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Our Stitch Fix Maternity Review — 2 Experiences With This Styling Service

Christen Russo
ByChristen RussoJan 14, 2021 | 10 comments
Our Stitch Fix Maternity Review — 2 Experiences With This Styling Service

Our Stitch Fix Maternity Review

Two Expectant Mamas Try This Styling Service

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service with options for women, men, kids, and pregnant people. Each styled shipment is called a Fix, and signing up for a maternity Fix starts out the exact same way as the others: with a detailed survey. This quiz is where you'll share your sizes, details about your style, and your pricing preferences. Each Fix has a $20 fee, with free shipping and free returns. If you keep any items you're sent, the $20 fee is deducted from your total, whereas if you sent them all back, that $20 will be your only charge. If you keep all 5 items, you get a 25% discount!

In this review, you'll hear from two members of our team: Sanna and Christen. Sanna is a first-time mama in her third trimester, and Christen is in her second trimester, expecting her second child. They had different maternity clothing needs and requests, but both wanted to see if Stitch Fix maternity could help them find a few cold-weather pieces to keep them warm during the winter months. Read on to see which maternity clothing item they were both surprised to like!

About Stitch Fix Maternity

The Service: Stitch Fix Maternity

The Cost: $20 styling fee, then you pay for whatever items you keep minus the $20 credit.

What You Get: 5 clothing and accessory items selected for you by a stylist, based on your preferences.

Ships to: The U.S. and the U.K.

Good to Know: Stitch Fix is an ad hoc styling service, meaning you can schedule Fixes to be automatically prepared for you on a recurring basis, or order them whenever you’d like—there’s no subscription required.

COVID-19 Updates: To learn more about Stitch Fix’s extended return window, any potential fulfillment delays, and more, read all of their service-related updates here.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this Fix. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we conduct reviews).

Getting Started

The Quiz

No matter what category you're seeking (women's, men's, kids, and those interested in plus, petite, or maternity wear), all who are new to Stitch Fix will start the same way: by answering questions to build a style profile. There are a couple of preliminary questions to assess your relationship with shopping for clothing, how much time you want to spend on finding clothes for yourself, and if you like to try new trends. After you answer those initial questions you'll be asked to create an account.

Then you'll choose your category. Note that maternity styles are addressed under the Women's quiz.

Next, you'll be asked a series of questions about your personal style, clothing size, and price preferences. You're first led through a series of outfit photos and asked if they're your style. Above are 3 examples of outfits offered. In total, there were about 10, and they covered a range of casual outfits, office-ready outfits, boho-inspired outfits, classic outfits, and more.

After that, you're asked your height and weight and taken to a page that asks you to select your styles in various clothing pieces. I love that the size chart is included. At the bottom, you'll see you can check a box that says "I'm pregnant and interested in maternity clothes."

Checking that box triggers a series of questions about your pregnancy, starting with your estimated due date.

Next, three questions that ask your preferences on maternity-clothing-specific fit. After that, Stitch Fix begins asking their usual non-maternity questions regarding proportions, areas on your body you like to show off or downplay, brands you typically shop, preferred price ranges for certain clothing categories, how dressy or casual you want to go, what silhouettes you like, if you'd like to receive jewelry, colors, patterns, and fabrics your stylist should avoid, and more.

While all these questions are still relevant to a pregnant person's clothing experience, we found ourselves wishing for just a couple more opportunities to share our maternity preferences. Sanna thought the option to check a box indicating whether you'd like only maternity clothing or a mix would be useful. Christen thought a specific question about whether you would like to receive maternity or nursing bras would be fitting. (Spoiler: both of these bits of feedback were based on their personal experiences with their Fixes.)

What Were We Looking For?

The very last screen of the survey is a box into which you can type a note to your soon-to-be stylist. The note has to be under 500 characters but to give you readers a sense of how we were approaching our fixes, we've shared our thoughts below:

Sanna: I was really excited to try Stitch Fix for the first time! I’ve never used Stitch Fix (or any other personal styling service) before but I’ve been intrigued by it for a while. I don’t particularly like the idea of not being able to see my items before they’re sent but I’m trusting that I will be pleasantly surprised. Still, I tried to be as specific as possible in my note to my stylist. I requested to receive a pair of maternity jeans, a maternity winter parka, and some warm maternity sweaters. The style quiz you have to fill out beforehand is really comprehensive as well. 

I don’t normally buy a lot of clothes (I prefer renting) and I’ve been especially conservative about buying maternity items since you only need them for a limited time. I’ve purchased some items to wear during my pregnancy but haven’t been able to find any good maternity jeans yet and a warm winter coat is a necessity here in New York. I am in my third trimester now, so while I won’t necessarily be needing to wear these items for long, I really could use them now. I’m hoping that the Stitch Fix Maternity service can help me find these key pieces and maybe some cozy sweaters, too, that don’t ride up.

Stitch Fix Maternity clothing hanging on a rack

Christen: "Having tried several personal styling services and clothing subscriptions in the past, I know that it can sometimes take a couple of months for stylists to get to know your style. In my case, clothing subscriptions are most useful for me as a time-saver; not because I don’t know what I like. I have learned to allow a grace period of 2-3 months for a stylist’s selections to feel right for me, and I always make sure to give detailed feedback on the items that end up not working for me so that they can take my preferences into consideration going forward. But in this case, both my 17-week baby bump and my city’s wintry weather totally snuck up on me, so I found myself in need of warm maternity clothing right away! This is my second pregnancy, and while I knew in theory that second-time pregnant bellies sometimes show earlier, I was still taken by surprise that I couldn’t make my regular clothes work for as long as I was able to the first time around. Also, the majority of my last pregnancy was during warmer months, so I was able to make it work with flowy sundresses (and no pants).

Time is of the essence with maternity clothing—you desperately need it one moment, then your needs change in just a few months’ time. Recognizing that I wouldn’t have the luxury of a few months to build a relationship with my stylist, I did my best to give as much detail as possible in my initial note, using every character of the allowed 496.

Here’s the note I provided to my stylist:

"Hi! Per the note in my survey, my main priority is to find a WARM winter coat that can fit my bump. I am also seeking winter maternity styles—I love flowy tops, tunics, and mini/midi dresses that I can wear over pants or leggings—but I also want them to be casual & warm, and not too revealing or snazzy! I prefer long sleeves over 3/4 length, and earthy tones over bright tones. I wear olive, orange, burgundy, rich yellow, and black most often. I also prefer nice detailing over a pattern. TY!!""

Scheduling Your First Fix

The last step is to schedule your first Fix. Stitch Fix isn't technically a subscription service, but it can perform as one if that's your preference. Each shipment costs $20 as a styling fee and will contain 5 items, any of which you can purchase and keep (your $20 fee goes toward anything you keep) or send back in the included prepaid mailer. If you keep nothing, your only charge is the $20 fee. Stitch Fix gives 4 options for shipment cadences, or if you'd rather not have Fixes automatically styled & sent to you, you can uncheck the "Save me time by sending Fixes on a schedule" box, indicating that you would like to request Fixes as needed. Once you make your decision you'll be taken to a calendar that allows you to choose the date of your first Fix.

You'll get an email confirmation when your fix has been scheduled, including confirmation of your address. Stitch Fix sends a separate email when your Fix has been shipped.

Our Fixes


All five items in your Fix will come folded up and neatly wrapped in brown paper. Alongside your clothing items you'll find your receipt folded neatly in an enveloped, a note from your stylist and some cards with visual styling suggestions, and a prepaid mailing label for anything you want to return.

The Welcome Materials


Stitch Fix provides a thorough receipt, including the name of your stylist, every item that was sent to you including the color, size, and price, and a little bit of math done ahead of time. In the event that you decide to keep everything in your Fix, you'll receive a 25% discount, which is pre-calculated for you. With your receipt comes a separate card with a reminder of the next steps—trying things on at home, checking out, sending items back, and the timeline you're expected to do it in.


Each Fix also comes with a booklet of small cards. The first card includes a handwritten note from your personal stylist. Sometimes they explain why they chose certain items for you; sometimes they make outfit suggestions. The rest of the cards each give two outfit recommendations per item included in your Fix.

Ready to see what we got?

Sanna's Stitch Fix Maternity Clothing

My first impression of my Fix was that it was really well-curated! The colors were perfect for me and very weather appropriate. I liked that everything seemed to match as well and it looked like they sent me the maternity jeans I requested and an interesting winter parka to try. I was a little confused as to why the parka and the sweater weren’t maternity-specific but they looked like they might still work.  


Market & Spruce Tawnee Cotton Blend Waffle-Knit Pullover, Navy, Size M – Cost to Keep $68.00

I really liked this striped sweater! It’s a great basic piece and while not maternity, it did cover my bump. But I would have liked this a lot more for late summer or early fall. It’s a pretty lightweight cotton-blend knit, so not really my definition of warm and cozy. It was comfy and easy to wear though.


Ink Love & Peace Heatherly Maternity Knit Sweatshirt, Purple, Size S – Cost to Keep $58.00

I love the color of this hooded sweatshirt. It reminds me of grape bubblegum and the material (92% modal, 8% spandex) is super soft and stretchy. While it’s not exactly "cozy" either, I think I could get a lot of wear out of this piece during my at-home prenatal yoga classes. It’s definitely an item you could wear postpartum and beyond. I also liked that this item is made in the US.


Evolution By Cyrus Winovich Maternity Cowl Neck Sweater Dress, Burgundy, Size S – Cost to Keep $64.00

The rich wine burgundy color of this sweater dress is gorgeous but the most standout thing about this item is how super soft the knit feels. It’s not very thick but definitely a cozy but dressier piece. If only I had somewhere to wear it to! If holiday parties were still a thing, this is the dress I would wear for a work party or dinner with friends. 


CoffeeShop Devyn Cinched Coat, Olive, Size S – Cost to Keep $98.00 

I liked the look of this faux fur-lined parka. It’s not something I would have picked out myself but that’s the great thing about a styling service. Unfortunately, it was way too small! I’m usually a size 6, or an S/M depending on the brand but I would have thought if you’re going to send a non-maternity item, it should be a size or 2 bigger. Oh, well!


1822 Denim Avah Maternity Cuffed Skinny Jean, Indigo, Size 6 – Cost to Keep $58.00

OK, so I’ve rented a lot of maternity jeans trying to find a pair that would work for me but they were all really uncomfortable. They kept falling down or wouldn’t fit comfortably in the crotch area but these jeans were the comfiest and best-fitting maternity jeans I’ve tried! The fit was great and they’re stretchy and easy to move around in without being too thin. They feel like true stretchy jeans and not the least bit like jeggings. The waistband completely covered my belly, the color was great and overall I was really excited about these jeans – except for the cuffed part. Sadly, I couldn’t really see myself wearing cuffed jeans in the dead of winter and I was about to send these jeans back until I realized you could just uncuff them! LOL, they weren’t even stitched down or anything, I simply had to unfold them, and then they were perfect.


Christen's Stitch Fix Maternity Clothing

Two things stood out to me as I unpacked the maternity clothing in my Fix: first, I was excited that my stylist was paying attention to the colors I said I like to wear (yay!). On the other hand, none of the items jumped out at me as something I just knew I'd love. Granted, maternity clothes have a way of looking pretty unflattering when lying shapeless. I'd have to try them on to see how they'd work!


Full Moon Segura Short Sleeve Rayon Gauze Tie Waist Maternity Blouse, Olive, Size M — Cost to Keep $44

The colors and pattern of this blouse are really appealing to me. I found the loose fit and optional sash feel comfortable while appearing pulled-together. The longer length is exactly what I'm going for these days. But, this is undeniably a spring or summer top, and I was really explicit in my request for warm winter clothes. I stepped out on my front porch to snap these photos so that I could take advantage of the natural light, but on the other side of the camera was my husband, who was bundled in a down coat—it was 30 degrees out! I'll still be pregnant come spring, but I already own tons of loose, flowy non-maternity clothes that I know from my last pregnancy will work well when that time comes.


Ink Love & Peace Heatherly Maternity Knit Sweatshirt, Dark Green, Size M — Cost to Keep $58

Similar to Sanna's reaction to the Heatherly Maternity Knit Sweatshirt she was sent, this color is just right for me—but that's about where the good times end. While its material is soft and the fit is comfortably lounge-y, I don't find the way its thin jersey knit falls on my frame to be flattering at all. I own lots of tunics that I love, but as someone who has a petite build and broader hips (that have a tendency to widen further when I'm pregnant), I don't think I'm a good candidate for a hip-hugging tunic style.


Modern Eternity Jade Maternity Nursing Bra, Black, Size M — Cost to Keep $30

Being sent a nursing bra was a head-scratcher for me. Perhaps if my personal stylist had indicated in her note that she is a nursing mother who loved this bra and can't recommend it enough, it would have felt more justified. But to send someone—anyone—a bra they didn't ask for strikes me as kind of random. Bras are so personal! Then again, perhaps someone just starting out on finding a maternity/nursing bra that's right for them would be more open to this one. It's got removable soft cups, clip-down cups, adjustable shoulder straps, and a band extender.

Having been through a pregnancy and breastfeeding journey once before, I have figured out which bras work best for me and already own them. So this was an easy pass for me.


Liverpool Mira Maternity Skinny Jean, Navy, Size 6 — Cost to Keep $78

These maternity jeans were the most pleasant surprise! Anyone can agree that the full-panel belly band looks a bit extreme when you see a pair of maternity pants lying around. I also wasn't so sure about the artificial distressing, however faint it may be. But sure enough, when I tried them on I was astounded at how flattering and comfy they ended up being. Similar to Sanna's experience with the pregnancy jeans she was sent in her Fix, these felt like true stretch jeans and not jeggings and they stayed up without sagging in the hips or crotch. I couldn't believe how much I liked them, and I ended up keeping them.


Modern Eternity Ashley Maternity Down Jacket, Black, Size M — Cost to Keep $185

My main goal when signing up for Stitch Fix was to have help finding a super-warm winter coat to fit my growing belly, so I had a lot of anticipation built up when my clothes arrived. When I unpacked my delivery to find this coat, I was really disappointed. I guess some people equate any puffer jacket with being really warm, but when I had it in my hands it was rather lightweight. In addition, the size was wrong for me—it was like wearing a garbage bag. I didn't realize until after I had already sent it back that the belly panel is removable, which would have improved the fit around my body, but the shoulders and sleeves were also too large. $185 feels steep for a pregnancy-specific coat to me, although this one does advertise itself as something that can be worn with a baby carrier after the little one arrives, so that makes the value feel a little more reasonable.

I realized after the miss with the maternity coat that unless I had requested a Stitch Fix box full of 5 coats to try (which I should have done, come to think of it!), the chance of my stylist getting it right on the first try was slim. If nothing else, this helped me gain perspective. As is the case with many pregnant people, I didn't want to spend tons of money on maternity clothes that will only serve me for a couple of months, so since sending my Fix back I've taken to searching secondhand apps and sales.

Purchases, Returns, & More

Stitch Fix Maternity return shipping bag

Rating Items

Within a few days, Stitch Fix will email you prompting you to checkout. Even if you only scheduled a one-time Fix, they want to understand what you liked and didn't like about the items your stylist sent, so they'll have you answer a few questions about the fit, quality, and value of each piece. At the end of the survey, you'll pay for any items you choose to keep.

Purchasing or Returning Pieces

You have 3 days to try your Stitch Fix items on, decide what you want, and send everything back. But if you know you'll need more time, you can visit your account and adjust the return date up to almost 20 days. You'll want to make sure you complete the rating and checkout steps before mailing your clothing back.

Canceling or Pausing

You have complete control over the shipment cadence of your Fixes and can cancel or reschedule through your account at any time. If you don't see the option to reschedule or cancel your delivery, that's because your stylist has already begun working on it. If you still need to cancel or reschedule, you can reach out to the customer service team here.

Is Stitch Fix Maternity Worth It?

Sanna: "If I wanted to keep all 5 items, it would have been $239.50 (25% off, minus $20 styling fee) or $47.90 per item, but unfortunately, the parka was a definite no since it didn’t fit. In the end, I only kept the maternity jeans, but I absolutely love them and have been wearing them a lot! Honestly, the service was worth it for me because I’m really picky and it’s pretty amazing that they were even able to send one item (let alone something as tricky as jeans) that I love enough to purchase. If I were feeling more spendy, I would have kept the sweatshirt too but I have enough sweatshirts as it is right now, and I would have bought the dress if we weren’t mostly sheltering in place. I like the sweater as well but I wouldn’t really be wearing it right away, so that’s why I passed on it. 

Since I only kept one item, Stitch Fix offered to send me another Fix right away with no styling fee. It was tempting but I ultimately declined. I could see myself trying it again down the line but I’m pretty satisfied with my new maternity jeans for now. I think if you love shopping, Stitch Fix is a fun and convenient way to try new things and I’m sure it’s a service that only gets better with each Fix and the feedback you provide. I was pretty impressed with my first Fix, I felt like they sent a good mix of items and I liked everything – well, the parka I would have liked if it was the right size. But overall, I would recommend it if you’re looking for new items for your wardrobe."

Christen: "I think Stitch Fix maternity would be worth it for a first-time pregnancy or someone who is otherwise looking to build up their maternity wardrobe slowly over time. The ability to give feedback and let your stylist have the opportunity to respond with another curation of clothing is key. For me, as a second-time mum who already has the foundation of my maternity wardrobe established and is just looking for a few specific seasonally appropriate pieces, I may be a better candidate for a maternity clothing rental service instead.

As for the Fix itself, I wasn't very satisfied. While I did end up buying the jeans, which were an unexpected win for me, I felt each of the other items in my delivery were off. The floral top was for the wrong season, the bra seemed random, and the coat was too big and ultimately not what I was looking for. While I did send the hoodie back with some feedback on fit and material, it was the closest thing to what I had asked for (other than a coat) in my initial request to my stylist. My 5 items totaled $395.00, or if I were to keep all 5, it would have cost $276.25 (with the 25% discount and $20 styling fee credit). That breaks down to $55.25 per maternity clothing item, which would have felt like a steal had I loved everything I was sent."

What do you think of the maternity clothes that were chosen for us by our stylists? Or, have you tried Stitch Fix Maternity yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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Christen Russo
Christen Russo

Hi there, I'm Christen! I've been writing with MSA since 2017. I am all sorts of things: a writer, a mother, an outdoors-lover, a low-maintenance self-carer, and general hungry person.

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Lydia Price

I was wondering if you still get a discount when you make a purchase outside of your fixes?

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Christen Russo

Hi Lydia, good question. I just touched base with Sanna and our understanding is that you can shop outside of a Fix from a curated collection of “complete the outfit” suggestions, but we don’t think your discount would apply for those items. I’m sorry I don’t have more of a concrete answer for you—I’m hopeful another one of our awesome readers will chime in with more expertise!

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My first stitch fix was when I was pregnant. All the sudden I was shopping in stores I’d never been to for a rapidly changing body I was totally unfamiliar with and finding that very little of what was available in stores was appropriate for my line of work. Some of my favorite professional and fitted maternity items came from that fix. Just make sure you really spell out your style in as much detail so you can to get the best fix for your needs. Also, I never found a great maternity coat under $200 and sadly just ended up using my husband’s extra coat during those few months when mine wouldn’t zip over my bump so I think the perfect maternity coat remains an elusive item for many of us cold climate moms to be.

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Christen Russo

Yes, Joy, it can be kind of disorienting to navigate completely new shopping patterns! And actually, it hadn’t occurred to me to wear one of my husband’s coats, I think I might have to go look in our closet for one that could work! Thanks for the tip!

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I will never be pregnant, but I loved this review. It was so thorough and the best part was that both ladies explained what they kept or didn’t keep and why. That seems to always be missing from the clothing box reviews and it’s something I’d like to see more of.

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Christen Russo

Thanks so much for reading our review, Amy, and for your comment. I’ll share your feedback with the team!

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Spot on.. I thought I was the only one who likes/appreciates this info… it makes reading a review a lot more fun/interesting…

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Thank you, ladies! You both look so happy and healthy and I hope you are feeling as amazing as you look.
This came at the perfect time for me because I was thinking about trying out a maternity service. I am also in my second trimester with my second child. I have the same astonishing feeling that I am growing much faster than the first time, even though I knew that was a thing.
My biggest take away from this is now I want to try those panel-belly jeans! I always turned my nose up to those, they look uncomfortable and restricting and in all honesty kinda dorky. But seeing them on you both, they look like they fit very well and I would never know they were the panel-belly from the pictures until you showed that’s what they are. I am intrigued that you both say they are comfortable…all I want is something that fits properly and is comfortable right now!
Not sure that I want to try this service now but I really enjoyed the review and tips.

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Christen Russo

Thank you for the sweet comment, Ashley. Congrats on your pregnancy—may we both miraculously find a jackpot of energy stores as we walk toward having two little ones in our care!

As for the panel jeans: YES, I was totally in your same boat and resisting them very much, but they have kind of changed the game for me. I’d highly recommend! I’ve seen a few of the Liverpool Mira pair I was sent on Poshmark if you have that app and are interested in secondhand.

Best of luck to you!

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I got the same jeans as Christen from Stitch Fix in my 1st pregnancy and they are awesome! I wore them a LOT, even after the baby was here but I wasn’t fitting into my old jeans 🙂 Wearing them a lot now in my second pregnancy, too. They are super comfortable, you should definitely try them!

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