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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

These Made-for-Mamas Sprays & Drops Unlocked My Chill

Christen Russo
ByChristen RussoJun 9, 2022


Two truths and a lie: I'm exhausted. I struggle to wind down at night. I have all the time in the world for self-care. Ha! I can't read that last one without laughing—and longing. As a mother of a baby and a toddler, my self-care is squeezed into the rare and tiny pockets of time to myself between napping, entertaining, and endlessly feeding my small people. So, I've had to get smart and efficient with my tactics.

My newfound go-to is Rejuvia's Oral Spray Bundle. It's been a total game-changer for me recently. This spread of stress-managing, anxiety-calming, soothing supplements is beginning to turn things around for me. Big. Deal.

Let's look together at what has me keeping these products handy every day.

Wait, What Actually Is Rejuvia?

Rejuvia offers easy-to-use supplements meant to help you focus, relax, and even sleep. They come in any form you like: classic drops, vegan gel capsules, and, my new obsession, oral sprays. All of Rejuvia's products are all-natural, non-GMO, triple-tested, and certified organic.

Keep reading for more details.

Their Sleep and Anxiety Oral Sprays

Let's start with the spray twins, the stars of the show in my experience. They're super easy to use, just spray on or under your tongue 6-8 times, then swallow. You'll be left with a minty taste and lasting effects catered to your desires. Here are the two oral sprays:

Midnight Breeze Sleep Spray—or what I like to call the "get down, stay down" spray—helps you fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep for longer. Its all-organic ingredients include Rejuvia's proprietary blend of sleep-inducing melatonin, balancing adaptogens, boosting minerals, and essential oils including peppermint oil that tastes perfectly refreshing.

I find this spray particularly useful on nights when revenge bedtime is getting the best of me. A few sprays ease me into a sleepy state and work with me to bank that sleep I know I'll need for the next day.

Glowing Lucidity Focus Spray helps to enhance mental focus and calm you down thanks to its organic calming adaptogens, peppermint oil, and lots more. I love that the minty flavor of this spray makes it a great follow-up to brushing my teeth, giving me a little boost as I step into my day. It's also very portable, you'll notice!

In addition to tasting good and also just being kind of fun and interesting to use, oral sprays are four times more effective than oils and capsules because they're absorbed immediately, rather than having to go through the digestive system, where they lose some of their efficacy.

Their Stress-Relieving Drops

Rejuvia drops

Those who have used a peppermint tincture before will find these calming drops familiar. Their viscosity and minty-meets-earthy taste feel like a return to home for me. And, while a quick dropperful right on top of my tongue is my usual method of consumption, here's my latest favorite thing (moms, this is going to blow your mind)...adding a dropperful to my coffee. And then, if I'm lucky and have managed to wake up before the kids, I get to drink it hot. Man are those mornings done right.

Their Aches And Pains Soothing Capsules

On top of the calming benefits that Rejuvia's capsules offer, they're also infused with curcumin, which is from the turmeric root, offering anti-inflammatory properties. This makes these small gel pills a great option for enhancing physical recovery, which may have you thinking "post-workout," but for me in this season of life, hauling my baby around is basically like lugging weights around all day long. I'll take all the physical recovery I can get.

Each bottle contains 30 capsules, so that's a month's worth of soothing goodness that can be popped in your mouth alongside your daily vitamins. I love how easy these caps are to incorporate into my daily self-care non-negotiables.

My Favorite: Rejuvia's Bundles

all Rejuvia products

If you, like me, are someone who likes to set yourself up for success by having all the options available to you on hand, a Rejuvia bundle is the way to go. You can bundle with or without the capsules, but I recommend including the caps so that you can swallow them alongside your vitamins and be prepared for the day ahead. Here are the details on bundles:

The Stressed Mama Bundle (pictured) starts at $100 for a one-time purchase, or $70 if you subscribe to delivery every 4 or 8 weeks. It includes:

  • Focus Spray
  • Sleep Spray
  • Calm Drops (500mg or 1000mg)
  • Recovery Capsules (25mg)

The Cranky Mama Bundle starts at $140 for a one-time purchase, or $98 if you subscribe to delivery every 4 or 8 weeks. It includes:

  • Focus Spray
  • Sleep Spray
  • Calm Drops (500mg or 1000mg)

My Verdict on Rejuvia

Rejuvia sprays

Plain and simple, I'm a fan! While anyone can use Rejuvia, their awesome combination of products feels like a net of calm for me to fall back into when motherhood overstimulates and overwhelms me. The droplets are a solid classic, the capsules are a great staple, and the super-absorbent and quick-acting sprays have become something I reach for often.

Christen Russo
Christen Russo

Hi there, I'm Christen. I am all sorts of things:

🌳 a writer who loves to convey feeling

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You'll find me collecting stationery and squirreling away stickers, riding bikes and swimming with my family, creating outfits in colors and silhouettes that make me feel amazing, wearing big earrings, drinking beer and asking my husband to feed me harmonies to sing, taking my vitamins, living for dancing to live music, roping everyone into a craft, being human and vulnerable, and celebrating the phenomenon of being alive.

...and doing it all with energy, delight, and jokes along the way.