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Oui Please Subscription Box Review – May 2015

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Oui Please Subscription Box Review – May 2015 Box

Oui Please is a relatively new subscription box that brings you the best of France every other month. This is their third mailing.

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – May 2015 FIrst Look

The packaging is gorgeous and I’ve been reusing the boxes for storage.

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Oui Please Subscription Box Review – May 2015 Items

The Box: Oui Please

The Cost: $150 per box (ships every other month)

The Products: An assortment of full sized French products worth $400+

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Oui Please Subscription Box Review – May 2015 Info

The box comes with a mini mag Et Voila – it details all the different products you might have received in your box. (There are a variety of product combinations each subscriber will receive).

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – May 2015 Info 2

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – May 2015 Necklace

Eloise Fiorentino Collier Dunes Necklace – Value $100

FYI – for some of the items that I can’t find online, I’m using the value listed in the mini mag. I’m happy with this necklace! It is gold plated, and one of those pieces that is both delicate and a bit of a statement piece.

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – May 2015 Socks

Ozone Classic No Show Socks – Value $10

These socks have a grippy part in the back of the heel to keep them from slipping – definitely useful for summer.

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – May 2015 Ring

Tassia Canellis Golden Ring – Value $60

I love the chain aspect of this ring – but it is so tiny! It’s barely a midi ring on my pinky finger:

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – May 2015 Ring On

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – May 2015 Serum

Oliv’ Radiance Elixir – Value $50

I like that this face oil is made with natural and organic ingredients. It’s a very lightweight formula too.

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – May 2015 Foot Cream

Oliv’ Beauty Oil – 2.5 oz Value $13

This beauty oil can be used for body, hair or added to a bath. I really like the scent of it!

La Fare 1789 Succulent Foot Cream – Value $15

This is another product that is made with organic and natural ingredients. I’m not a huge fan of the scent, but still interested in trying it.

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – May 2015 Shampoo

La Fare 1789 Shampoo – Value $18

Unfortunately, this shampoo includes sulfates (which I prefer to avoid since my hair is color treated) so I’ll be passing it along to a friend.

Sothys Nail Lacquer in Rouge Nuit – Value $12?

I can’t find this nail polish online (and it isn’t listed in the booklet) so I’m guessing on the value. I love the color, but probably won’t use it until the fall arrives.

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – May 2015 Soap

Rose Et Marius Soap in Grasse – 1.18 oz Value $6

This soap is the mini version, so I adjusted the price from what was listed in the booklet. It smells amazing – the most luxurious smelling soap I’ve ever come across!

Panier Des Sens Hand Cream in Lemon – 1 oz Value $7

This hand cream is one of my favorite items in the box – the formula is very moisturizing, and I love the light citrus scent.

Oui Please Subscription Box Review – May 2015 Sachet

Plantes et Parfums Sault Collection Provence Lavender Flower Sachet – Value $5.50

I gave this sachet one sniff and then immediately put it in my linen closet! (I love all things lavender).

Epicerie de Provence Honey From Provence Candy Jar – Value $15

These hard candies look so good (the packaging is fab too). I was about to try one (probably try lots), but fortunately I read the ingredients first. These include wheat glucose syrup, so I don’t get to enjoy them – they will make a great little hostess gift though.

Verdict: This box has a value of about $302. From what I can tell in the comments, that’s on the better end of values for this box. I adjusted a few of the values from the values listed in the booklet (the mini soap value instead of the full-size value, for example), but even with the values of the booklet this box wouldn’t come to the $400 value promised by Oui Please. (Unless they are counting the value of the inner keepsake box?) Here is the quote from their site on value:

“OuiPlease Vol. 1.3: “A Breath of Provence” is valued at more than $400 per parcel.”

Value issues aside for the moment, I like this box. I think I’ll use almost everything, but I do wish there was more of a balance in items from accessories, beauty and home. (My box feels a little beauty heavy).

I paid less than $100 for this box since I signed up for an annual subscription with a 20% off coupon, so if they hadn’t promised a certain value, I wouldn’t even be talking about value in this verdict – I definitely feel like I got my money’s worth.

One thing I feel the need to call out – based on comments from other subscribers, it seems like the values of this box have ranged from the 200s-300s. Considering the value discrepancy, I would recommend keeping that in mind if you are thinking of subscribing.

What do you think of the latest Oui Please box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I have used the dainty chain ring as a toe ring…..dainty bling

  2. Oh so disappointed…I haven’t received my vol 1.3 box even after getting an email from them that they will send me a new one since last week. No new tracking number, just nothing. Sigh..why is it taking them so long this time around? On top of the delay, there have been a lot of ‘not so great’ reviews for this box :-(.

    • After multiple emails, Facebook postings, and a Facebook message, I finally received a response from them on Tuesday when I was begging for a tracking number. This afternoon I see where the FedEx status is showing it’s picked up and the expected delivery is the 8th. I’m not expecting anything but leftovers at his point.

      • did you get it? I have been writing and writing and writing. It’s been five weeks and still nothing

        • I got my replacement items smaller earrings with crosses that were not part of the book. Assuming they are 60dollars. I did not have a higher ticket item so I am hoping for it in 1.4.

  3. My April parcel (that contained no jewelry) had a value of $194 ($144 if you take out the broken bottle of Elixir). Today I received in a tiny envelope a Tassia Canellis enameled necklace (flesh toned) valued at $45. This Oui Please experience has been a bummer for me. My 1.2 parcel was also on the low end of value. I am a little worried about the future of this sub. I don’t mind the different products, I just think the value should be close to what is promised and the other subscribers. And I cannot believe the lack of communication with their subscribers (and their comment-less facebook page).

  4. I was missing the jewelry item and received my replacement today. They sent a tassia canellis sliding knot ring and I really like it, but I could see where it wouldn’t fit most people and how they could get lost! I have bony fingers so it goes all the way on. They also sent me another hand cream, but in the lavender scent, another Rose et Marius soap and another sachet. Because of the Mother’s Day box I now have 3 sachets and 3 soaps, haha. I’m going to give them one more chance because they did send out the replacement and in less than the time frame stated and did give extras, I don’t care if I already have them, still a nice gesture and I can never have enough soaps. They need to either stop the variations (I’m more for this, can’t stop that box envy – that’s one of the reasons I like Box of Style and Popsugar) or make sure the value is the same for everyone.

    • I meant to say I received it in the time frame stated. Need to look at calendars!

  5. The more that I read of these posts the more convinced that the box variation/item difference is such a BAD IDEA. I didn’t like this from the start when OuiPlease said that boxes would vary. And how can they possibly keep straight who gets sent what? And not send duplicates? There is just too much room for dissatisfaction with this model… I haven’t yet received tracking for my 1.3 box but am expecting it within the next week. How can they remember what they already have sent to me?? I will scream if I get another child’s ring….

  6. I got my replacement gift for the Mother’s Day box today. I feel like I won the lottery! It was the item I’ve always wanted the most. (The 1951 dark petrol clutch!) I am still in shock and can’t believe it’s mine now. I have a pic of it on Instagram – my username is “shutterblog”. So props where they’re due – they made up for my MD box (and then some)!

    • That is awesome, congrats!!

    • That is an amazing replacement item – I’m truly happy for you! I can imagine your excitement and after all of the snafu’s, it’s certainly well-deserved. My replacement came today as well…a tiny Tassia Canellis gold wire ring with an even smaller white bead., which was in a really small unpadded envelope, which explains why it was bent. :/ While I think it’s great they are honoring replacement items as promised, I’m just really puzzled as to how they determine who gets what and why they couldn’t package it better? I can’t even post this to swap.

      • I’m so sorry – it makes me sad to see that all replacement items weren’t “equal”. Especially if they’re not even swappable. That’s just piling disappointment on top of disappointment.

  7. I had a low value box and received a bracelet in the mail today. No note, but it said Oui Please on the return address label. I like the bracelet but I’m still not at the promised $400 value.

  8. Ozone socks are being offered by Wantable Intimates this month. You can let them know that you want the socks by leaving a comment in the comment box.

  9. This was my first box and I was very pleased. The packaging is amazing and the box smelled so good. I got mostly beauty products and a Diamond candle. I didn’t get a larger more expensive jewelry product. My Tassia ring was missing from the envelope and I emailed them and they responded quickly and sent me another one. I didn’t add up the value of my box but overall was very pleased.

  10. I have never had so poor customer service from any subscription box I have purchased or received as a gift. I KNOW that I had an incomplete box. there were nine items in the box ( I originally thought it was only 8 but I found one (and not the ring or any piece of jewelry or socks. I received the following:
    Radiances Elixir
    Beauty Oil
    Voluminazing & Shining Shampoo
    Foot Cream Sample
    Body Lotion (Sumptuous Frangrance)
    Hand Cream sample size Lemon
    Honey Candy Jar
    Sample Soap
    Lavender Sachet

    These items are priced less than $140.00 and that is a generous estimate. They promised a box close in value to $400.00 Their works not mine. At this point I can not even get them to reply or respond to the emails that I have sent. They responded to me after the first 2 emails asking what was in my box. I have spent 3 more weeks attempting to get them to respond to the answer to their question. This has been by far the worst customer service that I have received on any subscription box. They will not last long with this approach.

    • Please update if you ever get a reply 🙂 I have been wanting this subscription but I would be doing it at the monthly price, not the yearly. If they can’t even meet the monthly box price in value,…. wow, I can’t even..

  11. I just received a shipping notice from FedEx and since the package is coming from Irving, TX, I’m assuming this is the gift they are sending to people to make up for items missing from the box. I don’t have a delivery date yet, but it says it was picked up by FedEx. It is 0.6 lbs.

  12. My box came while I was on vacation. I LOVED it! Smelled so good. I received a silver mimilamour hashtag bracelet that I love. #sourire Not sure of the value on the silver one – seems like it would be less than the gold one. Also the weird dainty golden teal ring thing that only fits my pinky but slides right off too easily – I will lose it if I wear it! I think I got most of the beauty stuff – elixir, oil, foot cream, lavender hand cream. Also tons of Sothys stuff – nail lacquer in beige, Desquacrem cleanser, mascara, and eye shadow in taupe.The soap in lavender, the popup candle (hope it has a diamond!), lavender and candies. Oh, and Atelier Vanille spray cologne! I can’t believe I got so much stuff!! Even with the discounted values, it seems to come close to $400. I purchased the annual sub with the discount so my cost was actually around $90. I love everything except the weird ring and the candies (they are gross and I could probably find in TJ Maxx for a few dollars). This is my first box and everything is new to me – so no repeats for me. Looking forward to the next one!!

  13. I was disappointed to receive mostly bath products plus candies, gold ring and lavender sachet. But I will say that I love the items I’ve tried so far. The lavender sachet is huge and fragrant, the lavender hand creme looks, feels and smells decadent and high-end. The glass bottle of olive oil for the face is amazing, and I love the full-size body wash I received. I’m excited to try the other lotion and olive oil, and i plan to reuse the pretty glass candy jar. Overall the value was definitely there for me, I’m sorry to everyone who got a bunch of repeat items! 🙁 Hopefully next month will feature more wearable, home and epicure items, as my home is getting really overwhelmed with beauty products!!

  14. Is it possible that I’m the only person who has still not received their 1.3 box? I’ve tried to contact them several times but I only hear crickets. Any suggestions??

    • I haven’t received mine either…

    • I still haven’t received mine either. I’ve contacted them twice. The first time they provided me with a shipping confirmation, and the end destination was New York…..I live on the west coast. I then sent them another email, and they told me two more weeks….So apparently I’ll be getting my April box in June, and then receive 1.4 is June as well?

      • I’m kinda glad I’m not the only one still with no box. I was beginning to think it was just me. My emails go unanswered so I’m trying Facebook messaging. Now I’m contemplating disputing things with my credit card. Perhaps we’ll get 1.3 and 1.4 in June…

        • According to their IG: “Vol 1.4 will ship mid-July! XO”

          First time I’ve seen them respond on social media to anyone in a week or 2 … but they’re deleting other people’s comments on IG now in addition to all the deleted ones on FB.

  15. I am so bummed. After reading other reviews, I was hoping for the best and ready to accept most items, Sadly, my low expectations were not met. I ordered the Mother’s Day previously and I received six IDENTICAL items in 1.3. It was bad enough I got the teeny, tiny ring (smushed in the corner of the envelope) but I have half the stuff already 🙁
    I received:
    Sothys cleanser – repeat
    Atelier Cologne – repeat
    Lavender hand cream – repeat
    Pop up candle – repeat
    sachet – repeat
    soap – repeat
    Foot cream
    Beauty Oil – didn’t leak 🙂
    Radiance Elixir
    Sothys eye shadow – beige
    Sothys lipstick – orange
    Sothys polish – beige
    Tassia Canellis “ring” w/ red beads

    I contacted them mainly because of the many repeat items and the lack of “lifestyle” items. It sure didn’t live up to the spoilers. I am curious if they will respond.
    I was really excited for this box based on the first two. They totally dropped the ball on this one.

    • Your box was very similar to mine- down to the almost unwearable ring! I emailed them and they said they were sending me a “free gift”, but I don’t have high hopes. This was my first & last Oui Please box!

  16. Sorry to tell the Oui Please subscribers this, but I just received this month’s French box and I like it much more than this Oui Please box. (It shipped yesterday and I received it today since I live close to Miami). It had a huge gorgeous bar of lavender and milk soap, a book mark that looks like it is gold plated, a key chain featuring a film from the Cannes film festival (some online component to this that I didn’t look at yet), lip gloss, body scrub (small) and some other body product (small shampoo I think). I like all of the items but I love the bar of soap. I was recently in France and I couldn’t bring myself to pay 8 euros or so for one bar of soap. But when I got home I regretted not getting one. And now I have one thanks to French Box yippee!

  17. Hey, My box was majority beauty related items as well – with the exception of the sachet & ring. I haven’t figured out the value, because I hate to feel bad after doing all the comparisons. The one thing that did disappoint me with the box – is that I received duplicate items of the hand cream. Anyone else receive duplicate items? and Did you contact Ouiplease? I’m just not sure it would be worth it.

    • I did and basically this was their response:

      Thank you for reaching Oui Please Team. We apologize that you are not happy with your parcel. We would like you to keep in mind that we do not get our prices from google, amazon, beauty spa, Sephora or any U.S. sites. All of our products are shipped directly from France. Which is why our products were held by U.S. Customs. Again we apologize! Merci!

      I have cancelled. I can spend $150 on stuff in France in September and not get stuff completely irrelevant to their themes.

      • Presumably, Amazon, Sephora and other retailers also get the items from France. And while larger retailers can probably get better deals, Oui Please should be buying their products at wholesale prices, not retail.

        It seems that many of these subscriptions start with great boxes – which they probably subsidize with starting capital – and as soon as they run out of money they lower the quality/value of the boxes, and to hide it they overvalue items.

        I think this is why the whole LLB fiasco is so fascinating. These is a company run by two marketing experts, including one who works for Groupon – a company that convinces merchants to give deals that net them 25% or less of the product’s retail value. And yet they started floundering as well. Perhaps the nasty e-mails from the owner were a result of frustration with how things are going. My bet is that if LLB doesn’t make it, no small box company that relies on value rather than curation will be able to make it.

        • What they don’t realize is some of these companies DO sell in the U.S. ie the hand creams. And Amazon sells a lot of 3P sellers who buy less than Oui please. Oui please is just people are pissed they’re being called out for not living up to what THEY promised. Notice how they ignored that in my response to them? A company not worthy doing business with, IMO.

    • I received to hand lotions also. Had thought about contacting them. After reading all of the comments here I guess I just figured that I was lucky nothing leaked and ruined my entire box. Can hardly wait to see what my French Box has in it. I hope OuiPlease can make the next box extra special to make up for this one. The soap was a guest soap and after hoping for a candle holder from this brand the soap smells great but was disappointing.

  18. sigh, just got my box, using their prices it turned out to be worth $287, using Liz’s prices $231. What bugs me is the price discrepancies and the fact that my ‘big ticket’ item is a $60 ring that if I wear out of the house I will lose it. Then I got the standard – oil, beauty oil, shampoo, foot cream, hand cream, carved soap, lavender sachet, candy. To round out my box I got beige nail polish, beige eye shadow and a full bar of soap. Such a sad box 🙁 It is more than I paid for it, but it is almost just half of what they promised and way to many beauty products for a lifestyle box.

  19. My box was almost the same as Liz’s except I did not get the socks, nail polish or the pricey necklace. Instead I received a larger soap bar and a Sothys beige lipstick– box value roughly $250– which would be fantastic considering what I had originally paid (annual sub @approx. $80 something/ box). I wrote to them that I wished they would just send similar valued boxes instead of the huge amount discrepancy. And that ring is a joke– I am a pianist and have slim fingers– when I tried it on it lodged above my second knuckle. If I were to choose to wear it that way I guarantee that it would fall off/get lost in no time! They did reply quite promptly saying they were sorry and that they would send something else to me in 2 weeks…

  20. Got my box and I am not totally pissed but I could be happier had I gotten what was promised and they were more transparent.

    Way ring – 60 (39)
    Elixir – 50
    Beauty oil – 35 (13)
    Shampoo – 25 (18)
    Foot cream – 15
    Hand cream – 15 (7)
    Mini soap – 15 (6)
    Lavender – 15 (5.50)
    Honey candy 15
    Sothys eye – 19.45
    Sothys lip – 23
    Sothys nail polish – 12
    Pop up candle – 27.78
    Vanilla cologne – 20

    Total value according to them is 347.23 but from actual retail value 270.73
    Not happy that I feel they bumped up the value with a bunch of sothys products. And all my were beige/taupe. I don’t mind the stuff from old boxes that much as this was my first box. If it hadn’t been I wouldn’t be happy. And I am very displeased that I got mainly beauty items and one unless “ring”

    • We got the same box

      • Had I gotten a useful jewelry item I personally wouldn’t complain. But since I got a useless one and a bunch of beauty items and things from last boxes I am not completely thrilled. But I did get a better box than some so…

    • I got the same box, and I was really hoping to receive an additional jewelry piece. I like beauty products, but I never use them all…

    • I think I got the same box which I loved but I am with you in regards to transparency. I will say they have great customer service and when I brought this up they said they would send me a free gift. Based on their response I think they will be more prepared and aware in boxes to come.

      • It’s baffling to me that some receive great customer service and others, like me, have emailed a couple of times during this process and never once got a response. I’m even checking junk mail just in case. I’m an annual subscriber, maybe they don’t care because they already have my money? I sent an email about my $200 box value (with the inflated OP prices) and….nothing. I know they are getting slammed, so tried to be diplomatic and patient, but am now thinking I may need to call my credit card company and see what they can do, if anything. It’s such a bummer!

        • Maybe your email is in their junk folder. Try from another email? I got a response within a day. And I usually always get responses from companies that people say don’t respond. If that doesn’t work I would probably dispute charge.

        • I sent about 4-5 in a row, and after completely ‘pitching a fit’, in the last one, they finally responded. They said they would fix the problem, but I truly do not have high hopes and am currently looking at my options to get all of my money back for a years sub.

          • I also signed up for an annual sub. Please post what your end result is. I may follow suit. Good luck.

  21. I complained b/c I got NO higher priced item (your necklace). I got two hand creams of differing sizes, the soap is tiny and the earrings I got were for a newborn baby. I wrote asking for a return, they wrote back and offered me an additional package or something in 2-3 weeks. This was really disappointing but for those of you who have seen my posts before, the first and second boxes of a new service are usually stellar and 3rd+ start to drop off sharply. Think Nina Garcia, Social Bliss, et al

  22. This box wasn’t great, but it wasn’t the POPSUGAR CFDA box either. Like others have suggested, I believe they just decided to ship this box out incomplete. I think part of the box contents related to Provence, but they had to fill in with some old stock because some of the items didn’t arrive as they should have.
    Personally, I think this whole situation was botched, badly so, by Oui Please. If they had just been honest from the beginning, a majority of subscribers would have been totally fine with waiting until the box was complete before shipping instead of receiving a subpar box.

    Insofar as items I got vs. items I would have rather had, I wish I had gotten the body wash and Eloise Fiorentino earrings instead of a pair of Tassia Cannelis earrings so small, they might as well have been for a child.

    For those who received a leaky Beauty Oil can, mine leaked as well, but I was luckier. It stayed in one spot in the box and didn’t get on anything else- but I still had to through it away!!

  23. Some of the beauty products–and definitely the sachet and honey candy–seem pretty “Provence,” but so many others have little to do with it. Ozone Socks?!? Seriously? The founder of that company grew up in Paris, but Ozone Socks is a New York company. There is no connection to Provence.

    The ring that Liz received–size issue notwithstanding–is simply ugly and does not look as if it were meant to actually be a ring. The necklace is really lovely, but as a statement piece and because it’s gold, I can understand that many people wouldn’t wear it.

    What would have been more appropriate (and interesting!) would be a small art print of a Cezanne (or Van Gogh, Matisse, etc), some olive oil (like the booklet claims; the olive oil there is world famous so it’s bizarre not to include it), some herbes de Provence, or perfume.

  24. It’s funny someone mentioned the booklet. I’ve been to Provence and nothing about this box screamed Provence other than lavender in a satchet. Mine just still feels like they never really got their orders that were delayed and through other stuff in my box aka sothys because it had barely any items.

  25. I received my box yesterday … overall I would have been happy had the jewelry item been anything other than one of the rings. I received the reddish chain ring which doesn’t fit my pinky and won’t stay on as a midi ring. My total seemed to be higher than some of the other boxes (15 items), but I also got the atelier cologne and popup candle from previous boxes. I think I will email OuiPlease and let them know I’m disappointed that the value doesn’t reach $400 (somewhere around $350-375) and that I can’t use the jewelry item. I almost feel like I can’t complain because it sounds like I got a much better box that others, but I so wish I had gotten earrings or a bracelet or that necklace Liz got! When I get home from work, I will list off all the items for reference.

    • I should also note that I purchases the annual subscription at 20% off and this was my first box. The value is definitely greater than what I paid, but not what was advertised.

    • I will swap your ring for my earrings if you want

      • MEW – ohhh which earrings did you get?

    • I got just the ring, bunch of stuff from Sothys and few items from previous boxes. Given that this is my first box, I’m utterly disappointed. The overall value of the box came to be $205. By the way, most of the prices they list, are not even close to real prices. I wish I knew this long before signing up for the annual subscription.

  26. I had a really lackluster box — not even including many 1.3 items, but older stuff — and OP was really quick to respond to my concerns. Also promised a follow up package so we will see.

  27. I basically received the same package as Liz. I received the large hoop earrings vs. the necklace (which I would have preferred but I’m not complaining). The package smelled wonderful and I am looking forward to trying everything. I have an annual sub so the value is there for me. I’m sorry that some of you are not happy and received low value boxes.

    On a side note, for my last two packages I did not receive shipping information and had to request it from OP, my theory is that it has something to due with being an annual subscriber. Does any other annual subscribers have the same issue? I hope there is a lot less drama with the next OP box.

    • I am an annual subscriber and I also never receive tracking info unless I ask them for it and both times I have received my box before they respond (granted in usually one of the first people to receive the box since I live in Houston).

  28. They finally responded on Friday and provided me a tracking #
    and of course there is no tracking info 🙁 when I look up the number, and my OP account still says Feb was the last shipment. I feel like they just gave me a bogus tracking number appease me for a few more days.

    Anyone else still waiting on proof of actual shipping?

    • They never sent my tracking info, and when I finally found it on the site, FedEx said they already delivered, which they did not. Some might thing that maybe it was stolen, but I have pkgs shipped to my house constantly, and have never had an issue with anyone other than FedEx. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they took it to the wrong address, and the driver either won’t admit it, or doesn’t even realize it. If I had had the tracking number, I could have had someone at the house for the day to receive it, or at least refute the fact that they say they even dropped at my house to begin with. I emailed OP to let them know had I had the number to begin with, this whole thing could have been prevented. They say they are sending another pkg, but I really doubt it at this point.

  29. So I also reached out to them, as some of my items arrived damaged and I would like them replaced. Also the value is not what is promised. I’m hoping they do right by us

  30. As someone else posted, my box felt like a beauty box also. Only 1 item wasn’t soap, lotion, or shampoo. My Volume 1.2 box was also terrible (2 boxes of the same tea and that was one of the better items)! This one was a lower value, but I can gift some of the beauty items to my mother and grandmother. As disappointing as this subscription is… it’s still better than the Oprah Circle of Chumps. Between Oprah, Ouiplease, and Frenchbox, I’ve vowed to not subscribe to any more annual subscriptions. If I had that money back, I’d have a pretty good vacation already paid for.

    • Oprah circle of chumps, goodness that’s so funny, sad too.

  31. Hi Liz,

    The Et Voila booklet in my box had a Sothys insert that shows that the makeup we received is part of their Limited Edition Paris One Night collection. The rouge nuit color is paired with the beige doux color (I received this one) and together they are meant to be used “in the spirit of the ‘revamped French Manicure’.” Not very Provence but it would have been nice if they had included both!

    • Oh I totally missed that – thanks for the heads up!

  32. I still don’t have a box!! Why do I have to remind them everytime? I’ve been patient but it’s getting very old – and we’re only half way through the annual subscription…Finally received a response from them today from one of my emails so it’ll probably be late next week before I get anything. I have a feeling it’ll be leftovers!

  33. I had a similar experience with my first two boxes with Oui Please and decided to cancel my sub with them. The first box, I just let it slide because I truly did enjoy all of the products that were included. But the 2nd time around I emailed them and they sent me the leather bracelet to make up the value difference. After receiving a low value box twice I decided that it was a trend rather than an anomaly. I’m sorry to see that other subscribers are receiving low value boxes too. It’s disappointing to order a box with a promised value and receive something that doesn’t live up to those promises.

  34. I got a very similar box with Liz’s box in terms of the items. I have tried the shampoo, elixir, beauty oil, candy, and foot cream last night. I like them all! And luckily, I can wear the way ring in my index finger.

    I also received products lower than $400 in my last box, but I really enjoyed the products they have sent me so far. I also got an annual membership with 20% discount, so I am happy with it.

  35. Liz, why do you say lavender sachet is $5.50, in the booklet it is $15? I will calculate my value again with your prices, it will be low…

    • Ok, with your prices my box is only $214 + sothys eyeliner and lipstick. Way under $400. 🙁

      • I don’t mind using oui pleases inflated prices as they had to pay customs, shipping, labor to set up the boxes.

        Don’t get me wrong my box is still under 400 and 2 of my Items were from 1.1

        I feel like op never received that shipment or their sponsors had fell through. So they last minute tried to raise values by adding old extras or more sothys

  36. Anyone else scratching their heads when reading ET VOILA? the FIRST page “This parcel gives you a taste of the best of Provance through lavender-infused perfumes, candles, soaps, and body products. Enjoy unique jewelery in golden hues with colorful beads and rope, accessories like patterned socks and geometric shaped wallet that reflect the vibrant style of Southern France. Treat your taste buds to Provance’s best olive oil and candies!” Mmkay so where’s that awesome stuff? I am trying to remain positive and be happy with what I got but as a whole I feel like we were given a subpar box so they could save face. I particularly would have rather waited until it was ready and whole, and I would have cut them some slack if they were transparant, however, they have been anything but.

    • If they just would have came out and said something about what was really going on, as opposed to a deafening silence about the whole thing. They have come across as a complete joke, amongst many other things. This is supposed to be my first box, I still haven’t received anything, and honestly (I know people are trying to stay positive), I have nothing but the absolute worst to say about them right now. I gave them over $500 bucks, and have absolutely nothing to show for it.

  37. I received:
    Atelier Cologne Vaporiser 7.5 ml $20
    La Fare en Provence foot cream $15
    Huile de Beauté oil $13
    Plantes parfume Provence satchet $6.11
    Elixir d’éclat $50
    Rose et Marius travel soap $6
    Popup candle $27.78
    Panier des sens hand cream $7
    Sothys Polish $12
    Sothys Matt eyeshadow $19.45
    Sothys mascara $28
    Sothys desquacrem $26 (Amazon)
    Tassia canellis ring $60 (really?)
    L’epicerie de Provence honey candies $15 (they are an acquired taste FYI)

    $305. Definitely doesn’t seem worth it.

    • That ring is actually $39, not $60 (currently selling online for €35) Not a bad box total value though, mine was less than $200…although that makes no one feel better. I stupidly thought they would make these boxes extra special to make up for the delays, misinformation, etc. or at least as good as the first 2 boxes.

  38. My box is 100% the exact same box. Same colors, fragrances, etc. That’s exactly what I got. I’m surprised, the boxes seemed a little more random this time from other reader’s listed contents.

  39. I only received 1 ring and nothing else in terms of accessories. The weird thing is that I also received a Popup Candle and an Atelier Cologne from the Paris box. I will definitely be emailing them to see what’s up. I like everything I received, but I feel like this box just wasn’t as good as the first two.

    • Sounds like we got the same box. It definitely was a lot of items not listed. Disappointed.

    • Atelier Cologne is located in Paris, and I do not understand why they included it in Provence box, considering they already associated it with the rightful Paris box.. As for Sothys.. Come on.. It’s not what I would considered a fashionable brand; my mom and grandmother were using it when I was a child and I’m 40 now.. Glad I didn’t signed up for this box..

  40. I did not receive any jewelry or socks. I sent them an email and they responded wanting to know what was included in my box. I have replied and now awaiting their response. If they make this right for me, and the rest of my annual subscription is up to par, I will consider another annual. If not, they will not get my business. I feel there has been too much “beating around the bush” regarding the shipping of this box. And I find it poor business to advertise one value but deliver at half. With that being said I do love the contents of this box (it is my first OuiPlease box). When I opened the box it smelled so wonderful.

  41. I just emailed them about the retail value of my box which using Liz’s prices was under $280 and that includes the overstated value of the way ring. I did try to be positive and didn’t ask for anything else but stated that over time I hoped all annual subscribers and not just some would get a little extra so it evens out over the year. I do have to agree with Bish though that at $8.00 an item (I think I got 12 items) it still was a deal and I love the smell of the body lotion and the orange lipstick will match the earrings I got in box 1.1.

    • Well, even at $8 an item and you received 12, it would come to $96.. Don’t see where is the deal there

      • She is saying subscribers paid $8/item.

  42. If I count my box value the way Liz counted, I cannot even image how low it is. Even though tallied everything based on the booklet (including $15 soap for the sample square), it’s still very low value.

    By the way, I picked one link for La Fare 1789 Shampoo, it is 16 pounds, so that makes it $25 (vs. $18)?

  43. I’m usually pretty positive, but I received, essentially, a Oui Please beauty box.

    The Elixir (neck of the bottle broke in transit leaving oily residue on everything, including that beautiful box!)
    Beauty Oil
    Foot Cream
    Sumptuous Lotion
    Lemon Hand Cream
    Mini Soap
    Lavender Sachet
    Orange Sothys Lipstick
    Brown Sothys eyeliner

    No jewelry, no accessories, just beauty and no where near the $400 value. I was so looking forward to this box. It just broke my heart. I cannot even gift or swap because of that darn elixir on every item. 🙁

    • My oil leaked too. It was all over. I took a picture of the can and sent it to them. The only item I can give away is the shampoo because oil was everywhere. They emailed me back and said they will send me another item. I have yet to see to believe.

      • I emailed them about my missing ring and got the same response. I will also believe it when I see it.

        I really worry that they have grown too fast and are crashing and burning now, with an awful lot of my money.

        • How did you contact them to get a response? I messaged them on their site about my empty envelope and low value of the box (not mentioning that my box had a slight leaking of oil and black dust powder on everything) but I haven’t heard back from them.

  44. Comment

  45. Looking over my box again – I got 6 of my 1.3 items in the Mother’s Day box as well. 3 (at least – who knows on the Sothys makeup) are from 1.1. I’m past the point of wanting to cry, I’m just laughing at how dumb it is getting items from a previously curated box in a new curated box.

  46. I emailed them regarding my box value, and they responded saying that they would send me another item to make up for the under $400 value of my box. I am interested in seeing what they send.

  47. It seems like there is less variation this time around, which I think is good.
    I got everything Liz received except the necklace and socks, but I received the shower gel and Sothy’s lipstick instead. Would have liked a second jewelry piece, but honestly none of them thrilled me this time around.

    After such a struggle with this box, let’s get positive. I received 12 items and a lovely box for under $90 with annual sub and coupon. That’s $7.50 per item, and for very nice items. (ring excluded) I would have liked a textile or home item, but maybe next time. As for the theme, you can’t disagree that when you opened it and smelled that lavender sachet that you didn’t get a “breath of Provence”.

  48. I was going to sign up after the last review that you posted, then hesitated and it sold out and I am so glad it did.

  49. Comment

  50. Mine is so heavy on beauty items that it’s disappointing. Especially since it’s Sothys and I can get it locally at our spa for 35% off SRP everyday. I know it’s a gamble but they definitely pulled a lot of my items from other boxes not even relevant to Provence. Part of me wants to gamble for 1.4 because it’s the French Riviera but the other part says, “Don’t because you’ll be there in September.” Ugh. I’m still wondering what item was stuck at Customs. Part of me wonders if the said item just got shelved and they sent because people were getting angry.

    • I think that’s exactly what happened! I’d rather wait another couple weeks and have them get it right than get it sooner and have this craptastic result.

      • I agree!

    • A definite possibility. Since the French Riviera is within Provence my guess is that those items will go into box 1.4.

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