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Smalls Reviews

Is Smalls Right For You?

Updated February 22, 2023

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Smalls Overview

About the Brand

Smalls serves up healthy, human-grade food for cats and can be considered your one-stop pet shop as it also sells cat toys, treats, and litter. In order to use Smalls, you’ll first need to answer a few questions about your cat and then Smalls will ship a trial to your doorstep so your beloved feline can sample each flavor and texture. Once your cat has figured out which meals are his or her favorites, you can then update your full subscription and next box through the Account Portal and customize item quantities, shipping frequencies, and more.

Smalls is one of our best cat food subscriptionsand offers recipes that are high-protein and not filled with unnecessary carbs or grains.

Key Info

  • Price:$45.00 per month
  • Ships To:US

What It’s Like to Subscribe to Smalls


Read reviews further down the page, too, for more personal experiences.

How Smalls Works

In order to start receiving Smalls, customers will first need to answer a few questions about their cat(s). Smalls will ask you questions about your cat’s name, sex, age, whether or not it’s spayed or neutered, and about its build. Customers can enter information for more than one cat at a time and can select up to 10 cats to add per order.


Following this, customers will then be asked if there are any flavors their cats won’t eat which include chicken, beef, and turkey. Smalls will then generate a trial plan for your cat(s) to get started and transition them into their new food.


On the first Monday after you receive your trial, your personal Cat Concierge will check in with you to see how your cat likes Smalls and answer any questions you may have about their transition off of their former food. By Tuesday of your second week, Smalls will then plan out your first full order based on the trial plan you selected and the input you gave to your Cat Concierge.


Prior to your first shipment, Smalls will send you an email with a summary of their suggestions and the cost of your first full box. Once you approve everything or make adjustments, Smalls will send you an order every 2 - 8 weeks.

Example Smalls Meals

  • Human Grade Fresh: Bird - Contains chicken thigh, chicken breast, chicken livers, chicken hearts, green beans, peas, kale, and Smalls Supplement Mix.
  • Freeze-Dried Raw: Bird - Contains finely ground chicken with bone, chicken heart, chicken liver, chicken gizzard, chicken egg, goat’s milk, eggshell membrane, and herring oil.
  • Human Grade Fresh: Other Bird - Contains turkey thigh, chicken livers, green beans, peas, kale, and Smalls Supplement Mix
  • Freeze-Dried Raw: Other Bird - Contains finely ground turkey with bone, turkey heart, turkey liver, turkey gizzard, goat's milk, turkey egg, eggshell membrane, and herring oil.
  • Human Grade Fresh: Cow - Contains 90% lean ground beef, beef liver, beef heart, green beans, peas, spinach, and Smalls Supplement Mix.
  • Freeze Dried Raw: Water Bird - Contains finely ground duck with bon, duck heart, duck liver, duck gizzard, duck egg, duck blood, goat's milk, eggshell membrane, and herring oil.

Smalls Pricing Options

Subscription price can vary depending on the number of cats per order and the frequency of shipment. For reference, The Fresh Food trial plan by Smalls starts at $1.60/meal, but, Fresh food plans start at $1.93/meal and cost about $3/day, on average, for a single-cat household.


Customers can also speak with their personal Cat Concierge to customize a plan that fits within their budget.

Smalls Pros and Cons


  • High-protein food made using only USDA-certified, humanely-harvested, and sustainably-sourced ingredients
  • Both fresh and freeze-dried meals contain veggies to mimic what cats would naturally be eating in the wild
  • Has an Add-On Pantry where subscribers can buy treats, toys, and litter


  • Only 3 flavors are available for fresh or raw meals
  • Difficult to find a set pricing structure on their website
  • The selection of toys and treat add-ons is limited

What Else You Should Know About Smalls


Smalls ingredients are USDA-certified, humanely harvested, and sustainably sourced so you never have to worry about where your cat food ingredients come from. Better yet, Smalls provides the full nutrition facts for each of its meals online and won’t leave you guessing as to what’s in your cat food.

Is Smalls Worth It?

Smalls is certainly worth it if you’re looking to give your cat the best food possible. With Smalls you won’t have to worry about feeding your cat mystery meat or strange ingredients and can have full confidence in the nutritional value and quality of your cat’s meals. It’s time to say goodbye to grains and fillers and instead say hello to real, human-grade food.

How Smalls Compares to Other Top Cat Food Subscriptions


Smalls VS Cat Person: Cat Person is incredibly similar to Smalls in its approach to personalized cat food. Cat Person formulates high-quality, high-protein meals that are specially selected for your cat’s needs. You’ll first receive a Starter Kit with guidance for helping your kitty transition to the new diet following the completion of an online questionnaire. The Starter Kits include 2 wet food options and 1 dry food to try which is about 2 weeks worth of food total.


Following the completion of the trial, you can then select an array of options for meals including paté, kibble, and meat shreds in broth, and digestive support blends.

Both Cat Person and Smalls are priced similarly, however, Smalls includes more veggies as a part of its meals and also uses more of a nose-to-tail approach by utilizing other parts of the animal, like the liver, heart, and blood.


Smalls VS Nom Nom: Nom Nom offers custom-made food for your cat or dog based on age, weight, and allergies. The meals are portioned perfectly to keep cats satisfied without over-or under-feeding, and because Nom Nom focuses on scientifically supported recipes, even the most finicky felines will fall in love. Prices vary based on your cat’s profile (age and weight are factored in), but you can expect anywhere from as low as $33 per month up to $60-$70 per two weeks of food.


Nom Nom is a better cat food subscription for cats who have allergies or specific health conditions, such as sensitive arthritis or joint pain, whereas Smalls is the more affordable option and works perfectly well for most cats without major health issues.


Smalls VS Chewy: Chewy offers pet food and supplies for all types of pets including cats, dogs, fish, birds, reptiles, and more. They carry more than 2,000 favorite brands, including Blue Buffalo, Nutro, Natural Balance, and Tidy Cats and allow customers to set up a subscription to receive their favorite products. Compared to Smalls, Chewy offers close to 200 different brands for cat food and subscribers will receive 5% off the regular price when they set up an auto-shipment subscription. Prices range from $1.50 per packet up to $100+ for vet-designed formulas and specialties.


Chewy is best for customers who already have their favorite cat food selected and want to receive it via subscription rather than having to go to the store, whereas Smalls is a traditional subscription service that provides 1-on-1 customer support and allows you to have more customization with shipments. If you prefer a more streamlined process with customer service that’s personalized and want to use a product with ingredients you’ll recognize, then Smalls is best.

Smalls Reviews

Smalls FAQ

How much does Smalls cost?
A Smalls trial costs $35, but standard subscription prices can vary depending on the number of cats you have and the frequency of your shipments. In general, you can expect to pay somewhere around $1.60-$3.00 per day.
How much is Smalls shipping?
Shipping costs for your trial are free! After your trial order has been placed, all subsequent orders will be charged a $10 shipping fee.
Where does Smalls ship?
Smalls currently ships within the continental United States.
How do you skip a shipment of Smalls?
All you need to do to skip or postpone your order is text or email your Cat Concierge to change your next delivery date. Customers can postpone any order for up to 8 weeks at a time.
How do you cancel Smalls?
To cancel an existing Smalls subscription you’ll need to log in to your Account Portal and select the Profile tab. Then, scroll to the bottom, click Cancel Subscription, and follow the link for next steps.
When does Smalls ship meals?
Orders ship on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Does Smalls offer refunds?
Smalls will offer a full refund of your trial order if your cat did not approve the meals in their trial after two weeks. Refund requests must be made within 30 days of the initial date of purchase.
Is the packaging of Smalls meals environmentally friendly?
All of Smalls packaging is 100% recyclable. The insulators are made of biodegradable corn-based styrofoam and the green bags that hold the insulators along with the cardboard can be placed into a regular recycling bin.
Are human-grade fresh meals raw?
No, Smalls fresh recipes are fully cooked to lock in nutrients.
How should I store my Smalls meals?
Once you open your delivery, wet food should be stored directly in your freezer until 24 hours before you are ready to serve. It’s best to store one packet at a time inside your refrigerator while the rest should be stored in the freezer.
How long does Smalls wet food last?
Smalls wet food can be kept in a sealed container or bag in the fridge for 5-7 days and it can last for up to 12 months in the freezer.
How long does Smalls dry food last?
Both Smalls Essential Kibble and Premium Freeze-Dried can be stored in their unopened bags for up to 18 months. Once opened, it’s best to use dry food within 30 days.

User Reviews

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Subscriber Reviews

Ian Garcia-Grant
Ian Garcia-Grant
1st Time Poster!
Feb 27, 2021
Ordered a trial for my mother's cat in January. Her cat hated it, and the food went to neighbors with less picky cats, who still wouldn't eat it. Ultimately it went to their dogs, who would eat it. Given this information, I attempted to cancel the subscription, found no way to do so, and so removed my payment method instead, as the only way to prevent more unwanted cat food, or so I thought. I was frustrated to learn that I was charged nearly $250 late on a Friday to assure I couldn't challenge payment with my banking institution closed for the weekend. I attempted to contact their customer service line, only to find that they don't actually take phone calls at any time for any reason. I then emailed them and received an automated reply that due to high volume they won't be getting back to me for quite a while. Further, they neither accept returns nor issue refunds for unwanted deliveries. Smalls.com, based on my direct experiences with the company, provides a mediocre product and has no customer service whatsoever. They would do well to redirect some of their excessive marketing budget to customer service. I strongly advise you to avoid doing business with them.

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0 overall rating
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