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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Here’s How I Save Big When I Bundle With Athena Club

Megan K.
ByMegan K.Sep 27, 2022In partnership with Athena Club

I absolutely love online shopping. The thrill of searching the internet for anything I could possibly want, pressing a few buttons, and having it arrive at my house? Exhilarating. But, do you know what really ruins an online shopping extravaganza? A shipping charge.

I get it, I get it. Physically moving a product from one location to my doorstep isn’t free. Full disclosure? My husband works for one of the major US carriers responsible for delivering my goodies from their origin to my doorstep. If anyone knows that shipping isn’t really free, it's me. But seeing that additional cost? Deal breaker. Abandoned cart. Sad face.

So what’s a girl to do when she needs to replenish her Athena Club goodies? Well, I have some hacks to cut down on shipping if you are looking to restock your body care favorites. Athena Club makes this super easy with their super-saving bundles and auto-delivery. In addition to skipping the shipping charge, you can save up to 15% off of the best shaving goods, wellness products, candles, and period products I have ever tried.

Build Your Own Custom Bundle (or choose from Athena Club’s Curations!)

Bundling with Athena Club was how I discovered how much I loved their whole line. Their blades are affordable, super high-quality, and give me the best shave of my life. But Athena Club is much more than razors. Bundling works like this: 3 items gets you 5% off, 4 items gets you 10% off, and 5 items snags 15% off. Bundling is the perfect way to try out different scents, tampon absorbances, and all the other products from Athena Club.

Take Advantage of the First Order Discount

If you need one more reason to take the Athena Club plunge, let it be this: your first order is eligible for a 20% discount. And that discount stacks with the 5-15% bundling discount! 20% off makes a pretty sizable dent in an order, and combined with the bundling discount? Huge win. I recommend you take full advantage by exploring bundles and buying multiples of the goodies you know you are going to use. I know you are going to fall in love with Athena Club’s incredible scents, nourishing formulas, and pretty packaging. They have certainly made my showers feel more luxe and the whole ordering process (plus free shipping!) makes the experience even sweeter.

Use Auto-Delivery

One of my favorite Athena Club features is their auto-delivery option. This is especially handy when it comes to razors (who doesn’t forget those?) but is also helpful for making sure your extra foamy Cloud Shave Foam and body washes are always available. For razors, there are different plans

depending on how often you want/need to shave, and you can purchase other goodies as a single item or by setting a custom auto-delivery schedule. So, whether you only shave when you absolutely have to or you’re an everyday shaver, Athena Club has you covered.

Stock Up on Your Faves

In my humble opinion, stocking up is the best way to really lean into your Athena Club favorites! If you already know you adore that Dewy Body Lotion or you’ve had your life changed by the quality of Athena Club’s tampons, stock up! You are going to need things like this every month, so you might as well have a little backup under your sink. I’m no stranger to buying reserves to keep extras at my parents’ house since I travel there frequently.