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French Box Subscription Review – January 2015

French Box Subscription Review – January 2015 Box

French Box is a new subscription box that sends you a box of France each month.

My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

French Box Subscription Review – January 2015 First Look

If you are looking for a box that has a good presentation – this one is probably the best.

French Box Subscription Review – January 2015 Items

The Subscription Box: French Box

The Cost: $24 a month

The Products: Each box contains 5 products from French brands: fashion, cosmetics, gourmet and others surprises! FrenchBox is the best way to discover or share the latest products from France.

Ships to: US only.

Delivered via: USPS

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French Box Subscription Review – January 2015 Info

This month’s theme is Winter Warmth. The fold out card details all the item included:

French Box Subscription Review – January 2015 Item Info

French Box Subscription Review – January 2015 Post Card

Each box comes with an illustrated oversized postcard and a new recipe:

French Box Subscription Review – January 2015 Recipe

French Box Subscription Review – January 2015 Cream

Doux Me Anti-Wrinkle & Radiance Face Care – FULL SIZE! Value $42

This was the item that most subscribers received in a separate shipment because it was delayed in getting to them. Unbeknownst to me, FrenchBox held my box back from shipping with the regular boxes so that they could include this item with the box when it shipped. (Hence my January French Box review in February). I let them know I want the exact same experience as a paying customer (since I am a paying customer), and they apologized and promised it wouldn’t happen again. Anyway, now onto the actual item!

This face cream is lightweight, absorbs quickly, and the scent is subtle enough that it doesn’t bother me. It also has a lot of natural and organic ingredients which I always like!

French Box Subscription Review – January 2015 Lotion

Paner Des Sens Hand Cream in Rejuvenating Rose – 1 oz Value $8

This hand cream is rich and very moisturizing – I’m a fan of the formula. I’m not in love with the rose scent (I feel like I’m in rose scented product overload lately), but it isn’t too strong for me and fades pretty quickly.

French Box Subscription Review – January 2015 Polish

Panier Des Sens Lip Balm – FULL SIZE! Value $12

L’Oreal Colour Riche Nail Polish – Value $6

This lip balm has a pretty thin consistency – it is like a clear lip gloss in a tube. The finish is very shiny with no stickiness, so I’m very happy with it.

I couldn’t find this nail polish online, so I don’t have a link for it. I love the design of this little nail polish bottle, but I didn’t realize it was a crackle nail polish! I’ll probably end up swapping it since I tend to stick to basic nail polish looks.

French Box Subscription Review – January 2015 Tea

Kusmi Tea Prince Vladamir Tea – Value $5

I love Kusmi tea, so I was thrilled to see this in the box. This blend is new to me, and it smells wonderful – it has citrus and vanilla flavoring.

French Box Subscription Review – January 2015 Candle

Potiron Candle – Value $12

This candle has a nice clean scent, and I love the simple/elegant design of the packaging as well.

Verdict: I think this is one of my favorite French Boxes to date. Nothing feels like a filler item, and I’ll use everything except the nail polish, so the value-to-me is high! The retail value of this box is about $85 – I think that’s pretty amazing.

What did you think of the January 2015 French Box? Did you receive your Doux Me Anti-Wrinkle & Radiance Face Care cream yet?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (46)

  1. Okay, I bit amd got a subscription. I how that I get lucky and the first box is ah-may-zing!

  2. I’m so disappointed in this company. I signed up in January. They sent 2 notifications saying shipping was delayed and then a third email saying I’m not getting a box at all because it sold out in December. Why take my money if they are sold out?! They then said the truth that they didn’t have enough product to fill the January subscriptions when I expressed my not so happy view. They said I could go on the wait list or purchase the December box. I went on the waitlist. Today I got an email saying I could go to the website and purchase the January box now because they have extra. I already paid! Why can’t they just send it to me? I’m beyond frustrated!

  3. I also have positive experience with this company even though this is my first box and it is super delayed and scheduled to arrive tomorrow. My communication with the customer service has been great. They apologized for the delay with one item not being shipped to them in time (which I understand if they are shipping items from France) and also offered me the option of refund. They are paying extra for shipping just one item to some customers, so I find them doing the right thing. I am glad I decided to wait for the box! As we all know NONE OF SUB BOXES SATISFIES EVERYONE as we are so diverse in looks and taste, so I am ok if I get the nail color that I cannot use. It is one of the least expensive item in the box and other items look pretty and well curated. Looking back Liz’s reviews on past boxes, I feel that they introduced us new brands from France and constantly delivered the value. I hope they keep improving!

    • UPDATE: I finally received the box! My nail polish was brown-ish color, but I will give it a try, maybe on my toes. It had gold cap/L’Oreal sticker and looked exactly what is shown on the card. Hand cream was Verbena scent, which I really like. My tea was Jasmine Green, which I will love. My Doux Me product was Hydration and Energy Face Care.

      For someone who is interested in Panier Des Sens products, they included a coupon code: FRENCHBOX (valid until 3/31/15)
      I saw 3 sets of hand cream on sale in gift box under Valentine’s Day.

      Someone posted a link of Frenchbox online store earlier where they sell past boxes. It seems the price is higher than monthly cost of the box, but the mirror that everyone liked is sold separately 🙂

  4. I just want to add they send things no other box sending. I subscribe to so many and I never had a repeat with Frenchbox. Many companies are completely new to me, like this month Doux Me, Panier Des Sense or Pier Auge, Lanvin.

  5. I receive this sub as a gift and have been really happy. I loved all of the the January box and even loved the nail polish. I got a green that, lucky for me, matches our school colors, and I will wear to games. It felt like a little bonus since the rest of the box was so nice and the total box value was so high. Have I loved every single item in every box? No. But I rarely love everything in every box. Have I loved the surprise of a little piece of France in my mail every month? Yes! It brings back memories of a special trip I once took to France. I love this forum for everyone to share their own opinions and experiences with the box and customer service. However, I also thought the accusation of “stealing money” was out of bounds, especially without any clear explanation to back it up. My few interactions with customer service have been prompt, helpful and friendly. I hope Frenchbox continues to listen to customer feedback, continues to improve their boxes, and continues to send us little reminders of France. I look forward to the box!

    • I really agree with you
      People are not Nice with them and not fair
      This box is Fab !!!

  6. My CC expired after December and I never bothered to renew the subscription because I thought Dec was a dud. Now I wish I had renewed I really like this box and would have used everything in it. Oh well, I signed back up for February.

  7. I think this box was great! Value is over $80, and I will use everything, even brown nail polish. I actually tried it and like how flawless it applies and dry quickly too! I love candle, lip balm, hand cream and I am excited about face cream.
    I don’t think Liz boxes are more “special” They all have items listed on the card, just like mine. There are usually variations (different colors of nail polish, hand cream scent or different face cream this month) but my boxes are always the same nice as Liz. Just with different variations.

  8. My January box arrived in great condition and while I’m not a huge fan of the nail polish color ( I got a minty green ) The bottle was adorable ( gold lid with with a L’Oreal label). the the Face cream that arrived later, was also in great condition. ( I know from personal experiences, that some regions of the US have nasty postal workers ( people who don’t really care about the condition of the packages that they deliver) but USPS is a great delivery service in general and if your packages get dinged up a lot, one complaint to the dispatch branch near you will solve that problem. )

  9. I canceled three minutes after receiving the December box, but I think this box is much nicer than the past two months and a step in the right direction.

    The nail polish, though… Is that discontinued stock? When googling the nail polish colors from other subscription reviews, I found the greenish color from a collection a few years ago, but I’m not sure.

  10. I actually wrote on their fb page a couple weeks ago regarding the brow box in the December box being made in China. I sign up for this box expecting items from France. I am glad though all the items in this month’s box are made in France. They never responded to my post. Several people commented on my post and evidently did not bother them. I can understand the souvenir mirror being made in China, but cosmetics?

    • Lots of products are designed and developed in one country, then subcontracted out for production in China. That doesn’t mean that the product doesn’t have the quality or design aesthetic of the originating country. “Made In China” does not always equate to junk as it did many years ago. Whether we like it or not, China has some of the most efficient and economical quality production capacity in the world.

  11. I thought that this box was pretty good– this month actually had a total of 6 items rather than the normal 5. My Doux Me was supposed to arrive on the 2nd, still haven’t received it and the tracking updated to show that it was “delayed” with no projected delivery date. My nail polish is “Rocknroll Denim” and doesn’t have the pretty “Liz” lid– just plain black.

  12. Wow, this is the first French Box that I actually really like! I wanted so bad to order it when it was first introduced, but wasn’t too impressed with the reviews. This box is great minus the nail polish. Definitely wouldn’t care for a crackle polish either. Hopefully they keep it up and maybe I’ll subscribe 🙂

  13. I really liked this months box. Mine was similar to Liz’s and I and not a reviewer or even do facebook. I do appreciate how quickly the Doux me was sent out. I feel that French Box had some growing pains but have listened to their subscribers and are on a good consistent path now. I feel bad for those with a bad experience.

  14. I got this subscription for my Mom as a gift, and she didn’t get the missing product yet. Has anyone else not received their missing item yet? I don’t want to bug them about it if it’s in the mail, but they haven’t been sending any tracking information lately. She got her box on January 26.

    • It is weird that you didn’t receive tracking numbers lately. Maybe check your spam folder?

      I have been receiving them regularly including for the item sent later from this box.

  15. Liz, I guess you are treated differently then. My tube of face cream came today and it was squashed beyond belief. The bag itself was torn. My nail polish does not have the gold designs and the loreal label on the cap. It has a very cheap looking home made sticker that says loreal, with a plain black cap. The color is also a very horrid green, worse than the one I got in the first barebliss box.

    • Thanks for letting me know. I guess I shouldn’t have used my main my subscription addiction email when I signed up. (I try not to usually, but sometimes I forget).

      Sorry to hear about your box 🙁

      • I don’t know why everyone’s bashing Frenchbox all of a sudden. Yes the L’Oreal wasn’t a great choice to send out, I agree mine was a weird brown color. But it had a gold cap and said L’Oreal on it. My box was presented just like Liz’s except for the doux me product was left out but there was a note inside explaining why and that it was shipping separately. I got my doux me product like 3 or 4 days later, it came pretty fast after I got my box. My only interactions with customer service have been great too. The coffee I got in the November box spilled open in my box and they sent out a replacement the next day with tracking. My interactions with them have been good.

      • I wouldn’t call sharing less than positive experiences bashing. I view it as sharing experiences to help potential customers make an informed decision, to see if the good outweighs the bad or vice versa. Some have good experiences and some do not; it doesn’t mean that either are wrong in their perception, just that different customers have different interactions. “Bashing” implies personal attacks and/or unwarranted and petty complaints intended not to help others but to harm the company’s reputation. I appreciate all reviews, good and bad and didn’t see any baseless attacks against this company in these comments. Everyone has a right to their opinion, regardless if it’s positive or negative. That’s how companies ultimately improve.

      • I think she probably said “bashing” because an earlier comment accused them of stealing (while also admitting to receiving a refund.) Definitely good to clarify the difference, but having had a great experience with them, I know I thought the accusation of theft a bit out of bounds.

      • I also have had a great experience with them. They respond quickly. I think they communicated the product that wouldnt be in the box very clear and up front. And followed through and shipped it when they could. I feel its thoughtfully curated with the recipe cards. I look forward to this box. The nail polish to me was almost a little extra. No big deal. Everything else in the box was great!!!

  16. I really enjoy this subscription and this box. Each box has had one little French find for me and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. The dried spices (I still use those), the coffee, the face mask, and this box actually had several items that I really like (the candle, face cream, and hand lotion). The tea and the lip balm are misses for me but only because of my personal preferences. The nail polish is also a miss but only because my color was silver and it’s a crackle top coat – just not something that I’m inclined to use.

  17. This month looks promising! I adored the September box and thought the October box was decent. However, I cancelled FrenchBox after the November box, but I would have liked this box (minus the Loreal… It just feels like a filler and it would have been best to just leave it out of the box). I’m going to keep an eye on the next few boxes and re subscribe if they keep going in this direction!

  18. While I understand that getting Loreal is a downer – it is a French brand. Therefore it is reasonable to expect it in the French box. Again, I agree that the size, availability in the US, and color may make it annoying/disappointing to receive. However, it’s not like they included Maybelline New York.

    • I completely agree about the L’Oreal polish. It’s as French as Guerlain or Chanel is. It’s just not a higher end or hard to find brand.

    • I agree! L’Oreal is not only from France, it is HUGE in France! They are the world’s largest cosmetic company now. L’Oreal owns Kerastase, L’Oreal Professional, Redken, Matrix, Shu Uemura, Essie, Decleor, Pureology, Clarisonic, Paloma Picasso, Diesel, Viktor&Rolf, Ralph Lauren, Kiehl’s, Urban Decay, Georgio Armani, YSL, Lancôme, Skinceuticals, LaRouche Posay, Sanoflore, The Body Shop and many other high end brands. Do not knock them just because your own personal experience with their subsidiaries is limited to drug store brands.
      Still underwhelmed by L’Oreal??

      • Wow, I didn’t know that! I personally have nothing against L’Oreal, actually like this nail polish and in my past I often used their mascaras. But I am supriced they own so many high end brands!

  19. It’s funny how obvious it is that these boxes really can’t please everyone. I took a break from Frenchbox and I’m so glad I did. I haven’t seen anything I covet from this sub in a very long time. I’m glad for the ppl who love it, but if I got this box I’d be pissed – straight up. It’s so blah to me. And Loreal mini nail polish? Come on. This box is sooo not for me. But as I said, to each their own! Enjoy, ladies! : )

  20. Oh gosh, I have hesitated whether to comment or not. I want to say positive things about French Box. I do enjoy getting things that I would never have the opportunity to purchase in the Southwestern desert. However, my box this month contained a L’Oreal nail polish that was clearly part of a set and not intended for individual purchase; it didn’t have the lovely cap that Liz’s has – in fact, it had a “NOT FOR RESALE” sticker on it that someone tried to pull off (unsuccessfully) and the lid – plain, not decorative like Liz’s – had several splashes of some kind of weird putty-colored and hardened goop. Ugh. The color was a dull mint green.

    Two months ago – the French Box with the Lido fiasco – I did not receive the full sized overnight face mask. I notified the French Box people, and Ben send me an email apologizing and told me that he would rectify it. What did he do? He sent me three of those flimsy Guerlain foundation one-time-only packettes as a replacement. I didn’t say anything, figuring they were overwhelmed with the number of folks upset about receiving cell phone tokens.

    I’m disappointed, and do feel that French Box is sending better boxes to reviewers like Liz.

    • Sounds like my experience with Blue Velveteen. My box looked cheeeap and nothing like how bloggers’ boxes look.

    • I am not a reviewer, no blog, not even any facebook posts really, and I have gotten the same box as Liz everytime and I have never had anything missing from my box. I think when you are doing volume, that sometimes things don’t get into someone’s box. It seems to happen with most every box. I would contact Ben again and indicate that you do not think the Guerlain samples made up for the face mask and he will probably try to secure it for you. From what I’ve seen, most of these smaller companies are trying to listen to the customers and make things right. It was probably quite expensive to ship the product that did not arrive in time for this month’s box separately, and so far this is the first sub that I have seen that has done this.

  21. interesting. This company is far and away the worst I’ve seen. They steal money, make excuses, and pick and choose which customers they want to treat well. They steal our money as paying subscribers and then claim they made an error (after numerous excuses for delays) when they don’t have enough to ship – yet they seem to have plenty to send for review. I am sick at how pathetic and awful this company is and I’m also glad I never got my box and could get a refund. L’Oreal? Really? Drugstore brands don’t scream French to me.

    • I realize I may not have properly explained what happened with my box, and I don’t want to give the impression that they had enough Doux me items for reviewers.

      Here’s what happened to me: I’m a paying subscriber and received an email from French Box on January 20th about the delay in shipping, and it stated my box would ship on the 22nd. My understanding is that most French Boxes shipped around that time, but then by January 30th, I realized I still hadn’t even received a shipment tracking email, so I emailed them to see what was wrong.

      They let me know they had decided (without asking me) to hold my box back until the Doux me items arrived so they could ship me a complete box. They let me know they did this because they thought it would be easier for me to review the full box. I let them know I never want to receive any type of special treatment, and they apologized and promised to never let that happen again.

      Hope that makes sense – I actually don’t consider getting a full box so late a perk because I wanted to get the review up when everyone else was getting their boxes! 🙂

    • Could you explain further how they are stealing money? I really want to like this box but am carefully reading the feedback to make an informed decision.

  22. This looks like a great box! I’ve recently cut back on my boxes since I’m overloaded with products and cancelled this one but I’m kicking myself a little because I think I would have loved everything in this one!

  23. I loved this box! My favorite box from them so far.

  24. I was unsure whether or not I would keep this box and was waiting on this month’s items to make a decision. I really loved everything in the box except the nail polish, which I got in a dull green color. I enjoyed every item and am using them all the time. My hand cream cake in lavender, which us one of my favorite scents! I got the jasmine green tea and loved it so much I went and ordered a few different tins of teas from kusmi. I haven’t yet received my missing product, but it should be here by the end of the week according to the tracking link they sent me. I’m definitely keeping this box for at least another month since I love getting a box full of items that I actually use!

  25. My missing item came in the mail yesterday. I received the Doux me Cleansing Milk Mist: which retails for $30.

    I am using almost everything from this box already. Love FrenchBox and this might be my favorite month they’ve done so far. 🙂

  26. My missing item is coming in the mail today, but this is a wonderful box for me. I love every product except the nail polish (mine is black!). My lotion is the Sea Fennel scent, which I do really like. It’s not something I ever would have chosen off of a website, and probably wouldn’t have purchased in a store, but the more I use it, the more I like the scent.

    I subbed in December, figuring I would cancel after my first month because I didn’t want to pay $24/month for a box. But then I got my first box and I really liked it. I decided to stick around for another month. And now I got my second box and I love it. So… I’m taking it month by month now!

  27. Still happy with Frenchbox! They really try to make the customer happy. I just upgraded to a yearly since I have liked all 5 boxes I have received. I will be looking to see if I can score the Vladimir tea since I got green jasmine tea and also want to get the Vladimir tea.

  28. I still really enjoy Frenchbox, I didn’t like seeing L’Oreal in this box though. We can get L’Oreal products here, and I got a weird brown color. I want to say mine was from a collection a year or two ago. I loved the lip balm, the lotion I got was lavender not wild about lavender but hate rose even more. I’m not a fan of tea, so I swapped it immediately. I don’t know the candle was pretty but smelled kind of rosey to me? I’m not sure why. And yes I got my Frenchbox and there was a note saying that a product was left out and got it just a few days later. It shipped pretty fast afterwards. All in all I was happy with my Frenchbox and still really like it.

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