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Sakuraco vs. Bokksu: Who Celebrates the Sakura Season Best?

Geraldine Orentas
ByGeraldine OrentasApr 11, 2023


As someone who loves Japanese snacks and enjoys trying out subscription boxes, I recently had the opportunity to compare two popular options: Sakuraco and Bokksu. Both subscription boxes are currently celebrating springtime in Japan with "Sakura-themed" snacks, but after trying out their latest offerings, I have to say, there was a clear winner!



The theme of both Sakuraco and Bokksu's current boxes is "Sakura Celebration," which is fitting since springtime in Japan is synonymous with cherry blossoms. In Japan, cherry blossom season is a time of year when people gather with friends and family to enjoy the fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms. There are many cultural traditions and customs associated with this season.

This month Sakuraco curated their snacks to fit this theme, including snacks that are flavored with sakura (cherry blossom) and other springtime flavors like strawberry and matcha. Bokksu, instead, focused more on matcha items and other snacks not related to the celebration.

Japanese Snack Selection


One of the most impressive things about Sakuraco's current box is the variety of snacks on offer. While Bokksu's box has a nice mix of sweet and savory treats, Sakuraco's box feels like a true treasure trove of unique and interesting flavors.

Highlights from the Sakuraco box include a beautiful Sakura Warabimochi, a traditional Japanese dessert infused with the sweet taste of cherry blossom honey and crafted by local makers in Osaka. There's also a Sweet Sakura Tea to help you experience a small taste of hanami during your afternoon tea. Sakuraco’s box does feel like a springtime celebration.


But it's not just the variety of snacks that sets Sakuraco apart. The curation of their boxes is truly impressive, with each snack carefully chosen to fit a specific theme. In this case, the theme is "Sakura Celebration," and every snack in the box is somehow connected to the cherry blossom season.

The impressive attention to detail makes the unboxing experience feel like a true adventure. Even the packaging is beautiful and minimalist, with a simple sakura flower design that adds an extra touch of elegance to the whole experience.


Of course, the snacks themselves are the most important part of any subscription box, but it's worth noting that Sakuraco also includes some thoughtful extras in each box.

In addition to the snacks, there's a beautiful booklet that explains each item in detail and some interesting cultural tidbits about Japanese springtime traditions. It's a nice touch that adds some educational value to the box and makes it feel like more than just a collection of snacks.

This month’s box also included a beautiful Sakura Springtime Dish to serve as the perfect backdrop for all your Sakura snacks.

The Ultimate Winner: Sakuraco

Overall, the "Sakura Celebration”' theme is a great way to celebrate the beauty and significance of the cherry blossom season in Japan. And while both Sakuraco and Bokksu offer tasty "Sakura-themed" boxes for spring, I have to say that Sakuraco's box is the clear winner.

The variety and curation of their snacks, thoughtful extras, and beautiful packaging make it a truly special experience. If you're looking for a high-quality Japanese snack subscription box, Sakuraco is definitely worth checking out.

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Sakuraco is an authentic Japanese monthly subscription box that is carefully curated by a team of wagashi snack experts in Tokyo. It includes a collection of 20 savory and sweet snacks, tea, and homeware goods, letting you join in on the tradition of Japanese tea time. Discover the delights of Japan... read more.
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