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Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Subscription Box Review – Nov 2014

This post may contain referral/affiliate links. If you buy something, MSA may earn a commission. Read the full disclosure.

Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Subscription Box Review – Nov 2014 Box

Petit Vour is a monthly vegan beauty subscription box. It’s a great box if you’re looking to try out new vegan and/or natural beauty products.

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

FYI – there is an item in this box that will also be in the MSA02 Quarterly box. I’m going to disclose the spoiler at the very end of the post, so if you want to avoid spoilers make sure not to read below the verdict.

Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Subscription Box Review – Nov 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: Petit Vour

The Cost: $15 a month (Canada – $23 a month, Worldwide $30 a month)

The Products: Vegan and cruelty-free makeup and beauty minis.

Ships to: US, Canada and Worldwide!

Delivered via: USPS

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Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Subscription Box Review – Nov 2014 Info

Each box comes with a card detailing the items included, and tips for using them!

Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Subscription Box Review – Nov 2014 Fold Out

Au Naturale Creme Eye Shadow and Creme Concealer Sampler Set – Value $10?

Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Subscription Box Review – Nov 2014 Eye Cream

My eye shadow cream sample is in the color Palma – it goes on relatively sheer and provides a nice bronze-gold shimmer. The concealer sample is in Oaxaca. (I’m estimating on the value of this sample set since neither product has the size listed).

Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Subscription Box Review – Nov 2014 Serum

Caru Skincare Co Rose Facial Serum – Sample Size Value $5?

Earthbody Sacred Skincare Dream Body Oil –  1 oz Value $5.75

Both of these oils smell wonderful to me! I’m particularly excited about making this Dream Body Oil part of my night time routine. (Arianna Huffington’s first Quarterly box has made me much more focused on making sure I am set up to get a good night’s rest every night!)

Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Subscription Box Review – Nov 2014 French Girl

French Girl Organics Mineral Lip Tint – FULL SIZE! Value $11

This is one of the most moisturizing lip balms I have ever tried! It adds a good amount of sheer color, and it’s so moisturizing that the finish is almost as shiny as a lip gloss – I love it!

Verdict: This month’s box has a value of about $31 (possibly more or less depending on the values of the Au Naturale samples). I love every product included so I’m really happy with the curation. I think Petit Vour has been doing an excellent job at selecting quality over quantity in their boxes lately! What do you think of the November box?


Spoiler below…



One item in this box is also going to be in the MSA02 Quarterly box. I wanted to share that information just because it seems weird to review a product I love and not mention it will be in an upcoming box.

Anyway – here is the spoiler:

Each MSA02 Quarterly box will include 2 Au Naturale FULL SIZE eye shadow cremes ($40 Value total). I discovered the Au Naturale brand earlier this year and it’s been on my list to get into a MSA box! (Their cosmetics products are organic, vegan, gluten-free, made in the USA, and most importantly – they are beautiful and work!)

I picked the eye shadow creme pots because they are so easy to apply and blend. (I use every kind of eye shadow – powder, pressed powder, etc but my favorite is always eye shadow cremes for those reasons). I also wanted one of the themes in this box to be about a little holiday glam/sparkle, and gorgeous eye shadows are a great fit for that theme in my opinion! (There’s also one other little sparkle item in the box to go with that theme).

One of the shades every subscriber will receive is the Creme Eye Shadow in White Quartz. This shade is perfect as a base to layer other shades onto, or for highlighting the brow bone. It’s great to use in the corner of your eyes, and you also can use it as an all-over luminizer/highlighter. With all those uses I thought it was a perfect pick even for anyone who may not want to use it as an eyeshadow.

The other color is an exclusive creme shade made just for MSA subscribers – it will be a surprise!

I hope you’re excited about this spoiler. Fortunately it’s not a color overlap with the sample featured in this box, so I hope no one minds!



Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I think sub owners are in a difficult spot when it comes to blogs. It must be difficult to read complaints and being unable to address them. I know I did not email PV with my disappointment in missing out on the SW Basic product in the October box. They had no way of knowing that was the item I was most looking forward to trying. I also did not email them about the shipping delay in November.

    I think it’s a catch-22 for them. I found out about Petit Vour from MSA and started subscribing in July when I felt ready to try new-to-me eco brands. I’m sure I am not the only one who found out about the box from MSA. Yet the same thing that brings them sales can also hurt their sales. That’s why I think it is good of Liz to let them respond.

    This also blows that guy’s theory out of the water about not seeking subscribers from subscription box blogs. I’ve been a subscriber for 6 months and the only reason I thought about cancelling is because of the no SW Basic in the Oct box (which they did replace with 2 other products) and the late shipping in the Nov box. It appeared in my eyes there were issues with the company which the company corrected by posting on this blog. My point is that guy feels that subscription blog readers will only subscribe for 3-4 months and I am at month 6 and plan to continue forward especially now that I read Petit Vour comments and understand what is going on and how responsive they are to the comments.

  2. Too bad Petit Vour went on & on in their November blogs and emails about how fabulous the Caru serum is and then didn’t include it in (most of) our boxes. I am a loyal PV subscriber and retail shopper, so it’s disappointing and annoying when a high-end sample is left out of the box.

    • Hi Cindi! We included the Caru sample in exactly half of our November boxes, the value being only marginally higher than the 2 La Fresh Makeup Remover sachets. Because we had 2 boxes out, almost all of our sneak peeks were for Au Naturale and French Girl Organics (we did only 1 of Caru on Facebook, but no blog posts or other social media blasts, as we would never want to mislead our members). We had no intention of upsetting members and, especially since we have featured many serums in the past, but no makeup remover wipes, we felt La Fresh would be a breath of fresh air. We will try to not have discrepancies like this in upcoming boxes and will keep all sneak peeks to our membership-wide products. We hope you enjoyed the rest of your box! Xx

      • Hi Madeline,

        Thanks for your response. I do understand, and I did enjoy the rest of my November box. Petit Vour is one of my favorite boxes for myself as well as my go-to recommendation for friends who are looking for cruelty-free boxes. Isn’t is something how a little bottle of serum can get people all uppity? :/

        • Aw, thank you! 🙂 We have wonderful members and are always eager to evolve. Lessons like this will shape us into an ever better company, so we are grateful for that. Xx

  3. I’ve had my box for a few days……it probably came on Tuesday of last week, and I tried not to be frustrated by the wipes, but I have to assume the delay was in getting an entire new batch of cards printed up for the boxes, so that it didn’t look like they messed up.

    Just be honest and admit there was a screw up. Most customers will be much more forgiving of that, then when you try and mask the problem….but giving bloggers better boxes just causes resentment and disappointment in the business and its practices. I like Petit Vour, and I didn’t want to vent, but I felt like I had to after seeing everyone commenting on wipes vs serum. I know the serum wasn’t a large vial or a big value product, but it’s a quality thing in maintaining integrity in business.

    Okay, soapbox put away for the evening…

    • And I forgot…..just curious….did everyone get the same color lip tint? I didn’t see Liz say what color she got….nor anyone else…I got cerise.

      • I received the same color.

    • I agree. I don’t want to sound whiny, especially because I really like the other items in the box, but the wipes thing is irritating. Like you, I would much rather the company just admit there was a screw up. After my first comment I looked up the LaFresh makeup wipes and you can get 48 travel wipes for $20. That is about .42 per wipe. I mean, I got 2 in my box soooo…. that’s pathetic. At any rate, I’m not going to use them because the ingredients include several different parabens and the wonderfully vague “fragrance.” I know this is my personal preference regarding ingredients and I expect to get things in boxes from time to time that I won’t be able to use. But it bugs me more than it normally would because I could have used the facial oil and I have wanted to try Caru skincare for quite some time. Oh well. Sad face.

      • Hi Emily!

        We’re so sorry for your disappointment and we have absolutely learned a lot from this experience, though there certainly are no parabens or “fragrance” in our eco-friendly La Fresh makeup remover wipes. When the PV Team curated the November box months ago, we knew we had to have 2 boxes go out, because not all of our brands can reach our entire membership. We had no idea that there would be such a strong focus on the marginal difference in dollar value between the Caru sample and the 2 La Fresh sachets, especially since the entirety of the box was so full and fun. We have featured a number of serums and oils in the past year and a half, so giving half of our membership La Fresh seemed like an exciting new product to try. We will try very hard to not have variations in boxes in the future, to avoid comparisons like this. Both brands are awesome and we would have preferred if both had been given their deserved positive attention. Once again, we are terribly sorry for your disappointment. We would never want our members to feel as though they received the lesser of 2 boxes. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, comments, concerns–we’re always happy to assist! Xx

        • Hi Madeline –

          Thanks for your response. I apologize for getting the information wrong as to the ingredients. I looked up the info on the LaFresh website and apparently they have two varieties of wipes – one that eco-friendly, and another line that is not. I looked at the “travel-lite wipes” info by mistake. I won’t be using the “eco-beauty wipes”, but it is good to know that the ingredients are of better quality than I originally believed.

          I really loved the rest of the box and am looking forward to December’s. I think my disappointment was mainly due to seeing so many reviews online before I got my box and all the reviews included the serum. It is definitely not a big deal, and I appreciate your comments addressing my concerns and clearing up any misinformation.

          • No worries at all! We completely understand the confusion and frustration that so many felt. This experience has opened our eyes to the importance of having as closely curated/matched boxes as possible. Xx

    • Hi Karah!

      I absolutely understand your frustration, but there was no wait for the cards. We actually curated to have 2 boxes go out, half of our members receiving Caru and half receiving La Fresh. We received our card order on time, but we did experience issues with both weather and our fulfillment team making a number of technical errors (which is why we made a rush decision to open up our own HQ in TX this month). There was never supposed to be a better box and when we curated the 2 boxes, we felt they were equal (especially considering that we have featured many facial serums/oils and La Fresh was brand new). We were/are actually incredibly honest and transparent with all of our members–the only mistake being that we should have done everything in our power to have 1 single box. Not all of our bloggers received Caru, though many did. We shipped Caru to bloggers who hadn’t yet represented the brand (to keep the box exciting for them). In future months, we will desperately try to have all of our brands reach every member and blogger so we never run into this issue again. I promise you, from our standpoint, there was never any sneaky planning as to how we can make PV look awesome, yet underhandedly offer up something less. We truly love all of our featured brands and would never want to make one look better than other that we’re featuring. We do hope you understand and please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions, comments, concerns. Our sincere apologies for the underwhelming experience. We have certainly learned a lot from this! Xx

  4. I still gave not gotten my box. It’s suppose to arrive Dec 10th 🙁
    I’m expecting to receive wipes I stead of serum.

    • This happened to me in the October box. I received something in place of the SW Basic item. Is this your first box? I thought I received my box later, but yours is arriving much later.

      • Yes it’s really late. This will be my second petit vour box.

        • This is another sub that I am probably going to cancel. It used to come around the 24-25th. This time it arrived on the 2nd. Plus the item from the October box that I was most excited about was the one I did not received which was the SW Basic product. I went to cancel the December box a few days ago and read I was too late. I’ll have to see what Liz’s review is like for December and decide then whether to cancel for January.

    • Hi Demure!

      Did you receive a tracking email? If there are any issues at all, kindly email our loving customer service team and they will happily assist. We did have some issues with our fulfillment team last month and promptly left to open up our own HQ in Dallas. From December onward there should be no missing products, non-functioning tracking numbers, or super late boxes (all very frustrating to experience). Xx

      • Thank you for your response.

  5. I’ve eyed Petit Vour for awhile and finally decided to cancel another sub box and join. This was my first box and after seeing several unboxings for November online I was impressed and excited by the contents. I was super disappointed to not get the rose facial serum and instead received two LaFresh makeup remover wipes. I had no idea that the boxes would not all be the same. I love the other stuff in the box, but I just can’t understand getting these stupid wipes. I’ve read multiple reviews for this box online and they all included the serum. I feel like they miscalculated and/or ran out of the serum before they got to my box and just tossed in some lame wipes so they could say I got the same amount of stuff as everyone else, but in my opinion the wipes are not a carefully curated addition to the box and have little to no value.

    • I got the wipes too and am kind of bummed. However, I’ve been getting Petit Vour since last summer and this is the first time my box has differed from Liz’s, except for maybe a different product or color from the same brand that seemed equally interesting. Hopefully, any future substitutions seem more equal…..wipes vs. rose serum???

      • Got the wipes too-so unlike PV to throw in a filler item and was dissapointed after waiting soo long for the box. But I hear the shipping issues will get better (changing carrier) and do love the French Girl balm so will chalk it up to their “bad day” and hope the quality continues:)

    • Hi Emily!

      We are so sorry for your disappointment with the November box. We didn’t miscalculate, but we did make the mistake of thinking 2 different boxes going out would be equally well-received. When the PV Team tried out the eco-friendly makeup remover wipes, we thought they were awesome and just perfect for holiday traveling. We had no idea the backlash we would receive and how misinterpreted our 2 curations would be. We feel awful about that and will try everything in our power to not have multiple boxes go out in the future. We do thank you for your feedback and are taking this experience very seriously. Xx

  6. I got my box today too. I love the lip tint! It is wonderful. Such a great find. Its definitely not as dark when you put it on as it looks in the tube. But, I was a bit disappointed to receive 2 La Fresh make up remover wipes instead of the facial serum. I would have preferred the facial serum. But, overall I really like this box. I think the eyeshadow is gorgeous & the concealer is creamy. The body oil will be great in the winter too.

    • Yeah, I got the two makeup remover wipes also. I’m really upset about not getting the rose serum. I had an opportunity to pick a rose serum in another packet and I passed because I thought one was coming in this box . Also several blogger reviews of this box had the rose serum so I thought it for sure it would be in my box. Crappy substitutions really suck!

    • Hi Vanessa!

      Thank you so much for your valuable feedback. We will try very hard to not have variations in boxes in the future, so as to avoid issues like this. We never had any intention to surprise and/or disappoint half of our members. We curated based on what we felt would be well-received, as well as new and exciting for our members. Since many of our members have sampled a number of serums and oils in the past year and a half, we felt La Fresh would be a fresh discovery and perfect for holiday traveling. We are glad you enjoyed the rest of your box and thank you (sincerely) for your thoughts. Please feel free to reach out to the PV Team if you ever have any concerns about your box. Merci!

      • Does anyone else feel kind of weird with the company responding to all of the comments, especially saying the same thing repeatedly? One comment with a detailed explanation seems like enough to get their point across, and not feel like they are invading.

        • Yes! When I see many discussion-like company comments on a post it makes me feel exactly that – weird. That said, I need to cool it on my commenting too 🙂

        • I think PV is going a bit overboard with the replies, but you have to look at the intent behind it. It seems like they want every person that feels jipped to know PV heard them and cares that they’re upset. Although their individual replies might be better sent in emails to subscribers, at least they are taking action. I don’t think we should knock them for that. This snafu isn’t even a smidgen as bad as PSMH has been IMO and many people are still all goo-goo eyed over them.

          • I agree with Tacie. It seems the PV folks are now stuck in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. There is no way they are going to appease or please everyone at this point, but they are trying. And, hey, it’s OK to forgive them. (We’re all decent people, right?) It seems they are understanding how a little thing like a bottle of serum versus wipes can make subscribers feel left out of the good stuff. (And who knows, maybe the wipes were better than the Caru serum for some people!) I believe PV when they say they’ve learned from the situation and won’t do it again. Let’s show them some love instead of anger 🙂

        • I think it’s a good thing they came and addressed some of us here. I think it was a smart thing to do. They know many people subscribed to their box come here

  7. My box arrived today and everything is the same except for the concealer color which is beige. I tried out the lip tint which is moisturizing and has a familiar scent. I read the ingredients and realized it is rose. I read the eye shadow ingredients and decided to give it a try. It’s pretty and hopefully won’t bother my eyelids. I am hopefully with it being a cream and organic that I might be able to use it. I watched the video on how to use the body oil and will give it a try tomorrow and the rose serum too. I think the concealer might be too dark.

  8. I just got my box. The eye shadow is a pretty color. I like the consistency of it. Nice a creamy. I also like body oil. – Overall for the November box I found it boring. I cant get excited about the lip tint being the highest valued only full size item in the box ( AGAIN ).

    • Hi Lily!

      Have you tried Cerise (the lip tint)? It wears like a lipstick and is absolutely gorgeous. We never try to place the focus on dollar value when it comes to our products, because (in our opinion), the focus should always be performance, ingredients, and brand integrity (and a pretty aesthetic doesn’t hurt). The November box was very full and showcased a wide range of products, though there’s always room for improvement. Thank you for your feedback! Xx

  9. I received my tracking number today and will receive the box sometime in December.

    • Still waiting for the box to arrive. I might cancel this sub. I prefer the product to arrive before I am charged for the next month.

      • Hi PA Anna!

        We had some issues with weather and our fulfillment team last month, but are back on track with our shipping schedule now. We do apologize for the unfortunate wait in November. Our December boxes are already out and we hope to have tracking emails sent within the next day or so. Xx

  10. Quick question about the shadow spoiler for the MSA box. Since there are two, is each one considered one item towards the total count in the box or are the two considered a set and one item towards the total count for the box?

  11. I saw people were saying you gave another spoiler but I couldn’t find it. So happy now! I’m so excited to try these eyeshadows. Especially since they sound like colors that still give a natural look. Perfect! & the little hint that something else sparkles in the box. Eeeeek! I can’t wait!

  12. Hmmm… I don’t think anyone who’s not a blogger has received this month’s box.

    Their FB page says to look for a shipping notice early this week. They billed me on the 9th.

    • I have not got the tracking either. I usually just go to and look. As soon as a label is created, it will show up and it has nothing but Goodebox for me. No barebliss either. I emailed them but no response. Hate it when you are going out of town and cannot track these boxes. Last time I lost one box cos it was sitting out there for a whole weekend! 🙁

    • Hi Orlee!

      We moved our business from the Bay Area to TX last month so shipping was a bit chaotic. Bloggers received their boxes first, because blogger products were sent to our HQ directly (the monthly products going straight to our fulfillment center). Our fulfillment team did have some major issues with shipping/tracking last month, which is why we promptly picked up our things and left to open up our own HQ in TX. We do apologize for the lateness in receiving your box and are doing everything we can to make it up to our members. The December boxes already went out (tracking emails should be sent out within a day or so) and we are back on track with scheduling. Xx

  13. This is probably a stupid question but.. how do I sign up for the MSA box? Lol Thanks for any info..

    • MSA is a Quarterly box, so I just found a post about Quarterly box spoilers and used that to go to their site 🙂

  14. Liz – My wish for a future MSA box would be some type of lip treatment (scrub, plumper, balm, etc). I get a lot of lip color in the various boxes, but not much lip treatment type items. I recently got Pacific Lip Treatment and love it. It goes on alone or under lip color. Btw, love the items that you revealed for your box so far.

  15. Has anyone that is not a blogger received this box yet?

    I’m not sure about the spoiler, but I am in the minority because of my eye disease. I’ll try the sample once the box arrives. I may be another who might cancel the MSA box 🙁 There is always the spring box!

  16. Love that we are getting the cream eyeshadows in MSA02, I got a lovely Sothys one in my Oct. French box. I’m always stumped as to the best way to apply-brush? fingers?

    • I use a brush – but I think either method would work!

      • Thank you Liz!

  17. P.S. So excited to get your box! I own exactly 0 creme shadows so these will be great for me to play with/create some fancy New Years Eve makeup looks!

  18. Liz- I have a suggestion for a future MSA box. It’s is a product you recently got in the Net-A-Porter Holiday Kit and it’s Ilia lipstick or lip conditioner. This is one of the only natural lipstick brands that I know of and I have been dying to try it! I love lipstick, and they have some beautiful colors and look so luxe. Think it could be a great addition to your box at some point and would be sticking with your theme of more natural products! =) Any thoughts on this product?!

    • I like that brand a lot – I will definitely keep it in mind for future boxes! Keep sending suggestions my way 🙂

      • I have some suggestions but more on the things But not brands, you can pick those out besides Suki, I love it. Works good as a face and lip scrub.

        Any face moisturizer, serum or oil pleassse would be great.

        I really wanna try more Pacifica, I have the nail polish and eye liner. . Someone suggested jewelry and I think simple would be great. I really would have loved the giving key. I have never received a foot lotion from a sub so that would be nice and different too. My feet are dry. Any kind of body butter or hand cream and also makeup. A cute small handbag or makeup case, something luxe but that can be worn and used daily.

        I know that’s a lot! 🙂
        I am on the wait list to be notified. I am psyched!! 🙂

        • Brandy, it’s available now.

  19. Before subscription boxes I never tried cream shadows. I am now a fan! There actually my go to eye shadows.

  20. Yay! I was just thinking about buying a new white eyeshadow, but now I will hold off for this cream by Al Naturale. Every time I wear eye makeup, I highlight my brow and inner corners. My eyes are sensitive so I’ve been trying to dabble with more organic products to see if I feel a change. So excited to try this and see what the other shade is! In the meantime I’ll been making due with the white that came in the Smoky palette from PS a long while back (not my favorite).

  21. Liz, I am DYING to get the MSA02 box! I am on the wait list. What are the odds of being able to get a box? Decent, slim, not a chance? I also love the cream shadows (or gel), and I love natural products. Keep up the great curating!

    • From what I can tell there seem to be openings every few days. (Anytime someone cancels they release that spot back for purchase). Unfortunately though there isn’t a better system in place than checking the Quarterly site everyday 🙁

    • There are spots open right now, fyi!

      • How are you seeing open spots? I signed up for the waitlist, and I would assume Quarterly would contact us in order to confirm a subscription? I haven’t heard anything from Quarterly, and every time I go to their website, it says “sold out” and that I am on the wait list. Am I missing something? Is there another way to sign up that I’m not familiar with? Help! 🙂

        • Amanda – It seems to be a good idea to be on the waitlist and check the Quarterly site frequently for openings. Good luck!

  22. Liz I am pleased that you gave us another spoiler for your next box. I think it will be nice to try a cream eyeshadow as I only own one. I also think the light color will be really nice since highlighting under the brow is so popular right now. Can’t wait to see the special color we will get for the second one and I’m glad you kept it a surprise.

  23. I would personally love to get that French Girl lip tint in a future MSA box!

    • Noted! 🙂

  24. Liz,
    Yay! Super excited for #MSA02! You always have good tips–in this case the white eyeshadow. Excited to see the exclusive color and even more excited to find out about the other little sparkle item!
    Also, I never heard of a wool allergy before the blanket spoiler…. 🙁
    I agree with RW about this is how you keep long term subscribers…

    Thanks for all your hard work putting the MSA boxes (and this site) together! It seems to be a labor of love and it shows how much you really care. You are the best!

    • Chris,

      Thank you so much! This comment meant so much to me! I’m so happy you are excited about the spoilers. I know it is impossible to pick out items for each box that 100% of people will 100% love, but I’m trying to do my best. And I’m appreciating feedback I get along the way. (I also didn’t know about wool allergies, but I will make sure to keep that in mind for all future boxes).

  25. Again you surprize and delite with your integrty-first you alert that delayed ship may not arrive in time for giving for international folks and now you inform of duplicate products if A PV subscriber. Indicates that CS is your priority despite the risk of losing subsribers. Keep it up-this is how to keep long term customers – Me for Sure!

    • Thanks so much! I’m learning as I go, and I’m happy to hear my decisions have been good so far! Feel free to always pass along any feedback to me here or through email ([email protected])

      Thanks again! 🙂

      • I wholeheartedly agree with RW’s comment. Liz, what you are doing is wonderful customer service, what you are doing will keep customers for a very long time. You appreciate our input and our feed back, it really means a lot. Your box will always be one I ensure that I keep money aside so I can cover the cost. Again, keep up the great work!

  26. love the spoiler. I really like cream eyeshadows. At first I wasn’t super thrilled with the throw color either, but after looking at their website, I think I’ll feel differently once it’s in my hands. Besides, you could always swap it. It will probably swap like gold. 🙂 super excited for the other “sparkly” item–jewelry maybe?!?

    MSA01 was my favorite sub box ever. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed with 02.

  27. YAY for another spoiler!!!! I am super excited to try out both eye shadows. MSA02 is shaping up to be another FABULOUS box.

  28. Now I’m getting really nervous about your box. The blanket is an extremely boring color- I never decorate with gray. I also don’t use eye shadow. I guess I need to hold out for the last three items, but perhaps I should give up now…

    • I definitely don’t want to send you a box you won’t like! You can always cancel and resubscribe for the Spring one if you are interested. 🙂

    • A lot of people would probably be happy to take your place if you decide to cancel 🙂

      • I know I will! I’m on the wait list… sadly. 🙁

  29. Wow, this looks like a fabulous box! Sadly, I decided not to renew after last month’s box, which left me feeling pretty meh.

    Good news about the spoiler, though! Now I don’t have to feel bad for missing out!

  30. Yet another awesome box from PV and a great spoiler from you!! This post made my day 🙂 Can’t wait to receive both boxes!

  31. Excellent spoiler! So excited to get the MSA box!

  32. I LOVE eyeshadow! Can’t wait to try out this new brand. I also don’t have many creams so it will be fun to try that out too. Can’t wait to see the exclusive color! Another great pick Liz.

  33. OoooOoooh! I can never have too many eyeshadows! Especially ones that are ingredient conscious! I can’t wait to try them!!!

  34. Ahhh I just checked Quarterly and I was able to snag a MSA02 box!!!! I am so happy and excited. Liz, when exactly do you think they will ship?

    • How did you do that?!?!? I check every day and have yet to luck out….

      • Akemi, it’s available now.

  35. I feel like you’re Oprah… “And you get a throw, and you get a throw”.. “And you get eyeshadow cremes, and you get eyeshadow cremes”. The frenzy!! 🙂 Can’t wait for my box!!

    • This totally made me laugh. XD

  36. I wished petit vour would have chosen another full size product besides lip tint. Last month it was the pacifica lip color full size. I was hoping for a full size scub or anything besides lip color again. Looking forward to trying the cream eye shadow and the body oil. Wish the value of the bix would be higher. Yet will continue t o subscribe.

    • I love PV boxes but I also find it a little dissapointing to see a lip product again in a PV box, like it’s fourth time in a row starting from August.
      Also, it would be fair to state the amount/weight of product in a sample to get a clearer picture of the value of the box.

      • Hi Krista!

        Thank you for your feedback! We will be taking a break from lip products over the next few months. There were just so many awesome lippies out there that we wanted in our shop and we kept receiving requests from members to include more lip products. This one by French Girl Organics is especially wonderful and we wanted to have it in our member’s hands before the holidays.

        We decided to not include info about the dollar value of the box, because we really want the focus to be on the integrity of the brands and the performance of their products, not the dollar value of the total box (though it’s almost always between $35-45). By shifting the focus, we’re able to highlight other important aspects of our cruelty-free brands and draw in those especially seeking natural and vegan beauty products.


        • The $ value in your boxes don’t bother me, because there is always one full size product. My biggest wish for the Petit Vour box, is to send more neutral makeup / nail polish, if you decide to put makeup in your box. I got stuck with a bright red pacifica lip tint last month. – Not neural enough. I could not wear it. I would like to see body washes in your boxes, as well as lip scrubs.

  37. I’m so excited to see the shade made just for MSA! This box is going to be amazing.

  38. I love this spoiler! I’m allergic to wool and will need to swap the blanket that was already in a previous spoiler, but I’m excited about this eye shadow!

    • I share your pain as I, too, am allergic to wool (and even cashmere).

      • Same wool (and cashmere!) allergy here, too, sadly. Glad to hear the other spoilers are something I’d use!

  39. Spoilers–I crave them, but I also love being surprised. I like both of yours so far and can’t wait for the box. (Although of course I can.)

  40. Oh gosh, now I’m even more excited for the MSA box… and I was already pretty stinking excited LOL

  41. Another spoiler that I just can’t wait to receive! I don’t know how you do it but I haven’t been disappointed in an item yet.

  42. I couldn’t resist reading the spoiler. After reading your descriptions of all the products I was secretly (not so secretly now) hoping it was the lip balm.

  43. This is just furthering my incredible disappointment that I missed out on the MSA box! Your boxes are seriously the best of the best, Liz! I’ll be signing up with the next one immediately, as to not miss out again!

  44. Liz, it just makes me even more excited about the MSA02 box!!!

    • Yay – I’m so glad! 🙂

  45. UGH once again I’m sad that I missed out on the MSA box! =( I am on the waitlist so fingers are crossed that I will be able to get one.

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