What Are Hubble Contacts Made Of?

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Hubble is one of the most popular contact lens subscription boxes on the market. The goal of this post is to provide answers to common questions. If you want to learn more about Hubble check out our Hubble reviews, coupons and other news.

What are Hubble contacts made of?

All Hubble contacts are made from high-grade methafilcon A hydrogel material. The hydrogel helps prevent dry eyes making Hubble contacts extremely comfortable. Hubble contacts also have 55% water content and UV protection. These breathable lenses are designed for all-day comfort and clear vision.

Hubble contacts are also daily disposable lenses. This means lenses are single-use and meant to be discarded at the end of each day. A fresh pair of contacts are applied the next morning. Daily disposable lens are the most convenient type of lenses as they eliminate the need for solution and bacterial build up on lens. Hubble contacts offer a healthy lens that do not require lens cleaning, preventing accumulation of lens deposits.

Does Hubble have contacts for astigmatism?

Although Hubble contacts are suitable for wearers with mild astigmatism, as of now, Hubble does not carry any toric lenses or contacts for astigmatism. Hubble contacts do not offer multi-focal or colored contacts.

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