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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Winter 2015 Box Spoiler + Coupon!

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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Spoilers

The hero item for the Winter 2015 Box of Style has been revealed! Each box will include:


A custom gold-toned plated Alexis Bittar cocktail ring valued at $198. What do you think of the spoiler item?

More info:

Christmas has arrived early this year. Meet our winter Box of Style’s gorgeous hero item: a custom cocktail ring by Alexis Bittar, designed exclusively for Box of Style.

Valued at $198, this ring with 10k gold-tone plating is set with Swarovski crystals and adjusts to fit you perfectly. It’s the stunning piece you need to add a little sparkle to your holiday style, no matter the occasion.

Because the holiday season is all about giving, the winter box will contain over $400 of accessories, beauty staples and lifestyle finds you need to make winter your most glamorous season yet. Box of Style memberships are only $100 each season and sell out early so subscribe now—you won’t want to miss this.

Also good to know: the Winter 2015 Box of Style is scheduled to ship December 1st, 2015. If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to save $10 off your first box!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This is awful. Each Hero item has gone downhill for me. Still can’t find someone to swap for the fedora, so this one will probably take even longer. How can a “plated” item be valued so high? Waiting to see if more spoilers come out before I am charged with this box. May pass as much as I want to stay loyal and hope it gets as good as her first box.

    • I would love the fedora, but I am on the wait list for the swaps page. I don’t know what individuals are looking to swap. If anyone is interested in discussing respond and we’ll figure a way to connect.

      • I have the fedora to swap. I won’t even worry about retail price. Just want someone to use it. Swap with

      • I bought the fedora on Ebay for $5.50 =) Check there!!!

        • The cheapest I see now is about $20 (with shipping). I assume as it needs a big box to ship, it cannot use the cheap first class mail.

        • Ugh, seriously? Then I don’t have a chance of selling mine (which is currently listed) for anything decent.

          • I sold my hat locally for $20. I wore it once…it wasn’t my thing (I have really thin, fine hair and the hat looked ridiculous)…I sold it. I LOVE the watch! It is on my arm now…I wear it almost every single day!

    • “How can a “plated” item be valued so high? ”
      Because people love overpricing their mediocre items lol.

      • Lol yup! But but but it’s DESIGNER!! haha

    • I don’t think anyone wanted the fedora lol

      • I did and swapped for it. I love it. Fits great and is perfect for fall style.

  2. What’s the general consensus – will the ring be easy to swap? I haven’t found a taker for the hat or serum from the last box yet.
    I don’t want to have to move into a bigger house just to store all my unwanted sub box items. ?

    • The Fedora is on my followed items to swap…if you want to swap, let me know! 🙂

      • Just sent a swap request Christina. Feel free to counter!

    • Am interested in hat and possibly serum, but am on wait list for swaps page. What are you lookimg for in return?

      • Lorelei Marie, why don’t you email me and we’ll see if we can come up with something? I don’t really know what I’m looking for – need some ideas. ?
        [email protected]

    • Usually Rachel Zoe sub box items are super easy to swap. However starting with the Fall box there were so many of the hats up that I think the swap boards just got over saturated. Honestly no I don’t think this ring will be that desired on the swaps.

    • I would love the serum. I’ve trying to trade for it. I actually just traded for the hat and I like it. I would possibly get another for my mom.

  3. Has anyone had any luck with canceling and then opening another subscription with a new email? I’d like to use the $10 off coupon & am not ready to commit to the annual. Still on the fence about this actually. Let me know.

  4. I only wear my wedding ring and I am a very thin tiny petite woman so there’s no way a size 7 ring even adjustable will fit me. The bracelet from the Spring box was huge on me and the watch from the Fall box was unwearably big on me. Small girl problems I know. I may not renew when my annual sub is up. It’s dissappointing to repeatedly not be able to use the high value item.

    • A 7? I wear a size 5. Why? Adjustable rings look so cheap if there is a break in the band to adjust. Rachel probably wears a size 2.
      This sub started out so great but imo steadily going downhill.

      • I agree. I think there are just too many subscribers and rather than close it to new subscribers she’s just buying low quality items in bulk. I wouldn’t be surprised if this box closes up shop soon.

    • I was obsessed with that bracelet. If you interested in selling it, let me know!

  5. How can they claim that a gold-tone plated crystal ring is worth $198? I wouldn’t even pay $19.80. It may be a quality design (not familiar) but good design made with cheap material does not equal a quality product.

    • Thank you! It always makes me chuckle when they over-inflate the prices of things because they are “designer”! Cut me a break!

  6. I love Alexis Bittar. Her pieces are eclectic. Can’t wait till December.

    • Alexis Bittar is a man.

      • lol!

  7. The ring looks beautiful and in time for the holiday season. It’s not my style so I submitted a request to cancel my box.

  8. Merry Christmas to me! 🙂

  9. My very first luxury subscription purchase. I love the ring, totally my style. I love Alexis Bittar but couldn’t bring myself to ever buying it because I can’t spend that kind of money on a non-real item. I hope other stuffs are fun too. The wait is going to kill me. lol

  10. Could this box get anymore awesome? Seriously. killing it. sigh, what did we do before RZ box of style?!?!

  11. Maybe it’s a good thing I’m not familiar with the designer so my opinion of the ring isn’t colored by my prior awareness of the designer like a lot of commenters, but I think this ring looks incredibly tacky. And only 10k *plated* at that price? Hah.

    The fall box is the only one I’ve ever gotten where I didn’t swap anything, so I’m hoping the ring in person makes me feel differently to keep these boxes as homeruns for me.

    • I am in total agreement with you on the ring. I also did not know the designer & my 1st thought was ’10k PLATED gold for how much???’. I just cannot get myself to see this as a ‘hero’ item. It doesn’t scream ‘high fashion’ in any way to me. The watch & purse from the last two were GORGEOUS. I swapped very heavily to get them. The gold cuff too. I still may get this box, b/c I’m dying for a RZ box, but it also may be worth my while to wait & just buy the spring box. If I’m paying $100 for a box, I want to LOVE everything.

  12. I am excited! I got part of the Summer box…hunted down most of it as I missed the cut off. I signed up for an annual after that. I wasn’t sure about the Fall box, but have been pleased with it. I even wore the hat to my son’s soccer game! I like that RZ pushes my comfort zone a little. Things I would think were cute on others, but may not try…I am excited about this item. But December 1 is a long way away! I wish they wouldn’t release spoilers so early. I’ll go crazy!

  13. So excited for this! I love Swarovski! 🙂

  14. This doesn’t say “hero” item to me, but Alexis Bittar is a pretty high-end brand and I imagine the quality will be there. I’m not much of a ring-wearer, just now and then. Even though it’s adjustable, I’m a l little concerned my finger chub might squeeze through the openings and look like a Play-Doh fun factory. All that said, I’m not going to miss out on this box. I think the Zoe boxes have been consistently good overall, and with every brand offering decent coupon codes, could make for some good holiday shopping.

  15. I love Swarovski!

  16. Oh no! I don’t wear rings beyond my wedding rings and don’t even know anyone to gift this to. Which wouldn’t be a problem but that’s such a big chunk of the value of the box… I’m really nervous the value won’t be there for me.

    • If you want to sell or trade let me know!

  17. Love Alexis Bittar, love the ring. Hoping for a good coupon code for this brand as well. Rachel and her team are doing an amazing job with these boxes. I know it’s a risk with these sized items, but I’d rather have something different than yet another scarf.

    • Actually I’m hoping for a winter scarf as an item. I haven’t subscribed to any box that gave scarves.

  18. I love rings and this one is awesome! Alexis bittar jewelry is usually expensive but has lovely designs, even if the price is inflated I’m happy with this being the hero item! I have loved every one of her boxes, I’m thinking about getting a second one to gift since the value is so high on it!

  19. My knee jerk reaction was “I don’t like the ring…should I cancel?” Then I remembered last box I thought I didn’t like the Cluse watch based on the spoiler pic and ended up loving it and wearing it daily since receiving last box.

    • Me too! I really did not like the watch in the spoiler BUT, I’ve been wearing it in place of my Movado everyday and I absolutely love it and get tons of compliments. So, that said I am going to give the ring a chance.

  20. I e-mailed to cancel and gave the size of the ring as the reason and this is the response I got:

    “Thank you for contacting The Zoe Report! We went ahead and cancelled your subscription. We wanted to let you know that the ring is a size 7 and is an adjustable ring. The beauty of it is that it is perfect for every day glamour as Rachel says”

  21. $198?? Aaaaaaahahahha Yeah right. I love subscription boxes, I really do. But sometimes they’re just nuts with their “value at” price for stuff. I’d pay $10-20 for that ring max. It’s super cute, but no way is it actually worth $198 to me…not ever.

    Actually what I’ve learned to do is estimate what I would pay for each item in a box and see if that comes close to the price of the box. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.

    • I agree that the value seems high, but if you’re familiar with Alexis Bittar, his pieces are quite expensive considering they’re costume and not fine jewelry.

      • he makes fine jewelry as well…if you look on his website you can see a ton of his pieces!

  22. I love Alexis Bittar – have tons of his stuff! downside is my ring finger is size 4 and they seem to send all size 6 or 7 🙁

    • Rings also look cool on middle fingers.

      • They look very cool and this sub box is by far my favorite out of all of them that I have subscribed to so far. There hasn’t been one item that I’ve disliked. I wish the people who were unhappy with their cuff bracelet would be willing to sell theirs. They would make great gifts. I have already swapped for two fedoras for my two sisters and the bracelets would be perfect additions to their gifts that I am putting together for them. I definitely would not waste your time with some lowball offer.

  23. Although I love jewelry, the only rings I wear are my engagement and wedding rings. So I need to decide whether to get this box and gift/trade the ring or cancel this one and pick it up again in the spring.

  24. I also agree the ring is wayyyy inflated for what it is, but not compared to his other jewelry and those prices I suppose.

    It’s nice the ring is adjustable but going from my experience with jewelry, I worry about the middle baguette popping out since it looks from the pictures that it’s just glued in. Adjusting it a lot in one direction will weaken its integrity. So I do forsee people loosing crystals in their rings.

    However, I am keeping my sub because so far the rest of the items in her boxes have been fun to receive and try. I am just not going to think of the ring as precious.

    • I agree with you on the potential problem with the center crystal. Hopefully people will adjust it once to fit their finger and just leave it alone after that!

    • The good thing about Alexis Bitter jewelry is that it is very well made costume jewelry. All stones are set by hand, and the designer himself is very down to earth. I worked with designer jewelry at Neiman Marcus for over 3 years and met Alexis several times. I don’t recall ever hearing complaints of stones falling out, but don’t spray perfumes or get lotions on the plated metals. Hope that helps 🙂

  25. Woot! I just snagged an extra box to use for Christmas gifts. I’ve loved all her boxes so far.

  26. I like it but I was hoping for a cute necklace. Oh well! I’m sure I will love this box!

  27. I like this ring for holiday parties. I have small fingers so I’m glad it’s adjustable.

  28. I love Alexis Bitter but I’ve never purchased an item because of the price, I’m so happy we are getting this ring, specially because I’ve been into opaque gold lately and it seems like it is kind of opaque to me. I have a friend that has a jewelry shop and I was asking her about turning my white gold wedding ring into an opaque gold and she said that to give it the opaque look you have to put gold and other materials into the mix, that is why I’m thinking the ring is 10K gold and most likely has other metals in there… I love it!

    Since they increased the value of the box for winter I’m thinking we can expect the same amount/quality of extra items and the extra $100 went to the hero item. I love that all the items in the box seem well though and not just fillers. I can’t wait to get this box, it is absolutely my very favorite now. I thought I was not going to like the rose gold earrings and watch a 100% but I love them and wear them a lot.

    • Can you explain more about what you mean by opaque gold?

      • I think she probably means matte gold.

        • AH! I was wondering since it wasn’t returning any search results.

          • I’m so sorry, my native language is Spanish and I just translated the term to English…. I did mean matte.

    • Ana look at his sales – they are insane! and often. you can get many things under $75 on the site.

  29. Uh oh! I never wear gold, or gold-toned, lol. The ring looks pretty chunky too, the kind that fills your entire finger.
    I should cancel but am suffering a real FOMO here.
    Does anyone know – do they post full spoilers before shipping?

    • They never post full spoilers before shipping.

    • No, I don’t believe so. For the first box they sent out a second spoiler, but I don’t think they sent any for boxes after that.

      Personally, I’ve always seen full spoilers posted by another customer before my box ships, but they’ve been sold out for a long time by then.

  30. Just signed up.. not because I like the ring (it’s pretty, but I don’t wear rings and have small fingers), but because I’m excited about the possibility of what a holiday box could bring! Any others I should subscribe to just because the holiday season is coming up?

    • I did the same. Just signed up for PopSugarMustHave because I’m hoping for some nice holiday boxes. Then I’ll cancel in January when my budget needs to go back to “reasonable.” 😀

      As for the Bittar ring, I like it! I have size 7 or 8 fingers depending on the time of the month, so I’m hoping it won’t need a lot of adjusting. I’m so glad the item isn’t earrings as I am un-pierced (altho my Plan B was to give it as a Christmas gift to my sister, so… that’d work too). A necklace would’ve been my #1 choice, but a ring is good, too. I think it’s fun and pretty and I’m glad to be getting it.

  31. A ring doesn’t really scream “winter” to me.

    • I can see why it’s included – holiday parties in the winter.

    • I thought the exact oposite, I can’t wait to wear this ring to all the holiday parties, specially because we are getting it at the beginning of the month!

  32. I have absolutely no occasion to wear a ring like that and it is not my style. Loved the fall box, but I am not sure I will get the winter box. Still on the fence because the rest of the items may be great.

  33. I notice I only seem to like every other box. I loved the first box, skipped the second, loved the recent Fall box, am skipping this one. I guess that means I’ll be back in the Spring! 🙂

  34. I have noticed that many of you are expressing the same feeling as me. A gold plated (and only 10k at that) ring for the hero item? And it’s supposedly worth $198. That definitely feels way inflated. Like someone else mentioned, I’d rather get a smaller jewelry piece that is made of REAL gold. I find this choice to be very disappointing. Hopefully, she makes up for it in the rest of this box. I planned on purchasing it as a Christmas gift to myself b/c I REALLY loved (still hoping will swap that watch to me!) the last box. Fingers crossed that this one lives up to my very high expectations.

  35. I’m concerned about this fitting my large size 9 chubby fingers… I know it’s adjustable, but for my fingers? And if it does somehow fit, would it even look good?

    I don’t have much faith in their “one size fits all sizing”… the fall hat was crazy small for my head.

    So now i need to decide whether its worth the risk of hoping the rest of the box is worth it…

    • I have similar concerns. I have a size 10 finger (thanks for the giant bones, Mom!) but I’ve had good luck with adjustable rings so far (except for Oui Please. Yikes.) If I need to, I’ll often wear rings on my pinky. It works for me. 🙂

      The hat didn’t fit my big head at all either. But hats aren’t adjustable.

      • Good to know, thanks! I haven’t worn an adjustable ring before, so I wasn’t sure.

        • Just ease into adjusting it, warm it up in your hands first and gently work it to the right size. Going too fast can make the shape wrong or flake the plating, although I’d hope that a nearly $200 ring would have quality plating but you never know.

    • I have a size 10 as well. I really wish they would thing about plus sizes when they do rings and bracelets

  36. I’ll definitely keep my eye out for more spoilers for this one since the box value increased to over $400.
    The ring is cute, but I don’t wear jewelry that much.

    Happy to see the increased value for the holiday season 🙂 !

  37. It helps when you read the full description! (Oops)

    10k gold-plated (10k? Yikes)
    Swarovski crystals (Yay!)
    Adjustable (Yay!)

    AND the full box will be valued at over $400. So don’t worry too much about the ring taking up too much of the box’s value since there’s $200 left.

    Besides, sometimes the sidekick item is as good or better than the hero item! Mara Hoffman sarong, anyone?

    • Ooo – I like the term sidekick item! (And that sarong is amazing!) 🙂

      • 😀

    • Why “yikes”? 10k gold may not be as yellow in color as 14k but it’s more durable than 14k – which is a positive for me.

      • Oh is it? That’s cool too know. 🙂

        Maybe “bummer” would have been a better word. 10k isn’t dangerous or scary or something, just… not exciting. Especially at this price point.

        But I think in this case we’re paying for the design of Alexis Bittar, not the materials of the ring. (Although -Swarovski crystals!)

    • Agreed. I loved the watch from the fall box, but the earrings were just as awesome!

  38. Man, I am acquiring quite the gold jewelry collection thanks to sub boxes. Fun to get a ring though. Agree I’d like something that wasn’t plated, but so far RZ has done a good job with quality, so I’m excited to see it in person!

  39. Omg, I LOVE that ring!!! It’s just in time for the holiday season and I just love statement pieces anyway.

    I am concerned by the “gold-toned plated” description, though. I guess I’m just going to trust Zoe and company on this one.

  40. Don’t know how I feel about this item. I have bony fingers, I hope it fits and I bought a similar style at Aldo this summer for way cheaper. I expect for this price the Bittar will look much better in person than the one from Aldo. I have been happy with every box so far and I hope this one is the same.

    • Forgot to add that I’m happy the value of this box went from the normal over $300 value to over $400.

      • Ah, I didn’t catch that. That means it might be worth getting even if the ring won’t work.

  41. I like Alexis Bittar items and I do like this ring. However, I wear a ring size 5. Unless they can somehow send everyone their correct sizes, the ring will only be usable to some of the people.

  42. While I like the style, I feel I could find a similar ring at Claire’s for $20 and be just as happy. I have been somewhat underwhelmed by the items chosen by Rachel Zoe, which I find disappointing as I like her clothing and shoes. Maybe if she put some of her own designs in, I would be more likely to purchase. Until then, I know there are many people who appreciate the items and price point and I hope all who purchase enjoy.

  43. I like it, but I would prefer something not just plated. I also prefer to wear silver-toned jewelry, but I have some gold so it’s ok for me.

    I just really hope it fits me! I have small fingers.

  44. This is beautiful but I’m worried about fit. Not sure how they’ll be able to pull this one off and please everyone.

    • From the picture it looks like the back is open, so I’m guessing it is adjustable? Not 100% sure, though.

      • Ah! You’re right — thanks. Definitely excited about this one in that case.

    • I think you just squeeze the ring in back to size so it’s one size fits all!

  45. I would rather have a smaller ring in real gold. I just do not feel that ring is worth almost $200. The ring is cute, I would wear it but not for that price.

  46. Well that’s… underwhelming. :-/

  47. LOVE! This is my favorite hero item yet! I like Alexis Bittar and this particular ring will be perfect for holiday parties.

  48. Sigh… I’m pretty sure it will be too big for me, plus I really don’t need jewelry that I wouldn’t be able to wear every day. I’ll probably be canceling even though I really enjoyed the last box.

    • I have tiny fingers too! Thankfully I did not get her 1st box as the cuff was way too big for me! I tried it on and was surprised as it didn’t look that big in pics!

      • From the comments above it sounds like the ring might be adjustable but I still cancelled. When there’s so much of the box value in one item that makes me worry that the rest of the box won’t be worth the $100 it costs.

        I might change my mind though…

  49. Im getting tired of gold plated jewelry. It tarnishes quickly, not just tarnishes but the gold rubs off and shows the brass underneath and is not as valuable as the “retail”. Id rather they include a real silver item instead, or a leather bracelet. Just an idea for box curators out there!

    • that is such a great idea! it’s so true on the costume jewelry…I get so mad at myself when I go through costume phases as I would much rather have quality over quantity! I have met Alex B at a trunk show and can say that he really loves his work and is very passionate! He does make a high end line with gold + the like too – Don’t love the rings but don’t dislike them either, feel like Switzerland! I have an annual and have been happy so I’m the ring will be well made + perhaps cute in person!

  50. Lovely ring. I like Alexis Bittar, but won’t wear gold so I won’t be ordering the winter box.

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