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My Subscription Addiction
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‌ My Nordstrom Trunk Club Men’s Review – March 2021

Ariel Sandler
ByAriel SandlerMar 26, 2021 | 2 comments
‌ My Nordstrom Trunk Club Men's Review – March 2021

My Nordstrom Trunk Club Men's Review

Is this the clothing subscription service for me?


  • Nordstrom Trunk Club offers customers a curated shopping experience through its style profile quiz and Trunk review.
  • Nordstrom Trunk Club offers customers an opportunity to provide ample feedback about their style preferences and pre-approve their delivery.
  • The convenience of an at-home wardrobe delivery service to 'try before you buy' is undeniable.
  • Benefits of the Nordstrom partnership result in many of the same perks received at a Nordstrom store, including price matching, free alterations, and The Nordy Club membership rewards.
  • Customers are provided the freedom to schedule delivery dates and order cadence based on need.


  • Items can be rather expensive - and sometimes found cheaper elsewhere - with no discount options offered.
  • Customers lose the $25.00 Styling Fee if no items are purchased (unless you have a Nordstrom credit card).
  • Honing in on your preferred style and assortment may take time with a personal stylist.
  • Nailing accurate sizing across your selections can be difficult.

I’m not going to lie... I like clothes. I enjoy following the latest trends, discovering emerging brands, and generally being in the know. It’s part of the reason I’ve spent the past decade working in marketing with national and local retail accounts, selling everything from everyday wear to high-fashion, high-ticket items. Having said all that, I’m no good at shopping. I don’t like picking through clothing racks, and I hate trying on apparel.

While I've now dipped my toes into the personal styling service and other clothing subscription boxes, I haven't yet found a solution. Will my first attempt with Nordstrom Trunk Club solve my woes?

Read on to find out.

My Subscription Addiction paid for the styling fee of this product. (Check out the review process post to learn more.)

Quick Facts

Nordstrom Trunk Club Brand Overview

  • Nordstrom Trunk Club is a “personal styling service for men and women” curated for every lifestyle, size and fit.
  • Nordstrom's team of stylists offers customers a "Trunk Preview" to review and confirm or modify each selection prior to shipment.

How It Works

  • Upon sign-up, customers complete a style profile consisting of size, fit, and budget. preferences to help Nordstrom's team of stylists ensure a personalized experience.
  • Request a Trunk and await a "Trunk Preview" to edit or confirm all selections within 48 hours.
  • Customers can try everything on, keep what they want, and return what they don’t -- shipping, returns and exchanges are always free. Nordstrom even offers free carrier pick-up from home.


  • There is no fee to sign up.
  • Each Trunk carries a $25.00 styling fee, which is credited towards the purchase of any item within the shipment.
  • The $25.00 styling fee is waived for Nordstrom cardmembers.
  • Prices typically ranged between $50-$300.00 per item.

Participating Brands

  • Nordstrom Trunk Club carries a variety of high-quality men's and women's clothing "from the workweek to the weekends."
  • Customers are able to request specific brands based on want/need.

Subscription Frequency

  • Nordstrom Trunk Club offers a wide range of Trunk delivery frequencies, on-demand or on a monthly, bi-monthly, or every three months basis.
  • Users can schedule deliveries on an automated basis or choose to manually request as needed.

Cancellation Policy

  • Nordstrom Trunk Club is not a subscription service - there are no regular obligation fees - and may be canceled at any time.
  • You are only ever charged a $25.00 styling fee if you do not choose to keep any items or aren't a Nordstrom cardmember.

Creating a Nordstrom Trunk Club Profile

Style Quiz

Similar to competition like Stitch Fix, the Nordstrom Trunk Club style quiz requests a series of answers designed to narrow in on the customer's preferences, ensuring a curated style assortment. The above screenshots illustrate a selection of those questions. Customers share wide-ranging details about his/her body type, fit preferences, sizing challenges, and more. The more detailed the responses, the better Nordstrom's team of stylists can hone in on the right choices (in theory, at least). For those unsure or unaware of how to answer many of these questions, responses can be skipped or kept blank to leave those decisions in the stylist's hands. I found the personalization extremely helpful and insightful. I'm still amazed by how much detail can go into these lifestyle choices.

Style Swipes

Some people are better visual learners. And for those people, there are Style Swipes. The dating app-like swiping function presents you with various apparel stylings and lets you swipe the picture directionally with approval or disapproval. Style Swipes is another added feature that will allow Nordstrom's stylists to better hone in on your preferences. It's also mildly addictive and extremely entertaining.

Trunk Preview

The Trunk Preview functions exactly how it sounds. Following the style profile quiz and stylist review, customers receive a personalized message and a chance to review the suggested trunk assortment. There's a lot to like about this function. Unlike my Stitch Fix experience, customers can review each item, piece-by-piece, and approve or modify the selections - adjusting the size, color, or completely swapping out for a new item. Additional feedback can also be left regarding your decision-making.

As someone who had a pretty good idea in mind of the brands and styles wanted, I really appreciated receiving this preview and confirming whether or not Nordstrom hit on my requests. That's the good news.

Unfortunately, getting to a place of comfort with my choices took a lot of work. I'll be the first to admit I can be pretty picky. But I had to rework my Trunk Preview multiple times until I landed on a combination of products I was excited to receive. I'm honestly not sure why it took so long, as I was rather descriptive - you can even provide imagery of your preferred styles! - but I repeatedly had to find different ways to describe what I wanted.

The hard work ultimately paid off, as I eventually landed on an assortment I looked forward to receiving.

What Did I Get in My Nordstrom Trunk Club?

What Comes in the Trunk?

Before we get to the good stuff (your Nordstrom Trunk Club stylist's hand-selected apparel items), each Trunk also contains several other important materials. There is a personalized note with feedback on the curation experience and directions for how to try on and keep or return all items. A helpful, itemized pricing guide is also included. To make returns as easy as possible, a prepaid return label and adhesive tape are also included to simply repackage your trunk prior to returning.

How Many Items Did I Receive?


My first Trunk boasted an immense about of items - 13 in total! Ranging from pants to tops to jackets, along with a number of accessories. I really appreciated the wide swath of options, both from brands familiar to me and others I was experiencing for the first time:

Styling Suggestions

My Trunk arrived with a personal stylist's "Styling Suggestions". The digital lookbook simply paired pieces together in a way they felt appropriate for various scenarios. This is no doubt helpful for many people but I didn't gain a lot of use from it.

How did Nordstrom Trunk Club's Stylist do?

Let's start by saying - mostly for the better - the number of products I received in my first Nordstrom Trunk Club was overwhelming. Opening the Trunk was like one of those magic tricks where the material just keeps going and going. But I like choice, so I was a fan. Let's also level-set the fact it took multiple Trunk Previews before I was convinced I'd be happy with the bulk of my Trunk's contents.

Provided these factors, I'd give this first effort a solid 7 on my tough grading scale. I walked away liking the style and fit of a lot of pieces. There were several concerns - though the biggest disappointment had nothing to do with my stylist's decision and everything to do with the product's fit.


I really liked all the pant options. I'd especially been in the market for a pair of corduroy's and I really liked the look and feel from a strong brand like Barbour. Unfortunately, it's also a really long pant that would have to be rolled up to look sensible. But that is where Nordstrom's free alteration offering at the department store comes in. The other styles - black skinny jeans and a tie-dye sweatpant - also fit exactly as I wanted.


The tops were a mixed bag. Most importantly, they all fit perfectly - which means the stylist selected items based on my concerns (short arms) perfectly. I really liked the henley and t-shirt (especially its message - I hope). But the plaid styles weren't my taste.


The biggest disappointment for me was the Patagonia fleece jacket. I'd wanted a piece like this for a long time - in fact, it's specifically what I requested. Unfortunately, the fit was way off for me. It may be difficult to tell in the pictures but the jacket is really short - barely covering the top of my pants. After some anecdotal research (in which I’ve learned a lot of these exist around Brooklyn), this is a byproduct of the style. At least I can thank Nordstrom Trunk Club for saving me from making this purchase elsewhere!


The accessories were primarily items I requested to have thrown in as potential extra items I may want but certainly didn’t need. The reality is I thought all the items were great - especially the cashmere knit hat - but decided none were especially worth keeping. I’m saving the shoes for last. And, quite honestly, I’d rather not discuss them at all. I’m a sneaker guy. So while these are definitely the fit for a lot of people out there, they weren’t even worth trying on for me.

Again, I’m a harsh critic. And generally I know what I want. I would keep the majority of the Trunk’s contents which, to me, feels like a real win. I’m excited to see how Nordstrom’s team of stylists improve upon selections for me in the future.

The Nordstrom Trunk Club Feedback Survey


I’ve quickly learned personal feedback for stylists and these services, in general, is vital. I appreciate the level of detail Nordstrom Trunk Club allows customers to provide - from pattern to fabric to fit, plus additional anecdotal thoughts. It’s too early to tell how helpful this will be for future Trunks but I look forward to finding out.

Is Nordstrom Trunk Club Worth it?

Much like anything else in life, it depends on who you are and what are your needs. Pricing ranges vary significantly - from $50-$300.00 per item. Some of which can actually be found for less elsewhere. And unlike some of the competition, there is no discount for keeping the entirety of the contents.

If you’re a Nordstrom credit cardholder and/or member of its Nordy Club then, yes, I believe it’s a no-brainer. The $25.00 styling fee is waived with each Trunk, so there is literally no financial downside to receiving the product. Nordy Club rewards members are also treated to the same benefits experienced in-store, including earning Nordstrom Notes that translate to cash credit.

There’s also no mistaking the convenience of at-home deliveries. This saves time, energy, and (now more than ever) peace of mind. Even if I don’t keep many of the items, I appreciate the value of learning about new brands and styles and getting a better understanding of what best fits and looks on me.

Common Questions

Is Nordstrom Trunk Club Expensive?

No, the personal styling service is not inherently expensive. There is a $25.00 styling fee but that cost is credited towards any kept items and waived altogether if you’re a Nordstrom credit cardholder and a free return shipping label is also provided. Items offered range as high as $300.00, but customers set their price thresholds. In which case, “expensive” is really dependent upon the individual consumer.

Is Nordstrom Trunk Club Worth it?

If convenience is of critical importance? Absolutely. Following a brief but detailed style quiz, Nordstrom’s team of Trunk Club stylists are prepared to do everything for you. They’ll determine the brands, styles, and selections best suited for you. But if you’re someone who is knowledgeable and confident in your needs, they will also work to make sure you receive exactly that - with a few additional options to boot.

But if you are someone willing to put in the time and effort to find the perfect item at the best price, there may be opportunities to find better options or more value. It’s just going to take a lot of work to get there.

Is Nordstrom Trunk Club Easy to Cancel?

Yes. Customers have complete control to cancel at any time. Because this is not a typical subscription service, you are only ever charged a non-refundable $25.00 styling fee per Trunk (unless items are kept or you are a Nordstrom credit cardholder).

My Verdict

While I’m still relatively new to the personal stylist experience, I walked away believing there was a lot to like about my Nordstrom Trunk Club experience. Their team of stylists leaves as much decision-making to the individual customer as he/she wants. They do a tremendous job of asking for and responding to an individual’s feedback. And should someone not choose (or know-how) to provide, they’ll handle everything for you!

Granted, it took me a number of tries to land on enough Trunk Club items I was happy with. But I appreciate the level of patience granted to get me there.

There is a lot of confidence in a product attached to a name like Nordstrom. It means high-quality product from high-quality brands - and my experience didn’t disappoint. It also means plenty of perks if you’re already a part of (or thinking about joining) the Nordstrom universe. They guarantee to price match your purchase within 14 days, offer free alterations within a Nordstrom department store and much more.

I won’t tell you Nordstrom Trunk Club offers the best deals out there. They don’t. But they do offer an amazing product and a great consumer experience. Which is more than enough for me to request a second Trunk (which I already have)!

Give Nordstrom Trunk Club a Try!

Have you ordered Trunk Club? What did you think of the stylist's choices? Did you order your next Fix? Let us know below!

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Ariel Sandler
Ariel Sandler
Ariel is adjusting to dad life after recently welcoming a daughter into the world. Before fatherhood (and, hopefully, still during), he enjoyed exercising, craft beer and coffee brands, and discovering new gadget and fashion trends. He's excited to join MSA because nothing is better than learning more about these passions than with a knock and a box at your door.

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I like seeing this service from the male perspective, especially from a guy who took the time to try and tailor the service to his wants and needs. So thanks for the review, Ariel, even if they seem to have a lil ways to go to actually impress you.

I think the Trunk Club is great if you know what brands you like and the sizes you want them in (if you have a Nordy’s card it is basically free browsing) and their customer service is honestly second to none — I had a trunk go missing from my porch and they didn’t charge me anything, not even the styling fee. I was relieved, amazed and appreciative all at the same time. Also, talk to your stylists. About any or all of your trunk previews! They will respond. They will even scrounge up clearance or sale items if you inquire about particular items. They want to send you things you will buy and every time I have sent a message I get a reply within 24 hrs if not much sooner.

If you like nicer clothes and/or established brands and appreciate top notch customer service, this is the styling service you want. Plus you can usually check around other sites for some pretty sweet referral credits to get started with.

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