Gwynnie Bee Review + Free Month Coupon – April 2015

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Gwynnie Bee Review + Free Month Coupon - April 2015 Box

Gwynnie Bee is a clothing rental subscription service for women sizes 10-32. I have been intrigued with their concept for a while because I think plus-sized clothing is sorely underrepresented in the subscription box market. I have been really happy to get an opportunity to try them out!

Gwynnie Bee kindly invited me to try their service for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Gwynnie Bee Review + Free Month Coupon - April 2015 Inside

The Subscription: Gwynnie Bee

The Cost: The cost depends on how many items you would like to have out at a time.
1 = $49/month
2 = $69/month
3 = $95/month
5 = $139/month
7 = $179/month
10 = $199/month

The Products: Women’s clothing rental, sizes 10-32

Ships to: US

Ships via: USPS Priority Mail

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This review is of the 3 items at a time subscription from 3/10 through 4/10.



I think this is actually more of a duster than a kimono; there’s nothing really kimono about it except the delicate floral print. Nonetheless, I think long, lightweight jackets are very on trend right now, and this was very slimming!



I really liked this dress! It was very curve-hugging.



This print on this dress really pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I got two or three compliments on it! Everyone felt that it ushered in spring appropriately.



I did wear this dress, but it was pretty unflattering on me. The waist was too high for me. This would look great on someone short-waisted.



This was another curve-hugger from Lucie Lu! I really liked this dress, even though the print seemed a little zany for me. I decided to just roll with the zany-ness and pair it with cowboy boots.



I absolutely loved the detail print on this dress, but it turned out to be more flattering unbelted. A braver woman might wear the belt in her hair. I will say that when I wore this dress, a policeman who we see fairly often in our area remembered my name all of a sudden!



I totally love the unusual print on this dress! I thought I looked great in it, but then when I fished for compliments, I came up empty. So, I’m not really sure if I looked great or not, but I still really liked this dress!



This dress was a bit of a train wreck on me. I was a little disappointed that the color was less saturated in reality than on their website, but the bigger problem was that it was too short for me. Plus it was a little warm for the season, and too formal for anywhere I might wear it. I did wear it for a while, but I felt uncomfortable. This would be a great dress for someone with a serious career and fabulous legs.



The border on the bottom of this dress is sort of miraculous because it makes the dress look short while still covering most of my legs. I liked that! Also, it is lined, which always makes me think the dress is smaller than it really is, so I tend to sit and stand straighter. I liked the print also.



I wore this dress to church on Easter! It gave me such an Easter vibe. I didn’t think it was very flattering on, but my husband really liked it, so I wore it. It was also very comfortable, which turned out to be a very good thing since my seven-year-old hit my nine-year-old in the head with a lightsaber after church, and we had to spend the next several hours in the ER getting stitches! Everyone is fine now. My friend who works at the children’s hospital thought the dress was really cute also.



I haven’t worn this dress yet, but I definitely plan to. I am saving it for the weekend!

Verdict: I received eleven pieces this month, and I was pretty much wearing them the day after I got them and then sending them back. That should give you some idea of what the maximum number of items you might get in a month of 3-items-at-a-time might be. It’s hard to speak of value with a rental service, but $70 is certainly cheaper than buying eleven pieces, even at a deep discount. I tend to only wear dresses once or twice anyway, and that’s one of the reasons I really like Gwynnie Bee. I also like that you don’t have to clean them! I am all about avoiding more laundry over here. Nine of the eleven garments were flattering, and I always feel better when I look good! I think Gwynnie Bee is a great service, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to wear something different almost every day!

I will say, though, that this month I got a little tired of dresses. Some readers had commented that it is a dress-heavy service, and I agree. I went through my Gwynnie Bee closet since my latest shipment and put almost all the dresses “on hold” and added some more tops, so I hope that helps to change things up a bit.

What do you think of Gwynnie Bee?

Written by Anna Rodriguez

Anna Rodriguez

Anna has been a fan of subscription boxes since joining Birchbox in 2013, but didn’t become a true addict until discovering subscriptions she could share with her children. Her favorites include Kiwi Crate and Fab Kids.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed GB so far. It is a LOT of dresses, so if you don’t wear them at all or don’t like them, it might be hard to get your closet up to size. I wish they would roll prioritization out to everyone. I haven’t had any big shipping problems but I know a lot of people have lately.

  2. Well, I bit the bullet and finally decided to give it a try. I have a luncheon in a little over a week, so hoping I get something cute to wear. I don’t wear dresses, so added all tops and two pair of pants to my closet. I wish they had more pants. For those that subscribe, how long did it take you to get your first items? I know Liz mentioned they shipped hers about 2 days after signing up. Also, do you get an email when they ship? It is kind of a pain to have to log in each time to check my closet to see if anything has appeared yet.

  3. Perhaps this an unpopular opinion, but I’m finding that clothing stores and plus-size services (including Gwynnie Bee) have such matronly-looking clothes! As if everyone over a size 12 just wants to be comfortable, but not stylish. (This is in no way meant to offend anyone, purely subjective based on style preferences). I would give so much money to a company that actually put some time into creating clothing that was a bit more stylish and modern and not just “hey here’s another stretchy wrap dress or dumpy shift”.

    • I find I have better luck with online retailers than brick and mortar plus-size stores. It can be tricky at first but once you know your size w/that particular retailer it’s pretty smooth sailing. My favorites are Eloquii, Kiyonna (yes, they do have wrap dresses, but they’re cute!) and I almost hesitate to say it, but the plus offerings from Forever 21 (I’m 47). I’ll also make the random order from S.W.A.K. but a lot of it skews a little young and clubby.
      For in-store plus shopping I have the best luck at Nordstrom Rack, great denim selection and a lot of Daniel Rainn, which is a personal favorite.
      Obviously this is all subjective based on personal style, but just my two cents.

      • Amy, I have also had some good luck with Forever 21 & Wet Seal plus now and then. I’m 43 so I know what you mean about younger & clubby but I find basic pieces that work for me here and there. I’m going to check out some of those other stores you’ve listed. Thanks

        • Another great plus sized store is Torrid. It’s similar to Forever21 but a little more upscale. I think they have sizes 12-32. They have really cute clothes online and in-store.

          • Thank you for posting these additional stores Ashley & Sara. I have been meaning to check out Torrid for a while now. I hadn’t heard of SWAK so I’m definitely going to look soon.

        • SWAK has really nice, cute stuff, but their sizing is so up and down it’s hard to get consistent sizing. I wear anything from a 1X-3X in SWAK clothes, plus their sizing chart isn’t always accurate.

    • I agree with some of the other subbers and agree that the style of their clothes is pretty lackluster to me. I’m in my early 30’s and like a little bit more exciting clothes. I’m going to have to try the free month before I can say for sure! And it’s so expensive!! Last night I spent $200 at zulily and got each outfit for 16.99, so I basically got 12 outfits!!! And I’m talking about some UBER cute, stylish dresses(yes, I’m a total dress freak!) all name brand top quality dresses!! With this service my fav part is wearing & sending back without me having to clean the clothes, awesome!! Plus since YALL are saying it’s mainly dresses that’s right up my alley!! I will comment more after I try the service, fingers crossed they don’t make me look like an old lady!! Lol!

      • I am 32 and I think it’s fairly easy to find things on their site that aren’t matronly. The main issue is getting the right fit.. there are things that some people say are matronly but I don’t feel fit me in that way. There are some dresses that some people complain are too short but don’t fit me that way.. the same dress can be styled in completely different ways. I love following bloggers who wear and style GB (usually with #sharemeGB on instagram/etc.) and there are some dresses that looked hideous and/or matronly on me that look amazing on other women. I also get ideas of how to wear different pieces to make them more appealing.

  4. I signed up for this service after your last review, too! My only complaint is that it takes them 2-3 days to send me new stuff after receiving my returns. I get pretty anxious to see what will be coming next! Otherwise, I have really enjoyed the service. I wear a lot of dresses anyway because my constantly changing backside makes it hard to maintain enough flattering pants. I also work a lot and spending time shopping isn’t in the cards for me. I’ve also gotten so many compliments on their clothing! Seems like they have a knack for having clothing that is flattering on me. Thanks for introducing me to the service!!

    • Awesome Melissa! So glad to hear!

  5. My comment/two cents is in no way meant to put down this subscription or take away from the fact that I truly appreciate the time and effort Anna took to write a thorough review and take photos. Thank you Anna! 🙂 That being said, what I wanted to mention has to do with other possible ways to build a plus-sized wardrobe or try things out as you change sizes. I have an auto-immune disease and due to medication side-effects and flare-up my clothing size fluctuates greatly. I have been a size 10-18 all within a year before. What has worked for me is shopping at thrift stores, my main one being Savers. The way I found works best for me is to bring a couple bags of items to donate (fairly easy as we are a family of 8). They will take books, clothing, shoes, household items, toys, etc… With the donation they give you a 20% off your entire purchase coupon, excludes items that are already 50% off that week. (They use color coded price tags to determine which color is 50% off that week). I have found so many nice plus sized dresses, pajama pants, skirts & tops at Savers. Using the 20% off I usually pay about $3.20-$8 a piece. I try them on before buying so I only buy the things I love, but you can exchange within a week if you want to try on at home. After a while I go back through my closet and see what I can donate from older items, my kids or even things I bought the months prior at Savers. I donate for another 20% off & repeat this process as needed, keeping my closet up to date with my sizes and seasons. It was also PERFECT for maternity clothes which was great because I have 6 kids & that came in handy. I know that was pretty long but I wanted to offer a possible suggestion for saving on clothing. With the exception of not getting a 20% off coupon, the same concept can apply to Goodwill and other thrift stores because most will run daily or weekly specials on certain items. I think it’s fun too because it is kind of a treasure hunt.

    • Thanks for sharing all that, Katiemama6x! I go through different phases where I get into thrift stores also. I love digging! I just wanted to mention also that if you’re in the mood for junking, Goodwill and Salvation Army usually have a 50% off day for clothes every week. The St. Vincent de Paul Society does not, but I like that their proceeds help those in need, and I have seen them be soooo kind to people in need before.

      • Anna, no problem. I love to share shopping or bargain hunting stories. Yes, I do try to go to Goodwill on sale days and search for treasures. I haven’t been in a while so now I have the thrifting urge lol. Thank you for sharing about the Vincent de Paul society. I’ve never been to one but I googled it and found out I have 3 within a 20 mile radius. I’m going to have to check it out. PS as a mom of 4 boys I agree that lightsabers get them going. Those and Nerf guns.

        • LOL, seriously!

    • I agree I love thrifting and have found really nice, name brand stuff sometimes. Just takes a lot of patience and looking. I love Savers, we also have Red Racks here in Missouri, it’s the disabled veteran’s thrift store. I have the most luck there or Savers. And Salvation Army is hit or miss, but it’s soooo cheap. Sometimes they have 50% off days, or days where certain colored tags are 49 or 99 cents.

      • That’s true, I only go thrifting when I have the time and patience to hunt for good stuff. With 6 kids that free time can be hard to come by. I’m going to have to try the Salvation Army because I haven’t been to one in probably 10 years. I’m in Southern California & I think I will google thrift stores and see what other options are out there when I want to make a day of thrift shopping.

    • I LOVE Savers! There are many in my area (Chicagoland) but as I don’t have a car, I can usually only make it if I have a rental car for a trip. But I really need to remember to bring a bag of donations and get that 20% off next time I make it!

      • I only have the one Savers by me and I want to go soon because I haven’t been in so long! My husband uses our car during the day so I never have time to make it there before they close but I always keep the donation bags in my car ready to go in case I can get there one day. I hope you get to go soon and find some treasures. 🙂

  6. I tried this service after your last review, and I really like it–shipping is pretty fast and the clothes are high quality. My only complaint is, like you mentioned, they carry mostly dresses (and I never wear dresses). I’ve loved the tops I have tried, but I can’t see myself subscribing for more than three months unless they add a lot more tops. By then I will have gone through all the ones that I like.

    • Cool Anna! Glad you are enjoying it! I am crossing my fingers for more tops this month.

  7. I’ve found that 95% of the things I get from GB, I return immediately without wearing, because it doesn’t fit, I don’t like it in person, the colors are way off then what it looks like online, etc. I’ve only bought two items to keep and kept one coat through winter. I’ve had several issues with their shipping, items being in my at home section for months when I returned them 1-2 months ago. Or where the label was created and two weeks later it still hadn’t been sent out. It’s very frustrating to me, especially when the service costs so much and the clothes aren’t even steeply discounted for used clothes. If only you could just try on all the clothes at once haha.

    • Wow, I haven’t had those issues at all, Sara! You should definitely let customer service know about your shipping issues!

  8. Thanks for reviewing this. Your comments crack me up. Glad your son is ok! What is it with kids and light sabers?!

    • LOL, thank you chris! I know, right? They are totally nuts over the lightsabers!

  9. I would love to see the dresses on!

    • I agree! It’s hard to visualize them otherwise…

      I considered trying this, but I’m really turned off by the fact that everything I liked seemed to be a large percentage Polyester, which tends to not breathe and makes me itch…

      • Aussieten, I know where you’re coming from. I have received quite a few items that are natural fibers, though, you just have to read the details. I think a lot of plus-sized clothes have a lot of manmade material in them to provide stretch without sacrificing structure. It’s hard with curvier women to know where they will carry more of their weight, I guess. Anyway, they do have a free month offer (see above), so you could always try for a few weeks and see how you like it before committing.

    • LOL, I would love to be able to model them for you, Cymbre, but I just don’t have the bod. Maybe if I lose 40 pounds and grow 6 inches! 🙂

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