The Best Razor Clubs for Women 2019

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Best Razors for Women

Cartridge or safety razor? Five blades or just one? Aloe strip or none at all? Metal or plastic?

There are SO many things to consider when shopping for a new razor. So we tested five up-and-coming women’s razor clubs to help you find the best option for your shaving routine.

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Best Razors for Women

1. Billie

Billie Razor Starter Kit including bluue handle, 2 cartridges, and magnetic holder arranged around shipping bag.

Cost: $9.00 for the starter kit.

Subscription Options: $9.00/4-pack of 5-blade cartridges. Choose your auto-ship frequency: every 1, 2, or 3 months.

Other Products from Billie: Body lotion, shave cream, and body wash in fruity botanical scents, as well as a carrying pouch to hold to all.

Why We Like It: Billie delivers a close, comfortable shave with help from a silky aloe-and-charcoal bar that surrounds its blades. The handle comes in five fun colors, too. Our favorite part, though, is Billie’s magnetic holder, which sticks to your shower wall and keeps your razor safely out of wet areas. That means less chance of rusting!

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2. Oui Shave

Oui Shave rose gold razor, pack of blades, and shave cream group on blue background.

Cost: $75.00 for the razor + 10 blades.

Subscription Options: $9.90/10-pack of double-edged razor blades, which can be auto-shipped every 2, 4, or 6 months.

Other Products from Oui Shave: Shave cream, shave oil, ingrown relief, and brightening balm in light fruity scents.

Why We Like It: Oui Shave is the premier safety razor for women with sensitive skin. It’s made of gorgeous rose-gold metal that’s built to last. We love that the single double-edged blades create less waste than cartridges (which typically use more plastic), which makes this razor a better pick for the environment.

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3. Flamingo

Flamingo starter kit including taro handle, 2 cartridges, body lotion, shave foam, suction cup holder, and a purple carry pouch on a blue background

Cost: $9.00 for the razor, or $16.00 for the shave set. $9.00/4-pack of 5-blade cartridges.

Subscription Options: No subscriptions are available for Flamingo. Simply order more when needed.

Other Products from Flamingo: Foaming shave gel and body lotion with a floral scent, plus wax strips for body and face.

Why We Like It: Flamingo blades are surrounded by a generous aloe bar that helps the razor glide across your skin. It also has a perfectly weighted handle fully surrounded by a rubbery grip that comes in three soft colors! Since there’s no auto-ship option with Flamingo, those of us who don’t shave very often won’t have to worry about new razor blades piling up.

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4. Harry’s

Harry's razor starter kit with blue handle, shave gel, and travel case on a blue background

Cost: $8.00 for the starter set (one handle, one cartridge, foaming shave gel, and a travel cover). Complete razors start at $9.00.

Subscription Options: $9.00/4-pack of cartridges every 2, 3, or 5 months

Other Products from Harry’s: Shaving products, skin care, plus shower and hair products.

Why We Like It: Like Flamingo, Harry’s has a wonderfully weighted handle surrounded by a rubbery grip in one of 3 bold colors. Their 5-blade German-made cartridges make shaving a breeze, and the travel case they include in the starter kit helps keep the razor safe on-the-go.

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5. Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club starter kit with handle, shave butter, and pack of cartridges on blue backgound

Cost: $5.00 for the starter set (exactly what’s featured in the set changes frequently). Individual razors start at $7.00.

Subscription Options: Cartridge refills range from $4-$10, depending on the number of blades you choose. All of Dollar Shave Club’s products offer an auto-ship option—set a delivery frequency that works for you and easily skip deliveries as needed.

Other Products from Dollar Shave Club: A full line of shaving, skin care, shower, oral care, and hair products.

Why We Like It: Dollar Shave Club is one of the few subscriptions to offer more than one cartridge style. (Choose from 4 blades or 6.) They also have been around the longest and offer an incredible variety of grooming accessories in addition to razors and shaving. With Dollar Shave Club you can easily have your whole shower or grooming routine auto-shipped to you on a regular basis. It’s easy to add or adjust the items in your deliveries, too!

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Honorable Mentions

6. Bevel

Bevel Safety Razor and mini shave cream, restoring balm, and grooming oil on blue background

Cost: $49.95 for the complete razor with 5 blades

Subscription Options: $29.95/month (commitment required) which includes replacement blades, priming oil, shave cream, and restoring balm.

Other Products from Bevel: Shaving and skincare products, as well as an electric razor.

About Bevel: Bevel is a safety razor brand founded by Tristan Walker of Walker and Company whose purpose is to “make health and beauty simple for people of color.” Their shaving system aims to reduce irritation and razor bumps that many cartridge razors can cause.

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7. Venus by Gillette Subscription

Three colors of GIllette Venus Razor

Cost: $10.00-$21.00 for your first order (includes handle and 4 refills), depending on the handle and refill cartridge styles you choose.

Subscription Options: $10.00-$21.00/4-pack every 1, 2, or 3 months. Choose from 6 different cartridge styles.

Other Products from Venus by Gillette: Other Gillette-owned grooming products, such as Olay skincare and Secret deodorant, which are available as add-ons.

About Venus: Venus by Gillette is a shave club for women featuring the Venus line of razors, which you’ve likely seen in the razor aisle. Choose form four handle styles and six different types of blade cartridges. You can choose the frequency of your deliveries and add products from brands like Olay to your orders.

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8. Happy Legs Club

Open Happy Legs Club Box with razor inside and three blade packs in front

Cost: $12.00 for your first order (includes a razor handle and four 3-blade razors) OR $18.00 for their 5-blade option

Subscription Options: $12.00/6-pack of 3-blade cartridges OR $18.00/6-pack of 5-blade cartridges every 2 or 3 months. (Billed monthly.)

Other Products from Happy Legs Club: Organic shave soap in lavender, oatmeal spice, and citrus scents.

About Happy Legs Club: Happy Legs Club is a razor subscription for women that offers an ergonomically designed handle and 3- or 5-blade cartridges that are made in the USA. Their cartridges feature a Vitamin E & Aloe Vera lubricating strip that promises a soothing shave.

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9. Angel Shave Club

Angel Shave Club Box

Cost: $9.00 for handle + two 5-blade razor cartridges

Subscription Options: $18.00/8-pack of cartridges every 2 or 4 months

Other Products from Angel Shave Club: Shave cream and sugar scrub

About Angel Shave Club: Angel Shave Club is a boutique shave club for women that offers 5-blade razors in three different colors. Subscribers can opt for a box every two or four months.

Ready to try Angel Shave Club? Subscribe here!

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Which razor would YOU recommend?

Written by Marne Orenich

Marne Orenich

Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.


  1. I think I want to try billie

  2. Wondering what is available for shave club companies that ship to Canada?

  3. Billy is my favorite and I’ve tried a few. Love the magnet to hold the razor!

    • Yeah! That magnet is a game-changer, right?

  4. I love my billie too but harry’s is better for the bikini line shave. It has a straight razor on the tip that is awesome for hard to reach areas

  5. I’ve been a loyal Dollar Shave Club (DSC) member for a while. Nothing beats their Post Shave Dew for aftercare

    • Oooh- I haven’t tried that DSC product. Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. I love Billie as well! I recently just reviewed it on my YouTube channel.

  7. Love my Billie razor! The fact that they show women with body hair, not just perfectly smooth is awesome too!

    • I like that as well. They show real women and understand how different our needs/usage can be.

    • It is really refreshing. I’m loving their newest ad campaign. 😉

  8. LOVE Billie!!!

  9. I actually just ordered Billie yesterday! 🙂

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