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Our Quip Toothbrush Review For Kids

Lacey Volk
ByLacey VolkJan 27, 2022 | 11 comments

Quip Kids Starter Pack - Packaging

Have you heard of a Quip toothbrush? Fellow reviewer Marne has been using their electric toothbrushes for a while now and seems to really like it. I'm a fan of clean, modern design and like the idea that they help encourage dental hygiene by teaching you how to brush better, in addition to having a cool product. So when they came out with a new smart electric toothbrush line for kids, I was super curious to see if Quip could help my 4-year-old son learn to brush better on his own.

Unboxing Quip's new toothbrushing set for kids

This Quip toothbrush review is for the $25 Kids Starter Set. 

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Our Quip Review on the New Kids Toothbrush + Toothpaste

If you're new to Quip, you should know that while it is battery powered, it doesn't have a spinning head like other electric toothbrush heads. While the timed sonic vibrations do help with your oral hygiene, they are also intended to help you know when to move to another side of your mouth and to encourage more gentle brushing and better technique.

As a toothbrush subscription product, Quip will automatically send you a new replacement brush head and aaa battery ($5) and optionally, the Quip toothpaste ($5) every three months. Their Quip toothbrush is also guaranteed for the lifetime of your subscription, or one year without a subscription. With the introduction of their kids' line, they now have brushes and options for the whole family.

What's included in the Quip Kids Starter Kit?

Everything inside our starter kit

Quip Kids Starter Kit - Retail Value $25.00

The Starter Kit includes everything you need: a toothbrush (including a battery), travel/storage case, toothpaste, and instructions with helpful brushing tips. Ours also included some fun stickers!

The Quip Brush

Our new quip brush

Your new Quip comes securely packaged in a (recyclable) plastic sleeve, which protects it in shipping. They have a pretty wide variety of finishes available for adults—for kids, they offer four basic colors: purple, green, pink, and blue.

The brush feels really well made. It's a nice solid weight and comfortable to hold, and the soft-touch silicone feels nice in the hand.

One of the things I like about Quip is that each brush includes a mirror-mountable toothbrush holder, which is the gray cylinder with the logo on it in the above photo. Our kids' bathroom has a very small vanity with no surface area for toothbrushes (or anything else for that matter), so it's super handy in our case. I also like that every time you look in the mirror, you are subtly reminded to brush!

I thought the tube itself would also make a handy carrying case for traveling, but as it turns out, the actual stand can be used for that purpose, too. Just insert the brush bristles-side down, and off you go with a travel cover for your toothbrush.

As far as I can tell, the brush itself is identical to the adult version, only with a smaller toothbrush head designed just for kids. Pressing the "q" turns on a light vibration that pauses every 30 seconds to get you to change sides and to encourage brushing for a full two minutes for the best oral care possible.

It's not super apparent from these photos, but this is a Quip electric toothbrush with a replaceable head. Quip's refill plans will automatically ship you a new brush head and battery ($5) and toothpaste if you like (also $5). I think it's awesome that they send a battery with their refills! I feel like batteries are always at a premium in our house, and I can never find one when I really need it. It's helpful to know that a dead toothbrush will never be a problem with Quip.

Watermelon Toothpaste = Serious Fun

Quip starter packs also include toothpaste—the kids version is a fruity watermelon flavor!

Watermelon toothpaste

This is supposed to be a 3 month supply, but the tube is pretty big! I don't use very much toothpaste on my preschooler's brush, so I wouldn't be surprised if this tube lasts a little longer. I also like the stand-up design of this tube, which again helps keep things a little more organized in the bathroom.

They include a handy guide on the back of the tube to show exactly how much paste you should be using. I do want to note that this paste contains fluoride, so it's not suitable for younger kids who aren't used to spitting out their toothpaste instead of swallowing it.

I brushed with this myself before trying it with my son and personally thought the watermelon flavor was great! I'm definitely a mint toothpaste devotee, but having tried other fruity toothpastes for kids, this one definitely had a less artificial flavor and a much better texture.

My four year old thinks mint toothpaste is "too spicy", and he loves watermelon, so it was no surprise that he loved this toothpaste. He also seemed to like that it lathers up more than the Paw-Patrol-themed tube we had previously been using. I think it helps him remember to spit instead of just swallowing it, which is a skill we've really been working on for the last 6 months or so.

Putting It All Together with Helpful Tips for Brushing

How to brush better pamphlet

Quip also includes a brushing guide and instruction manual with every starter kit. This one is geared towards parents and kids!

I laughed when I saw that they reference spicy toothpaste here! I would never think of mint as spicy, but apparently, it's not just my kid who thinks it's a little too intense. 🙂

In addition to the basics about your new brush and how their refill plan works, the booklet also gives you tips on proper brushing. Quip will even send you reminders to get your kid to the dentist twice a year. They're all-in on helping their users get the healthiest teeth and best dental hygiene practice possible!

Quip Stickers

Quip also included these cute stickers, which my son promptly used to decorate our living room coffee table. (Thanks buddy.)

Brushing Like a Big Kid

As it turns out, it's almost impossible to get a great photo of a four-year-old brushing their teeth. But we definitely both enjoyed this experience, and we've been using our Quip daily for almost a month already! I will admit it's still a challenge to spend a full two minutes brushing at this age, but he's starting to be more interested in brushing himself and showing me that he knows how to do it like a big kid, which is awesome. And the watermelon toothpaste is seriously great!

My son's only criticism? It doesn't come in red, his favorite color.

Our Verdict: We Loved It

I can easily see Quip becoming a mainstay in our bathroom. For kids specifically, I love that Quip encourages brushing better and more effectively! Plus, it's more sustainable—my son likes electric toothbrushes, but a majority of the ones designed for kids are throwaways with no replaceable brush head. Add in the great watermelon toothpaste, the affordable refill plan that ensures we always have a fresh brush head, and the fact that the brush itself is guaranteed for as long as you subscribe, and I really think that Quip is a winner for us.

Update 7/1/2019: We're just about to receive our first replacement head so I figured it was time for a quick update! We've had no issues with corrosion or any other issues with the Quip Kids brush so far. We still love it and I'm about to order a pair for my husband and I as well. And I was right about the toothpaste–this tube will last us at least another 3 months if not longer. Not a bad problem to have!

About Quip

The Box: Quip

The Cost: Starter Set plans start at $25 for a single plastic handle toothbrush; you can subscribe to refills of the brush head and battery ($5) and toothpaste ($5), which ship every three months.

The Products: Electric toothbrushes for kids or adults (with your choice of plastic or metal handles), toothpaste, and replacement brush heads that help establish good brushing habits and routines without gimmicks.

Ships to: U.S. only. Refills/subscription plans ship for free.

Make sure to add Quip to your subscription list or wishlist!

Have you tried Quip?

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Quip is an oral health care brand specializing in cost-effective products with great design that promotes American Dental Association-approved dental hygiene starting at $25 for the plastic version, $40 for the metal Quip brush, and $60 for the Smart Electric Toothbrush, all which include a travel c... read more.
Lacey Volk
Lacey Volk
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As an adult who prefers a smaller toothbrush I might wind up getting this for myself! Been considering quip for a while now and this may be what I end up with!

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I’ve been using an adult quip for over a year and a half and I love it. No battery corrosion problem.

Your detailed review for kids quip is outstanding.


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Thanks for the review! I have been considering the kids version for my daughter because I love my quip. My 5 year old uses a Sonicare for kids and he loves it but I don’t think my 4 year old is quite ready for it because she still chews on her toothbrush but I think we will try out the kids quip since the replacement heads are so affordable.

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Jennifer Jo

Thank you for your detailed review! I’m definitely interested in the longevity of the base. Does it seem pretty watertight to you? (I’m a shower brusher so I keep one in the shower and one at the sink. My kids have picked up the same habit lol)
I’m assuming that if there is a lifetime warranty during the subscription that if there is a problem that it would be replaced?
Funny even the brochure mentioned “spicy toothpaste” because that is exactly how my kiddo describes it 🤣. Looks like they aren’t as weird as we thought.

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I have an adult version of this and totally use it in the shower. It’s been over a year and it’s all fine. The mirror mount works on my bathtub tiles too! 🙂

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Lacey Volk

You have to pull pretty hard to get the brush head off. I think it might be OK but I probably wouldn’t brush under running water to be safe. I also know fellow reviewer Marne accidentally cracked hers trying to get the brush head off and was happy with how easy it was to get a replacement!

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Jennifer Jo

Thank you! I think this would be best as the “sink” toothbrush.
Good to know that Marne didn’t have a problem with her replacement. Especially since I’m looking at getting this for my youngest and to be honest he’s not always the most gentle on everything.

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We use Kids Sonicare toothbrush and love that. It sits on a rechargable base, can buy replacement brush heads (compact/standard), has 2 vibration modes (more/less), “beeps” to inform the brusher to move to the next quad. Excellent battery life and highly recommend the compact head.

Ive seen many toothbrushes that are battery operated (AA, AAA batteries) always end up with corrosion. If you can afford a nice electric toothbrush Id recommend Kids Sonicare and the Diamond Sonicare for adults. The Diamond toothbrush w/ the Diamond brush heads gets your teeth feeling amazingly clean!

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I would have recommended sonicare until recently. We’ve had two kids sonicares break within 6 months of each other and because I don’t have the receipt on them, they won’t replace even though the most recent was bought less than 2 years ago.

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Lacey Volk

Thanks for the suggestion! This bathroom has basically zero counter space and only one easily accessible outlet, which is why I’ve been so hesitant to buy one with a rechargeable base. I definitely hear you on the corrosion concern, though. We’ve been using this brush for a month and so far, so good, but I do wonder about the long term longevity.

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We keep our charger in the bedroom, you won’t have to keep it in the bathroom. It seriously does clean teeth well, no more disapproving dentist visits. A+ visits every time!

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