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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

I Thought I Wasn’t the STEM Type. But Then I Found Out About Chegg…

RC Williams
ByRC WilliamsNov 16, 2022Sponsored

Boy oh boy is school starting to stack up as we head into midterm and final exam season! I mean test after test, followed by weekly problem sets and then group projects sprinkled in left and right. It never, ever ends and it gets to be too much too fast.

And the worst part of it all is that I actually LOVE what I study - Mathematics and Chemistry at a top tier University in the Northeast - but rarely have enough time to truly study everything to its full extent. This forces me to cut corners and not get to certain materials simply because I don’t have the time to build full-on study guides for my exams.

It’s hard because of the sheer volume of material I have to master. I started to think that I might not be the STEM type, especially at my University.

But… then I found out about Chegg and their study guides.

Let me tell you - Chegg Study has helped me CRUSH my classes. I’m finally feeling confident going into my tests and exams and saving time doing my homework and problem sets because of how quickly I can master the material thanks to Chegg.

One of the biggest things that Chegg Study has unlocked for me as a student is getting precious time back - I no longer have to spend countless hours worrying about what to study and organizing how I’m actually going to do the studying. Rather, Chegg does all of that heavy lifting for me, so I can focus all of my time and effort on actually studying, not the preparation to study.

Chegg Study offers tons of materials and learning opportunities, including:

  • Instructor-made study materials that cover the big topics in my mathematics and chemistry courses with verified practice exams, study guides and practice quizzes from professors in the country wide.
  • A sizeable community of experts that offer me tons of practice problems and explanations to problems. Even better, I can snap a picture of a problem I’m stuck on, submit it to the expert community and get an expert response!
  • Loads of practice materials that help me master my tests - Chegg’s practice problems, guides and exams have been a total game changer for my test prep.

I also really love the fact that my Chegg Dashboard is 100% customized to help fit my education and studying needs.

I’m a pretty specialized student and Chegg designed a personalized dashboard that guides me material-wise where I need to go. It also has been really good at recommending me to specific topics in Chemistry and Calculus that I might want to brush up on before we hit certain topics in class.

A big pain point I was having in my Advanced Calculus course was that I’d get these incredibly difficult problems to do on my own but never get a good explanation on how to arrive at the correct answer. We’d always be given the answers once the assignment was submitted, but never a good explanation on how to do the problems, which caused me to really struggle with certain problems and never truly grasp the material.

Chegg, though, has a community of experts to help me out. Whenever I come across a problem that was stumping me, I can upload it into Chegg’s community of experts and get an expert answer AND explanation for the problem.

It’s so convenient and so helpful to get through the problem step by step rather than just give you the answer. And that is exactly what Chegg does!

At this point, I think my entire friend circle has gotten onto Chegg!

It’s really helped us unlock a lot of academic success that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to discover. Chegg has been one of the most important aspects of my college experience!

I’d highly recommend signing up for Chegg today - the Study Subscription is only a mere $15.95/month (or less than $0.60/day) which is a total bargain for what it will help you achieve academically.

Sign up here!

RC Williams
RC Williams
RC is the newest member of the MSA team and a consumer product fanatic! In his free time, RC loves reviewing health products, discovering new restaurants in Philadelphia and going on long outdoor runs!