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My Subscription Addiction
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Hubble Contacts Free First Box Review + Coupon!

Sarah Paul
BySarah PaulFeb 11, 2021 | 35 comments

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Hubble is a new monthly subscription box for affordable, daily contacts. You can try them for free (just pay shipping) when you use this link! (Check out our list of other subscription boxes you can try for free here!)

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

This review is of the Hubble's Free First Box – just pay $3 shipping!

The Box: Hubble

The Cost: $36 a month + $3 shipping

ACTIVE DEAL: Get a trial box (15 pairs) for free, just pay $1 shipping! No coupon needed - just use this link.

The Products: 30 pairs of contacts each month.

Ships to: US

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

The price of contact lenses can widely vary but mine are always expensive so I was excited to learn about Hubble! I've been using daily lenses for a few years now but that can get pricey so $36 a month sounded like a dream!

Before I signed up, I wanted to do a little research on the quality of lenses.

From the Hubble site:

Our lenses are made from high-grade methafilcon A hydrogel material. With 55% water content, UV protection, and a thin edge, they're designed for easy insertion, all-day comfort and crystal clear vision.

The lenses are FDA approved and come in the standard 14.2 diameter with a base curve of 8.6. They currently offer lenses with powers ranging from -0.50 to -12.00 and +0.5 to +6.00.

They currently don't offer toric lenses for those with astigmatism but plan to in the future!

Note, you need a valid Hubble contacts prescription from your doctor before signing up. You can go to your current doctor and ask for a Hubble specific prescription. If you don’t have one, they offer to locate a doctor in your area to get an exam, though this does seem like it’s currently a limited service area.

After I was able to put in my order, my first box shipped out within 48 hours!

My first shipment came with this little booklet that explained the contact packaging, contact information for Hubble, and some really cute illustrations.

Hubble contacts come in these really adorable boxes. I love the design!

The back of the box reiterates the specifications of the contacts, including the breakdown of the lenses themselves and the manufacturer's information.

Your prescription is displayed on the side of the box. This also displays the expiration date of the lenses.

The cute packaging continues on the strip of contacts! Your prescription is also clearly displayed here.

If you've used contacts before, you're familiar with this kind packaging! These are pretty standard little pods and the contacts looked like my typical lenses. They're faintly blue so you can easily see them.

My only concern when I ordered these is that I typically use a base curve of 8.5. My doctor was fine with trying this 8.6 base curve and I didn't notice a difference. These felt exactly like my other daily contacts. When I wear contacts, it's typically for the whole day so I definitely get at least 15 hours out of them. These were comfortable and an easy switch to make.

Verdict: I'm really pleased with Hubble! If their lens specifications fit your needs, $3 is a great price to try a new box of daily lenses. These felt like every other brand of daily contacts I've enjoyed over the years so I'm really happy with the quality of the lenses.

At first, I didn't love the idea of a monthly delivery because I'm used to buying my contacts in bulk. I don't actually wear contacts every single day so I always have some left over when my yearly restock reminder comes. With Hubble, you have the option to skip months so I can arrange deliveries as needed and avoid waste! The cost of contacts can really vary from person to person but Hubble literally is half the cost of what I was paying! I had to triple check the cost of my last contact order to verify that because it seemed like there was no way I had paid so much for contacts but that's accurate! These are beyond a deal for me!

ACTIVE DEAL: Get a trial box (15 pairs) for free, just pay $1 shipping! No coupon needed - just use this link.

What do you think of Hubble?

Starting at $36.00
Active Deal
Get a trial box (15 pairs) for free, just pay $1 shipping!
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Hubble is a monthly subscription box for affordable, daily contacts. They teamed up with a contact manufacturer to create more affordable contacts. Their contacts are FDA approved and made of high-grade methafilcon-A hydrogel material with 55% water content, UV protection, and a thin edge.
Sarah Paul
Sarah Paul
Sarah’s first box was Honest Company and she was excited to learn that there are boxes to cover many of her interests which include coffee, sci-fi, books, pop culture, comics, and makeup. She’s currently loving Stars Hollow Monthly and Vegan Cuts, and can’t wait to find more!

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Hannah mills

I recently found out that this is a scam subscription.

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Elvira Clayborn

I didn’t give you permission to continue to go into my account I tryed then out once and didn’t like them so please refund me my money.

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In April I signed up for their subscription service under the first box free promotion. After 2 weeks of no communication I reached out to their customer service for information about my order. I found out that they don’t carry my prescription. I cancelled my subscription. 2 months later I was charged 33.00 for the LEFT EYE ONLY! Never mind that the first box was supposed to be free. They then deducted 8.00 because of THEIR mistakes. I purchased from Lens.com and got quality customer service and cheaper lenses.

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Help! How did you contact them? I’m having the same issue but I can’t get a hold of anyone! The contacts are blurry and I can’t even see out of them and they never contacted my Dr. like they said!

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My optometrist said it’s illegal for Hubble to dispense the lenses to me since they NEver contacted his office to verify my prescription.

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My husband wears his night & day is there anything like that that hubble carries. He’s the worest at taking them out so we get the ones that are for day and night wear & he just changes once a month.

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Sam Artfay

All contact lenses dispensed in the US requite a fit and follow up by a doctor, and then that doctor writing the prescription for those exact contact lenses. Contact lens prescriptions are not interchangeable based on the power. These lenses do not appear to be stocked in doctors offices for fitting purposes so how does this work exactly? Any doctor that would write a prescription for these contacts without first fitting them on the patient and evaluating the fit would be committing malpractice. Contact lenses are classified as a class II medical device by the FDA and as such are a controlled device.

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Ruth Gerik

I had asked my doctor about Hubbles. He contacted Hubble and got a contact fitting kit. He is now an authorized Hubble prescriber and wears them himself.

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I wear dailies and still get a better deal through Costco, but I know not everyone has access to one. We went through a battle trying to get my teenage daughter contacts because she inherited the extreme astigmatism my exhusband had and it was impossible (or ridiculously overpriced) to get the correct lenses. So she’s glasses for(until she has saved enough for Lasik).

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Try Sightbox!

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I ordered these and they are rather comfortable. I don’t use them as Daily lenses. I still prefer my regular BioMedics lenses for that. Rather, I use them when I travel so I don’t need to carry lens solutions.
One thing I do wonder is what’s up with the different colored boxes. I’m guessing prescription strength. I’m -7.50

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Does biomedics still exist? Last time I went to the eye doctor, they told me they were discontinued. I love them so much & would to go back.

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I’m a doctor of optometry, and most of us definitely frown on these lenses. They are made of an older lens material that is pretty much not found anymore in commercially available dailies. They might feel great and cost less, but your eyes are likely to not be getting as much oxygen as they need throughout the day. Technology has changed and there are so many better options out there. Getting these is basically like expecting to buy an iPhone and getting sent an old flip phone instead.

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Thanks for the information. As a neuro patient with a ton of eye issues… from optic neuritis, to edema, to VEDS and macular issues… I wear contacts, but I find I am always taking them out… even if I use the good one… daily ones.. my eyes dry out…lol and I cannot see out of my glasses very well… or my contacts… so I simply keep trading.. but I was planning on trying Hubble Bc they were cheaper.. so thanks… cheap isn’t always better. K

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I wear dailies thAt also contain a reading aspect. So I don’t need to wear readers too. I could never use these. My current contacts cost 600 for the year.

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Oh wow, I just ordered the free trial pair. My eyesight is really bad. My contacts are -8.50 in the left and -8.00 in the right. Now I’m scared to wear these when I receive them.

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Sharon in SE TX

Thanks for your expert opinion Ola.

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Thanks for the insight – it definitely explains why the pricing is so cheap!

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Wow that’s good to know. Thanks for the clarification and background info!! Helps with making any future decisions.

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I checked with my doctor when I first heard about Hubble, and mine did not recommend and would not vouch for these because they are older technology, as Ola said. She said if I insist on trying these, I would have to find a doctor that’s willing to do the exam specifically for Hubble.
Note: you can’t use your existing prescription, even if it is current, if your doctor does not vouch for it as they will be responsible if something goes wrong with your eyes after wearing these, so they will not confirm your prescription when Hubble contacts them. And it wasn’t worth the trouble for me to go find another doctor just to try these out.
So before ordering through Hubble, I suggest having a direct chat with your optometrist first.

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That is good to know. Once I grew some blood vessels in my corneas from wearing contacts that didn’t “breathe” all that well and I had to refrain from wearing contacts for a couple of months afterwards. (This was at least 15 years ago.)

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Thanks for reviewing! I had heard about this and was curious. So helpful!

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I did a trial with them and found the contacts to be very uncomfortable. They started feeling dry within a few hours and by about hour 6, they were unwearable. Plus, the only way to cancel is to call in which I find inconvenient. I would certainly recommend avoiding if you’ve ever had any issues with contacts feeling dry or ‘sharp’ after some wear time.

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Hey I see you are a little bit blind like me LOL (nearly the same prescription). I have severe astigmatism and spent a pretty penny this year trying to get a prescription for contacts. I am now the owner of a year’s supply (cuz I’m an idiot) of contacts that aren’t quite the right prescription so they give me a major headache when I wear them. So now I’ve just decided contacts for special occasions only and glasses forever more. Probably better to hide my eye-bags and crow’s feet anyway LOL

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I was able to exchange contacts for a new prescription with 1-800-Contacts. Apparently my astigmatism is bad enough for an optician to comment on it, so they will do exchanges/partial refunds even for weird eyes 🙂

I’ve been unable to wear contacts after developing severe dry eye issues, so I feel you on the glasses forever.

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I had dry eye issues with my contacts in my early 20s but the improvements in technology discussed elsewhere in these comments have been beneficial for me (now in my late 30s). I really don’t have issues any more unless I use some mascara that doesn’t agree with me or something. Well, that and ditching the contact solution. I can’t even use the hydrogen peroxide lens cleaners.

I don’t have a sense of how “bad” my astigmatism is, only that it exists.

I have been wearing glasses for 34 years. They’re still easier for some things, like exercise, because sweat getting into eyes with contacts sounds like it would be painful.


Can’t you take them back to your eye doctor and get the problem fixed/get a refund/exchange? Or did you order them from an outside company? I tend to go through my eye doctor so if there is a problem, I have someone local to go talk to. I know what contacts work for me now, though, so getting a year means I save rather a lot of money.

I feel you on the headaches. I broke my glasses frames this year a few weeks before I was able to see the eye doctor (insurance issues). So I wore an old pair where the prescription was not quite right. I could see but, wow, when I got the new pair, my constant headache and eye strain was gone.

I am -7 in the left eye and -6.5 in the right…

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I need torics. I have to wear dailies because I seem to be allergic to every cleaning solution out there. I spend over $700 a year right now. Also, doubt I could sign up for a subscription with my HSA card. So, this is probably not for me.

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My XR Torics are $350 per eye, so I understand. I’ve been researching a new “thing” called Sightbox. $39/month (a little more for dailies) and it includes an eye exam with your regular doctor.
Have you heard of them?

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No, just looked it up though. I don’t need a payment plan because the money comes out of my HSA (I’d just as soon pay at once and get it over with) and also because I have vision insurance through work that pays for the exam. I imagine it would be better for people without vision insurance and/or without HSAs (or those whose HSAs don’t contain sufficient funds).


Wow, this sounds like something I’d be interested in. I have to buy two sets of contacts since each eye is different, it adds up. I look forward to when they offer toric lenses.

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Thanks for jumping in and reviewing these! I’d just heard about them this week and was curious about them. I wear my lenses monthly…so I’ll have to wait and see if they come out with longer wear lenses!

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I always would love to try this but couldn’t as they don’t carry toric lens yet. I think it would be great to mention which brand you use for comparison. Also just wanted to clarify in your review if you meant “current prescription” instead of “subscription” and “it seems like too little” instead of “too much”? Otherwise thanks for reviewing this!!

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I updated the wording to be a little clearer – thanks for the heads up! I meant that I had an up -to-date prescription from my doctor so I didn’t have to get an exam before ordering. And that my last, non-Hubble contact order seemed like it was way too much money to be real lol.

Good call on the comparison, sorry for not including that! I’ve tried tons of contacts in the past (even dabbled in gas permeable lenses at one point!) but for the past 4-5 years I’ve been using 1-Day Acuvue TruEye. Hope that helps!

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No problem. Thanks for the update!!! 🙂