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The Meal Kit for People Who Want to Save Money

Paige Bennett
ByPaige BennettJun 6, 2022In Partnership With EveryPlate

box of ingredients for an EveryPlate meal kit delivery

I have to admit - it was not love at first sight with meal kits for me. I’ve found the recipes in some too complicated to follow. Plus, not to mention the cost of most meal kits — I can easily get the ingredients for recipes from the grocery store for far cheaper than the cost of a meal kit, even if that isn’t always the most convenient option.

But EveryPlate is different. This meal kit is easy to follow, encourages more creativity (in a simplified way), meets the needs of my busy lifestyle, and most impressively, it’s a budget-friendly option. Here’s why EveryPlate is the best meal kit for people who want something easy and affordable.

EveryPlate Is Impressively Affordable

One of the biggest perks of EveryPlate is its price. Prices start at about $4.99 per meal and only go up to $5.89 — I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent more than that on a snack run at the grocery store or a fast food meal for myself. Even more impressively, the meals I made, which were meant to feed two people, made enough servings to feed me several times (and I have a hearty appetite!).

New subscribers can save even more and get a box for as little as $1.79 per meal.

Sweet And Spicy Ponzu Pork Meatballs

The Actual Cooking Part is Easy as Pie

Let’s be honest - not all of us can transform ourselves into Michelin chefs, no matter how quality the ingredients are. Since I belong to neither the “managed to burn water once… or twice” or “culinary genius” camps, having meals that are both hands-on and easy-to-follow is absolutely essential. EveryPlate’s ingredients are pre-measured, and recipes are designed to be followed in six simple steps, making it pretty hard for me to feel overwhelmed and over-extended for time. I get both the satisfaction of light ingredient prep (such as chopping a carrot), and none of the hassle that’s likely to leave my kitchen in smoke.

Fast Cooking and Cleanup

I tend to prefer meals that aren’t going to take forever to make, but still allow me to feel like a “real” cook with some light prep, like chopping veggies or zesting citrus. Most of all, meals need to be convenient and work around my busy lifestyle.

EveryPlate achieves this balance. In my most recent delivery, each recipe required just 10 to 15 minutes of prep work, and everything was ready in 45 minutes or less. Seriously, I was able to quickly and easily prep, eat, and clean up EveryPlate’s Mushroom and Pepper Jack Quesadillas before rushing off to the airport.

And if even 45 minutes of cook time is too long, EveryPlate offers an Easy Plan, where recipes take only 30 minutes or less or even have no-fuss cleanup. (Let’s be real, I’ve dirtied many, many dishes trying to make meal kit recipes in the past, and there’s nothing that I hate more than doing the dishes.)

EveryPlate carmelized zucchini linguine

The Recipes Are (Actually) Delicious

Truthfully, I’ve had some pretty bland meal kit recipes. Despite seemingly endless packets of pre-measured spices, some meal kit recipes just don’t result in very good flavors. That wasn’t an issue with EveryPlate.

All of the recipes I’ve tried tasted so good I wanted to lick my plate (or bowl) clean. I’m not a huge zucchini fan, but I devoured the Caramelized Zucchini Linguini recipe and plan to make it all summer long. Everything I have made tastes better than meals I’d buy in a restaurant, but for a fraction of the cost — a feat that I’ve yet to find from any other meal kit.

If you’re ready to enjoy tasty, easy, and affordable meals, sign up for EveryPlate today! Use code 179MSA for $1.79 per meal and 20% off your next two boxes.

Paige Bennett
Paige Bennett
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