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9 Best Baking Subscription Boxes of 2021

Tropical gummy bear cupcake.

Image via Foodstirs.

For anyone with a sweet tooth, dessert is the highlight of any meal.

If you’re looking to bring home something sweet — and we don’t mean pastries from a bakery or trendy café — signing up for a baking subscription box is an easy way to satisfy your cravings while learning how to do it yourself.

Inspire your inner chef with our list of the best baking subscription boxes. Whether you’re looking to get crafty in the kitchen or just want to impress your family and friends with a range of options, these baking subscription boxes are the best for a reason. You’ll receive a new baking box every month complete with step-by-step directions on a recipe card and all the dry ingredients you’ll need for culinary bliss measured out in perfect proportions.

Sound intriguing? We’ve compiled a list of the 9 Best Baking Subscription Boxes of 2021 so you won’t have to search for recipes or hit the supermarket around the block to shop for ingredients. While they vary, all of these baking subscription boxes have one thing in common: They allow for a seamless baking experience, from receiving your box to serving your latest baked good. The hardest part will be choosing which baking subscription box you’ll subscribe to!

The 9 Best Baking Subscription Boxes of 2021

1. Foodstirs Baker’s Club – Best Baking Subscription Box for Variety

LG Tasty Cookie Club

Best Baking Subscription For: Can’t seem to get enough dessert? If store bought creations aren’t enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, there’s a baking subscription box that’s made for those who like all kinds of treats, Whether you’re hoping to make soft, gooey cookies or colorful mini doughnuts, this baking subscription guarantees that you’ll have freshly made treats on hand whenever you’d like them. And even better? The projects are creative, fun and easy! Expect to see everything from decorated summery sugar cookies to Halloween-themed, spooky sweets, all made possible in six steps or less.

About the Subscription: Foodstirs specializes in organic kits and mixes that make baking at home quick and easy. They pride themselves on being a “junk-free bakery,” and follow through on that promise by using clean ingredients and less sugar. They’re also kosher and have been verified by the Non-GMO Project. The company was started by three parents, Galit Laibow, Greg Fleishman, and actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, who wanted to create brownie, cake, and cookie mixes they could feel good about.

Kits include all the dry ingredients you need (you’ll supply the perishable items) to make the month’s featured recipe — and fair-trade chocolate and cocoa. Foodstirs also sources ingredients locally when possible.

Want to learn more about Foodstirs? You can read our reviews here.

The Cost: Prices start at $25.99

Buy your Foodstirs box here.

2. Whisk Taskers – Best Baking Subscription Box to Learn the Basics

Whisk Takers

Best Baking Subscription For: Whisk Takers is our go-to kit for bakers of all levels. Experts will have no trouble navigating Whisk Taskers‘ recipes, while those who have never set foot in a kitchen will find their instructions easy-to-follow and most importantly, these classic desserts extra delicious. Whisk Takers’ subscription boxes will teach you the basics of baking, no guesswork required. All you need to do is follow the instructions.

About the Subscription: Whisk Takers provides you with unique and tasty recipes with high-quality ingredients to let you enjoy 100% home desserts made just by you. Subscribers can choose from two options: The Best Sellers Bundle, which includes recipes and ingredients for S’Mores Brownies (12-16 brownies), Monster Funfetti Cookies (12 cookies), and Chocolate Cookies (20-24 cookies) and/or the Chocolate Lovers Bundle, which will deliver just what you need to make S’mores Brownies (12-16 brownies) and Hazelnut Cupcakes (24 cupcakes).

Your box will include step-by-step recipe cards and individually numbered, pre-measured ingredients. However, you will have to buy butter, eggs, soy milk, and parchment paper on your own. Easy-to-follow steps provide you with a mess-less and easy baking experience.

The Cost: Prices start at $49.99. Receive free shipping for any orders over $100.

Buy your Whisk Taskers box here.

3. Bake Eat Love (BEL Box) – Best Baking Subscription Box For Those Who Want to Bake Like a Pro

Bake Eat Love box


Best Baking Subscription For: Want to learn how to bake like a professional? Then the Bake Eat Love box is for you. With every delivery, this baking subscription box takes a multi-faceted approach to teaching subscribers how to bake by providing recipes and ingredients for something to bake, something to keep (like a kitchen tool) and something to learn in the form of digital tutorials.

About the Subscription: The Bake Eat Love box includes quality ingredients to help you prepare professional quality deserts. Excite your palate with some unique flavors with high quality, non-perishable items that are packed pre-measured so that you do not have to face even the slightest difficulty in the kitchen. Bake Eat Love also sends an email with the recipe and an instructional video so that you don’t skip a single step.

Learn more about Bake Eat Love here.

The Cost: Prices start at $37.99. 

Buy your Bake Eat Love box here.

4. Baketivity – Best Baking Subscription for Getting Kids Comfortable in the Kitchen


Best Baking Subscription For: If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to introduce children to the joy of baking, Baketivity is a great way to start. This baking subscription box turns tasty recipes into fantastic learning experiences for kids. Through these activities, you’ll soon learn how baking is a wonderful way to bond with little ones, while they build the skills they need to feel comfortable (and excited) in the kitchen. Now, you can get the complete experience of fresh, homemade baked goods without having to deal with the hassle of finding a recipe, grocery shopping or measuring out ingredients.

About the Subscription: Baketivity is an all-in-one baking activity kit for kids. This monthly subscription box delivers a recipe and pre-measured ingredients, plus exciting, educational games and colorful lessons to enjoy while your kid-friendly treats are in the oven. Keeping children engaged and interested in the primary focus of this baking subscription box, so inside your delivery you’ll find an illustrated recipe card, a list of the wet ingredients and baking tools required and a kid’s apron and chef hat.

Want to learn more about Baketivity? Read our reviews here.

The Cost: Prices start at $25.95

Buy your Baketivity box here.

5. Red Velvet NYC – Best Baking Subscription Box for Gourmet Fare

Red Velvet NYC

Best Baking Subscription For: Red Velvet NYC is a baking subscription box created by a team of experienced chefs, which is why you’ll find their gourmet recipes so enticing. With every month’s delivery, you’ll learn how to master new recipes like a pro, thanks to pre-measured ingredients and an easy-to-use recipe guide. Subscribers will receive a variety of seasonal desserts — so you’ll never get bored — in hopes of teaching new techniques along the way. You’ll also gain a bevy of tips and tricks as you bake your way through your subscription, all the while perfecting your technique.

Past kits have included recipes for such delicacies as French macarons with raspberry preserves, butterscotch pudding with dark chocolate pearls, brownies meant to be drenched in salted caramel, chocolate chip cookies with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt, lemon poppy seed loaf with lemon glaze, and chocolate cupcakes with creamy chocolate ganache.

About the Subscription: You may have heard of this box because it’s been covered by a number of publications including The Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan and Food & Wine. Inside each box, you’ll find two baking kits with all the pre-measured ingredients you need to make two delicious treats. With your delivery, you’ll also receive a detailed recipe and a booklet that features tips, tricks and techniques to improve everything you make. 

The Cost: Prices start at $45.75

Buy your Red Velvet NYC box here.

6. Fresh Baked Cookie Crate – Best Baking Subscription Box for Cookie Lovers

Fresh Baked Cookie Crate

Best Baking Subscription For: If you can’t finish a meal without reaching for a cookie, then the Fresh Baked Cookie Crate baking subscription box is for you. Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect ooey, gooey chocolate chip cookie or crave something less traditional (just think how wonderful it’ll feel to sink your teeth into a warm, crumbly gingerbread eggnog cookie during the holidays), this baking subscription box has got a bevy of recipes designed to thrill your tastebuds.

About the Subscription: Each month, this baking subscription box — which makes the perfect gift for all kinds of baking fans — delivers pre-measured and expertly sealed gourmet and handcrafted ingredients to ensure you can make fresh, mouthwatering cookies in your very own kitchen. The individually packaged ingredients cut down on any mess and instructions are fool-proof, which means all levels of bakers can revel in this baking subscription box. Even better? You’ll get a delicious new cookie recipe every month — so no need to worry about repeats.

The Cost: Prices start at $25

Buy your Fresh Crate Cookie box here.

7. Breadista – Best Baking Subscription Box for Bread Lovers


Best Baking Subscription For: If warm, fresh out-of-the-oven bread makes a meal extra special, then a Breadista subscription will be a game changer for you. With the help of this baking subscription box, you’ll learn how to make a variety of German breads and rolls. Baking bread at home is an excellent way to learn more about German culture and culinary trends all while improving your baking skills and indulging in a number of different bread varieties.

About the Subscription: Dust off your apron and get to the kitchen because Breadista has a number of interesting (and satisfying) baking boxes to choose from. Try your hand at making Dinkelweck rolls (which, when translated into English, literally means “spelt bread roll”) or a rustic Wurzelbrot (which translates to “root bread”), made from organic flour.

Each box includes a traditional German bread baking kit with an instruction card (complete with pictures). Your delivery also comes will get a delicious spread (the flavor is a surprise) that complements with the current bread or roll and a helpful kitchen or baking tool.

The Cost: Prices start at $44.90

Buy your Breadista box here.

8. The Bake Off Box – UK Subscribers ONLY – Best Baking Subscription Box for Fans of The Great British Bake Off

Bake Off box

Best Baking Subscription For: Fans of The Great British Bake Off can bring all the excitement that the beloved television show provides home with this baking subscription box. While the monthly baking subscription box won’t deliver Paul Hollywood and crew, it will make sure you’ve got the bulk of what you need to make a series of tasty, exciting new recipes. Suitable for all skill levels, The Bake Off box brings you a new recipe challenge with selected ingredients from British suppliers and a bespoke piece of baking equipment.

About the Subscription: With your monthly delivery, you’ll receive a recipe that’s been created by the team behind the The Great British Bake Off. Pretend you’re under the big tent as you open this blue baking subscription box to reveal a recipe card, pre-measured dry ingredients and a checklist to ensure you’ve got everything required to live out your baking dreams. There’s also a piece of Bake Off-branded equipment to make your experience feel even more official.

The Cost: Prices start at $28.29

Ships to: UK addresses only. Sorry all you Netflix fans, maybe a kind reader from across the pond will send this Great British Bake-off Baking Subscription Box with you. Or maybe if we all come together and show how much we want this, they’ll make it available to the US and Canada!!

Buy your Bake Off box here.

9. Kitsby – Best Baking Subscription Box for Those with Adventurous Tastebuds


Best Baking Subscription For: For many people, baking is all about nostalgia. The feeling of flour between your fingertips, licking wooden spoons clean of batter, stealing a taste of cookie dough and the scent of sweet, sugary treats wafting through the air hearkens back to a time spent with loved ones, sharing laughs and top secret family recipes. If all those memories warm your heart, then Kitsby is the baking subscription box for you. Inspired by childhood memories, Kitsby was made to bring people closer by making — and sharing — sweet recipes.

About the Subscription: Kitsby’s original recipes are often inspired by different cultures, seasons, and traditions, so with this baking subscription you’ll find inspiration that ranges from campfire classic to popular Asian flavor and winter staples. Recipes are carefully — and expertly prepared — so you can try lots of new things without worrying about sacrificing flavor. Each baking kit by Kitsby contains a selection of pre-portioned, individually packed items along with a recipe booklet. However, you will be required to add some butter or eggs at home, but additional things like fun decorations are included in the box.

The Cost: Prices start at $34.99

Buy your Kitsby box here.

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