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#MSA02 Spoiler and Shipping Update

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MSA02 Spoiler

We just finalized the last item for the MSA02 box, and now I have complete information I can share with you.

First an shipping update, then a spoiler:

The MSA02 box is now scheduled to ship in mid-December, with a guaranteed delivery before the 25h to all US subscribers. (I’m so sorry about this change. I know it is so frustrating to not know when a box will ship and get delay updates).

I did not want this to happen. Here’s a brief explanation.

The MSA02 box was originally scheduled to ship in December, but Quarterly wanted to move up all boxes to ship in November (in part so that International customers would be guaranteed to get their box in time for the holidays). Sadly international shipping and customs can take a long time!

Unfortunately, that cut an entire month out of our timeline to get products for the box, and with all companies in the midst of preparing for the holidays, quite a few companies wanted to work with us for the box, but were not able to get their products to the Quarterly warehouse by the end of this month. We also more than doubled the amount of subscribers for the box (which is amazing!) but that also means that we need more quantity, and in many cases companies don’t have that quantity on hand. They have to produce it specifically for the box – which adds to the timeline.

My primary goal for this box is always to get products I love for the box and hope you will love them too, so because of that priority, I made the decision to push the shipping of this box back a month so that we could get all of the items I want in this box.

While that means that this box will not arrive in time for the holidays for international customers, I thought it was a better service to make sure the box itself was what I wanted, and let anyone decide whether or not they want to cancel the subscription with the new timeline.

The main lesson I learned: We need to start sourcing products many months before ship dates. 

So – as soon as I knew for certain we had to extend the shipping date, I wanted to let you know. This has definitely been one of the most frustrating and stressful experiences I’ve had to work through recently, but I’m making changes to ensure it doesn’t happen again. And I’m truly sorry about the delay – I wish I could get this box to you tomorrow!



Now that I’ve delivered the not so fun news, it’s time for the fun news – the #MSA02 spoiler!



Every box will include..








Spoiler Throw

 This Faribault Woolen Mill Recycled Wool Throw with Red Whip Stitching ($65)

I’m really excited to share this spoiler with you – and I hope you are excited too! It’s been my goal to get a throw blanket in the winter box since I first had the idea to do a Quarterly subscription – and I’m thrilled that we’ve done it! Plus the Faribault Woolen Mill company makes incredible quality wool products! They are a true American heritage company, and I think you will love their work with this throw. (They also just did a collaboration with Target for holiday too!)

Let me know if you have any questions!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I love Faribault Wool!!!! I have two blankets by them already, they are excellent quality and VERY warm. Super psyched about this spoiler. Bummer about the delay but honestly getting this right before the holidays will make it feel extra cozy 🙂

    • Are they soft, Becka? I love the idea of a throw, but I’m nervous the wool will be scratchy!

  2. Please tell me that blanket is softer than the wool blankets I was traumatized with in the military.

    • I hope so! These blankets have some acrylic as well to make them softer, and because of that they can go through the laundry too. I put this blanket through the laundry as soon as I got it and it came out softer!

      • How do you wash it? cold water only? no dryer right?

        • It’s actually OK to go in the dryer. That’s what their website says, and that’s what I did! 🙂

  3. Oh yay!!! I’ve been waiting so patiently?!!!!!!! for a spoiler.Oh and its such an awesome spoiler…ahhhh I can’t wait for it to get here!!!!!

  4. I was able to subscribe! Yey! So happy! ‘been meaning to try your box. ‘Can’t wait!

  5. OMG so excited for this! I can’t wait for your box, Liz – doesn’t matter when it ships because it’s totally worth the wait. 🙂

  6. -SQUEAL!!!- Haha, and I subscribed for two boxes so I get two! Haha, I realized that I loved your last box so much and couldn’t be parted with any of the items for gifts, so I opted to buy it twice over. You are the best Liz!

    • Now that it is shipping in Dec. I can justify the 2nd sub I just signed up for, perfect for gifts because I’m sure my box will be a cold dead hands scenario.
      I have no problem with delays or other oops that happen, such is life. Good communication will cleanse a myriad of mishaps.

      • Haha, me too. Signed up for Rosario Dawson earlier today and was feeling a little bit guilty about it. Not any more! 🙂

        • I can’t wait for that box!! All the ladies in my life are going to have some great presents this year!!

  7. I like that it’s coming in December. Now it’ll be back to coming each month that the seasons change. I’ll be buying so many gifts, so now I’ll have a gift from myself to look forward to. Thank you so much for keeping us updated. In my opinion, your honesty and explanations add to the value of the box.
    Now about the spoiler. I can never dislike a throw/blanket! I’m so excited to learn about this company, some of the scarves are great for some of my family members. Great pick!

  8. Wow. What a great spoiler! Amazing! Thank you!!!!! If the ngq04 was as open as this it would make the purchase of the boxless angsty. Its easy to forgive when you have comunication but when you arr in the dark its irritating.

    • Ugh please excuse all of the spelling errors. I accidentally hit submit before proofing. >:(

  9. !!

    I am even more excited for this box now–I missed the first one by just a couple weeks and subscribed to 02 on the strength of the first box. Sooo glad I did! I have been looking for a grey wool throw that isn’t a gazillion dollars for 2+ years now; I’ve been eyeing the Target collab but I like this one so much better. I can’t wait to see what else is included.

    And I’m going to add my thanks along with everyone else for the transparency. I hate the way Quarterly bills since I have no clue when the money will be leaving my account and that drives me nuts–I appreciate a frank answer about the timing. AND a real reason for any delay.

  10. Is everyone getting the red stitching? If so YEAH!!

    • Yep! I picked that stitching since I thought it looked the most festive and cozy to me.

      • well considering most of my house has red décor of some sort, I’m a pleased customer 🙂

  11. I’ll wait! Love the throw, I had been checking them out, trying do decide which to purchase. Now, I don’t have to decide. Thanks for the update.

  12. What a great spoiler Liz!! I can never have enough throws since we live in an ice rink most of our lives (ds plays hockey). Personally I’m happy this is shipping in Dec. Now I have two coming in Nov. (hopefully NG) and two in Dec. Much easier on my wallet. Your first box was definitely my favorite subscription box and this is going to make a very merry Christmas present for me!

  13. Awww it’s sold out!!! The spoiler looks awesome! I didn’t complete the check out process earlier today and went back to finish and it’s gone 🙁

    • I just subscribed like ten seconds ago so it should work for you. I read your comment and was super worried it was sold out, but it worked!

  14. Excellent choice! Warm, cute, long enough, recycled material. Great job!

  15. I’d rather have great items (like this one!) that the curator is excited about than items that were picked just for availability.

    I see it as waiting a few more weeks for an item I’ll have for years: an easy trade-off!

    • Well said! I’m so happy with the complete honesty involved with your box, Liz! We can get so frustrated with shipping delays, but that is because the companies we are dealing with are never honest about it and let us know what is going on, and when they finally do it’s too late. But your honesty and transparency really does add to the value of the box, and I am more than happy to wait for a box that I know will be exactly what you wanted for us.

      • And I forgot to say just how much I love this spoiler! I really really wanted a throw and you listened to what we wanted! It looks warm and comfy, and a great bonus is that the red stitching perfectly matches my décor in my living room. I can’t wait to get my hand on this box and use that throw!!!

  16. Your transparency and honesty is great, Liz! Thanks for keeping us up to date, cause we can see that you care and are just as excited as we are. I can’t wait to get my box!

  17. Thank you for the shipping update and spoiler, Liz! I am excited to get it. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to receive/open this box until early next year cuz I will be out of the country on 12/17. A little sad, but also relieved – If you include a pair of gloves or mittens in this box, I would definitely want to bring them with me abroad.

    I also got one for my best friend, so hopefully she can keep me posted for a full spoiler! Thank you for all your effort to get us an amazing box.

  18. I agree with the sentiment here. I was frustrated with PopSugar because of the delay, but mostly because I didn’t have a clue what was going on. If it wasn’t for this site, I wouldn’t have even known about the delays. Most people understand that things happen, and I appreciate you being upfront and honest about everything. That’s truly all I ever want. I am actually adding this subscription now because of your openness and honesty (and because of that awesome blanket). I know that I can trust you to always do everything you can to get us wonderful products and that means more to me than getting my box in time for the holidays. Thanks, Liz!

    • Well, I’ll sign up for the waitlist! Yay for being sold out!

      • I just looked and it is available now

        • I didn’t see a place to buy nor a price just an enter e-mail to join the wait list – was I in the right place?

        • Thanks Regan!!! 🙂

        • I must keep missing it. It says sold out again. Darn!

  19. Not in regards to this, although I love the blanket, but more in regards to the swap site.

    Is there any way to place our account on a.. swapping hold? If it makes any sense. Say for the next 3 weeks I do not wanna do any swaps but do not want to remove each listing and then re-add, and also do not want to waste anyone’s time that has requested a swap.. can I put a hold on the account so that my listings do not show up and it says it for my followers that i will return in said amount of time??

    I hope that made sense!!

    • I love that idea – a Swap Vacation Notice!

    • I don’t know about the hold but I have noticed sometimes when I see someone’s swap profile next to their listing that they have notes in all caps saying currently out of town these dates and not swapping. Will return all requests when I am back.

      • I hadn’t thought to do that, thank you!

  20. Love it!!!

  21. Wow! I love the spoiler! I ran to Quarterly’s website to subscribe but it is sold out! Bummer! I supplied my info for the wait list, but haven’t had that much luck in the past with them notifying when a sub is removed from wait list. Here’s hoping for an open spot soon!

    • Looks like it is available now!

      • I must be too late… back on wait list..
        Thanks for the heads up though!

  22. Thanks for the update!! I’m so excited to get this box! And I looooooove the spoiler!!!! This’ll be a great treat for myself during finals.

  23. Yes! That was exactly what I hoped would be in this box. And thank you for being so transparent – I don’t mind the delay at all, but this means I want it shipped home rather than uni so I can get it on time (was debating it, but decided I really want to open it because I can’t wait). I was so sad to miss your first box, but I’m determined not to miss any of your other ones because I can definitely trust the quantity and care you have for your subscribers.

  24. YAY!! I’ve been waiting all day for a spoiler =)
    Looks so comfy and nice… and I’m with everyone else- thanks for keeping us in the loop. December works out better for me budget wise too!

  25. Wow I love this spoiler – I have been hoping to get a throw in a sub box since last years NM popsugar box! Lol. Totally worth the wait. I understand stuff happens and I love the communication and explanation so we subscribers know whats going on! So glad I subbed to this.

  26. How does Quarterly ship? I hunted on their website but couldn’t find it. I’ll be away for the holidays so if it’s showing up close to Christmas I’ll need to make sure I have the appropriate type of mail held… I would have liked to get it sooner (of course!) but it will be nice to have something to look forward to after the holiday excitement is over. The blanket looks great – I like that the color is neutral.

  27. Ah some excited now! What a great spoiler, and thanks you so much forgetting us all know a little about the process and what’s going on. Honestly, it’s no worries for me as we don’t get billed until a box ships so it’s not like our money is gone with nothing to show for it. I have a mid December birthday and this will totally make it happy!

  28. Love that it’s wool. Love that it’s recycled. Love that it’s shipping in December (like originally scheduled)! Happy birthday to me. I hope the schedule stays Sept-Dec-Mar-June.
    Side note: did anyone else get a Shop Style catalog in the mail today. I laughed out loud. THIS is what PopSugar’s focus is right now?

    • Yes, it went promptly in the trash.

    • Yes I got one…

    • Is that where it came from?? I couldn’t figure out where that came from or what it was for. I threw it away, I didn’t even have a subscription to Popsugar, only a voucher.

      • I have subbed in the past, but not currently. Probably never again. The MSA Quarterly is far more adult and fitting for me than PS. I do sub to some of the emails from PS. I thought that’s why I got it. I guess that wouldn’t make any sense now that i think of it. Who knows?

  29. Your sub box is worth the wait and stuff happens! Thanks so much for update. This blanket is delightful.

  30. I’m actually eecstatic tjat iy is delayed. When I signed up I wad budgeting on it being in December, so I freaked when I saw it was supposed to ship in November which is when my other Quarterly sub was always sceduled for. Two Quarterlys in one month can get pricey, so I am very happy your box is back to December.

  31. So excited about the throw. Made in the USA and part recycled!!

    I appreciate you taking the time out to share information about the shipping date. This is all about the experience and we know it’ll come!!

  32. Thank you so much for the shipping update and for caring enough for your readers/subscribers to keep us in the loop.

    I wish Nina Garcia and Popsugar would follow your lead. I think that’s what they are truly lacking – that care for their subscribers. Popsugar and Nina Garcia would have much happier customers if they would just tell us what’s going on and be upfront about it. I think they’d find the majority of their loyal customers would be very understanding. Instead, their silence and non-responsiveness just really upsets everyone unnecessarily. It makes me question how much they care about their subscribers. It’s like they’ve gotten too big and entitled to be bothered with their pesky customers. Kudos to you Liz for having a good perspective and for your great customer service!

    • But Nina’s box is part of Quarterly – so I think the company is responsible more than her. Same with MSA, it’s nice that Liz can update us on the blog but I’m still annoyed not to get an email update from Quarterly – they’re the ones who have my money and are responsible for getting product out. Everyone’s jumping all over PopSugar for not communicating (and rightfully so!) but no one’s taking Quarterly to task for the same thing – continuing to send us emails to get us to buy things, while not communicating what is going on with our November boxes. In theory, there could be MSA subscribers who don’t read the blog – and they shouldn’t have to in order to know about shipping times and delays. Quarterly should be providing those updates. I’m seriously unimpressed with their customer service right now.

      • I agree with you and I just talked to Quarterly – I believe they are emailing all subscribers tonight about this delay.

        • Thanks Liz – I just got an email from Quarterly about the MSA box. Would be nice to get some updates on the other boxes shipping in November as well but I guess waiting is part of the game 🙂

  33. Awesome spoiler!! I can’t wait! I think the shipping delay is forgivable!! Actually…it’s pretty rare I’m annoyed by the shipment being late. I do, however, get annoyed when it’s late and the company doesn’t address the issue (looking at you, popsugar)! Thanks for the update! You rock!

  34. LOVE the spoiler. That will be perfect for camping trips! I don’t care about the late shipping at all, I’m a brat and will be in Italy for December, so it’s going to be an awesome box to come home too. Plus I knew I wasn’t going to gift any of these items anyway – you have WAY too good taste!

  35. I really appreciate you’re explaining the Quarterly process so thoroughly! I’ve accepted that boxes from them will often be delayed but considering the high quality that emerges I don’t have any problem with this. I do see a lot of negativity on delayed shipping floating around the forums and feel it’s super helpful to get your perspective on what’s going on.

    Also – fabulous spoiler! Really excited about it! 🙂

  36. I have to say liz, u really are an amazing curator. You asked what we wanted, and many said they would love a throw or blanket. Then bam! U put it in the next box! Thank u for caring about ur fans/subscribers wants and needs!! I was disappointed i missed out on the first box but i am happy i ordered the second one as soon as i could. I cant wait to see what the future MSA boxes will include.

  37. YES!!! I love a good throw. In California, you basically just need a nice throw and you’re set for winter! Are they coming in various styles and/or colors?

    Also, I thank you for explaining the delay and congratulation you on building a successful box. I’m ok with the delay because you have been very transparent with the whole sub box process. I can’t wait to get my throw!

  38. SO EXCITED. I was shopping their Target collab yesterday!!! I will happily wait. Everything else in the box will be a bonus b/c this makes it for me. You have excellent taste!

  39. Liz, I LOVE the throw!!! Will they all be gray (fine with me) or will there be other colors we might get? I can tell this is one box I’m gonna have to keep subscribed to no matter what! 🙂

  40. Ahh! That throw! Best box ever! I don’t even care what else is inside! The rest could all be black eyeliner for all I care!

  41. Love, love, love the throw! Such workmanship and quality! I really don’t mind the pushback to December. I am getting 4 boxes and with the other 3, all would have hit in November (hopefully, not all will hit in December!) Maybe now I can afford design sponge too! Great job on the choice.

  42. I love it – I can’t wait to get the throw. And thanks so much for the transparency!

  43. Fabulous!!! I was hoping for a throw blanket. The color and texture look amazing. I can’t wait to see what else you have for us. Thanks for update on shipping and the great spoiler!

  44. I have been stalking your site for this spoiler. I am so excited about my box now! I am sure all of the other items will be just as wonderful as the throw.

    Thanks for your honesty about the shipment date. But I would rather get a great box later than expected than something less than what you were planning with on time shipment.

  45. I signed up for the box after I missed the first one, I can’t wait for this one to come out. Sad it won’t be here till next month, but maybe it’ll be in time for my birthday! I love that you included a throw in the box, just hope it’s really soft.

  46. Is it to late to order for this box?

    • I just tried and it said its out of stock

      • Looks like its available now!

  47. Excited!

  48. I love this spoiler! And I love your transparency with the whole process. As long as you’re willing to do these boxes for us, I’m happily willing to buy them. Don’t worry about it, I’m sure everyone will forgive the pushback (it’s not like it’s unprecedented with Quarterly…) and be delighted with this spoiler.

  49. Shipping update – not happy

    But, the spoiler is nice!

  50. Thank you for the info!! Sad to wait a bit longer for the box but glad to have some honest info on the timeline & delays. Thank you for keeping us informed. And totally tickled about the throw. Looking forward to December even more now!

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