Farmivore Subscription Box Review

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Farmivore Subscription Box

Farmivore is a New York-based produce subscription that sends weekly shipments of pre-packaged juicing blends (every week, each subscriber gets the same mix of produce for that week). The fruit and vegetables are 100% organic, GMO-free, and locally sourced. They offer both a green plan (low-sugar, green juice blends) and a mixed plan (includes a variety of produce to make orange, green, and red juice blends). Their recipes are designed to be made with a juicer, but you can also use a Magic Bullet or blender that works well to puree the fruits and vegetables.

This is a review of the mixed plan.

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

Farmivore Subscription Box Review Thank You

The Subscription: Farmivore

The Cost: $39.95/box with free shipping

The Products: Locally-sourced, organic, and GMO-free produce. In each delivery, you get 4 juice-kits, which make 8 drinks total (serving size average being 14-16 oz)

Ships to: Currently, they ship to the area around them that allows a 1-day delivery time (which is almost all zip codes in the Northeast, including NY, NJ, PA, CT, RI, MA, MD, DE and District of Columbia).

However, I fall into their 2-day delivery zone (which they’ve been experimenting with), and my box was additionally delayed a day during holiday shipping and all the produce was still in great condition – even the leafy greens. The delay in my shipping is definitely unusual and due to the holidays – Farmivore is dedicated to making sure you get your produce in time and in excellent condition. If there’s ever an issue with your produce arriving in less than good condition, contact them, and they’ll take care of you.

Farmivore Subscription Box Review Store

Farmivore Subscription Box Review Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet Potato Pie Blend – sweet potato, pear, orange, ginger, pie spice (cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice)

So far, this blend is the only one I’ve tried. I picked this one to make first because I really thought it was interesting that they added pie spice to a juice recipe! That’s definitely something I wouldn’t have thought to do. Personally, I used my Magic Bullet to make this (I don’t have a juicer at my house and I like keeping all the fiber and everything from the produce). It was really good – I added a small bit of ginger at the very end. I liked it better before adding the ginger, but it really wasn’t bad either way! Also, the produce was delicious. I tried an orange while I was peeling it and had a hard time resisting eating the whole orange on its own!

Farmivore Subscription Box Review Kale Countdown

Kale Countdown Blend – kale, lemon, ginger, celery, carrot, apple

One comment I do have about my Farmivore delivery is that I wish they hadn’t trimmed the celery. I’m sure they did it to make it lighter/look nicer, but it made the ends dry out a little instead of just leaving the ends on. This isn’t a big deal, though – I just trimmed the dry ends and used the rest.

Farmivore Subscription Box Review Margartaville

Margaritaville Blend – swiss chard, celery, lemon, lime, apple, Himalayan pink salt

This recipe includes salt for you to add a very small amount to your juice, or to use it to rim your glass like a margarita!

Farmivore Subscription Box Review New Year

New Year Gold Rush Blend – golden beet, ginger, apple, lemon, lime, orange, pear

I’m excited about making this blend next – I love all the fruit in the mix!

Farmivore Subscription Box Review Smoothie

I wanted to include a picture of the finished Sweet Potato Pie juice/smoothie, even though it’s not a particularly beautiful photo! This is why I’m not a food blogger!

The Verdict: All in all, I was really impressed with Farmivore. I know I’ve only made one recipe so far but it was really good, something different, and makes me more excited to try the other mixes. I like the labels on each bag that explains specific ingredient notes, suggested juicing orders, nutritional information, and even “best juiced by” dates that let you know which packs of produce may last a little longer than others. Their packaging is also well-done, considering my box took 3 days to get to me and I refrigerated everything for another day before being able to take photos and everything was still beautiful. As far as value goes, I’m happy. I love farmer’s markets and I’m sure I would spend at least the $39.99 cost for that amount of local, organic, and non-GMO produce.

What do you think about Farmivore?

Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered Beauty Army and Birchbox in 2012 and instantly fell hard and fast for the world of subscription boxes. Over the years of writing for MSA she has found many subscriptions to fuel her addiction, but her favorites include fashion, geeky, beauty, and mom/baby boxes to share with her son.

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  1. I was really hoping to try this but I’m in NC and guess I’m too far….looks great…hopefully shipping areas will be expanded soon to include the rest of us

  2. Greg,

    You guys should ship to Alaska, I would love some fresh produce up here in the winter!

    Sounds like a great box, if I were closer to the east coast, I would give it a try!


  3. I get Farmivore weekly (my box just arrived 2 hours ago) and I LOVE IT!!! Their produce is in excellent condition, all organic and fresh. I highly recommend it.

  4. Just ordered! I used to be part of a CSA and while I loved the organic food I got, it usually arrived to me in my share rotten half the time and it just wasn’t a great experience overall. I think this is will be worth a shot to see if it is better for my blending/juicing experience. My only concern is how much I will use in a two week period, we shall see!

  5. This is slightly off topic, but directly related to making these types of juices. For anyone who absolutely loves making these juices, I find that my vitamix does a much better job than my juicer. It is also easier to do (most skins and seeds are left in, and pieces don’t have to be chopped up. Ex. cut apple in half – done. leave greens on strawberries etc). The vitamix is so powerful it will still make every smoothie/ drink liquid with no pieces – FAST. Best of all, it does not have a “blade” so there is nothing to dull (friction is used to blend it down) also meaning you get all the good stuff in your drink!

    Also, to clean, you just put water in it with soap, and turn it on for 1 minute 30 seconds and rinse (no taking it apart (actually, it can’t come apart and I assure you, you won’t have concerns about cleanliness) . When you leave it on that long, the liquid in it becomes piping hot – so you can also make soup (note, for cold juices, only 30 seconds is needed)! It also does a pretty good job with soft serve ice cream making 🙂

    Just thought I’d throw this information out there. I do not work for vitamix (I’m in a very, very different field actually), I’ve just been so impressed with how my mom’s machine worked (9 years old now) and mine (2) and I make these types of drinks very regularly whereas, if I had to clean a blender or my juicer out as frequently as I make these drinks, I would go insane. (I’ve also busted my blenders so easily with ice, if it’s a smoothie I’m making instead of juice).

    Costco/Sam’s is the cheapest option to buy – but not if you want their brand new “make your juice in the same container you take with you” model.

    Just wanted to share this for people who groan at the work involved in making your own juice!

    • Thank you for mentioning this. I ordered a VitaMix for my new year’s resolution and plan on using it for juicing – and ordered this as well. I found a code online for FREE SHIPPING on the VitaMix ($25 value): Code 06-004462. Their certified reconditioned blenders are $259 on their site (can use this code).

      I’m excited to try these new recipes in the VitaMix. It’s nice that they have sections for both blending and Juicers.

    • Yes, yes, and yes! I have wanted a Vitamix for 10 years, and finally received one as a gift a few days ago. I have probably used it 10 times already. I made juice leaving on peels (including orange peels), seeds, stems and stalks, and slicing nothing. Incredibly smooth and delicious juice with no lumps or bits came out of there in seconds. I also made piping hot soup in it yesterday in less than 4 minutes. LOVE!!!

    • I too have and love my Vitamix, and it’s great for smoothies and people who want to have the fiber in with their juice….in the strictest “juicing” sense they are not as highly recommended because the blade configuration and speed compromises the finished product (heats it up enough to destroy the most delicate enzymes and what not). The most strict “gurus” juicing for the absolute ultimate health benefits and for doing juice cleanses etc. would say that you want to use a slow masticating juicer, but for the “casual” juicer who wants to consume the fiber with the juice. the Vitamix is a fantastic multi-purpose tool.

    • I have been lusting for a Vitamix. Any suggested models and/or deals? Thanks!

      • If you can get into a Costco or a Sams – those are going to be your best prices (Costco is the best though, Sams is 10-15 more). Someone recently told me Bed Bath and Beyond will honor prices from other stores – I do not know know for sure, but that may be something to look into as they carry vitamix products.

        I have a model in the C-series: 5200. I love it.

        However, I might be tempted to chose the S30 (part of the S-series) now if I were to rebuy (wasn’t available when I bought) because I am intrigued by making a smoothie in the same container I take to go. However the main container (not the to-go cup) is 40 ounces and opposed to the C-series 48 ounces. I am also not sure if they make the bread dough component compatible with the S-series.

        You can look on the vitamix website for local stores that carry their products – and it will also tell you when a demonstrator will be in the area (which is most compelling!)

        If you have any other questions I’m happy to answer to the best of my knowledge!

  6. I used a service similar to this in the midwest before and I loved it! Definitely got me to eat more fruits & veggies.

  7. I live in NYC and pretty much everything is over priced lol. I mean just juicing one bushel of kale a day would cost me $21 a day considering the prices in my area…. I may just consider this.

  8. I just tried to sign up, but was also told I was out of area. Which is surprising, because in VA, I live closer to NY than some of the areas they deliver to in MD. I mean, I can be in Washington, DC in 15 minutes and they deliver there. So I wrote them. We’ll see if they let me try their service.

    • Hi Tierney,

      Our delivery zones are defined by zip code and are based on the shipping companies we work with. I sent you an email…let’s follow up directly to see if we can work something out.

      Greg (Farmivore)

    • I’m 15 minutes from DC too and got the same message. I’ll write them too!

  9. How does these work out cost wise? I’m not a regular grocery shopper to work it out. i’m more thinking of doing the green ones anyways. sounds like they only do 2 recipes (x2) for the green ones – not the 4.

    • One box has 13 pounds of 100% organic produce for $39.95. We think it’s a pretty good price for 100% organic, and compares favorably to supermarkets and farmers markets. You are correct that our green box has 2 different recipes that vary each week…and you get 4 servings of each of the 2 recipes.

      Greg (from Farmivore)

      • Thanks. Was actually looking for an unbiased opinion.

  10. Hi Hailey,
    I have a kinda dumb question. Did you cook the sweet potato, before juicing it? I was always under the impression tht a raw potato would produce a kind of a alum/astringent effect. Kind of like eating an unripe persimmon. Anyway, my first impression, was no way would I pay that much. As I could just walk a couple of blocks to my local coop. But it’s really cold out…I may treat myself if they ship to Chicago.

    • I juice sweet potato regularly, and you definitely don’t cook it before hand. There’s no need to do anything to it before juicing. It comes out mildly sweet and very creamy — it’s almost like you added a little milk to your juice. I make a “creamsicle” juice that’s just 2 oranges, 1 carrot and 1 large sweet potato, and it’s one of my very favorites.

      • Thanks, Aev. I am glad you clarified it, otherwise, I would have steamed it and ruined a drink.That combo sounds great. You sold me!

  11. Boo! No delivery to my area either (I was hoping that I was in that expanded 2-day area, but I guess not). I would have LOVED to try the mixed option for the free for shipping code. Also, to reference the above concerns about cost, I think that it is pretty comparable to other juicing companies in my experience. For instance Urban Remedy (who was promoting themselves through Conscious Box for a while) sell their organic juices for $8-10 for a 16 oz. bottle. Mind you, they ship free and are already juiced for you but I think that $5-$6 for a pint of organic fresh juice is not unreasonable given the quantity of produce needed.

  12. This looks awesome. I just ordered the mixed one. Thank you!~

  13. I can get produce dirt cheap from an international market around here. Probably half that price or less (though not all organic). At any rate, I kind of want to stalk reviews of this to see what is included and then just juice stuff myself. Because I don’t want to pay $5 for a glass of juice, which is essentially what would happen with a subscription like this.

  14. FYI: I just googled a coupon code and if you use the code femfree you can get your first box for 7.95 for shipping
    ( it looks like the code came from Femme Fitale Fit Club?? I have no idea what that is but I will take the code 🙂

    • I just tried to order and they dont deliver to my area 🙁 I am so bummed

      • Natalie, if you live nearby where they ship, I’d suggest emailing them because they’ve been experimenting with expanding their shipping area. I’m not in their official shipping zone either but I am in their 2-day shipping zone, and my items still arrived in perfect condition and they were really helpful to make sure my box got here in time/good shape. Email them and ask about having them send you boxes! =]

        • i live in minnesota so i dont think i am any where near there shipping area 🙁

    • Hi Everyone,

      We created a new code just for mysubscriptionaddicition readers! Please use ADDICTION as the promo code when you check out and you will get your first box for $9.95. FEMFREE was an old code that was supposed to be de-activated. We have kept it live, but updated the price to $9.95 which is the best promo we offer right now.

      Thanks for trying out the service!

      Greg (from Farmivore)

  15. Oh man, if they ever expand to ship to Texas I will be all over this.

  16. I wonder where they are sourcing organic celery? When I spoke to a co-op about possibly buying my herbs, one of the things they were searching for were organic celery producers. It’s very difficult and labor intensive to grow organic celery in my area. I researched it and even at the prices they were willing to pay it wasn’t worth it. I’m assuming the lemon and limes are not locally sourced to NY, NY. Also organic apples are very hard to grow in PA. I don’t know about other states in the NE because I don’t grow apples for market. I wonder where they are sourced?

    • I purchase organic celery weekly from my grocery store and I’m in chicago. Not sure where it comes from. I’ll have to check.

      • I’m curious. It’s hard to grow in PA.

    • Hello Anna,

      Greg from Farmivore here. Our main focus is being 100% organic, and we try our best to source as much as possible locally – but you are right that certain ingredients like citrus can not be found in our local area right now. We think about those tradeoffs when we create our weekly recipes and try to use all possible local sources before finding ingredients elsewhere. For that reason, we guarantee 100% organic but we can not guarantee 100% local.


      • Greg – Thank you for satisfying my curiosity.

  17. any offers to try?

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