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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction
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5 Cookie Subscriptions On Santa’s Wishlist This Year

Kelly Wright
ByKelly WrightDec 3, 2021 | 0 comments

Icing process of Christmas bakery. Unrecognizable woman decorating homemade gingerbread cookies on wooden table, top view

December is a busy time for the Big Man. Getting Rudolph's nose so bright, making his list (and checking it twice), sending out elves to check on the Grinch's antics, and of course the small task of making sure every *nice* child in the world wakes up to something on Christmas morning, are just a few of his many December jobs.

With all that stress and responsibility have you ever wondered how Santa likes to unwind after a long day? An eggnog perhaps? Some mulled wine? A tall glass of milk? Whatever his beverage of choice may be, we can guarantee he has a plate of the most delicious cookies snuggled up closely next to it.

But even Mrs. Clause can only keep up with Santa's cookie addiction for so long, he has to have some additional cookie fixes coming from somewhere! We bribed a couple of his trusted elves (yep, totally on the naughty list now) and got the scoop on all the cookie subscriptions that Santa has on his wishlist this year.

Cookie Subscriptions On Santa's Wishlist This Year

1. Goldbelly Cookie Subscription

Image via Goldbelly.

Why does Santa go through the chimney? Because it soots him!

If you've never visited the Goldbelly website, take our advice and make sure to do it after you've just eaten a very large meal. Anything less, and I guarantee you will end up with everything from cookies to Philly cheese steaks on your doorstep a few days later.

Their monthly cookie subscription box just happens to be at the top of Santa's wishlist this year and we definitely can see why. Working with small businesses, they ship out cookies from some of the most popular local joints around the US. Not only will you be helping these places stay afloat during difficult times, but you will be in literal cookie paradise with some of the most ooey-gooey, flavorful, and unique cookies that you've ever gotten your hands on.

Why Santa Loves it: We all know jolly old St. Nick loves making others happy. So, it makes sense that he would want to support small, local business owners around the US during the holiday season. Plus, the variety of cookies he receives keeps him always guessing what will be in the next box!

Price: $45 + Free Shipping

Check out our Goldbellydetails to learn more!

2. Fresh Baked Cookie Crate

What would Santa be called if he went down a chimney with the fire going? Crisp Kringle.

While we know that neither Santa nor Mrs. Claus need any help baking holiday goodness, this fun cookie subscription is still on his list because of the sheer ease of making your own. The Fresh Baked Cookie Crate comes with absolutely everything you need to make a festive batch of warm cookies. Pre-measured ingredients, easy instructions, and a new cookie each month make this cookie subscription fun for the entire family.

Why Santa loves it: Is there really anything better than walking into a house and smelling freshly baked cookies? Even the candle companies have tried to get in on the scent! We assume Santa's magical town has a permanent delicious cookie smell, but there is still something about a warm oven and that sweet, sugary smell wafting towards you that even Santa can't say no to.  That smell is pretty much the definition of everything cozy and makes everything right with the world even up at the North Pole.

Price: Varies. 2 dozen basic $29.99/month, 4 dozen basic $44.99/month. 2 dozen ultimate $34.99, 4 dozen ultimate $44.99.

Basic cookie subscription includes ingredients only, ultimate cookie subscription includes ingredients plus baking goodies. 

Interested in other baking subscription boxes? Check out our list here!

3. Color My Cookie

Image via Cratejoy.

What goes “oh-oh-oh?” Santa walking backwards.

Ever wish you could decorate cookies like the pro's do? That perfectly smooth, outlined cookie that looks more like a piece of art than an edible treat? Well, wish no longer because Color My Cookie will send you perfectly baked cookies each month that already have their white canvas pre-icing on and ready for your decorating magic. All you have to do is paint your colors, add any additional icing, and make it fancy with the included edible decor.  Then, sit back and relish in the oooh's and aaaah's you will get at your next cookie party!

Why Santa loves it: Santa literally has a town full of thousands of elves. And what do elves like to do best? Create! This cookie subscription allows the youngest elves to try their hand at cookie decorating while still ensuring a delicious cookie to eat later. We are sure your little elves will also agree this is one of the more fun (and delicious!) cookie subscription boxes out there.

Price: $28.75

4. Tubby's Taste

Image via Tubby's Taste.

What is Santa's favorite type of music? Wrap.

Tubby's Taste is for all our vegans that want to indulge during the holidays as well. Inspired by the founder's Jamaican and African-American roots, these cookies bring flavors to your palate that we didn't even know could be whipped into cookies. Did someone say mango, coconut, and lime cookies!? By signing up for their cookie subscription, not only do you get unique and amazing cookies monthly, but you also are invited to become a taste tester and give feedback on new and trial cookie flavors. Pretty sure Santa and his elves are all onboard with that! Tubby's Taste also offers all nutritional values and ingredients easily found on their website so you can be assured that the cookies you receive are well within your dietary restrictions.

Why Santa loves it: Santa knows not everyone eats the same kind of food around the world. How boring would that be, anyways? So, adding a vegan cookie subscription to his wish list ensures that all of his elves, regardless of what they prefer to eat, get to enjoy the sweet goodness that only a delicious cookie can offer.

Price: $24.99

5. Ma-Ka-Rohn

Image via Ma-Ka-Rohn.

How much does it cost to park Santa's reindeer and sleigh? Nothing, it's on the house.

Macarons, not to be confused with macaroons, might just be the most adorable looking sandwich cookies out there. Their fun colors, delicious mousse-like insides, soft (but somehow also firm) outside makes this specialty treat one that we just can not get enough of. If you are like us and want to taste all the colors and flavors, than be sure to sign up for a subscription through Ma-Ka-Rohn and get your cookie sandwich fix monthly!

Also, in case you didn't know, macarons are naturally gluten-free due to the almond flour used in their production. While we are pretty sure Santa eats gluten (we refer you back to the cookie addiction he has), this is  a great option for anyone that can't.

Why Santa loves it: Santa is always looking for something out of the ordinary and these French meringue cookies take after dinner treats to a whole new level. When he brings a plate of these rainbow cookie sandwiches out, he has the elves dancing around the Christmas tree all night long!

Price: $22.50/12 pieces

Stocking Stuffers

What kind of Christmas article would this be if we didn't give you a couple extra goodies? Sometimes the stocking stuffers are the best part! You can order just a few cookies or an entire box depending on the occasion. And while the last one might not be best to bring to a human party, we guarantee the host's furry friends will be forever grateful!


Image via Baketini.

How does Santa get his sleigh to fly? I have no eye deer.

Honestly, we had to add these because they are just downright beautiful. Baketini's seasonal and holiday cookies make the perfect gift for family and friends or to keep for yourself and enjoy throughout the colder months with a cup of hot cocoa. (Go ahead, order it for yourself...its been another long year.) These cookies are so pretty though that you might not want to eat them and honestly we wouldn't blame you! Although, with multiple glowing reviews of their amazing taste, we could probably get past eating Rudolph.

Why Santa loves it: 

Part of the charm of Christmas is the ambiance and beauty that comes with it. Everywhere you look there seem to be lights twinkling off the snow, Christmas carolers filling the air with beautiful music, and delicious baked-goods filling homes with sweet smells. Santa of course, probably has the most impeccably decorated home of all (thanks to Mrs. Clause, of course!) and we are sure his cookies are no exception. Baketini's cookies fit in right at home next to Santa's roaring fire.

Price: $51/monthly or buy a one-off box from $23-$175


Image via Wüfers.

Which of Santa's friends is the most chill? Jack Frost.

You didn't think Santa was going to forget about Fluffy, did you!? The Wüfers cookie box for dogs is so pretty that even human hands will be grabbing for these. With an adorable selection of both seasonal and holiday dog treats, this makes the perfect gift to put under the tree for your furry family member. All ingredients used are safe for dogs and guaranteed to stay fresh for up to 15 months.

Why Santa loves it: In case you didn't know, Santa is an animal lover through and through and only gives the best to his 9 reindeer. He understands that your 4-legged family member is extremely important to you as well. When times get tough, Fluffy is always the one by your side, licking your face, and taking up 90% of the bed. He deserves something special just like the rest of the family. Santa's reindeer are no different (except maybe taking up the bed part) and a curious little elf told us that they particular enjoy holiday cookies. Although, we do wonder just how many of these his reindeer go through...

Price: Cookie boxes start at $44.95

Have you tried any of these delicious subscription boxes? Let us know in the comments below!

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