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The 11 Best Cat Food Subscriptions For Fresh + Dry Food Delivery

Looking to have healthy and fresh cat food delivered to your door each month? We’ve got you covered. Consider this list your go-to for all kinds of mealtime options for your furry family member(s). These subscriptions are great for convenience, providing your cat with a customized meal plan for their specific needs, and having access to high-quality, fresh, or raw food you can’t get anywhere else. We’ve found all the best cat food subscription services for fresh cat food delivery, raw cat food, and dry cat food. Read on find the perfect fit for your feline friend!

Best Cat Food Subscriptions for 2020

1. Nom Nom Cat Food

Image from Nom Nom.

The Cost: Prices vary based on your cat’s profile (age and weight are factored in). Expect in the range of $60-$70 per two weeks of food. Shipping is free. Sign up here!

COUPON: Get 50% off your first order! No coupon needed - just use this link.

Type of Food: Fresh, cooked food.

How It Works: Nom Nom meals are custom-made for your cat based on age, weight, and allergies, and are portioned into 120-calorie servings. Meals are prepared fresh in kitchen facilities Nom Nom owns and operates in Nashville, Tennessee, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Every order is freshly prepared just days before arrival and contains individually portioned meals made exactly for your pet’s needs. Meals will arrive in a box with ice packs to keep everything fresh – and the meals can be frozen until you’re ready for your kitty to enjoy them. Subscription options include every week, every 2 weeks, or every 4 weeks.

Ships to: The 48 contiguous states.

Nom Nom offers subscriptions for both dogs and cats. Read our dog food review here and our cat food review here!


2. Cat Person

Image from Cat Person.

The Cost: Varies, depending on your needs. For example, a 2 lb bag of kibble is $11, while a 5-pack of single-serving wet food is $7.25. Sign up here!

Type of Food: Dry and wet food options.

How It Works: Cat Person focuses on making healthy and easy-to-serve meals for your cat. Their recipes are crafted with at least 50% more quality animal protein than AAFCO industry standards. Their different food options include meat shreds in broth, paté, kibble, and digestive support blends. (They also make treats, toys, and food dishes!) You can try everything à la carte before committing to a Meal Plan subscription, too. See their full catalog of meal options and accessories here.

Ships to: The 48 contiguous states.


3. Smalls

Image from Smalls.

The Cost: Averages between $90-$120 a month. Sign up here!

Type of Food: Freshly cooked food, freeze-dried raw food, and dry kibble options.

How It Works: Smalls delivers nutritious, human-grade, high-protein cat food directly to your door. Start with a sampler pack to see which flavors and formulas your cat prefers, and then customize your deliveries according to your cat’s preferences and any goals (such as weight loss). Smalls also offers litter, toys, and treats.

Ships to: The 48 contiguous states.

Read our Smalls Cat Food review here!


4. Raised Right

Image from Raised Right.

The Cost: Pricing varies depending on how much food you’d like per month, but you can expect prices around $160 a month. Sign up here!

Type of Food: Fresh, cooked food.

How It Works: Raised Right is a family-owned, human-grade pet food company that makes “home-cooked style” whole-food recipes for dogs & cats. Every single batch they cook gets lab safety tested for pathogens to help ensure it’s safe for your pet to eat. They work alongside world-renowned veterinarian, Dr. Karen Becker, and pet food formulation expert Steve Brown to formulate limited ingredient recipes that are low in carbs. After you fill out your cat’s profile, you’ll be given a custom food plan.

Ships to: The 48 contiguous states.


5. Darwin’s Natural Selections Raw Cat Food

Image from Darwin’s.

The Cost: Pricing varies depending on your cat’s profile, but you can expect around $20-$25 a week. Sign up here!

COUPON: Try the premium raw food 10 lbs. for $14.95 (a $63.90 value). No coupon needed - just use this link.

Type of Food: Raw food.

How It Works: Darwin’s Natural Selections cat food is 100% real meat (chicken, turkey, or lamb) and contains no animal by-products or fillers. This grain-free meal provides complete and balanced nutrition and helps to ensure your cat lives a long and healthy life. All the turkey, chicken, and lamb in Darwin’s Natural Selections are pasture-raised and free-roaming (cage-free), with no added antibiotics, steroids, or artificial hormones.

Darwin’s also offers Intelligent Design™ Veterinary Formulas. These meals require a prescription from a vet. These are specialized meals designed to provide extra support to cats facing certain health issues. These highly palatable and nutritious meals use only hormone-free (no added hormones), antibiotic-free, and pesticide-free meats, with no grains, added fillers, or chemical preservatives.

Ships to: The 48 contiguous states.


6. Savage Cat Food

Image from Savage Cat Food.

The Cost: Price will depend on your cat’s food needs. A box with 28 three-ounce packets is $75. Sign up here!

Type of Food: Raw food.

How It Works: Savage Cat Food believes in increasing your cat’s health and longevity by feeding it a raw, prey-based diet. Savage Cat Food contains real animal bone and marrow, which provide additional nutrients that can’t be found in regular raw meat. Each individual packet makes serving easier, too. You can order a subscription or an individual box. All meals are shipped frozen with dry ice with 1-2 day delivery.

Ships to: The 48 contiguous states.


7. My Pet Carnivore

Image from My Pet Carnivore.

The Cost: Varies depending on the meat type. Sign up here!

Type of Food: Raw food.

How It Works: My Pet Carnivore is dedicated to providing quality, healthy raw meat meals for dogs and cats. They have a wide variety of options to choose from, and a subscription isn’t necessary. If you aren’t familiar with the raw food approach to cat food, their catalog may be a bit intimidating, but you can get all the details on this unique diet type right here.

Ships to: The 48 contiguous states.


8. Bobcat Raw Food

Image from Bobcat Raw Food.

The Cost: Expect about $3.70 a day for an adult cat. Sign up here!

Type of Food: Raw food.

How It Works: Bobcat meals are complete, balanced, and conveniently portioned into 3 oz. pouches that take the guesswork out of feeding. (They recommending feeding two pouches a day to an adult cat). All Bobcat Raw Food meals are handmade in small batches in Houston, Texas. You’ll save 2% with the subscription option, or you can buy à la carte to find which offering your pet likes best.

Ships to: The 48 contiguous states.


9. Primal Pet Foods

Image from Primal Pet Foods.

The Cost: $42 for a 14 oz bag. See what’s in store here!

Type of Food: Freeze-dried raw food.

How It Works: Primal Pet Foods makes one of the easiest-to-serve raw food options: just add water to the naturally preserved nuggets. The nuggets are made with antibiotic-, hormone-, and steroid-free meat and organs, along with fresh ground bone for calcium supplementation. Their formulas also incorporate certified organic produce, certified organic minerals, and unrefined vitamins to fortify the complete and balanced nutrition for all life stages. You get all the benefits of a raw ancestral diet in a highly-palatable, freeze-dried form that’s fast and easy to serve.

FYI – Primal Pet does not sell on their website, but you can order these from


Auto-Ship Options:

10. Chewy

Image from Chewy.

The Cost: Pricing varies based on order size. Check out their offerings here!

Type of Food: A wide variety including wet, dry, raw, and freeze-dried raw food.

How It Works: If you’re not looking to change your cat food, but want to set up a subscription instead of having to order it each month or going to buy it at the store, we highly recommend You’ll save 5% off the regular price when you set up an auto-shipment subscription, and you can cancel at any time.

Check out our full review of Chewy here!


11. Petco

Image from Petco.

The Cost: Pricing varies based on order size. Explore their full catalog here!

Type of Food: A wide variety including wet, dry, and vet-authorized food.

How It Works: Another good option for setting up auto-shipment subscriptions to your preferred cat food is Petco. Like Chewy, they also offer 5% off the regular price when you set up an auto-shipment and their cat food offerings include both fresh and frozen food.

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