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My Nordstrom Trunk Club Women’s Review

My Nordstrom Trunk Club Women's Review

My Nordstrom Trunk Club Women's Review

Is this curated clothing subscription service for me?


  • Nordstrom Trunk Club offers shoppers a curated styling experience through a style profile quiz, stylist outfit recommendations, and improved experience over time through feedback.
  • Nordstrom Trunk Club allows subscribers the opportunity to provide ample feedback about their style preferences and pre-approve their "Trunk" before shipment, resulting in a better curation.
  • Subscribers enjoy a similar selection to what they'll find on Nordstrom.com – everything from dresses and workwear to sunglasses, shoes, and accessories – resulting in a broader selection to choose from and higher-end items compared to many other styling services.
  • Need something for a special occasion? You can request your Trunk be curated around a specific need, season, or theme.
  • Shoppers can choose up to three extra items to add to their Trunk, including beauty items like lipstick, jewelry, and intimates.
  • You're only charged for what you choose to keep, meaning this 'try before you buy' model is low-risk and there are no long wait times for returns.
  • Benefits of the Nordstrom partnership result in many of the same perks received at a Nordstrom store, including price matching, free alterations, and The Nordy Club membership rewards.
  • The $25.00 styling fee is waived for Nordstrom cardholders.
  • Customers are provided the freedom to schedule delivery dates and order cadence based on need.


  • Many items are high-end, meaning pricetags can be high, and discounts are not offered.
  • Customers lose the $25.00 styling fee if no items are purchased (unless you're a Nordstrom cardholder).
  • There may be a learning curve as your stylist hones in on your personal style and you learn to communicate what you need or have in mind.
  • Nailing accurate sizing across your items can be difficult, and size selections can be limited.
  • Not everything on the Nordstrom site is available through Trunk Club. You can request specific items, but even if they're available on Nordstrom.com, they might not be available through Trunk Club.

I love clothes and personal style. I always have. My mother tells me she has no idea where I came from – I fell in love with vintage at an early age (we're talking, like, 5) and I was caught more than once stealing outdated Vogue magazines from our small town laundrette. Fashion and style have played a huge role in my life – it's what lead me to start a blog over ten years ago (and Instagram of the same name), which eventually lead me to work in the fashion industry for several years. While I've shifted my career to brand design and marketing, my love for expressing myself through personal style has stayed. So yes, I love shopping – always have. But I also know what I like, and that preference isn't always easy to express. Sometimes it's just a feeling, you know? Like, a vintage shaggy mohair sweater just speaks to me – but it has to be the right vintage shaggy mohair sweater. That said, it might surprise you to learn that, unless I'm shopping for vintage, I actually loathe shopping in person. I hate trying things on in an uncomfortable dressing room with poor lighting and too little space, and I don't like crowds. Safe to say, me and the mall don't mix. I'm an online shopper.

But while I love shopping online, I've actually never tried an online personal styling service or other clothing subscription boxes – mostly because, in my opinion, the person who's going to style me best is well... ME. That said, I've always been curious, and out of all the personal styling services out there, Trunk Club sounded the most appealing to me. My taste leans heavily towards quality, and if I don't recognize a brand or label, I'm suspect, so I appreciate that Trunk Club includes many of the labels I enjoy through Nordstrom.

With spring on the horizon, I've been on the hunt for some transitional styles to take me from winter to warmer temps, and some new fitness gear to jumpstart my spring workouts. Thing is, I just started a new job and haven't had time to shop for these items. Could Nordstrom Trunk Club be the solution to my spring wardrobe needs?

Read on to find out!

My Subscription Addiction paid for the styling fee of this product. (Check out the review process post to learn more.)

Quick Facts

Nordstrom Trunk Club Brand Overview

  • Nordstrom Trunk Club is a personal styling service for men and women curated for every lifestyle, size, and fit.
  • Trunk Club customers can request Trunks at any cadence they wish, communicating their needs with Nordstrom's team of stylists, who then pull items and style looks based on those needs.
  • Nordstrom's team of stylists offers customers a "Trunk Preview" to review and confirm or modify each selection prior to shipment.
  • Subscribers are able to nix or swap items before shipment, allowing for tighter curation and a better chance of styling success.

How It Works

  • Upon sign-up, customers complete a style profile where they share their sizes, preferred fit, and a general idea of budget. These preferences help Nordstrom's team of stylists ensure a more personalized experience.
  • After setting your preferences, request a Trunk and await a Trunk Preview, where you can edit, swap, and/or confirm all selections within 48 hours. Your stylist will also provide styling suggestions for each piece.
  • If there's something you'd like to see added to your Trunk, you can ask your stylist for this, but depending on timing and availability, there's no guarantee it can be added in before shipment.
  • Once you've received your Trunk, subscribers have five days to try everything on, keep what they want, and return what they don’t – shipping, returns, and exchanges are always free. Nordstrom even offers free carrier pick-up from home. Need more time to try your items on? Simply log into your account and request it.


  • There is no fee to sign up.
  • Each Trunk will run you a $25.00 styling fee, which is credited towards your purchase of any item within the shipment.
  • The $25.00 styling fee is waived for Nordstrom card members.
  • Prices reflect the items available on Nordstrom.com and typically range between $50-$400.00 per item.

Participating Brands

  • Expect the variety of brands you might see in a Nordstrom store or online. Items range from high-end designer labels to style staples like Topshop and Free People.
  • Nordstrom Trunk Club can cater to almost every need, "from the workweek to the weekends." They can help dress you for weddings, work, everyday life – and every situation in between.
  • Customers are able to request specific brands and items based on their needs or wants – but specific items shown on Nordstrom.com may not be available through Trunk Club.

Subscription Frequency

  • Delivery cadence is entirely up to the subscriber. Nordstrom Trunk Club offers a wide range of Trunk delivery frequencies, on-demand or on a monthly, bi-monthly, or every three months basis – or whenever you might want to receive one.
  • Users can schedule deliveries on an automated basis or choose to manually request as needed.

Cancellation Policy

  • Nordstrom Trunk Club is not a subscription service; there are no regular obligation fees, and the service may be canceled at any time.
  • The $25.00 styling fee is only "lost" if you do not choose to keep any items or aren't a Nordstrom card member. If you make a purchase from your Trunk, your styling fee with be applied towards the total.

Creating Your Nordstrom Trunk Club Profile

Style Quiz

The first step you'll take in the signup process is answering some simple questions in a style quiz. Similar to other styling subscription services, like Stitch Fix, the Nordstrom Trunk Club style quiz is designed to help their team of stylists get a better understanding of the customer's personal style and home in on their preferences and needs, which in turn ensures a more personalized experience. The more detailed and specific your responses, the better your stylists will be able to curate your first Trunk. Don't know an answer or want to skip a question? No problem! And no need to worry about being boxed in – you can change your preferences at any time, and they're by no means hard and fast rules. You'll see some of my answers in the slides above (even though I do wear plaid and paisley, I'm pickier about patterned items so chose to nix those... although I ended up with a paisley piece in my Trunk anyway... we'll talk about that later). This also isn't your only chance at curating your preferences, you'll have plenty of opportunities throughout the process to provide feedback to help your stylists better understand your personal style what you're looking for. The more feedback you provide, especially over time, the better your experience with Trunk Club will be – this is generally true for most styling services.

Style Swipes

Another way to get a better understanding of what you like and what you'd rather leave behind is the Style Swipes tool. Think of it as Tinder for clothing: you're presented with a variety of clothing options and you can either swipe left or right depending on whether or not you like the item. This isn't a tool to actually pick out clothing - just a way to help your team of Nordstrom Stylists understand what you do or don't like.

I'll be honest, I wasn't wowed by this tool. I thought the majority of the items presented to me were pretty basic, and I lost interest after a few minutes. However, this tool would be great for someone who isn't completely honed in on their style or who isn't sure what they like. Looking to round out your wardrobe or refresh your foundational pieces? I think you'd love this tool.

Stylist Communication

Once you're signed up and you've taken the Style Quiz, you'll have the opportunity to communicate directly with Nordstrom stylists. Here, you can express exactly what you're looking for, add links to specific items you might want to be included, and even link to a Pinterest board. You can also add links to your own personal style, like an Instagram, too. Since I regularly share my personal style on Instagram, I tried to approach this as much from a style newbie's perspective as possible (harder than it sounds – I have opinions). instead, I added some links to a couple of influencers whose styles I love. After this, your stylists get to work assembling your first Trunk and putting together some styling suggestions for each item – cue anticipation! Now all you need to do is sit back and wait for your Trunk preview...

Trunk Preview

Once your team of stylists has assembled your Trunk, you'll receive an email letting you know it's ready to view. Your Trunk Preview allows you the opportunity to see the items your stylists have picked out for you, their notes, and you can also swap or skip items at this time. Unlike some other online styling services, customers can review each item, piece-by-piece, and approve or modify the selections - adjusting the size, color, or completely swapping out for a new – but similar – item. Additional feedback can also be left for your stylists. It should be noted that when swapping for a new item, you don't have complete control. The interface will pull a small selection of similar items to choose from, but the choices aren't vast. I found this feature a bit frustrating, especially because the automatically pulled selections weren't in line with my budget preferences. For example, I wanted to swap out a dress for something different, but of course, the one I loved was the most expensive at $400. That's twice the upper limits of what I'll spend on a dress and what I set my preferences to. That said, the Trunk Preview feature allows for much tighter curation than many other online styling services – ensuring a greater chance of overall satisfaction.

I loved having the opportunity to preview my Trunk and tried to approach the suggestions with an open mind, but some items just didn't jive with what I need or like. Some of the pieces my stylist chose for me were pretty, but much too fussy for my everyday life, and just didn't fit with the inspiration I provided or the pieces I requested. For example, I specifically requested a long, white Free People dress, and while it wasn't available through Trunk Club, I figured there must be something similar out there. But it took a couple of tries to land on something I was comfortable with, and I still ended up with some pieces from brands I hadn't specified in patterns I wasn't thrilled with (hello paisley – again, don't mind paisley, but I'm picky about it). This could be chalked up to me being picky and ultimately knowing what I like, or simply a symptom of being new to the service and not yet having a chance to provide feedback after trying items on and trying out the outfits selections. It's my understanding that curation gets better over time as you continue to communicate with the stylists. I also felt as though I was spending a lot of time communicating my needs for a service that's meant to make life – and shopping – easier. In the end, I made a few adjustments and then opted to just approve my Trunk and see what happens... who knows! Maybe I'd be pleasantly surprised. Ready to see what I received?

What Did I Get in My Nordstrom Trunk Club?

What Arrives in the Trunk?

Before I dive into what I received, let's review the other items that arrive in your box... er, Trunk. In each Trunk you receive, you'll get a personalized note from your stylists that include the styling suggestions they've assembled for you. This note also includes directions for trying on the items, how to check out and pay for the items you choose to keep, and how to return the pieces you want to send back. You'll also receive an itemized sheet that lists each piece and its price, along with a prepaid return label to make returns as easy as possible – they even include the tape you'll need to package up your returns. Small as it may seem, I love that they included the tape. I keep packaging tape handy, but how many times have you been caught without tape? This little extra attention to detail really struck me.

What Did I Receive?

I was nervous that my Trunk was perhaps excessive, ringing in at 13 items, but then I saw that Ariel ordered 13 in his Trunk and I feel less alone. Hey, I like options! And why not see what this service can do? The selection I received was pretty varied because if you remember, I was looking for both spring transitional pieces and some new fitness items. Below is a list of everything included (Ariel and I also ordered the same Outdoor Research face mask – great minds!):

Styling Suggestions

My Trunk arrived with some styling suggestions put together by the Trunk Club Styling Team. I thought they did a nice job pairing everything and using the inspiration I provided – and you'll see below that I put some of those same outfits together. Cute! But was it helpful? Personally, I love seeing how other people style items, it provides a different perspective but ultimately I'd definitely add my own flair and it didn't lead me to keep any items specifically so that I could recreate those looks.

How did Nordstrom Trunk Club's Stylist do?

Receiving my first Trunk was exciting – there was a lot inside, but like Ariel, I was a little overwhelmed (I take full responsibility, this was entirely my own fault). Still, because thrills and chills are hard to come by these days, I'm not complaining. Thrill me, Nordstrom Trunk Club!

Pulling items from the box, I was looking forward to trying everything on, but I'll admit, the items I was most excited about were the ones I had hand-selected and specifically requested (the Reeboks, which I'd been eyeing already, the daisy leggings, and the Aimee Kestenberg belt bag... your girl loves an, ahem, belt bag... i.e. a glorified fanny pack). I felt pretty neutral about the other items included - but I'm always game for a makeover montage when the main character is me. Let's do a try-on, shall we?


Ok, lots going on here... let's start with the activewear. I was interested in the black Zella crop and leggings primarily because Zella is a somewhat more eco-friendly line of athleticwear, and while the quality and fit were there, I didn't love the support of the bra and the leggings felt like they'd need adjustments during workouts – which is something I have no patience for. I felt similarly about the Beyond Yoga leggings - they were cute, but I wasn't thrilled with the material. The Beyond Yoga crop, however, was a dream. It's so soft! I usually work out in longline sports bras, but every now and then I want some additional coverage, which is when I could see myself wearing this crop tank. This was a stylist pick, and it was on point.

Moving into dress territory... this category was a big miss for me, which is disappointing because I love a dress. These were all stylist picks and while I liked the white dress the best, I couldn't justify spending $200+ on a white cotton style that many lower-end brands are producing similarly. It was pretty, but just because I like something doesn't mean I need to keep it. The floral numbers felt out of left field – especially the long sleeve paisley Topshop dress. Not only was this from a brand that I didn't specify I liked during the Style Quiz, but it was also in a pattern I said I wouldn't wear. Those sleeves are also beyond fussy. I could have swapped it during the approval process, but I wasn't thrilled with the options available to swap – so I opted to just try it. Nope, sadly not for me. The cowl-neck slip dress from ASTR was pretty, but again, fussy for someone not going on any date nights anytime soon (if I wore this at home, I would 1000% spill something on it in seconds) and the color didn't work for me. And finally, the En Saison dress was pretty and had the most styling options in my opinion, but just didn't thrill me. I'm also not a fan of uneven hems.

On to shoes and accessories – this was the category where I had the most success, unsurprisingly (I love sneakers... and again with the belt bags). The Reebok sneakers were a home run. I can see myself wearing these for summer with dresses (see the last slide), with leggings, and with just about everything in between. The Dr. Martens was a stylist suggestion based around me mentioning in a note that I live in either sneakers or platform Docs. They looked cute with just about everything, but the key thing missing here is a platform – if I don't look at least a little bit like Frankenstein in my boots, I'm unsatisfied. Give me some lift! And finally, the bag. The bag! I love the bag. I've been a fan of belt or sling bags for a while now, but have been especially appreciative of them throughout the pandemic for their hands-free nature and ease of use. This one won me over immediately – the leather is so soft, and it feels more polished than some of the sportier bags I already own. I'm also living for the chunky zipper – it mirrors the zipper on my motorcycle jacket and looks cool paired with it. In short, this bag is a dream.

If I had unlimited funds, I may have considered keeping the white Faithfull the Brand dress, but sadly I'm on a budget and it felt too basic for the price tag. So what did I keep? Obviously, the bag and Reebok sneakers had to stay, and I fell in love with the softness of the Beyond Yoga tank, so I chose to purchase that as well. And I purchased the Outdoor Research mask as well, it was something I'd been eyeing for workouts but it ended up going to my husband because it was rather large. A win for him!

The Return Process

You typically have five days to try on the items in your Trunk and choose what to keep or send back – if you need more time simply log into your account and request it.

After I had tried everything on and made my selections, it was time to return the items I chose not to keep. Nordstrom Trunk Club makes returns blissfully easy – you can even schedule a pick-up so there's no need to worry about driving to your nearest FedEx. It's worth mentioning that if there is a Nordstrom near you, you can drop off your Trunk in the store – sadly there are no Nordstroms in Maine. Instead, I checked out and paid for the items I wanted online, and then packed everything else back into the box, adhered the return label on the front, and used the included tape to seal it up. I dropped off the box at my nearest FedEx location on a Saturday, and by Monday night I had received a notification that it was on its way back to the fulfillment center. Easy and seamless.

One note that I think is important: Because the Trunks ship FedEx ground, your return may not be picked up and scanned right away. I had a mild panic attack when I hadn't received an update by Monday afternoon as to the status of my return, so I called the FedEx location where I had dropped it off. They assured me that it should be scanned shortly and it was, but it could be worth adding a little extra time if you're sending your Trunk back on a weekend.

The Nordstrom Trunk Club Feedback Survey

If you plan to receive more Trunks in the future, providing feedback to your stylists throughout the process is vital for improving your experience over time. Nordstrom Trunk Club allows shoppers to go into great detail when it comes to their preferences, something many other styling services do not offer. You can give a thumbs up or thumbs down, check off details on fit and style, and type in any notes or feedback you might have for the stylists. The more detail you can provide, the better, which will give your stylists a chance at better curating your next Trunk.

Is Nordstrom Trunk Club Worth it?

Whether or not Trunk Club is worth it is completely dependent on who you are and what you need. If you love shopping sales and discovering items that fit your personal style on your own, this service might not be the best fit for you. On the flip side, if you're willing to put your style in the hands of the Nordstrom styling team or you're looking for items for a specific need or occasion, it could be a great option. Like Nordstrom itself, prices vary greatly – generally from $50 to $300 per item, and unlike some other online styling services, there is no discount offered if you keep the entire Trunk. Also, one of the dresses offered as a swap for me was over $400 – far beyond what I had set as my budgetary limitations. I also noticed that, despite the fact that you share what brands you enjoy during the Style Quiz, none of those brands were represented in my Trunk.

If you’re a Nordstrom credit cardholder and/or member of the Nordy Club then, absolutely, Trunk Club could definitely be worthwhile, since the styling fee is waived. Nordy Club rewards members are also treated to the same benefits experienced in-store, including earning Nordstrom Notes that translate to cash credit.

It's hard to deny the convenience of at-home delivery, especially during a time when shopping IRL is difficult, dicey, and most fitting rooms are closed. For many, this could save time and energy – although the time-saving portion is debatable depending on how much time you spend customizing your Trunk. There's also value in trying new-to-you brands and stepping out of your style comfort zone.

Common Questions

Is Nordstrom Trunk Club Expensive?

The personal styling service itself is not expensive, there is a $25.00 styling fee and that cost is credited towards any items you choose to purchase and waived entirely if you’re a Nordstrom credit card holder and a free return shipping label is also provided. However, the items themselves can be pricey depending on your budget and range up to $300 and $400. "Expensive" is in the eye of the beholder.

Is Nordstrom Trunk Club Worth it?

Again, whether or not the service is worthwhile is dependent on the individual, your shopping habits, and what you're looking for. Are you looking for convenience and for an easy way to shop from home? Then yes, Nordstrom Trunk Club would likely be worthwhile. Once you've completed the style quiz, Nordstrom's team of stylists will work to curate a Trunk based on your preferences, featuring items hand-selected just for you and catered to your taste and budget. Over time, as you work with more stylists and provide feedback on Trunks, the experience gets more fine-tuned. But will it save you time? Not necessarily. If you're honed in on your personal style, and super selective about the items you add to your closet like me, you may end up spending more time than you'd like working to get your Trunk just so.

Is Nordstrom Trunk Club Easy to Cancel?

Yes! Unlike some other styling services, Trunk club subscribers aren't locked into a plan or traditional subscription. You can cancel at any time. The only fee you'll ever pay is a non-refundable $25.00 styling fee for each Trunk you choose to order - and you'll only ever lose that fee if you don't choose to purchase any items from the Trunk. And the fee is waived entirely for Nordstrom cardholders.

My Trunk Club Verdict

My initial Nordstrom Trunk Club experience was mostly positive and I can completely understand how this service would be appealing to many – especially right now when it's difficult to not only get to stores but try things on – it seems most fitting rooms are closed these days. Compared to other online styling subscription services, Trunk Club allows for more customization, a broader range of items to choose from, and of course, many of the brands offered by Nordstrom. If you have expensive taste, this is definitely the stying service for you – but if you have expensive taste and like to shop sales, well that's another story – you won't really find any deals here.

For those who are looking to build their wardrobes, are shopping for a specific need or occasion (a wedding, new job, or trip, for example), or don't have time to browse sites for things they like, working with the Nordstrom Trunk Club Stylists is certainly a benefit. The stylists do a great job selecting items they think you might love, and if you're committed enough, the experience will only improve over time as you provide feedback on each Trunk.

While my overall experience with Trunk Club was positive, it did take me a while to get to a place with my Trunk that I was happy with before it shipped. My stylists did a great job selecting items that could work for me – but I know what I like, and I also know I'm hard to shop for because of that. That said, I was disappointed to not see any of the brands I had indicated I liked during the style quiz and I ended up with some patterned that went against my preferences as well. Also, this isn't a stylist issue, but when swapping items, I noticed that some of the price points of items made available to swap were much, much higher than where I set my budget. I would love to see a little more integration with the Nordstrom site to make it easier to swap for items that are closer to what you're looking for or request specific items.

While I'm not a Nordstrom cardholder, the perks of joining this service if you are can't be denied. No styling free, they guarantee a price match for purchase within 14 days and even offer free alterations in the Nordstrom store (granted, you have to actually have to have a Nordstrom near you – I don't).

Would I use Trunk Club again? Probably! If I were shopping for a special occasion or looking to try new pieces for a season and money were no object - I'd definitely use this service again and would recommend it if you're looking for a styling subscription service that mirrors the quality and service offered by Nordstrom department stores.

Check our Nordstrom Trunk Club!

Have you used Trunk Club before? What did you think of the stylist's choices? Let us know below!

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Julie O’Boyle-Sharp
Julie O’Boyle-Sharp
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The face masks have been reduced to $9.83 @ REI; though shipping isn’t free till order reaches $50.

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Julie O’Boyle-Sharp

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Christine Hall

I actually think everything looks super cute on you!

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I would love to see a style box review for office work wear.

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This is a really helpful review! I tried Stitch Fix and liked it, and was curious about this service. I like that you can review the selections before they’re shipped.

Thank you for posting screenshots. I was curious about the process and the style quiz. I still have credit at Stitch Fix, so I’m going to get another box, but I think I will try this one next!

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Julie O’Boyle-Sharp

Thank you so much for reading, Carol, and for your comment! I agree, the fact that you can review the items before shipment is a key feature and one that I really appreciate.

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