are made in response to consumer preferences and purchasing patterns throughout the country. Please email us with the name/shade of your favorite product that has been discontinued and we will forward the information to all appropriate executives. In the meantime, please visit our Final Call section where we will offer discontinued shades and formulas for as long as we can stock them.”

    Discontinued does not mean old or used. It just means they changed things up a bit. Smashbox still offers their discontinued items, but by special request only.

    Also, I’ll pass the feedback along about the pricing of the bag. Yes, it was part of a set but that is part of the reason you are able to get SO many awesome items for SO cheap. The items we are sending are quality products, just found via different deals.

    We do hope you love your next few boxes, but if you don’t you can certainly cancel at anytime.

    Have a great day!

    Best Wishes,

    • So basically:
      “We buy old junk and repackage it just for you!”

      • Serious question from a sub box newbie: how do other affordable makeup boxes get their merch? I figure birchbox and ipsy are big enough that they have brands falling all over them to give them free stuff for boxes, but what about other smaller/newer boxes?

        • I can’t speak for all sub boxes, but I’ve participated in a few indie beauty boxes with my own indie line. All of the box owners have paid for my items at a wholesale or greatly discounted rate. I wouldn’t be able to afford the cost of sending free items since I’m so small and it’s just me.

    • Smashbox doesn’t offer their discontinued products “by special request only.” When they are discontinuing something, they list their remaining stock in a separate section of their website, typically at a sale price. A lot of makeup companies do this: LORAC, Urban Decay, Too Faced, etc. Stuff they aren’t making anymore are added to their sale section while supplies last.

      Discontinued doesn’t always mean old, but it doesn’t mean that some items can’t be old.

      I can only speak for myself, but I don’t want “SO many awesome items for SO cheap.” I want current, quality items at a reasonable price, even if it means only getting a few things. Quality over quantity.

  11. I did some digging on Jamin’ Butter (who owns P and P) after I got last month’s box and discovered that they have several websites for reselling odd lots they’ve picked up cheap. The owner even said in an interview that when they were getting started they would buy stuff off the shelves in Big Lots stores and turn around and sell them online at a markup. So since their whole business is in cheap leftovers, I don’t really see this sub improving much with time.

    • Apparently that’s the same company doing the new Dog Treater box…

      • I think I will be reviewing that one soon. So I will take a close look at expiration dates.

        • I have it coming sometime as well (and will review on my wee little blog), so at least now I know to be wary.

          • I signed up for Dog Treater too and just cancelled after seeing both subs are the same parent company. Hopefully the dog bed will be decent. I’m going to be very careful about giving my dog any of the treats.

  12. The whole statement about, “While we did not purchase it directly from Smashbox, it is made by them.” just makes me wonder where in fact they did get it from. Are their sources even legitimate? Did they buy the old Smashbox from the same place they buy GWP bags? Where did they come up with the $40 value of the tote bag that was given away for free with purchase?

    I wonder what Smashbox and Elizabeth Arden would think about this.

  13. First, I have to say that I find this review pretty irresponsible. Knowing how hysterical so many of these subscribers are, and how quick they are to jump on the negatives, how can it be appropriate to claim something is counterfeit without proof? Just because you can’t find it doesn’t make it so; and since several commenters state that they indeed have this item, it is patently untrue. Old, probably, but that doesn’t make it counterfeit or unsafe.
    Yes, I did receive this box. Yes, I did think the bag, tagged as it was, was kind of odd. The eye shadow & cream I received are in good shape, as is the polish although it’s a color I’ll never use. But for $15 this box is as good as many and better than some.At least they’re not charging $10 for a handful of free samples. I’m willing to give this box a chance and am looking forward to next month.

    • I think this review is honest, no one wants to receive unsafe, extremely old products in their boxes, and if she feels something is off she has every right to say so.

    • Irresponsible? It would have been irresponsible for Haley NOT to point this out. Speculation about the legitimacy of the shadow has been on the forums for a while. When something arrives in that condition, she better point it out or she should not be reviewing.

      • I don’t disagree about pointing out problems, but to make up something, like a counterfeit claim without proof is, as YOU say, “speculation”, and that is NOT reviewing responsibly.

        • Yes, it is. When a cosmetic looks off like this, there are only really two explanations: old products or counterfeit products. Haley has to point that out, because we just can’t know for sure and either one of those reasons makes the company suspect and the products potentially dangerous.

        • A review is an opinion. She gave her honest opinion. How is that irresponsible? I first considered ordering this sub because the price was so low with the coupon code, but was hesitant to order and I’m glad I waited. Now that I have read this review, I can make an informed decision to stay away from P&P.

        • I agree with you, Kathy. There is nothing wrong with pointing out the fact that there are concerns about the age and/or manufacturer of the eyeshadow, but to blatantly claim that it is counterfeit, especially when a number of other people have now chimed in with their knowledge of the subject, is not nice or accurate.

          • Thanks for the feedback. After the review was originally published I added a note to the beginning and end of this review to reflect the additional information shared by MSA readers. Hope that addresses your concerns.

            If there’s anything else you feel should be added please let me know.

    • I agree with the replies. If an item looks off, she should point it out to the best of her knowledge. Ignoring the questionable items would make the review more irresponsible to me.

      • I don’t have a problem with the tote bag being something you could have gotten free with a purchase. The part that turned me off was the beat up looking packaging. When I saw the tote value for $40 I wondered how that was possible for a $15 box ($7.50). They have to get deals somehow.

    • More than one subscription review mentioned the same concern. That is part of what I read these reviews for. I don’t know much about smashbox so I would not have known what was wrong, but would have questioned it being sticky. You are welcome to your opinion, and I am delighted that you are happy with what you received, but I am sure I am not the only one glad to have this knowledge so I can make a fully informed decision.

    • I’m going to have to defend the 10.00 company, Birchbox. They might just give out samples and sometimes a full size item, but at least they are top of the line and some of the best samples that create big revenue for Them. You know why? Because those great sample are so great, I end up purchasing the full size due to the fact that I loved the sample. And I have to say, all the samples are awesome. If I did not have a sub to Birchbox, I wouldn’t know so many excellent products exist. I have to say, Thank you Liz for your site and thank you Birchbox for being one of the best subs, I sub too. I even purchased a 3 month sub for my BFF and opened up a second account under my 2 nd private e-mail.
      So if you think that 10.00 is to much for a couple samples, you need to rethink that and give Birchbox a try. Because you will be thankful.
      I was also just able to use my Birchbox points for my favorite lipstick I wanted and shipped for free. Now that’s excellence!

      • Agreed about Birchbox. With my points, discount for being a member 3 years I was able to get the Chi travel set for $19.99. It’s a $99 set. And I have been able to try products I never would have before.

        I think the reviews on MSA are very fair and unbiased. It’s very responsible to voice her concerns over that “Smashbox” eyeshadow. With the condition it arrived in, no outer packaging, seal or being able to find it anywhere should send huge red flags up. I’ve never heard of a big company doing special requests like that.

    • Smashbox Global told me today that without the 3 digit SB code there was high probability it was not SB product. I am mailing mine to company for them to decide.
      They look like they rolled down the hiway so I’m not gonna be using it. Also, even if it’s SB why buy from China plant batch?
      I could be counterfeit and old. If it’s counterfeit it’s good one as it has good batch number. That’s how I found it was manufacted in Feb 2012.

    • Kathy, I’ll take my $10 Birchbox samples (which I use later to get expensive, full-sized products for free) over a crappy, dishonest P&P brand with obvious bad business ethics. The reviewer left her concerns and I appreciate them.

  14. I am so glad you called out the bag and shadow! I posted my concerns on their Facebook page and got the same response about the shadow being authentic. The bag has no retail value as it was never intended to be sold. I sent them an email and was told “discontinued items are not bad items, this is how we can put so many items in your box and offer it for so cheap.” They sent me a paragraph from the smash box website about retired products. My eye shadow trio looked just like yours except it had glitter and lint on it. The Sally Hansen nail polish I received was also very very old too. Now I am starting to wonder about this company.

    • No way! They really admitted that??

    • Nellie
      Do you find they remove negative posts or difficult question posts?

  15. I’m not sure if someone already mentioned this. I just checked the manufacture date of the Smashbox. Batch number 12222-1 date of manufacture is 2012. The general shelf life is usually 36 months. It will probably be valid for at least till the end of this year or hopefully (maybe) one more year. Not quite sure. That’s sad. 🙁

    • Should have checked the review before signing up. Just signed up yesterday. I’ll give it another try. I hope for a better month in November!

  16. Pretty sure the nail polish is old, too. I bought that at least 5 or 6 years ago on clearance. I’m guessing they buy old items at a super cheap price and throw them in these boxes. I’d be really disappointed in this box.

  17. So what are people planning to do with their eyeshadow? Is it ok to list it for swap and mention that it’s very old and not worth very much? Or should it just be thrown out? I don’t wear eyeshadow, or I would just keep it. Also, does it actually “expire” if it’s never been opened?

    • Never mind – just read the addendum at the bottom.

    • Unopened powders last ~5 years. On the back of most products, there’s a circle with open cap and lists a number. For example the eye shadow in P&PP box has icon that reada 12m. That means good if closed for 5 years but even new once opened it has 12 month shelf life. Of course, I have powders I use longer than a year. Especially things that aren’t part of my daily makeup routine.

      • Thank you for the information, Angela! 🙂

  18. That’s incredibly disappointing. I almost subbed after seeing the umbrella in the September box, but then someone mentioned that the spoiler item was a GWP. Now I’m glad I didn’t get this one. Hopefully they’ll clean up their act.

  19. This is literally French Box Part II. Expired/very old makeup, possible counterfeit products/made in China, and free gifts with purchase (seeing that made me cancel before this month thank God). I’m sorry but as a new sub, they’re falling into every bad trend every other startup beauty sub has fallen. While they claim the Smashbox is legit, they wholly failed to even acknowledge the seriously old age of the product itself. Also they’re admitting to “breaking up” multi-product sets, which in itself is concerning in terms of legality (sorry, lawyer here). All this was missing was something labeled “not for resale.” Then again, the GWP was pretty much exactly that. For $15/month I can do a lot better at Target and not worry I’m buying my daughter dangerously old cosmetics or possibly tainted counterfeits. At this point the sub has zero credibility in my book and we won’t be back.

    • I tried to log in to cancel and it just brings me back to the home page

  20. I signed up after seeing last months box. I was so disappointed after seeing what I got I was on the fence about whether I should cancel or wait and see what next month brings. I figured I had plenty of time to decide until I got my billing notice which quite frankly pissed me off. It seems they probably got a lot of complaints so they rushed billing. My box felt like someone sent me their old junk and that’s really irritating to me. The cream was all dried up and the outside looked like someone played hockey with it! The eye shadow was sticky on the outside and dirty and the rest seemed thrown together. Am not a happy customer for sure.

  21. I have that Smashbox “Glow on” trio from a kit that I got from QVC awhile back. It’s one of my favorite Smashbox trios.

  22. I signed up just for the november spoiler. I planned on cancelling after that unless it was great. Looks like I’m going to. Its woth $15 for the scarf, assuming theres no problem with that. I think alot of their products look cheap and too much for the $15 price. Its too good to be true!

  23. I actually bought that Barielle moisturizer last year (2014) from Marshalls for around $4. I used it probably three times because it had terrible moisturizing properties. It did nothing for my skin at all, and just felt cheap to me. Totally worth that $4 but it was pretty pitiful.

  24. I liked the September umbrella and peacock necklace, and would’ve liked the earrings if the posts hadn’t been bent. I guess I got the $7.50 worth but cancelled once I saw the October spoiler. Nothing wrong in theory about keeping prices low with old retail lots but old makeup is just not okay.

    • My posts were bent too!

    • You can find the peacock necklace on ebay for $1.00 plus free shipping.

  25. I cancelled and emailed support. My UPS says. “Order Processed: Ready for UPS” which means label created but not shipped. I am asking for sub cancellation, not to send box and a refund.
    Reason: Bag was a free gift with purchase. Which means no one EVER paid $40 for it
    Nail and Make up: Neither manufacture has on their website so either very old or possibly counterfeit. Unless you bought from Manufacturer directly (Sally Hansen/SmashBox), you cannot 100% verify and therefore of extreme concern to me

    We will see what happens

  26. I actually liked this box, especially since I only paid $7.50 for it! I’d still be happy even if I paid full price, $15. I love how this box is priced because it allows almost everyone to afford it.

  27. This box is so disappointing. My Barielle product looked old and messed up as well. Flashback to the horrible French Box! I just canceled mine after already being charged for November.

  28. I like the scarf at the half price, but now am not sure about trying it.

  29. My tote didn’t have the “free with fragrance” purchase tag, I guess they tore it off. I’m surprised that they left that on when sending it to you for review…

    • The tote was offered as a free gift in a April 2013 promotional offer at Bon Ton.

  30. This box is a mess .

  31. The eyeshadow was from a 6 year old 4 piece kit that was available at Sephora. You can find some reviews on YouTube and blogs.

  32. I’m now wondering if the umbrella from September will break the first time I use it (been using the FFF one so far). I subscribed basically just for that, because I needed an umbrella, period, and that one was so cute. I actually like the outside material of it a lot, but now I’m skeptical. I thought I saw a pair of wooden sunglasses in one of the September spoiler photos, and so I was excited for that, too, until I received the box and they were ugly JLo sunglasses. I apologize to whomever I swapped the peacock necklace to, because it will probably fall apart the minute you try to wear it. Also, their apology gift to me for shipping September so late (did anyone else have to deal with that?) was a stupid fried egg mold… I mean, someone else took it in a swap, but it still seemed so weird to me that that’s there idea of an apology for making me wait until October to get my box.

    I never use boxes for hoping to buy more of a product… very, very rarely does it happen. But counterfeit/old makeup is a sign of how cheap they are, and I could tell that with last month’s box. I wasn’t all that broken up about cancelling, and now I’m so glad I did. Also, there were a lot of items in last month’s box and only four in this one. Consistency is important in starting out (PopSugar always sends about five items). This one is clearly bad news. I hate when I find a cheap box but then they turn out to actually be cheap. 🙁 At least you all have Ipsy.

    • I guess this where “you get what you pay for” comes into play.

    • I just died laughing at your post Kyla.

  33. Cream is $7.79 on Amazon. I will not use bc I don’t know anything about it.
    Bag was free.
    My shadow came completely destroyed.
    I like the polish and magnet so I guess I got my $7.50 worth but really this box was a fail for me. Pissed I already got charged for next month.

  34. My tote strap broke the first day I used it; I contacted company and they say they’ve shipped me a replacement. My checking account has already been debited for the November box which I find unusual. I plan to cancel once November box is received. Did you take the company up on its offer to reach out to them privately? If so are you at liberty to disclose what transpired? Seems to me they should make their position on your findings public. Not comfortable at all.

  35. You can find some Barielle products at Sally’s and Amazon (where they are quite a bit cheaper). I’m also not really in love with this month’s curation (which I should receive this week), but I’ll probably give them another month or two to hit their stride. I think I’ll love the tote (I really couldn’t care less if it was a promo!), and I actually like the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail color for being a cheap 1-coat quick-dry polish. Also, I usually really like Anne Taintor’s stuff–although I didn’t find the magnet that you got to be very funny– I hope I get a different one! I don’t know what to think about the eye shadow, though…

  36. That Smashbox item was sold in a Sephora set called Smashbox Beauty Resolutions Kit. My accounts says it was available around January and February of 2009.

    • So they’re sending out SIX YEAR OLD makeup?

      I know there are closeouts that get bought in lots and sold on eBay, through Amazon third party sellers, at places like TJ Maxx and Marshalls and Luxe Pineapple. It’s possible that Peaches & Petals got this stuff (including the EA tote) from one of those suppliers. Especially if you remember the packaging from a specific set in the past.

      But…if they didn’t buy from Smashbox, they can’t verify the authenticity of the product, no matter what they say in their message. I have seen this sort of thing with a lot of new subscription boxes — buying old/expired/counterfeit makeup on the cheap to pad the profit margins.

      Either way, I’m inclined to stay away from this one.

  37. This is the first peaches and petals box I subscribed to and definitely the last. I just cancelled my subscription after reading this. That is disgusting that they would send out counterfeit makeup. After canceling my subscription it seems my card information is still on the site. Anyone know how to get it down?

  38. This box is just really bad. I didn’t get a chance to cancel the October box because I received my September one so late and the sunglasses that were in that one were no name brand ugly and cheap. I will definitely be cancelling for sure. I read on another site that the eyeshadow is real but from 2007. I dont know how as a new company you would think it is good to send some cosmetics that old. I rather put my $15 towards Glossybox.

  39. I have a Smashbox “Love Me” eyeshadow palette that I won from a Smashbox FB giveaway about two years ago. So it was mailed directly to me from Smashbox. It says Made in Canada. I’m not trying to defend P&P–I’m not even a subscriber–but just pointing out that they may have outsourced some products to China at one point. Even if they are legit though, that doesn’t excuse the poor condition in which they were received. 🙁

  40. Have you contacted P&P to confirm authenticity? Smashbox is owned by Estee Lauder and I have some SB eyeshadow trios that I purchased from Sephora a couple years ago that say made in china. Also, all the single shadows that I have from SB have a screw on lid and the packaging has that sticky suede material that attracts dirt so easily. So I’m really hoping this is not a counterfeit item.

    • I bought a Smashbox eyeliner kit a few years back at Sephora. It had the same rubberized matte coating on the outside and after awhile in my makeup bag it looked like the eye shadows received here (sticky, dirty, and overall grotesque). The bag was clean too, not grubby. It was very weird, and I ended up tossing it because it grossed me out. I won’t buy SM because of it. Even if this is really SM product, it is most definitely old product, and that just can’t be tolerated. They probably need to raise their price point to be able to provide any kind of quality items.

      • I haven’t subbed to this box, but I have experienced this before and I’ve gotta say I’m with MaryJane and Bish – not defending P&P and there’s the possibility that it could be counterfeit, but I’ve had some really old Smashbox shadows before that had a twist off lid (maybe purchased around 2009 or 2010), and ended tossing them pretty early into their usable life because the packaging has a tendency to get sticky and goopy like that. As much as I loved my SB sets, I actually stopped buying them because they would get black goop on everything!

        Sadly, I even stopped buying from Nars (my beautiful blush in that shade with a cheeky name!) and some other high-end companies specifically because they have the same matte/sueded packaging that gets so sticky and strange after such a short amount of time.

        To me, it looks like at best they’re using extremely old products or at worst something counterfeit. Either way, it’s not a good situation. Keep us posted, ladies! I truly feel for everyone who got this box. 🙁

  41. Darn, was going to sign up based on October’s spoiler but now just see flashing red lights…

    • oops, meant November’s spoiler.

  42. This smashbox shadow is part of auto delivery kits sold by QVC IN 1995.

    • I am sorry. I meant 2005 not 1995

      • That’s correct. I actually have this exact pallet in the same packaging that has gotten sticky over time.

  43. I think the smashbox is just really old. I was concerned about the Barielle product because it was hard when i opened it – According to the peaches and petals facebook the Barielle products were a 3 pack that they separated up. But its a cheap product anyway, so i tossed it.

    I would be grumpy if I paid $15 for this – But it was half price this month – I’ll decide if I’m going to keep it after next month. The tote I assumed was a leftover from the promo, just by seeing the spoiler. and I loved the magnet and the nail polish was fine. I’m guessing they had a ton of new subscribers this month, after the great box last month – If it keeps going like this – they won’t be around long.

  44. Dang. I was really hoping this box would be awesome. The price point is great. But that box is terrible. As soon as I saw the spoiler was GWP bag, I was worried. Glad I didn’t subscribe.

  45. I received an email notification today from PayPal from some place called Jammin Butter. I didn’t know what it was so I googled it. There were several links for customer complaints as well as complaints to the BBB for complaints of unfilled orders. I shortly after received an email from peaches and petals confirming my November charge. At the end of the email it says Jammin Butter. I cancelled

    • It is also associated with this:

      I think they buy old retail lots and resell them.

      I ordered for the $7.95 price but this is worse than I thought it would be.

  46. I am also very disappointed and dissatisfied with this months box. I also recieverd the eyeshadow in very poor shape and it seemed odd to me, the container was sticky like something was spilled on it and I pretty much just was annoyed and tossed it to the side without further inspection. Also, the tote I had found on a different site selling for $11.00. Im not fond at all of the false price points, I probably will cancel due to this.

    • Does anyone know where on their website is an option to cancel? I cant seem to find anything

      • log in -> “My Account” click on “Subscriptions”
        You should be able to cancel from there

  47. This whole box is is so unappealing to me. To send you a product in that condition, even if it was brand new, is inexcusable to me. It just shows really poor judgement on the company’s part, and it’s even worse because they’re pretty much a new company. I would cancel right away. This box is in no way unique or special, and if you continue your subscription, it’s like telling them that you’re fine with their poor quality control.

  48. Wow, I can’t believe a subscription box would not only send this out but especially send it to someone to review. You’d think they would want to hide something this awful. Starting with what is clearly a free gift with purchase that they somehow got their hands on and ending with counterfeit products… this box is all kinds of wrong. I’m glad I never subscribed and I certainly never will. You’re right, counterfeit products are unforgivable.

  49. I want to say, I think it’s just super old, because I think one of the original Smashbox sets I purchased, years ago now, was just like that. The trio would have been part of a set that came with two eyeshadow trios, brushes, blush, eye smudge pot, lipstick, and a makeup fold over pouch and maybe some other stuff. Which means it’s like over 10 years old because I bought the kit on like HSN and hadn’t heard of the company before. Wow, just wow. Eek

    • I think they scrambled to fill orders instead of postponing box or posting sold out notice. That led them to purchase a three peice box to break up and spread out the products to triple the inventory. Or perhaps other 2 from box are awaiting their turn in futute box mailings.
      This feels less curated than just a desperate attempt to get enough products for the month’s shipment.

  50. Honestly, I’m really glad I decided to cancel after my first box. The items in the September box just seemed really cheap ):

    Such a shame because I had high hopes for this box.

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