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Nina Garcia Quarterly Box #NGQ06 Complete Spoilers!

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NGQ06 box open

We have spoiler pictures for the Nina Garcia Quarterly Box #NGQ06 thanks to Chris!

Here is the list of items:

– Baggu Solid Navy Canvas Tote – Not sure if it’s the canvas shopper or Duck bag or another one…
– Chic Buds Clutchette Power bag
– Flight001 F1 Caffeine Supply Eye Mask
– Flight001 Standby Champion Luggage Tag
– Pinch Mini-Emergency Kit for Her
– Emi Jay Hair Ties
– Jane Iredale Pocket Mirror (could also be something else??)
– Weleda Skin Food (1 oz. travel size)
– Flight001 F1 X-Ray Passport Pink
And more photos from Chris:

IMG_6240 IMG_3492 IMG_1067 IMG_7541 IMG_2460 IMG_5499 IMG_6674 IMG_9649

What do you think of the spoilers? (Thanks again Chris for sharing with us!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This is an absolutely terrible box. I cannot for one moment think hat Nina Garcia uses any of this dollar store looking stuff. I think is was PS (?) that did a lovely leather passport cover that I use. So much potential!

  2. Soooo disappointed. I had wanted to cancel after the 4th box but stayed for the hair theme. That box ended up being great for me and I’m still using a number of those products. I thought this box was maybe improving by focusing on a specific topic. I travel a ton and was looking forward to this box. I agree with others – most of it just look like filler items and I don’t think the overall value is there. I ended up finally cancelling today.

    If anyone is interested in swapping for the yellow clutch (or anything else in this box), please reply to this comment.

  3. I couldn’t cancel this pile of garbage fast enough! So disappointed in this box, she should be embarrassed to have put her name on this cheaply curated box of junk. I’ve been with this sub since the beginning and I usually loved most of what was in the box, but there isn’t one thing in this that I’ll use, can’t see NG using any of this tacky stuff either.

  4. Okay, I am someone who does not complain about subscription boxes. I am always defending PopSugar Must Have, even when they have an off month. I got this box, and I am so disappointed. It’s not worth $100 to me AT ALL. The value is low, only a little over $200 INCLUDING the cost of the $60 to store photos online. Which is completely useless unless you continue paying for the service every year after. I travel constantly. The Baggu bag is nice, but not for traveling. It doesn’t even fit a laptop. And the travel items look cheap. It’s not worth Nina Garcia’s name, and I doubt she would use ANY of these products.

    The one thing I was really looking forward to was the power clutch, and I got neon yellow. No. (If anyone wants neon yellow and got one of the other colors, let me know, because I will 100% swap with you.)

  5. This was my first (and probably last) NG box. I am not really excited about most of it, but I do love the bag and clutch. I would have been really disappointed with the colors listed here, but I received a dark Leopard print BAGGU That’s perfect for fall and winter, and a bright yellow clutch that’s actually beautiful. Overall not too excited but at least there are a few items I can use.

  6. I was very excited by the travel theme as I own a travel agency and thought with the Nina Garcia touch..this would be an amazing box! Got it yesterday and it looks like something curated for a teenager..all the silly plastic flight 101 pieces and hair ties.. Absolutely nothing with a flair for fashion. Looks like everyone will cancel after this goofy box…such a shame as her first boxes were amazing!

  7. My first and last Nina Garcia box arrived today. I didn’t look at the spoilers because I wanted to be surprised. I was so disappointed I had to cancel. I expected better quality items.

  8. I’m glad that I cancelled. I am underwhelmed. I agree with everyone else that stated it appeared items came in for the travel box that was cancelled. There is no Nina Garcia magic in this box.

  9. My box just came. I got different saying on my mask and my luggage tag. So at least there are some variations.

  10. I just got my box and it is so underwhelming and disappointing. I like the Jane Iredale blotting papers and the hand cream– they are well- respected brands and what I’d expect. The charger clutch is a good idea, but mine is bright yellow, so I probably won’t use it. Most of the box feels like, and smells like, cheap, plasticky junk. The types of items match the theme, but in a $100 box I expect a Kate Spade luggage tag and passport holder, not a neon embarrassment my kids would use. I have never cancelled a sub before in 3 years and 10 different boxes, but I have had it with this one. Cancelled it is.

  11. I agree with everyone that I am so disappointed in this box. Doubly so, as I used to talk up the NG box all the time and actually bought this box as a gift for a road warrior friend. I was a subscriber since Day One and just kept hoping that Quarterly/Nina would come through with an awesome box like the first ones. This is probably the one I am most unhappy with, it just does not feel luxe or special at all : ( I just cancelled and signed up for the Zoe box.

    And Quarterly, if by any chance you are reading this, if you had not changed your return policy, I would have stayed subscribed, but it is just not worth the risk to me.

  12. Meh. I agree that I thought there would be something fashion like a wrap or a nice scarf that is big enough to cover you on a flight.

    I’m considering cancelling & going to Oui Please.

  13. I was really excited to see spoilers for the box since I travel a lot – so thank you Chris (& Liz) for the pics.
    But I must say, it looks rather disappointing. I cannot imagine Nina Garcia using the Flight001 items – they look cheap and juvenile. I doubt they’d last more than 1 trip. They’d be great maybe for a high school or college student’s first trip… but not for me.
    I liked the spoiler for the charger/bag thing so maybe I’ll order that on its own. I’d also use the Baggu I’m sure. But I’d rather order on my own to get my choice for colors. And the mini emergency kit looks cute too.

  14. OMG I am so glad I cancelled. What a letdown. They should seriously have let me curate this one. I am a RABID Flight001 Fan and those things are super inexpensive. They should’ve put a patterned Spacepak in this, maybe a voltage converter. Of all the Flight001 options they selected…those were not what they should’ve selected. They cheaped way out.

    I think those Jane Iredale things might be blotting papers.

    • We got a voltage converter in Fathom Travel box :/ But yes, a space pack would be good. But I already own that too. So again, wouldn’t have been good for me. I shouldn’t have ordered. I figured with Nina being in fashion, she would have had a fab wrap or something fashionable in there.

      • Yea there was SO MUCH she, or whoever actually threw this mess together, could have done. I suspect after this month that this one is over.

  15. I travel a lot and I have an obsession with travel related items, so I’ve been really anxious to see spoilers on this box. Whoa. Total disappointment. Sure everything fits the theme, but there are no quality items, nothing exclusive and frankly, nothing that even the infrequent traveler doesn’t already have. Another eye mask? Blotting papers? Hideous passport cover & luggage tag? I think it’s safe to say Nina would not use half these items herself, so it’s a bit irritating that it would be offered under her name. Not a fan. Glad I waited to sign up.

    • speaking of luggage tags… Just got the cutest luggage tags from the Erin Condren friends and family sale. Originally $20 got it for 12 🙂 for 4!!! And super cute!

  16. This is supposed to be a NINA GARCIA box?!? Poundland, more like, imho.

    As a frequent traveller you get items like this for free, more often than not in a MUCH nicer quality.

    Also, I am only using Apple approved chargers, as knock-off chargers fried my last iphone. (I have heard that from many people, either the phones fry or the battery life dramatically shortens).

    So sad to see Nina’s box going downhill, especially since Rachel Zoe does not ship to Europe.

  17. I regret not canceling. I was w/ her from her first box. This is just underwhelming. I had actually hoped the spoiler wouldn’t be the highest value/supposed highlight of the box. As for the duck bag, lord knows I don’t need another one. At least with our $100 PS LE, we got a weekender and a ton of other great stuff. I wanted to love her box. But these little items that are just throw-ins… blah. I already have the Pinch item. Already have a passport cover. Already have travel eye mask (and also do have Arianna’s great one she sent). Already have cute luggage tag. Hair ties? Skin food?

  18. I was tempted by the travel theme (since I’m on the road a lot) but not that impressed by the items. I’d love to snag one of the fancy eye masks that were in past Hitha and Arianna boxes but this one isn’t impressive. Most of these seem like items that frequent travelers have already picked up or would rather pick out themselves and as others have noted are “nothing special”.

    I’m not seeing any signs that the no returns policy has improved things for Quarterly – they still seem to have lots of unsold boxes showing up on best-of and curators are dropping like flies. I noticed Arianna’s box is still listed as shipping in October but I haven’t heard a peep about it and cancelled rather than risking getting charged $100 without even a spoiler to go on. I’m looking forward to Bianca’s box.

  19. Underwhelming indeed. Ive loved every other box.

  20. As a frequent flyer I’m still glad that I moved from Nina to Rachel Zoe. This doesn’t have the value, let alone any excitement.
    This must be her swan song, surely!

  21. It seems like when Quarterly cancels a box, items that would have been appropriate for the cancelled box show up in another box. Like the last Nina Garcia hair box coincided with 1 or more of their beauty boxes getting cancelled (was it Eva Scrivo?) and this box happened after the Travel Noire box seems to be cancelled. Maybe they lined up a couple items from the boxes before they were cancelled and just shifted them to other boxes?

  22. I cancelled back when I didn’t like the spoiler and I’m glad I did. i don’t travel enough to need super specific travel items like this, though the blotting papers look nice. I now only buy boxes from the Quarterly Best of Box sales.

  23. Just want to post an update — it’s a BAGGU DUCK BAG and the Jane Iredale item is a compact of blotting papers. And there is a voucher for a one year sub to SHOEBOX PRO.

  24. I received my box today. Didn’t even know what it was when I saw it sitting on my porch. No shipping notice and this was supposed to ship in July. This was my first Quarterly Box and my last. While I do think everything fit the theme I just felt underwhelmed. The Jane Iredale is indeed blotting papers.
    I do like everything in the box but nothing to get really excited about. I discovered boxes back in April and this is the first one that I haven’t absolutely loved.
    I don’t travel a lot but everything will be useful when I do travel.
    So really I can’t complain. Just simply won’t order this box again.

  25. I didn’t like the spoiler (clutch+battery pack), but didn’t cancel because of the travel theme. So regretting that decision since seeing the box, the battery pack is the best item, that’s how much the box/value sucks. I rather have 1higher priced item than 3 Flight001 junk items.

  26. This is beyond boring. Nina did you forget that you’re supposed to be a style
    Icon? How about a gorgeous travel wrap with hood, a designer leather passport cover, I don’t know… Something, anything interesting. Thankfully I dropped this garbage and picked up the Zoe box. Nina should be embarrassed, frankly.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the last Nina box. I feel like Quarterly was trying to use her name to make this box more palatable to a lot of people. I hope she cuts ties quickly and permanently.

  27. SOOOO glad I cancelled. NG and OuiPlease are the epitome on 1 or 2 good boxes and then downhill. Thankfully there are other boxes that have continued to churn out great boxes.

  28. Glad I cancelled. I have dropped all my quarterly subs except Rosario Dawson. Her’s is supposed to ship next week I think. If it is not super impressive, I will be dropping it too. I don’t see how Quarterly is staying in business with their recent policy changes, late shipping and underwhelming boxes.

    • OMG PLEASEEEE LET HER BOX SHIP NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I hope they stay in business just to keep Bianca Jade around. I absolutely love her boxes. You can tell they are well thought out & items are picked by Bianca. I can’t say the same for this one.

  29. I like that everything fits the theme well. It’s thoughtfully curated for someone who travels a lot. The value seems to be there, as usual. Everything is cute and practical, and I like that it’s not as product-heavy as the hair box. I love Welleda and have wanted a minimergency kit for ages.

    But I don’t know… I’m glad I canceled. There isn’t anything really special or unique here. It seems a little juvenile somehow? I’d have hoped for a leather passport case, a mirror with a stylish motif, a luggage tag from an up-and-coming designer, an eye mask with an exclusive design, etc. It’s missing that extra something that the earlier boxes had.

  30. Nothing appears unique or exclusive. While there are a number of items it still doesn’t negate the fact they’re not collectively worth $100 (plus shipping) to me. You can literally pick up each item easily and relatively cheaply. This sub for me was all hype and no joy. They had 2 good boxes initially and then with each successive one they’ve gotten worse. They might as well call this “generic products that have been around for ages” curation and stop trying to convince subscribers they’re getting something super exclusive and special.

  31. Underwhelmed is an understatement. Nothing special here at all!

  32. SOOOO underwhelmed!

  33. i hope someone puts the bag up for swap. Otherwise, nothing exciting here.

  34. Is it just me or is this really disappointing? But I don’t travel much (alas), so maybe a frequent traveller would enjoy it more.

    • I travel a fair amount and this box does nothing for me. I will use the Baggu, but other than that I feel “meh” over this box. For as many delays as we had with this box, I was really hoping for an awesome products that would have made the wait seem worth it.

  35. Underwhelmed….but that might be super critical of me….Rachel Zoe is knocking it out of the park compared to Nina IMO….

    • First off it was 4 months late.
      What’s with the tacky eye mask? 20$ face cream? A canvas tote?
      Waiting since her last mailing in April for a sub that’s supposed to happen every 3 months I expected more 🙁
      Bring on the Rachel Zoe! Nina Garcia and Quarterly have lost a subscriber….

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