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Upcoming CFDA POPSUGAR Must Have Box Details!

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POPSUGAR April Boxes Have Sold Out!

On April 15th, POPSUGAR is launching a new limited edition box with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA).

The POPSUGAR and CFDA partnership is based on aligned priorities, namely philanthropy, fashion, and discovery. POPSUGAR supports the CFDA’s global mission “to strengthen the influence and success of American Fashion Designers in the global economy.” Fifty percent of the profits from sales of this Must Have box will be donated to the CFDA Foundation, Inc., which aims to raise funds for fashion-related charity and industry activities.

The Box: POPSUGAR CFDA Limited Edition Box

The Cost: $195

The Products: $600+ worth of products,Β featuring an assortment of established and emerging designers, including some of fashion’s most coveted brands.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I totally want this box but after the Neiman Marcus box fiasco, there’s no way I’m shelling any money over to PS without a spoiler. That box was an eye-opener about how crappy some curations from PS can be.

    Plus, I’m really enjoying that the Rachel Zoe box always releases the spoiler for the hero item, it doesn’t feel like such a huge risk!

  2. I have Googled every variation of CFDA, PopSugar, Coachella (wow, that’s an interesting event…)
    , goodie bags and cannot find anything for spoilers.
    I woke up 3 times to check if it was on sale during the night. I think I have a sub box addiction,lol.

    • on popsugar instagram they had a picture of the Coachella gift bag. it had sisters of Los Angeles matches (most likely for their candles), Lo Swim hair ties, some nail poish (I would never wear), some face care items form first aid beauty and what looks like a towel from Michael Star. If this is a clue to what is in the CFDA special edition box, I am not impressed.

      • I think Popsugar teamed up with ShopStyle on this one. I’m betting that alot of the stuff will come from the ShopStyle top picks. I see a fab backpack that just might be coming our way. So, I’m glad I got the box. I don’t think the Coachella gift bag is a hint to what we are getting. I think it will come from ShopStyle since that is the company that PopSugar teamed up with at Coachella. We will see.

  3. I checked the website which says coming soon. No spoiler.

  4. It’s another day where I may not catch a signal on my phone. I’ll have to check early morning to see if there is a spoiler released.

  5. I am gonna get one. I am.excited for this box. I liked just about everything that came out for target a few years ago. 195.00 is alot of money.but, what I don’t like I will swap!

  6. I feel the same way! I wanna pull the trigger and purchase but without a spoiler or more info I think I might have to pass. Hopefully they release some kind of spoiler tomorrow to entice us all to buy!

  7. Are they really going to release this tomorrow without offering so much as a single spoiler, or even a list of the designers who will be represented? I put money aside to order it, but I just can’t shell out almost $200 bucks without ANY clue whatsoever. I think I’m going to have to pass…probably. GAH!

  8. I ordered and received the resort must have box. but I can’t remember if it was launched at a specific time( zone). anyone have a heads up on that. thanks

    • I’m pretty sure the resort box went on sale shortly after midnight EST on the release day.

  9. After seeing the Coachella goodie bag from the popsugar luncheon I am no longer as excited about the box especially with the idea of possibly getting an overpriced candle and neon colored bracelets.

    • what was in the coachella goodie bags? I just can not decide on this box!!!!!

  10. Found this online from the LA times in an article about fashion at Coachella:
    “The CFDA will also be celebrating the launch of the PopSugar Must Have limited-edition box of swag containing items such as cosmetics and jewelry, curated by CFDA members, with 50% of the profits going to the CFDA foundation.”
    So what do you think? The box was also mentioned in Woman’s Wear Daily. This is the amount of publicity this box is getting. I’m excited!

  11. Is anyone worried that this box will just be filled with expensive jewelry? I’ve noticed that passed special edition boxes were filled with an expensive jewelry item retailing for $100-300, this could really take up a large portion of that $600 value

  12. My best friend JUST texted me that she just met the CEO of popsugar at a school event and my first question was did you ask about th CFDA box?!?!! Oh addiction……

    • Haha! Love it! πŸ™‚

      • Perfect!

  13. I may subscribe if I like the spoiler. I won’t subscribe if there is no spoiler released. It’s too chancy for me although I am curious about the box.

    • Now I’d rather wait & see what’s in the box. Then I’ll swap for what I want. πŸ™‚

  14. I love popsugar monthly boxes, and some of the special boxes. I’d love to at least hear a designer name spoiler, and would prefer an idea of items before commiting that much money. I don’t have a dog and would hate to see pet accessories, etc. But it is so tempting because I just attended a CFDA hosted brunch and it was pretty fabulous and tasteful!!! The featured young designer was incredibly talented!

  15. For the price that thry are asking I would like a guarantee that there is NO clutch.

    • Especially not a blue one.

  16. I’m interested hoping to see an idea of what to expect soon. The value noted is well with it if the items are in my taste

  17. I think I’m going to go for this one. It’s definitely pricey, but if the collaboration is anything like the link above, I’m in! Personally, I’ve enjoyed the PSMH LE boxes, and I have liked the regular boxes. I better go confirm that release date so I can be sure and be awake to order early. I fear it will be a lot like the Zoe box and will sell out quickly.
    I am officially a Sub Addict, I believe. LOL! Much Aloha!

    • meet your sister. lol. i have a sub addiction too.

    • Hi meme! I’m a fellow Hawaii sub addict. I see you on here often and just wanted to say hi from Kailua! We always get our boxes late…but…the time difference worked in our favor for the Rachel Zoe box!

      • yay for Hawaii subbers that understand the pain of getting your box 3 weeks later than everyone else!! But yes it totally worked in our favor for the rachel zoe box!!

    • Same here,lol. I started out with Ipsy in October, found this page, and I love the sub boxes. I probably subscribe to too many now.
      Liz gave me the best recommendations to start out with. Everyone got Birchbox gifts for Christmas (easiest shopping I can ever remember) and I like being able to make up a gift bag at the last minute using items from different boxes and everyone loves them. My 11 year old daughter loves the dresses from Golden Tote. My son now loves the FiveFour sub. He was on daily medication for his acne from his Dr, I had gotten him a Jack Black gift set and his skin cleared up in 2 weeks, so no more medicine, we are both so glad about that.
      I was so happy when Liz posted about the ties she got for her brother from Bespoke, my son will be graduating in May but already started his new job and needs to wear a tie every day.
      I am so excited for this PS CFDA to go on sale.
      I’ve already put a notification on my phone.
      Do I need help yet,lol?

  18. Ok I was thinking it would be great if they would release at least the number of items or the names of a few designers. I would have to give in to temptation if I thought there would be amazing home items. But if I spent 200 bones and it contained a scarf my head would explode. How many scarfs do people really need? Granted I live in Hawaii so it’s to hot for even one scarf but seriously if you have more than one fashion sub box how do you keep up or store all all those scarves??

    • I live in Chicago and am up to my eyeballs in scarves.

    • Haha I was thinking the same thing, either a scarf or clutch and I’d be upset. I live in the Midwest and only wear scarves in winter.

      • i am very intrested but i want a spoiler i do not want a scarf either if it looks good i will get it if thiers a skin care shampoo then i will go for it xoxo dorothy

    • if you get a scarf I will TOTALLY trade for it… I wear one almost every day. Living in northern California, it gets chilly even in summer, and its the perfect accessory to wear at night with my sundresses…

  19. Sounds interesting but I will have to see two spoilers prior to commitment as I haven’t loved the past two PS boxes.

  20. Very tempting, but like most everyone else here, I don’t want to risk spending almost $200 unless I see at least one great spoiler. Someone below said it my include housewares and dog bowls, which I’m not really interested in receiving. I would LOVE to see some nice fashion items, though!

  21. I’m so glad I’m going to NOLA on the 16th, it will keep my from being tempted. I’ve sworn off PS but I imagine this would be great for future xmas and bday gifts.

  22. I’m definitely interested in this box, but I agree that $200 is too much without at least some spoilers. And being a Large person, I need to have some assurances that sizing won’t be an issue.

    Can’t wait to see some spoilers!!

    • I definitely concur. Well said.

  23. I like the idea of this box but at the cost of almost $200 it is too much of a gamble. The should have spoilers at this price.

  24. Oh man. I love the popsugar LE boxes but $200…………….unless I have at least SOME idea I’m not spending that kind of money

  25. This reminds me of the CFDA collaboration with Target & Neiman Marcus couple years ago. If that’s the case, clothing items aside (I can’t see them putting size specific items), it will more likely to be home ware, accessories, throw, scarf, slippers, dog bowls, yoga mats, shot glass, with their designer names, and hopefully, their designs interpretations of those items.
    I remember some really cute items back then, even got a MarcJacob scarf myself, but there’s also a lot of questionable designs too. So, depending on who they got as a designer(s), it maybe a hit or miss. I also agree that value will be highly inflated, but if you carry names like DVF, Adler, that’s pretty much expected.

  26. I’m Definitely getting this box I love Popsugar boxes πŸ™‚

  27. I wanted it till I saw the price of $195 – The resort box is very beautifully packaged, to the point where I wont open it fully yet, I like boxes like that =). Spending $195 I’d have to cancel a few boxes, before I do that I want to wait for at least 1 good spoiler. – These boxes are getting more and more expensive.

  28. I was definitely going to get this until I saw the price. Im so happy with the Resort box that I decided I’ll get all the PS LE boxes, but wow, $200? That’s a 6 month subscription to PS. I see how my finances look when/if a spoiler comes out. But if PS will do a summer LE box too, then I would probable rather get that.

    One of the other commenters said that since this is a fashion box, it will probably be items with inflated values, and I was thinking the exact same thing. I’ll probably sit this one out.

    • OH. I love what you said about it being equivalent to 6 months of a regular PS subscription. Putting it in terms like that (I do this with other things I want to buy, haha) makes it so much easier to turn down. I’d much rather get 6 months of PS (and SO many more items) than ONE LE box with maybe 8-10 overpriced/overvalued items.

  29. I’d like to know how many items will be in it. I’m a little worried since it’s “fashion” we might only get a few items with inflated values.

  30. @Liz – what do you think our chances are for a spoiler on this one? I remember the NM 2014 box was released w/out a spoiler, so I know it’s not always a given…but whenever the box goes beyond $100 it should be!!

    • I think whether or not we get a spoiler will depend on how many boxes they are selling – and thus how quickly they sell out. Typically we get a spoiler a week or two after the limited edition box goes on sale if there are still boxes available.

      So, if it doesn’t sell out immediately, I would bet on a spoiler πŸ™‚

      • Hi Liz!

        Are you getting a box to review?

        • Definitely! πŸ™‚

          • Yay!
            So at least ill get to see what’s in it even if I don’t buy. I’m tempted to, but I need a spoiler first. I signed up for “luxe box” this weekend so that was $100. Trying to cut back on the spending unless it’s a luxury box that has a triple value! Liz have you heard of the luxe box ,if so will you be reviewing it? I only found out about it because someone mentioned in in the Oui please review threads. I’m hoping its a good box, it’s suppose to be 5-6 full size high end items in the categories of fashion,spa, beauty etc!

          • Luxor box will be sending me a box to review. I am not sure what to expect from them yet. But I’m curious!

          • Awesome! I’m glad they are sending you one. I was reading up on their FAQ and they mentioned they weren’t sending any review boxes out to bloggers!! So I’m so excited to see you’re getting one. I don’t know what to expect either but I figure if the box is junk then I can cancel my subscription but if it’s amazing then I’ve locked myself in on their lowest price. So I’m gambling for a steal!

  31. How tempting! I’ve actually been really happy with all the higher end popsugar boxes and a fashion emphasis box sounds really exciting. I would like to see a spoiler though before ordering, just to get a sense for what sort of products they envision including. Hopefully little to no makeup products, though I’m sure there will be something like that included.

  32. A promised $600 value is nice and all but without a few spoilers I’ll be holding in to my Benjamin’s! lately pop sugar boxes are only halfway appealing to me. So while I might loose out on a great box by not plunging at the first announcement I’m also protecting myself from heartbreak and flushing good money down the drain. Thank god for the swap site. Because if they don’t release any spoilers for this one or provide a little more info about the types of items included then “Ima sit this one out” and just pray that anything it it I like is available on the swap board!!

  33. Can I file it as a tax write-off since its for charity?

    • While you shouldn’t take tax advice too seriously from anyone on the internet, you are still getting items for your money so it doesn’t count as a charitable donation.

      • I don’t think that’s accurate because I’m pretty sure you can deduct popcorn and cookie purchases from the Boy and Girl Scouts, as well as public school fundraiser purchases, etc. I’m not positive, though. However, PopSugar isn’t a charitable organization, so I don’t think it would be tax deductible.

  34. Does anyone know when the summer box usually launches? Because I definitely can’t get both!

  35. This sounds really interesting. I need to see at least 1 spoiler before I drop $195 though.

    • I feel the same, I’m tempted but I’m not sure about spending that much without a spoiler.

  36. Looks like I will be there will a flufry of upcoming selling items on eBay for me! First, I asked for a Oui Please box for my birthday. Then, I changed my mind and wanted the $149 Golden Tote. .. Unlucky for the hubs… I think I just changed my mind again.

  37. Well there goes my tax return! Resistance is futile… πŸ˜€

  38. Very excited to see what will be inside (and see the video of the unboxing) but 200 bucks is out of my price range. Plus I am not sure I understand the focus of a fashion box that doesn’t include clothes or shoes. Hope we get a spoiler soon!

  39. Oh wow!! I’ll definitely be ordering. But why are they launching on tax day?! Ouch!

  40. This looks very appealing. Just one or two little spoilers might tempt me to buy. But with absolutely no idea of the kind of things in the box nor any history, to give a clue, I’m not about to risk nearly $200.

    • I know that’s right…I would have been really upset had I paid for that Neiman Marcus box…SO tempting, but I can’t flush $195 on a “maybe.”

      • Oh man. I was totally on board until you reminded me about that horrible Neiman Marcus box. Hmm. This requires further contemplation.

  41. I wonder if this will be only fashion items or include beauty, food, etc

  42. Ooch, tempting, but I’d have to see a couple of spoilers before I take this plunge.

    I asked for the Resort box for my upcoming birthday. My mom just broke the heartbreaking news that she forgot to order it. :/

    • I would go to the Other PS LE thread and maybe someone is willing to sell theirs? Or the swap site?

  43. Sounds great but…man, 195!!! I don’t know if I’ll swing that. But I like the charity aspect of it all!

  44. Popsugar has got to stop putting out these awesome special boxes! I’m going broke! But definately going to get one, I can justify by it being 50% charity, although I really don’t understand how fashion-related charities work. Have to Google.

  45. This sounds pretty amazing, but $200 on a box is too much for me, especially with no idea what will be in it.

  46. I told myself I was going to get the next PopSugar LE box. Of course it would be $200! lol Guess I’m waiting for the *next* PopSugar LE box. I’m sure this one is going to be amazing, though!

  47. Sounds great but 195 is steep for me right now

  48. I may have to get this one. This one sounds like it could be some nice accessories.

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