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How Much Does Rocksbox Cost?

Nathan Parcells
ByNathan ParcellsSep 2, 2020

Rocksbox is one of the most popular jewelry subscription boxes on the market. The goal of this post is to provide answers to common questions. If you want to learn more about Rocksbox check out our Rocksbox reviews, coupons, and other news.

How much is Rocksbox monthly?

Rocksbox cost $21 a month. You'll receive 3 pieces of jewelry with free shipping both ways. These pieces are free to rent for as long as you like.

How much is is the jewelry in Rocksbox?

The pieces in Rocksbox subscription boxes range from $25-70 each.  Each box is worth approximately $200.

You'll be able to purchase your Rocksbox jewelry at a special Rocksbox member price. This price is discounted from the initial retail price. If you happen to find that the original designer has changed their initial retail price after ordering a piece, Rocksbox will honor the price if it's lower than the Rocksbox member price.

What is Shine Credit?

Shine Credit is the $21 monthly fee that is automatically credited to your purchase of any jewelry at checkout. Shine Credit expires at the end of each month and does not roll over into the proceeding month. However, you will receive another $21 Shine Credit at the beginning of every month as long as your account is active.

Your not limited to one Rocksbox per month and you can receive additional Rocksboxes whenever you like. As long as you pay the monthly Rocksbox fee, you can keep your Rocksbox sets indefinitely.

Does my monthly rate change if I keep or return my Rocksbox?

No. You can keep your Rocksbox set for as long as you like as well as return your set as often as you'd like. The monthly rate stays the same no matter what. You'll only be charged if you decide to purchase a piece of jewelry or return a set with missing pieces.

The Rocksbox membership gives you exclusive access to Rocksbox's online Clearance Shop. The Clearance Shop sells pieces that have been work at 50% off retail prices. Rocksbox members also get access to the New Shop where you can find the latest new pieces.

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Nathan Parcells
Nathan Parcells
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