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Oui Please Volume 1.5 Box Spoiler + Shipping Update

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Oui Please Spoilers

Thanks Rebecca for sharing this Oui Please Shipping Update

The theme for the Volume 1.5 Oui Please box is “Escape to the Loire Valley,” and boxes will start shipping in early October. And thanks to this email we know that every subscriber will receive a perfume in this box.

Oui Please didn’t specify the perfume, but this brand was hinted at in the original spoiler post.

What do you think of the spoiler? I like that they’re sharing spoilers everyone will receive!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I haven’t gotten tracking yet. Anyone else?

    • I’m in a state that borders Texas but I just checked and there’s no tracking yet for me, either.

      I’m not sure why some are already delivered and others haven’t gotten a tracking number.

      • According to shipping my box will arrive tomorrow. Lately I’ve been getting shafted as far as variety boxes go. It’s unfortunate that you have to make such a fuss in the sub world!
        I am really grateful to have this site. The downside us box envy but the upside is that I’m learning now not to waste my money when there’s such a discrepancy in items in some of these boxes! I might as well just but myself what I like, lol.

    • I haven’t received tracking either. Oh the wait 🙂

  2. I’m in Houston, TX and I received my Vol 1.5 box today! I received the following items:

    Salome Charly Trie Bracelet – $50
    Concept Provence Body Milk – $20
    Marina De Bourbon Dynastie Mademoiselle perfume – $160
    Ripauste Leather Bracelet – $40
    Historiae perfume – $40
    Historiae soap – $10
    Savor & Sens mustard – $15
    La Route Des Comptoirs loose tea – $30

    Total value $365. I’m happy with that since I have a yearly membership with 20% off. But I do have a little box envy with some of the other things listed in the product catalog…. Overall this was probably one of my favorite boxes, the perfume is gorgeous.

    • So I just figured out you can buy the Marina De Bourbon Dynastie Mademoiselle perfume for under $40….. NOT happy…. AT ALL.

      • If it’s an Amazon marketplace seller or ebay seller, I wouldn’t trust it. They are frequently fakes. I would only base the value on what it sells for from a reputable retailer.

          • I absolutely believe that you can get authentic Marina de Bourbon perfume for much lower than retail, but I want to make a semi-unrelated note that I bought a repackaged Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb direct from Amazon (no secondary seller, not just Prime shipping). The perfume was sold as new, but the package had been opened and the authentication code cut out of the box. Also, the cologne almost, but did not quite match my Sephora samples. At first I thought the reviews stating a similar situation were only from buyers purchasing from sellers fulfilled by Amazon, but this was not the case. Even though Amazon does not take returns on perfume, they refunded me based on the pictures, which they could not explain. That was my first and last Amazon disappointment.

          • That’s good to know, I’m glad they refunded your money!

  3. On their Facebook page they are showing pictures of Ripauste bags and tagging it with 1.5 box. I hope we are getting a bag in this box. Could I be so lucky? The last time they included them I did not receive one. That is one of the things I dislike about this box, that there seems to be so many variations. I have yet to receive my shipping notice.

  4. I have a tracking # and it was shipped out. I’m in AZ so maybe by Mon or Tues I’ll receive it. Hope it’s a good one, fingers crossed.

  5. I just received an email from Oui Please that my box was picked up in Irvine Texas today. I don’t think the link with the tracking number is live. Did anyone else get this?

    • not yet, but they posted on FB and Instagram yesterday that parcels have begun to be “packed” and to give 24 to 48 hours for the tracking number to go live

  6. They’re already advertising 1.6 but 1.5 has yet to ship. Apparently this is still considered early October. Does anyone know the procedure for cancelling their yearly sub? The boxes are SO behind that I can imagine getting hit with a renewal payment and still be 2 or 3 boxes behind!

    • I’m getting seriously annoyed with them. The behind shipping sucks. I just want my last couple of boxes, and then I wont be renewing, so I guess I need to figure out how to cancel too.

  7. I went ahead and canceled. The payment for 1.6 was coming up and I could not let them charge me for 2 boxes and not have 1.5 yet! If I love 1.5 I might sign back up, but then again the box envy was also getting to me.

    • Ooh, thank you for the reminder of the payment for 1.6 coming up! I was considering staying IF I loved 1.5, but I don’t y chance it at this point.

    • I am having a hard time with the billing on this box. I was charged in August for this month’s box that hasn’t even shipped yet and just got charged for the box that I assume is shipping in December. Do they need our advance payments to find the boxes? I hate to think they are in financial trouble. I also hate that I have now paid for 2 boxes despite not even knowing the first one is on its way. I hope the perfume is not the big ticket item as I am allergic to a lot of perfumes and I know this is a common problem with women. Has anyone else figured the billing out? When they had the month delay that pushed back all of the boxes they should have pushed the billing back the same amount of time.

  8. Has anyone else received a shipping notice yet? Several days ago, I received an email update that my order was processing but there isn’t any shipping info yet on my account.

    • nothing yet, about two days ago they posted on their Instagram that they still had items help up in customers. i don’t think any boxes have been assembled or shipped yet.

      • Thanks, Diana!

  9. While I’m looking forward to this box, I don’t think I’ll be renewing. The last box never made it to me (not really sure why, but they said it was an IT issue) and the one before that had a few damaged items. I’m getting tired of the late shipments, as well.

  10. I won’t be renewing my annual sub. Too much box envy and too many beauty products in the last one. Overflowing with makeup…

  11. I have 2 boxes left and I am done. I was debating about renewing when they shipped the last box, but stuck in customs again. I sure will not be giving them a year’s worth of money and do not know the timeline that they are going to deliver. They are already a box behind. They had all these annual subs back when they started. These items should be at least in their hands one box ahead. But again, they are late maybe because they do not have the money to pay, and they have to wait for new annual sub money to come in.

  12. Does anyone know what’s going on with the websites? I’m trying to sign up for a membership and I keep getting errors. Customer support hasn’t gotten back to me either.

    Hope they resolve it soon, I really want this current box!

    • they changed their website –

        • Yes, I know they changed their website address. It’s a problem with trying to sign up for a new membership. I hope I’m not the only person to be having this problem. I emailed IT Support and they have said they resolved the issue. But once again, today it still doesn’t work.

  13. I will not be renewing. I think the problem is how they manage their capital. That’s why items are ‘stuck in customs’. They money is behind so orders are behind and it just snowballs. They don’t know how to manage logistics either. I don’t think this is a big company which also plays a part in the in organization. If they want to grow they need to take some lessons from Birchbox on how to run a sub. Say what you will about that sub but those ladies did it right. That’s why they’re millionaires.

    • Agreed re Birchbox. Completely!!

      I’m not 100% sure they’re a small company. There’s a Greek themed box that’s coming out that looks *exactly* like Oui Please. Same wording, price point, and everything. If they can start up another box, I’m inclined to think they’re not too small. Although it could lend some insight as to where their capital is going. O.o

      • The Greek box is not by Oui Please. They’ve been asked and I looked into where the companies are registered. Oui Please is in Texas and the Greek box is registered in Germany and the UK. Looks like Oui Please got ripped off.

        • Really?!?! That’s nuts! … And now I’m in the odd position of feeling sympathy for Oui Please.

  14. “… waiting for clearance at customs…”

    Uh oh.


    I’m really looking forward to this one. I found 1.4 to be enjoyable when I opened the box, but in retrospect I’ve barely used anything from it. It was actually kind of boring.
    With this parcel’s theme – and some of those spoilers, I’m hopeful that it will be more exciting. … When it gets here.

    • I loved 1.4! I live in Puerto Rico so I found the whole parcel useful. Do you have the Graine de Pastel beume de cocagne available for sale? I dont’t use the swap board because I’ve never had anything to swap but I can buy it. Hope this post is not innapropiate)

      • OuiPlease has it for sale on their site. This was by far my favorite (both items) and I plan on reordering shortly.

        • Hola! I checked the boutique in the four categories (beauty, epicure, home & accesories but did not find them 🙁

          • I wish they stocked their site more frequently

      • guessing eBay or Amazon might have them…

      • I do, actually. It IS on the swap board… I’ve never sold anything on this board before (pretty much because of the swap board.) But if you can’t find it elsewhere we could probably work something out. 🙂

        • Got waitlisted in the swap entry. My e-mail is cardglo at feel free to tell me the price. Shipping to Puerto Rico usually the same or about 50 cents more than the States depending of which service of the usps .com gracias!

      • Hola Gloria!! I also live in Puerto Rico and I’m subscriptions addicted. Sometimes (actually a lot of times) they don’t shipp to the island, sooooo sad!!!! =(
        If you are looking some beauty box products you can check on ebay, i sell and buy a lot on ebay, you can find everything there!!!
        Alguna recomendacion? Siempre estoy mas que dispuesta a probar nuevas suscripciones….. 😉

        • What?!?!!
          A Puertotican sub addict fellow! Currently I’m just a regular at Birchbox ( but they are having issues sending boxes to PR so I did not receive Aug & Sept. Their cust. Serv is great though) hopefully I will receive October. Other 3 I’m a regular: Elizabeth & Clarke; Rachel Zoe & Le Metier de Beaute (sign up is currently closed). I love all 3. I also have ordered from Quarterly different curators but the retail value is not that great regarding box value. Ipsy ships too but I don’t like the items they send. Also, Golden Tote but stopped last year since, in my opinion, quality have gone way downhill plus most of the times there is 1 or 2 Dry Clean only… The other are delicate and takes forever to do loundry. I bought last year Pop Sugar Neiman Marcus ( last year they shipped to PR not sure if they are shipping again). Lastly, I ordered Oui Please 1.4 because of the theme and loved it. For Fall and Winter I don’t order many boxes because most of the times the items included are not caribbean friendly. I will keep Rachel Zoe though.

          BTW I checked ebay but the only 2 sellers did not ship to PR 🙁

  15. I’ve received a couple of the email newsletters but have yet to receive the email when my boxes ship. I’m out of town when the next one “may” be sent so I’m not happy with them being so far behind and unorganized.

  16. I was trying to calculate how far behind the shipments were and at this point, I’m just utterly confused about the shipment schedule. It seems the recurring issue is customs clearance. At some point along the way, they will need to hire a more efficient logistics team to manage this better or they will lose a lot of customers. That being said, I still get excited about the box but the unpredictable delivery dates definitely affects the level of satisfaction.

  17. Personally I’ve really liked my subscriptions and have appreciated the unique items. I love the tote and creams from the last box and look forward to what this one will bring!

  18. I received this tonight too. I like most of the things they send with the exception of the billions of Sothys products. However, I will not renew. The playing with subscription shipping dates is so frustrating. I get excited for this one to arrive because the items are usually interesting and fun. The shipment is sliding later and later. I believe we are a month behind what we originally agreed. Every other month starting in Dec. I hope they catch up. I am sure it is not in their interests to have the delays either.

    • We are actually behind a whole box. We should have received 1.5 end of August and 1.6 would be Oct…before cycling back to Dec for renewals. I’m sort of ok with it at this point. I am really looking forward to this box. I don’t know if I will renew or not. :/ Still TBD.

      • I want that scarf a lot

        • ditto

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