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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

My Cat Switched to Cat Person for Better Nutrition. Here’s What Happened.

Heidi Austin
ByHeidi AustinOct 20, 2022In Partnership With Cat Person

My cat Nova is my and my husband’s baby. She’s our fluffy 2-year-old pandemic kitty who has brought us so much joy in tough times. She’s full of energy, attitude, and snuggles - when she feels like it! We want to give her the best, longest life possible, and we know that starts with the right nutrition for her. Cats aren’t like dogs, who tend to get the spotlight at pet stores. They are strict carnivores who have a much higher need for dietary protein. When searching for the best options, I came upon Cat Person, which is created by fellow cat lovers who I can tell also want the best for their cats.

Why Cat Person stood out from the crowd

Everything from Cat Person is made with cats' desires and specific needs in mind, from the ingredients to the boxing. We love that Cat Person is grain-free, low carb, packed full of protein, has no unnecessary fillers, and is fully transparent in its ingredients list. Cat Person has numerous flavors to choose from and simple ingredients with only one to two types of protein per pack. This makes it easy to leave out things that Nova isn’t as interested in. They have several options of dry kibble and wet food so that Nova can get a good variety.

The signup process was extremely easy. I filled out a questionnaire with Nova’s allergies and potential food preferences to customize the shipment for our needs. They send the food with an instruction guide so I know exactly the right amount to feed her. When it’s time to get more, another package arrives at my doorstep so we never run out and there are no last-minute trips to the pet store.

Trying Cat Person for the first time

When our first shipment of Cat Person arrived, Nova jumped right into the box as soon as we emptied it. Cat Person designs their shipping boxes specifically to double as a cat haven. Our box has two long flaps that slot together to turn it into this adorable little “Cat Chalet” that Nova loves. We can’t recycle it just yet!

We got Nova the Chicken and Turkey dry kibble, the Mackerel and Bream Paté, and chicken shreds in broth. Nova took to the dry kibble immediately, because that’s what she’s used to with other brands we’ve used in the past. We know the importance of giving her a variety, and supplementing kibble with wet food is important to ensure she’s getting enough hydration.

We weren’t sure what her preferences are yet, so we ordered different flavors to see what might stick. I appreciate that the wet food comes in an easy-to-open pouch, unlike typical canned wet food. She loves the Mackerel and Bream Paté, but it’s taking some convincing to get her to eat the Chicken Shreds in broth. We all know cats are extra picky with their preferences, so we’re learning! Cat Person has a helpful guide to slowly introducing new food to cats by mixing it with their old food and gradually adding more until they’re used to it.

Shinier fur and more “zoomies”

Since switching from cheap kibble to high-quality cat food, we’ve noticed she has far fewer hairballs and pukes much less than she used to. Her fur has gotten shinier and softer (we didn’t think that was possible because she’s already such a soft cat). She gets a lot more bouts of the “zoomies” (all you cat people know what I’m talking about!) where she runs around the apartment like a maniac and wants to play. Her stools are healthy and easy to scoop.

It’s only been two weeks but I’m amazed at the difference Cat Person has made already. We feel great knowing we’re giving Nova the highest quality nutrition so we can spend the most years with her!

So is the hype around Cat Person all a myth or magic? I’m happy to say that it’s as magical as Nova.

Heidi Austin
Heidi Austin

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