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Oui Please Volume 1.5 Box Spoilers + Coupon

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Oui Please has shared these spoilers with us! The theme for the Volume 1.5 Oui Please box is “Escape to the Loire Valley”

If you are interested in subscribing, use coupon code OUIFRENCHCASTLE to save 20% off a membership.

First, before the spoiler pictures, I just want to call out that Oui Please boxes vary from subscriber-to-subscriber, so not all subscribers may get the items pictured below. (And there seems to be a lot of variation in value too based on reader comments, so keep that in mind if you are thinking of subscribing).

scarf notepads dip bracelet parfum paris

What do you think of the spoiler pictures? That caramel picture looks heavenly!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Do we know when to start expecting the new box?

  2. I was seriously tempted with the 20% off but all the wishy washy responses on FB and all the legitimate complaints are making me hold back. Seems like this is too unpredictable for the price.

    That said…. I really want the actual BOX!! LOL that would be awesome storage boxes.

    • check the ouiplease comments here – I think someone said you can get the boxes at the container store. I have 4 of them and honestly, they’re the best thing I got from Ouiplease!

  3. I’ve been on the fence about this sub for months. I tried to sub a few months ago but I want able to sign up. I love all the items and I ended up swapping out some off my high end items from other boxes for many of these beauty items (none of which I could locate for sale in this country). That said, I signed up today. I’ve cut out nearly all of my beauty boxes (the last few few Glossy Boxes were horrible, and all the others seem pretty dull as well. ) and I’m not really enjoying PSMH anymore. I’m excited to see what’s in the upcoming edition. I just hope I have no reason to be too envious!

  4. Most importantly: when is this shipping? We are super off course. 1.1 was Dec. If we were on normal schedule, we would have gotten 1.5 in Aug. We got 1.4 the last day of July (essentially). We nearly off by a box/month.

  5. I guess I’m in the minority too because I’ve had nothing but a great experience with Oui Please! I ordered an annual sub starting with box 1.2 and have loved everything I’ve received – especially the jewelry and the Zadig & Voltaire scarf. I find the variations enjoyable and have of course had a bit of box envy here and there but think it’s part of the fun (for me at least). I do agree that the last box was a bit beauty heavy and am sad to hear some subscribers have felt snubbed with undervalued boxes. Oui Please is surely one of my favorites and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Can’t wait to see what else is in 1.5!

  6. Darn my self-control. Just resubbed. Sigh.

  7. I gave in and just ordered one! So much for self control, lol.

  8. I got the first and second boxes then cancelled until now, I am hoping I get that scarf! I am probably in the minority as well, but I love the fact that not everyone gets the same thing. I have been able to swap most of the things I didn’t like for items other people got and you just wouldn’t be able to do that if everyone got the same thing. I am very excited and am happy that they did say everyone would get a bracelet and one of the perfumes and the carmel toppings. The big ticket item is up for grabs, but it usually is so I suppose that is the fun of it!

    • Bonjour Paula! We are happy to hear that you like the variation aspect of the OuiPlease box. Thank you for resubscribing – you’re going to love Vol.1.5!

  9. This is by far my favorite box …and I do get quite a few! I think they do a great job of giving us a real French luxury items. I love everything I have gotten. The last box was a wonderful mix of fun things. My only negative would be that the last couple boxes have been mainly beauty items. Some beauty is great,but love the jewlery and bags the best. We were all a little spoiled by the 1951 clutches from 1.1. I am crazy for the beautiful scarf! It would be perfect for my trip to Paris and Normandy on a river cruise in April! Merci!

    • Bonjour Candie, thank you for your input. We think you’re going to love Vol.1.5!

  10. This is one of my favorite boxes and I really appreciate the variances (that seems to put me in the minority). I signed up for the annual box when the discount was first offered and that puts the cost of the box well below a PSMH LE box and I find that these are much better – from a variety and quality standpoint.

    • Agree. The artisanal aspect of the box sets it apart.

    • Bonjour! We love hearing that you enjoy the variety in each box and the quality of products that we strive to include. Get excited for Vol.1.5!

  11. The disparity in product value and variety would work IF sights like MSA didn’t exist! That way each person would think they received a fabulous box. But we do see what the others receive and it’s just not acceptable. I want to subscribe but I see that too many people are getting much lower value boxes. For sure it that isn’t being made up to the next time around.
    It’s ridiculous to say that this is to give everyone a unique experience. Everyone should be getting an equal experience as far as value. If you have artisans creating unique pieces then create enough so that everyone gets an item. If that was assured I’d purchase a yearly sub right now! But I don’t want to end up with a case of box envy!

    • Darn auto correct!

  12. Here’s to hoping that I don’t get a box full of nothing but bath products as my first 2 boxes! REALLY like that scarf!

    • That scarf is stunning… I haven’t seen any comments from them saying everyone gets a scarf though. Too bad.

    • Bonjour Jessica,

      We think you will enjoy the variation of products in Vol.1.5!

  13. This is my third box and I hope I get a big ticket item finally. The first box I got was the worst one they have ever sent. They did make it up by sending replacement items. They sent me a lovely bracelet. Unfortunately, yesterday when I finally decided to wear it I realized it was tiny! And I have small wrists. The bracelet from the box of style was roomy! Then when I got my son to help me with it I realized the clasp was stuck. So I can’t even use it. 🙁 hoping for a way better one this month. Oui please. If you are listening. Please put more food items in your boxes. Those are always a hit!

  14. funny they vaguely refer to Marie Antoinette with her famous ” they can eat cake!”reference by picturing so many cakes in pics..:)).. French people despised her, and after all, she was Austrian, not French.. Just saying..:))

    • Bonjour Marie! Thank you for your comment, you are correct. We used Marie’s familiar image to invoke a sense of “royal luxury” that is found in Volume 1.5.

      • Il faut bien dire que toute femme apprécie une certaine décadence, royale ou non..;))

  15. Id sign up if I knew I would get one of those bracelets! those are exactly my style! BUt I just got the Luxor Limited edition box with the silver ooption for $135, not sure I want to spend a lot more. If any of ya’ll get the bracelet let me know and I’ll buy or trade for it!

    • Bonjour Laura! Each box in the next edition will include a bracelet.

  16. I signed up from the very beginning, and what pisses me off the most is they said there was a discount to the shop for annual customers. I emailed numerous times and was ignored, and then they finally removed the wording. I wish I had a screen shot of the terms back then. I have 2 boxes left and I will not be renewing at full price for sure. With a 20% coupon, I still have to think about it. I never got the clutch and all my jewelry were horrendous.

    • My experience has been the same. Not great!

    • I feel the same way and had the same experience regarding the shop – really would have liked to have it since I missed the first box and bought my 1951 clutch! 🙁

    • Bonjour Wendy, please don’t hesitate to send an email to ashley[at] so we can sort out this issue. We like to treat our annual members to a special discount in the OuiBoutique.

  17. I love everything in these shoulders except the perfume (it’s so subjective!), while I didn’t care for most of the spoilers for the last box.

    I’m giving them one more chance with 1.5. Here’s hoping it isn’t chock full of beauty products!

    • Bonjour Tamara! Thank you for your comment. We hope you will enjoy the next selection of products!

  18. Even though I’m a huge Francophile, I don’t get this box and probably won’t, based on everyone’s comments. I just want to say that it’s one thing when a $10 sub like Ipsy or Birchbox has a wide variety, but quite another for a luxury box to have it. It just engenders unpleasant feelings like envy and feeling cheated — why would the folks at Oui Please want to be known for that? Seems stupid. Since the price point is relatively high, they should give everyone the same big-ticket items and save the variety for one or two smaller items so that all subscribers are left thinking they got a fair deal. I don’t know why that’s so hard to do.

    • I feel the same way. Including a booklet that shows all the cool things you could have gotten, but didn’t, seems especially mean. I don’t know if they’re doing this because they just can’t get the quantity of all the items they want to include or if it’s really a bait and switch – luring people in with cool stuff that only a few subscribers actually get. I won’t subscribe because missing out on cool stuff despite having paid for a box is a lot worse than missing out from not ordering.

      • it most definitely feels like bait and witch.

  19. I have a feeling box 5 will be good and 6, and 7 are going to be amazing. I feel like they know most of us are counting the days till our annual subs are up so they will make the last box or two fantastic and since most of us signed up for annual subs at box 1.1 or 1.2 they will make 1.7 great so we are like whoa I missed a great box and the last two were so luxurious, they must have restructured, better sign back up…. and then the vicious cycle of “variability” will continue with box 1.8……Just my thoughts, I hope I am wrong and they are all amazing from here on out!!!

  20. I agree with many of the above comments. Oui Please has disappointed me too many times. In 4 boxes, i never received any of the “big” items. I hope to be able to swap for the scarf, but I’m not even tempted to re-subscribe.

  21. Everything looks great!
    Week ago I went through all Ouiplease boxes to remind myself what did I get from them and I actually liked most of things. One box was of low value ($270 with the prices listed by Liz) but the rest was great. Today I even bought a nougat, it looked delicious, but it was not even close to this creme Brule one from Ouiplease.

  22. Liz is quite gracious in her reviews of Oui, Please. As she pointed out, the contents of the boxes vary significantly in quality, quantity, and value. The main focus of every box seems to be skin care products/cosmetics. An enormous amount of effort goes into producing the book that accompanies the box each month. It is unfortunate that this same amount of effort is not put into customer service.

    Based on the above spoilers and my own past experience with OP, I’m expecting a pumice stone (lava rock), French office product (paper clips), some of those delicious airline biscuits, a skin care product, and, perhaps, a roller perfume.

    This is one subscription I will not renew. I signed up when only two boxes had been sent out and didn’t realize the disparity in what was sent out to subscribers each month.

    I know it’s stupid to complain – especially when we’re talking about what is basically a luxury box – but it is weirdly disappointing and somehow saddening to repeatedly receive a box full of items that doesn’t even begin to compare to what others are posting they’ve received. It’s kind of like – why did I sign up for this? And I paid for it, too?! I just don’t think I want to go to this party anymore.

    And it’s too bad, because overall, the value is there. OP does send out quality products and everyone definitely receives their monies worth. The packaging is beautiful, as well. However, even with all of this, I’m still left with a bad feeling every time I receive this box. I guess it’s just human nature, but it feels like it’s a game and I keep losing and I didn’t even know I was playing… Definitely not what I’m looking for in a subscription box.

    • I agree completely. With the first 2 boxes, even though there was variation pretty much every box included one of the really good items; jewelry, scarf, clutch. However since then the items have been far more beauty oriented and the variety has been… disturbing. I’m kind of kicking myself for having bought a full year subscription. This will be box 3, and I love the scarf and the notebook (I’m on a stationary kick and love a good notebook). But I will be VERY upset if those items aren’t part of the box. Variety is bad enough – spoilers that aren’t in all the boxes are nearly unforgivable.

      • Thanks – although I’m sorry that others have had similar bad experiences, it helps to know that I’m not the only one left with a bad taste in my mouth as far as this box is concerned. I especially liked your comment about the spoilers. That’s exactly how I feel about the book OP produces for every box. I’m not sure what the point of it is, other than to highlight what they didn’t send.

  23. Liz, the theme for parcel 1.5 is “Along the Loire Valley ” not “Escape to the French Rivera ” 🙂

    • Thanks Anna – sorry I copy and paste failed tonight! 🙂

  24. The website is unavailable. Did we break it? 🙂

    • They moved it to, but don’t have a redirect.

  25. I’m kind of loving the bracelets, but I can’t subscribe without knowing for sure I’ll get one. *sigh*

    • Danielle, don’t expect to get a bracelet – you probably won’t get one, or anything else you really want. Ditto everyone else. Box envy, disappointment, shame and guilt for being so ungrateful and for spending so much money.

    • Bonjour Danielle, there will be a bracelet in each and every box this time! We sincerely hope that you are going to enjoy it.

  26. I covet that scarf! Bracelets are beautiful too.

      • Is everyone getting a scarf, OuiPlease?

  27. I’ve been thinking it was time for spoilers. I love it all, but especially the scarf and the caramel/toppings. Based on the schedule, it will be shipping later this month?

  28. FOMO is starting to take hold, but I really don’t want to deal with this sub anymore.

    • Bonjour Lauren, we apologize that you feel that way. By making each variation slightly different, it was our hope that each would be unique.

      • Your variations is what leaves so many feeling dissapointed. The booklet shows them all the beautiful things the COULD have gotten…but DIDN’T…..not a good business practice. It would be better if everyone got the same products but with SLIGHT variations in scents or color. Your boxes are all over the place in what people receive and the value of the box….again, not a good business practice.

      • I’m not a subscriber, but I’ve read the reviews of your boxes by customers and I don’t believe you. I think you are operating a classic “bait and switch” scheme, where you show all the great things people could get to get them to subscribe, and then send them crap. Not because you want the boxes to be unique, but because it’s cheaper for you to do so.

        The problem for you is that it doesn’t work as a long term strategy. Existing customers that were disappointed won’t resubscribe, and potential customers like me will read reviews like these and will be wary.

        As a potential customer, I can tell you that I would not subscribe to your box without knowing what I would be getting. For me, the bracelet would not be enough. You need to go and fix your reputation.

  29. The website is currently down. I wonder if we broke it? 🙂

    • I forgot they changed their website URL. The link is updated now. I wish they would to a website URL redirect though!

  30. Love the spoilers and if I knew I was getting them all, I would subscribe. But I’d probably end up just with the jewelry (which I don’t like) and a bunch of old stuff from past boxes.

  31. I tried to resist looking but couldn’t. Sigh….. many times I wish this box was the same for everyone.

    • Bonjour! It was our hope that by making each of the variations slightly different, everyone would have a unique, France at your doorstep experience.

      • But it’s NOT a slight variation…It’s HUGE. You show things in your book and spoilers that people DON’t get. How is it you are surprised by the bad feelings towards this box???? If you don’t fix this box to be fair and equal to EVEYONE and stop with all the variations you are going to lose a lot of customers and turn off people (like myself) that thought of joining but went with other boxes instead so I don’t have to feel so let down.

      • OuiPlease – I find myself in between on this issue – I appreciate the idea of a unique experience, but have often had the feelings of disappointment others have expressed regarding seeing everything I could have gotten but didn’t. Perhaps there is a happy alternative – for example, I think if it was a matter of everyone got enamel jewelry, but some got the ring, others earrings, etc., it would feel less disparate/unfair to people. Just a thought, in case it’s helpful for you guys!

        • It is very helpful Whitney, we are really attentive to the recommendations from our customers. We are working with designers who, most of the time, create unique pieces for our collaboration. Those pieces are hand made, justifying their rarity and also why they cannot be in every parcel.

          • Then it’s time to start looking for artisans who can fulfill the quantity needed for all boxes. I’m quite sure that’s possible. But it’s not just jewelry. The variations aren’t even just in scent or color or design. It’s more like one person gets a bag and another person gets socks. One gets a substantial necklace or bracelet and another receives a barely visible “ring.” I’m pretty sure that Sothys can fulfill your quantity needs, along with other home goods, food and beauty lines that are still luxe and unique to the average American subscriber. No one enjoys feeling like they overpaid and that has happened many times in the last 3 boxes. Value disparities have been as much as $175 among subscribers. That’s definitely not ok, unique experience or not. I’d rather get something generic if this model is how uniqueness is defined.

          • That’s what appeals to me. This is the least generic and most artisinal of my luxe subscriptions and while I did have an issue with box value foe 1.3 that was remedied, I’ve never had box envy. I actually got into OuiPlease by swapping for one of the first boxes variations.

          • Agreed @HL – I appreciate the differences and only care about what I receive (is it unique, good quality, etc).

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