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My Subscription Addiction
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Feeling Claus-trophobic? Here are Some Mental Health Subs to Get You By

Geraldine Orentas
ByGeraldine OrentasDec 13, 2021

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The holidays can be a very stressful time for most of us. It has the chaos of holiday gift shops, paired with the nostalgia that the holidays bring and the fact that it’s pitch dark outside by 4 o’clock. It’s normal to feel a bit claustrophobic during the holidays with little to no time to practice self-care. Now, we’ve shared our best self-care subscription boxes in the past. Now, it’s time to really focus on our mental health and spend at least a few minutes a week on caring for the most valuable muscle in our bodies – our mind.

Mental Health Subscription Boxes to Keep You Sane This Holiday Season

Office parties, online parties, gift-giving, lack of time, the holidays can be a bit much to handle. If you’re feeling overwhelmed this holiday season, please know you’re not alone. Thankfully, there are some – quite exciting – mental health subscription boxes to help you focus on self-care, mental wellness, and calmness to help you stay afloat this season and beyond.

1. The Mental Wealth Box

The Mental Wealth Box, open to show all contents.

Image via the Mental Wealth Box Cratejoy.

The Cost: $44.95 monthly

About This Box: Think of The Mental Wealth Box as your fitness subscription for your mind. Every month, you’ll receive 4-6 items that help you explore mental health. The box focuses on helping you understand topics like depression and anxiety. It incorporates self-care items with educational resources to help you build a mental health practice. A great box to share with your family or partner as you all go through the different activities. 

Keep track of your subscriptions by adding The Mental Wealth Box to your subscription list or wishlist.

2. TheraBox

TheraBox subscription

The Cost: $35 monthly

About This Box: I know that taking the first step to work on your mental health can be scary. Founded by practicing therapists, TheraBox is a monthly subscription box that includes things to help you engage in therapeutic activities. Each box contains different wellness products that help reduce stress and promote mindfulness. From journals to candles and essential oils, everything in this box will allow you to dedicate a few minutes of your day to mental wellness.

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3. Go Love Yourself

Go Love Yourself October 2018 - Box Open All Products Top

The Cost: $45.96 monthly

ACTIVE DEAL: Save 10% off your first box!

About This Box: The name of this box says it all. Honestly, learning about self-love and personal growth can be tricky. The Go Love Yourself box curates a self-care experience that helps you build a happier and more fulfilling life. You get self-help books, access to webinars and workbooks, self-care items, and so much more. If that wasn’t enough, each box comes with a 30-minute coaching session with an expert. 

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4. CoachCrate

Coach crate with book

Image via CrateJoy.

The Cost: $99 quarterly


About This Box: If you are not ready for a monthly commitment (yet), this quarterly box can be a great option to start focusing on your mental health. Every CoachCrate box comes with a set of items that foster a structure and guidance to help you focus on mental health. The box also gives you access to workshops, challenges, and community pages to feel less isolated in your wellness journey.

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5. Black Girl Magic Box

The Cost: $99 bi-monthly

About This Box: Here’s a bi-monthly wellness subscription box that features only black and women-owned businesses. Each Black Girl Magic Box contains self-care products designed to promote mental health in women of color. You can expect to get skincare products, candles, affirmations, and self-help books to help you kickstart your wellness journey and focus on self-care. 

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6. Do a Shot of Yoga

Image via Cratejoy.

The Cost: $50 monthly

About This Box: Intended for yoga teachers and good for everyone who enjoys a good yoga flow, Do a Shot of Yoga is a subscription box that will keep you motivated to show up on your mat. As you know, yoga can be highly beneficial for your mental health. This box includes workbooks, challenges, and bonus materials to help you take your yoga practice to the next level. You can also expect to get teas, candles, and healthy snacks that complement your yoga practice. 

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7. Introverts Retreat

The Cost: $41 monthly

ACTIVE DEAL: Save 30% off your first box with a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription

About This Box: I’m not sure about you, but I’m a big introvert. With all the gatherings, parties, and holiday shopping, the holidays really get the best of me and exceed my people quota for the month. The Introverts Retreat is a subscription box with everything you want to cancel your plans and focus on your wellbeing. With self-help books, candles, teas, treats, and coffee choices, you’ll get everything you want (and need) for a cozy night in. 

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8. Loti Wellness

The Cost: $39.48 monthly

ACTIVE DEAL: Use code LOTIBOX to get 15% off the first box with any subscription.

About This Box: I get it. Talking about “mental health” can seem intimidating at first. So, let’s talk about self-care for a change. Loti Wellness is a therapist--curated subscription box that includes everything you’ll need to start building your mental health routine. Each box comes with wellness activity and self-care products like skincare, aromatherapy, snacks, and journals. By introducing self-care to your wellness routine, it will become much easier to practice mindfulness in the future. 

Keep track of your subscriptions by adding Loti Wellness to your subscription list or wishlist.

9. Merkaela

all contents from Merkaela Winter 2021

The Cost: $80 quarterly

ACTIVE DEAL: Save 10% off your first box!

About This Box: When we talk about wellness, we’re really about finding the balance between nourishing our body, mind, and spirit. Merkaela is a quarterly subscription box designed to help you achieve just that. Every box comes with wellness products, content about mental health, and everything you’ll need to start building a holistic wellness routine. 

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10. Chakra Box

Best Crystal Subscriptions

The Cost: $39 monthly

About This Box: If you already have a meditation practice, but you’re ready to take it to the next level, the Chakra Box is perfect for you. Every month, you’ll receive a collection of crystals, essential oils, and guided meditations that assist with chakra balancing. This box can help you stay connected and motivated to further your spiritual practice and focus on mental wellness. 

11. Silk & Sonder

Silk + Sonder journal next to a candle

Image via Silk + Sonder

The Cost: $20 monthly

About This Box: You might think you don’t have the time to focus on mental health, especially during the holidays. Well, try a Silk & Sonder subscription box to help you have everything you need to get started. The box is meant to guide you through a self-discovery journey that includes a monthly planner using psychology techniques to give you a guided journaling experience. With practice, you’ll find a few minutes of your day to focus on journaling and caring for your mental health. Journal expert tip: keep it by your bedtime, and spend the last 15 minutes or so of your day writing about your day; this way, you’ll never miss a day! 

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How do you focus on your mental health during the holidays? Is there a subscription box that helps you focus on self-care? Share your tips and favorites in the comments! 

Geraldine Orentas
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