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kidpik Review – The Kids Clothing Subscription Box That Will Up Their Style Game

Kelly Wright
ByKelly WrightDec 6, 2021 | 1 comment
kidpik Review - The Kids Clothing Subscription Box That Will Up Their Style Game

kidpik Clothing Subscription Box Review

A Kids Clothing Subscription Box Delivered to Your Doorstep


  • Online assessment will help personalize your child's box for their own individual style.
  • Free shipping and returns
  • 7 day try-on period with the ability to extend, if needed
  • 30% off if you keep all items in the box
  • No styling fee, even if everything is returned
  • Shoes and accessories also included
  • Sizes range from 2T-16
  • Ability to skip, pause, or cancel your membership by logging into your account
  • A koins reward program helps you earn free clothes
  • You can donate clothes you don't wish to keep from your box, as an alternative to a traditional return


  • Only available to ship to the lower 48 states.
  • koins reward program is not currently available for boys clothing
  • Options may be limited as kidpik is in-house brand clothing only

I love buying new clothes for my kids. I'm obviously biased, but I always think they look so adorable and stylish in a new outfit. They also seem to get pretty excited when I bring them home a new shirt or pair of pants, which of course makes it even more fun. The one thing I absolutely refuse to do though while clothes shopping: take them with me. I would literally drive through a monsoon in bumper-to-bumper traffic in order to return something, rather than brave the stores and dressing rooms with them. To me that sounds like pure, unadulterated torture.

Because of that, I have been wanting to try a kids clothing subscription box for a while now. Would it really make my life easier? Would the clothes be stylish and comfortable? I decided to give it a go and ordered a kidpik subscription box.

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out our review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Kidpik - A Clothing Subscription Box Just For Kids

Contents of kidpik boys clothing subscription box

Kidpik was started back in 2016 in an effort to make shopping for kid's clothing easier and more enjoyable for the entire family. I mean, what kid doesn't love getting a huge package with their name on it!? Each item of clothing is designed in-house, and boxes will include 3 outfits that can be mixed-and-matched to help create your child's unique style. Kidpik will also include a pair of shoes (unless requested otherwise), as well as accessories for the outfits sent. Always matching, always stylish!

Online Styling Quiz

Before ordering your first kidpik box, you will be asked to complete a short online styling quiz. It takes approximately 5 minutes and it will ask questions about color preferences, style preferences, and (my favorite for the girl's box) how sparkly she is. This is a great opportunity to let your kids take control of their style and have them answer the questions for themselves! If their style changes, you can always go in and edit it later and kidpik will send them future boxes based on their new preferences.

Price Point

Their website states that "the average box costs $98, which is only $14 per item, including shoes. This is after the 30% keep all discount that is available on every kidpik fashion box."

I received two boxes, one for boys and one for girls. The boys box came to a total of $156.50 without the discount. If I kept all items my final price would have been $108.15. So, pretty on par with what was stated. My girl's box total came to $172.50 and with the 30% keep all discount would have been $120.75. So a little bit higher than the average box, but not tragically so.

Of course, these prices are if you keep every thing in your box. If you decide not to keep even a single item, then each article of clothing jumps 30%. You may want to do the math and make sure you aren't actually charging yourself money for sending clothes back! It may very well be more beneficial to keep the item and gift it, or donate through the kidpik program.

Kidpik Clothing Subscription Gift Boxes

In addition to personalized clothing boxes, you can also either buy a one-time pre-styled box for your child or as a gift for someone else. These are themed and won't take your personal preferences into account but, for someone looking for a gift, these might be a great option. There are, however, different box options for both boys and girls within each category. So, you will still be able to choose the style that most closely resembles the child you are purchasing for. Other than the $58 pre-styled boxes, all come in a range of price points from approximately $80-$110, as well as the option to purchase both with or without shoes. The current options on the kidpik site are as follows:

  • $58 Pre-styled Boxes
  • Vacation Boxes
  • Camp Boxes
  • Birthday Boxes (currently only has girl options)

Beyond the Clothes


Remember how I mentioned that it might be financially more beneficial to keep a piece a clothing rather than send it back? Well, if your child really just does not like an article of clothing, you have the option to donate it at checkout. This will not only allow you to keep your 30% off, but kidpik will match your donation and actually send both your piece and an additional one to a child in need. All you have to do is hit the donate button and then send it back in the pre-addressed envelope. Kidpik will take care of the rest!


This is a super cool feature that I love, but am also bummed about. Kidpik's koins reward program allows you to collect "koins" for things like keep an entire box of clothes, writing a review, or sending them a picture of your child wearing an item they love. You can then use those koins to add clothing to your next box for free. Sounds great, right? It is, but... currently they only offer the program for girls.

Look, I get it. Literally every store I go into has a much larger section for girls than they do for boys. The selection is usually way cuter, plus they have a ton of cool accessories. But, this is exactly why us boy-moms need this! We like free, cute clothes too! Plus, most of us are dying to buy more fashionable clothes for our boys. I contacted their customer service about this and they assured me that the koins program for boys is on its way. They hope to launch it this coming Fall 2021, so fingers crossed it happens!

Accessible Website

This feature is just downright awesome. Anyone with a disability can easily navigate the kidpik website by heading to the bottom and clicking on "accessibility". They will be presented with a screen in which they can modify the website. Everything from turning on the seizure-safe profile or the ADHD profile to changing the font size or background color is available. They even have a reader bar for people who need a little extra help staying on the line. I literally sat there for 30 minutes playing with all of the features in total awe that a company would care enough to set this up. Also, why is this not available on all websites!?


Kidpik has a fun Pinterest-y blog that you can go on if you are ever in need of some ideas for your kids. From DIY art and science projects to kid-approved snacks, I was pretty surprised to find it all on a kids clothing subscription box site. The company really seems to care about the child as a whole and as a mom, that makes me pretty happy.

kidpik vs. Stitch Fix Kids

Kidpik is not the only kids clothing subscription box in town. The widely popular Stitch Fix added a children's line in 2018 and hasn't looked back since. I wanted to see how the two stacked up to each other. Right off the bat, I noticed a few differences. For one, Stitch Fix Kids charges a $20 styling fee for each box. If you end up buying an item(s), then that fee is deducted from the price. However, if you decide to return everything, you still will be charged the $20 styling fee. With kidpik however, there is no styling fee, regardless if you purchase anything or not.

Stitch Fix Kids will include 8-12 pieces in each box, while kidpik only includes 7. I actually look at this as both a pro and a con. It's great to receive as many pieces as possible for your kids to try on, however knowing myself, I would also end up keeping all 8-12 pieces. Obviously, this can really add up...especially if you have more than one kid receiving the box! Keeping it at 7 for me is more manageable, but I also understand other parents might like more options.

I found both online assessments to be pretty similar. They both took approximately 5 minutes to take and had almost identical questions. However, I think Stitch Fix Kids actually wins this point as I felt they went in to more detail about my child's likes and dislikes. I really appreciated the questions about fabrics or features to avoid. My kids are really sensitive about the way certain clothes or features feel and will refuse anything that makes them uncomfortable.

The last area where kidpik and Stitch Fix Kids differ is that kidpik only has their own brand clothing that is designed in-house. Personally, I don't mind this as I rarely buy designer names for my boys anyways. Plus, the quality of the kidpik clothing really seems to be high quality which is all I really care about. However, if you like getting those brands that you recognize or know your kids love, than Stitch Fix Kids may be the better option if you can only choose one kids clothing subscription box.

Kidpik Clothing Box for Boys

Ok now on to the clothes we received! First off, I have to say we were pretty excited when we opened the box. kidpik really seemed to nail my son's style of casual and fun. There was honestly only one item in the box that he wasn't a huge fan of and that was only because of the color sent.

Big City Tee

This was his immediate favorite. He loved the colors as well as the city scene on the shirt. It was also incredibly soft, which was great because he won't wear anything that has a rougher texture.

Timeless Plaid Shirt

Just as the title says, it's timeless! The shirt was soft, the right size, and looked great on my son (if I do say so myself!). He immediately wanted to try it on with the big city tee underneath and add a pop of color to his outfit. I love that he thought to do this and was excited to try and mix and match the clothes.

Kidpik Henley Tee

Slub Henly

Another extremely soft shirt and one that will be a great mix and match piece with jeans or a nicer pair of khakis. He loved the darker, distressed color and the buttons at the top were nice to dress it up a bit!

Kidpik boys shoes

Bay Sneaker

These are just adorable and are such an awesome addition to the box. I loved that they matched with every outfit we put together. They are also that perfect mix of casual and dressy that makes them great for school, play, or nicer dinners out (wait, what are those!?).

Distressed Denim Skinny

Again, these were another home run out of the park. My son has an extremely small waist, so finding pants that fit him can sometimes be a struggle. As boys get older, I've noticed a lot of pants stop adding the waist adjuster, but these included them and they were definitely needed. We pretty much cinched them up as tight as they would go. They looked and fit great after that!

They are distressed, which I know is fashionable, but I do worry about the durability of the areas with the distressing. I looked on the inside of the jeans and they had added extra material to those areas, so hopefully that helps with the normal wear and tear.

Colored Denim Jacket

This is the only item that my son wasn't a huge fan of, and that's because he didn't like the color. He is very much into boy colors and girl colors. Despite my attempts to explain that colors don't have genders, he still was insistent that he most likely wouldn't wear it. He did see the other colors available for the jean jacket, and tried to convince me to buy the black one... but alas he failed, and will have to stick to his normal jacket this fall.

Kidpik retro sunglasses

Retro Sunglasses

Pretty much the family favorite! We have all tried to steal these at one point or another, as they are pretty darn stylish. The sunglasses have an adorable faux wood look to them and really pop with basically any outfit he had on.

Kidpik Clothing Box for Girls

The second box we received was a girls box. Since I only have two boys, I grabbed one of my friend's daughters to help me check out the clothes and model them. She loved every single piece in the box. kidpik again nailed her style and everything was sized perfectly!

River Floral Dress

This was her absolute favorite item in the box. Lightweight, flowy, and perfect for the transition from summer to fall. She paired these with the tassle pull booties and was definitely stylin'!

Starburst Heart Hooded Sweatshirt

This was personally my favorite as I'm a huge sweatshirt fan. I loved the sparkly heart on the front, and the stripes on the sleeves gave it just an extra bit of sporty edge. Again, paired with the shimmer skirt and booties, she was ready for a night out on the town!

Cuffed Skinny Pant

These had a great color to them and reminded me of the fall foliage that we get around town. They were a little long on her, but fit everywhere else. She quickly fixed the length issue and rolled them up to add a little bit more flair.

Vibes Tee

Soft, adorable, and perfect to pair with jeans, leggings, or a skirt. I love basic tees like this because they are so versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the situation.

Side Studded Shimmer Skirt

I won't lie...I was wishing this came in my size. The slight shimmer is perfect for a girl who still wants the girly clothes, but is getting older and wants them to be a bit more stylish. The studs on the side were a great added detail and really dressed it up. This skirt could easily be paired with pretty much anything in her closet!

Tassle Pull Bootie

So, these never came off the entire time she was trying on clothes. She absolutely, positively loved them. They went stunningly well with every single outfit and really tied all of them together. The black color is also great not just from a matching point of view, but also because we all know kids can get scuffs on their shoes constantly! These should really be able to hold up through the wear and tear of her running around.

Studded Backpack

Adorable little accessory that is perfect for a girl who wants to start carrying a purse, but doesn't have much to put in it yet. A few lip glosses, notes for friends, and homemade bracelets will be filling this bag nonstop, I'm sure!

My kidpik Clothing Box Verdict

This has probably been one of my favorite subscription boxes I have received yet. Shopping with kids can be stressful and frustrating on even the best days. On the worst days... well we won't even talk about those! I'm so happy that there are companies out there like kidpik who are really trying to make parent's lives just a little bit easier. Raising kids is hard and I'm happy to take all of the help I can get! Overall, this box hit all of the marks; great clothes, fair prices, and stylish.

As mentioned above, the only area that was a let down was the koins program. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a fall launch of the boys rewards program, as I'm sure with 2 boys in our house, that will add up quickly!

Do you get the kidpik kids clothing subscription box? Love it? Hate it? Let us know!

And if you are tired of dragging the kids to the store or fighting traffic for returns, than be sure to click the button below to get a discount on your first month!


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Kidpik is a clothing subscription box for kids and tweens sizes 4-16 that also offers personal styling services. Upon visiting the site, customers will be asked to take a style quiz, after which their personal stylist will send them a box with 8 pieces of high-quality kids' clothes, a pair of sho... read more.

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