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Neiman Marcus POPSUGAR Must Have Box Spoiler #2!

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Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 1.26.07 PM

We have another spoiler for the POPSUGAR Neiman Marcus Box! (Thanks for the head’s up Caroline, Nancy, HappyWife, and Khanh!) Each box will include:

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 1.40.07 PM

This Eddie Borgo Small Chain Tassel Pendant Necklace ($125 Value)

And in case you missed the first spoiler:

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 1.16.17 PM

This Mela Artisans Tray. UPDATE: Confirmed this is the Medium Tray ($130 Value)

What do you think of the latest Neiman Marcus POPSUGAR Must Have Box spoiler? Are you getting a box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I can see why they chose the spoilers they did. They were the only two items I like in the box. Without giving too much away, palette is too dark for lighter skin, another item looks like a dollar store find and another might be ok if it looked like the picture (blue) instead of a 70’s brown, and who over the age of 12 wears glitter?

  2. Mine says it was just delivered! Now the rest of the day will feel like forever!!

  3. Any news on if there will be a holiday box released??? Usually they are on sale around the same time as the Neiman box….

    • There will be a men’s and women’s $100 holiday box – no details on specific dates yet though. Make sure to sign up for POPSUGAR Must Have news alerts at the bottom of this post if you want an email when they launch! 🙂

  4. Highly underwhelmed by both spoilers, and I’m so glad I waited for them before deciding to purchase the box. Both spoiler items seem highly over priced, I wouldn’t use the tray for anything, and I would never wear that necklace.

  5. All of these “spoilers” are making it so hard to not subscribe. I know that I will try PopSugar (sooner, than later), but I decided to sub to the FabFitFun Fall 2015 box. I’ve already sub’d to 8 boxes + 1 (My Secret Admire’s special box – one time purchase). OMGosh, Liz!!!! You’ve created a Beauty Box “munsta”. hahahaha THANK YOU! hahahaha!

  6. From a NM fanatic: This box is Amazing!!!!!!!! I think it might be even better than last years! I can’t wait to see all the items!!!! I have been wanting a necklace like this Forever but all the ones I found at TJ MAXX or Marshalls were too tacky. And I refuse to buy costume jewelry full price. SO excited!!!!!

    • Vanessa, some of these necklaces can definitely look tacky. This one is AWSOME. It is really very pretty. I thought for sure I’d trade it, but I am keeping it. In fact, I am wearing it right now. It’s very pretty and well made.

  7. I am thrilled with both spoilers!! I am new to subscriptions and I never thought I would do a $250 box. I wouldn’t have purchased if they hadn’t given those spoilers. I just redid a room and I have a table/bench that needs a tray for drinks when I’m working in there. Perfect for me!!

    • I’m also new to sub boxes. I also love these spoilers as well and am super excited to see what other 5 items are in there…. Come on Nov 19th

      • expect one to be a food item

      • and welcome to you both!!

        • Is it only those of us who are new to subscription boxes that think we must get this? I keep deciding against it….and yet keep thinking about it. I’ve now become addicted to My Subscription Addiction. Help!

          • I was ready to jump then got burned with Luxor and the last Pop Sugar box (really? brown bags?)
            I am sitting out … well plus learning about the rhodium …. allergic 🙁

          • I think I’m as addicted to reading these posts as to the actual boxes!

  8. This necklace isn’t for my taste but I’m excited to see what else is in the box. I probably won’t order it anyways but let’s see

  9. They confirmed that the box value is over $650.

  10. My initial reaction to this necklace was that it worked work on me since it looked like it would be really long and really long necklaces find work on me. But 20″ sounds like it might be great!

    I’m psyched! 😀

    • Wow. Autocorrect fail-a-palooza.

  11. When you break down seven items over $250, it comes out to roughly $35 an item. I’m happy with both spoilers at that price. Plus I think any items I don’t like will be fairly easy to swap or sell. Excited for this one!

    • Now there is a positive way to look at it!!! Love my 2 item for $35 bucks so far

  12. Eddie Borgo actually makes some cool and interesting jewelry, unfortunately this necklace isn’t one of those pieces. I am really disappointed with this year’s spoilers but happy that they make my decision not buy super easy. And very happy that I’m not having to reneg on my PSMH boycott.

  13. I am so relieved I didn’t splurge again on the SE boxes. These have been such a let down for me since last fall. The values on each item are so very inflated!

  14. So just an observation, but if the whole box is 500$ *Value* of the 250$PurchasePrice … Then technically the 125$ necklace+the 130$ tray would already be 255$ accounted for in the total value? Yeah I can’t get on board with buying things for the designer/name of it; when usually you can get dupes fairly easily for a 3rd of the price. Especially when it’s looking like it isn’t much higher quality than a normal PSMH box! If this was like the Organic Authority box that I missed on that had 20+ items in it, I’d be really disappointed. But can’t see being okay with only getting a 500 dollar value from 5-ish things. That would bring out my inner-cheap.

    • They haven’t released the total value of the box.

      • They did finally… over $650 (or maybe it was $650 even)…something with $650 in it.

        • Thanks for letting us know!

          • NP. On FB they said “Total value of the box is over $650!”

  15. I like it and I’m glad I ordered. However I love gray and wear a lot of it and the box definitely has a gray theme.

    The items I’m most excited to learn about are the beauty items bc NM has great brands and both boxes so far have had brands I have wanted to try. I figured we would get at least $100-$150 of beauty items and with that plus the tray and necklace I feel good so far.

  16. Wow, I thought the tray was so-so. Honestly you can get something like it at Target for about $50. But the necklace, um, sorry but that silver/gray tassel is just plain ugly.

  17. While I understand the premise for this box I always think they should do a 250 box that is just like popsugar but with a whole lot more stuff. I couldn’t spend that amount knowing I’d only be getting 5 things even though they’d be more expensive items. I’d rather get 12-15 things that are equivalent to what is in their normal boxes.

    • When you think about what you get in 8 months worth of regular boxes it’s hard for me to gamble the $250. I’ll bite for the summer and fall LE boxes, but I’ve seen way too much disappointment to gamble almost half the price of a Mansur Gavriel handbag.

      • going off black Friday deals for my approximate math…don’t hold me to exact figures 😉

      • If it was anything like the first Neiman Marcus PopSugar box I would be super happy. Fingers crossed.

    • I agree totally. That would be fun!

    • What a great idea!! I would totally buy that box! It would feel like less of a gamble (because it’d be more likely that I’d like at least a few things) and I know I’d end up with a lot of cool stuff to keep or gift.

  18. Not getting this one! Spent my money on the Luxor special box (sold mine) and two December Luxor boxes…wonder what Birchbox and Glossybox will have for their holiday box?! Also a holiday Popsugar box? $250 is too much. bought a nice Kate Spade calf hair leopard bag for about that. Will last a long time…done with “mystery boxes” since I got screwed on Oui please Mother’s Day box (no clutch like some).

  19. FYI to those considering, Eddie Borgo has a line available at Target right now. While there isn’t a piece like this necklace, if you like the style you can save a lot of money and pick up his pieces there.

  20. This seals it for me, was not super excited about either spoiler. I’m happy with my decision to buy the new plaid keeper from Keep Collective and Rachel Zoe box instead of this.

  21. I like the tray and the necklace but $250 is just too much for me to part with.

  22. So far, I’m glad I decided not to go for this one. I don’t need another tray for my house, and the gray actually kind of clashes with my color scheme. The necklace isn’t my style. Easy pass thus far! 🙂

  23. Wow, I’m really underwhelmed on this one…

  24. If we get Silver, mine is up for swap. Of all the times to vary tones, this wouldn’t be my preference. Can someone check if colors vary?

  25. I actually like the necklace, and the tray too. If this were a $100 box, I’d have bought it already. But I just don’t trust the rest of it. I’d pay maybe $60 total for these two items if I were in a store.

    • I totally agree. I like both spoilers but not for the price of the box.

  26. One of the reasons why I love subscription box reviews is that I get ideas of types of jewelry I might like. I’d never pay $125 for costume jewelry, but I like this necklace so it inspired me to search for “tassel necklaces” on Ali Express. They have some really cool ones.

  27. I think it’s funny they’re having trouble selling this PS Neiman Marcus box and releasing spoilers. Thank god I passed on it, I like the tray alright but would probably never use it. I don’t like the necklace at all though.

  28. This really doesn’t knock my socks off. It does look a lot better in rose gold imo. I love the tray but I think I’m going to pass. I’m not going to pay that kind of money knowing already I’ll receive something I really don’t care for.

    I’m still waiting for a shipping notice for Oct box!

    • My October box has shipped yet either and I would normally have received it by now!!

      • ditto

      • I sent them an email requesting information on when my October box will be shipping as I have not received a notice & I always have my box by now. I also mentioned I concerned as I just ordered the NM box for the first time so I hope they get this is a make it break it situation with this customer. Sigh. Ironic twist – I somehow ended up with FOUR Birchboxes this month. Scratching my head.

        • Same!! For the second month in a row mine hasn’t shipped.

          FYI – you should mention to them that the Terms and Conditions state that the box will mail by the 15th every month (they become liable by not meeting their shipping statement). I did last month and mine shipped out immediately.

          • I got my shipping notice the same day my box showed up. For some of you, maybe your boxes are actually in transit – here’s hoping!

          • for those of you who have said that you received your box before you got your shipping notice, did your Popsugar account show “proccessing” or a tracking #?

          • Replying to myself is weird haha.

            But always before when my box came the same day as my notification my account had already had it listed for a while. It’s when it still says processing that I get anxious because I’ve never gotten my box while it still says processing.

          • I hadn’t checked the shipment status in my account because I wasn’t concerned about my box being late yet (this was on 10/14). I was just surprised to get the tracking email and then find the box was already out for delivery. I’ve never had that happen with PS before.

          • Curious…. you said;
            “box will mail by the 15th every month (they become liable by not meeting their shipping statement).” In what way do are they liable liable for what?

  29. I no longer have fomo.

    • I know right? Fomo deactivated.

    • Ditto.

      • What is FOMO?

        • FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out 🙂

        • fear of missing out

          • jinx, you owe me a coke!

        • fear of missing out. 🙂

  30. I love the tray not the necklace (not my taste). I will be swapping that for sure!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more…I’m starting to regret this purchase!! I mean I LOVE the tray, but not to the tune of $250…and in my mind this necklace is so darn ugly!! I just want to call PSMH and cancel my order at this point! Lol

  31. Grey is the new blue for popsugar.

    • Totally! good call

    • 🙂
      I’m pretty much tired of all of the blue stuff… and I’m loving gray at the moment

      • i could go for a teal splurge… i don’t hate grey, will never spend $250 on 1 box, and loved the fall LE box, don’t get me wrong. it was just an observation.

  32. Thank goodness I decided to pass on this box. That necklace is definitely not my style and the tray looks like something I can get at Home Goods if I really wanted. I really miss the special curation of the 1st NM box.

  33. I agree they are definitely having trouble selling the box … And I am not sure this spoiler is going to help. I would much rather get 6 regular popsugar boxes with that $250.

  34. This necklace is making this box so much more attractive for me… Still not sure I should pull the trigger, because if I’m going to buy costume jewelry, it’s going to be a piece for $20 for TJMaxx. This is just brass, not even sterling silver. Also, this necklace comes in rose gold as well and I wish they would’ve chosen that shade. It’s so pretty!

    • oh my gahhh I LOVE the rose gold!!! Silver isn’t doing it for me…..

    • Oh, mannnnn, that rose gold is so pretty. And way more “on trend” for the season. These are the times when it feels like maybe extra stock of an item is driving these decisions more than what styles are actually a current fashion must-have. I’m OK with this necklace but not crazy about it. Would definitely have loved the rose gold. Being that it’s the silvertone version, I think this might end up being a christmas gift for a family member. At least jewelry tends to make a bigger impact with gift recipients than some other types of items …

      • Marie, did you order the box already? I really like the necklace, but I feel like the only one. I feel like popsugar’s pictures make things look much cheaper than in other pictures I’ve seen of the same item. It’s weird.

        Also, what is rhodium? The rose gold is 18-karat yellow gold plated brass, and the silver is only rhodium-plated brass.

        (I just bought a pair of 18-karat gold-plated sterling silver earrings in TJ Maxx for $16. You’re paying for the designer in these boxes…is it worth it? Argh! This is supposed to be fun and is stressing me!)

        • I looked it up. Rhodium is a non-reactive, non-tarnishing metal from the platinum family (I had no idea there were metal families before!). It seems that it’s electroplated on silver jewelry to help against tarnish and on white gold & platinum jewelry to give it a white reflecting look when it’s sold. But electroplating wears off. In this case I wonder if you’ll end up with a brass-colored piece of jewelry.

          • Nana, that’s interesting! I’m not sure if that makes it better or worse.

        • Rhodium when applied as a thin plate, it affords a durable finish of exceptional brightness. Rhodium finishes can greatly enhance the appearance and longevity of any metal to which they are applied.
          That said, Tiffany & Co uses it a lot and people have to go get their jewelry recoated.
          HERE IS MY ISSUE:
          My sister lent me her Tiffany necklace and I thought wow high quality expensive it’s it’s TIFFANY. Um HUGE allergic reaction. I had hives/welts for a week. I am allergic to rhodium. So now even if I loved it I know I can’t WEAR it

          • Wow, that’s crazy!

      • I wonder if you could exchange the tray or necklace for a different color at a neiman marcus store?

    • I agree…rose gold is much better. But it’s still like putting lipstick on a pig to me.

  35. Love the tray but hate the necklace. Yikes! It is not my style at all and looks sort of cheap in the photo. Perhaps it is nicer in person but I still don’t think I would ever use it. Fingers crossed that the rest of the items are great!

  36. Hmm… not my style. I think they’re going to have trouble selling this box.

  37. Thanks for saving me $250 bucks that I can use to fuel my sub box addiction this holiday season 🙂 This second spoiler makes it an easy pass for me. Pretty, but I can admire it from afar….on someone else. Not for me. #pass

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