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15 Best Monthly Candle Subscription Boxes

Some candles make the perfect finishing touch to your home decor. Some candles are infused with crystals that pair positive energy with their natural essences. Some candles come in tin jars so they’re perfect for travel. But one thing all candles have in common is that the aroma they send around your space makes everything better! Monthly candle clubs come in many forms. A handful send handmade candles with classic scents that evoke nostalgia; others invite you to start your candle subscription with a quiz so they can tailor aromas to your preferences. Still more mail you oil diffusers and aromatic melts alongside traditional candles. Many offer gift subscriptions, and some boast outstanding cost vs. box value. Read on to see what candle subs have our homes feeling so cozy and smelling so nice!

By the way, some of these candle subscription services might look familiar from our reader-voted list of the Best Subscriptions under $15 or our list of Black-owned subscription boxes!

Updated 9/2/20 to link to our reviews of Nest & add two commenter-recommended boxes, and 9/6/20 to correct Woodfire links.

Candle Subscription Boxes That’ll Make Your Nose Happy:

1. Vellabox — natural candles, hand-poured in the USA

Vellabox Ignis

Image from our review of the Ignis box.

The Cost: The Lucerna Vellabox is $10 per month + $3 shipping, the Ignis Vellabox is $20 per month + $3 shipping, and the Vivere Vellabox is $30 per month + free shipping. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Use code MSA5 to save $5 off.

About This Box: Vellabox is a monthly candle subscription that sends 1-2 high-quality jar candles in your choice of size (see options below). You can count on every candle they send being hand-poured in small batches, and toxin-free. Your candle will come nestled cozily in a reusable drawstring bag, alongside an info card that dishes the details about the scent that’s about to fill your home and the independent candlemaker or small business from where it was sourced.

Candle size: The Lucerna ($10 per month) sends one 4 oz candle, the Ignis ($20 per month) sends one 8 oz candle, and the Vivere ($30 per month) sends you 1-2 candles totaling ~12 oz.

Burn time: Varies per subscription tier and per candle—Vellabox sources their candles from a different small business each month.

Check out our Vellabox reviews and Vellabox details for more info on subscribing. Ships to the US for $3 for the two smaller boxes, and free for the largest box. 


2. Nest New York — classy candles and diffusers in an etched glass jar

Nest New York subscription box

Image from our review.

The Cost: The Classic Candle subscription is $40 per month + $10 shipping; the Classic Candle & Reed Diffuser subscription is $86 per month + $12 shipping. Save with longer commitments. Subscribe here!

About This Box: The Monthly Scent Subscription Box by Nest New York sends your either a single candle or a candle + a reed diffuser, every month, for your choice of 3, 6, or 12 months. Each month’s featured fragrance has been carefully crafted “with a proprietary premium wax formulated to burn cleanly and evenly.” But while the fancy fragrances change, you can expect the stripe-etched glass vessels to remain consistent each month. Snazzy!

Good to know: The 12-month Classic Candle subscription comes with a full-size candle and a votive!

Candle size: 

  • Full-size candles are 8.1 oz.
  • Votive candles (for 12-month Classic Candle subscription only) are 2 oz.
  • Reed diffusers are 5.9 fl oz.

Burn time:

  • 50-60 hours for full-size candles.
  • 20-28 hours for votives.
  • 90 days of continuous scent for reed diffusers.

Read our Nest reviews for more info. Ships to the US only. Free shipping on orders of $100 or more for addresses in the contiguous US. 


3. The Burlap Bag — handmade soy candles with quirky labels

The Cost: $16 per month for the Candle Club. Save with longer commitments. Subscribe here!

About This Box: The Burlap Bag Candle Club sends one hand-poured candle and a book of matches every month! Each aroma is small-batch and limited edition, and comes in a glass jar with its fun, funny, or quirky scent name printed on the front. Every soy candle delivered by this subscription is made in-house by The Burlap Bag, and subscribers agree the scents are as heavenly as the humor is lighthearted. If you’re thinking of gifting a candle to a friend, this sub is a great option.

Good to know: The Burlap Bag offers additional good-smelling home subscriptions! They include the Room Spray Club ($10/month), the Soy Wax Melts Club ($7/month), and the Smelly Combo Club ($30/month), which is a candle, room spray, & wax melts combo subscription.

Candle size: 9 oz.

Burn time: 70+ hours.

Check out our Burlap Bag reviews and Burlap Bag Candle Club details for more info on subscribing. Ships to the US only.


4. Yankee Candle Fragrance Flight — a trio of candles customized to your scent preferences

Yankee Candle Fragrance Flight pictured in open box.

Image via Yankee Candle.

The Cost: $30 per quarter + free shipping. Subscribe here!

About This Box: Maybe you’re a longtime Yankee Candle fan and know just what scent you want to light up next, or maybe you’re primed for an adventure. The Yankee Candle Fragrance Flight kicks things off with a four-question quiz to get a read on your vibe, then sends you a flight of three small, seasonal tumbler candles to scatter through your space. Thirteen weeks after your first box arrives, you can expect another fresh trio to make its way to your doorstep. Feeling a mood shift? Update your scent profile anytime!

Candle size: Jar dimensions are 3.4″ x 3.5″ per candle.

Burn time: 35-55 hours per candle.

Ships to the US for free.


5. Brooklyn Candle Studio — sustainable soy candles with ethical production practices

The Cost: $20 per delivery + shipping for the classic subscription, $30 per delivery + shipping for the Deluxe subscription. Subscribe here!

About This Box: The Brooklyn Candle Studio Candle of the Month Club is a candle subscription service that surprises you with the seasonal scent of their selection, but lets you choose whether you’d like a new candle to arrive every 1, 2, or 3 months. Every candle is made in Brooklyn, New York using 100% soy wax, making for a clean burn that’s eco-friendly. Their candles are vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, and petroleum-free. The classic subscription comes with one jar candle and a small box of matches. The Deluxe box sends a jar candle, a gold travel tin candle, and a box of matches.

Good to know: Brooklyn Candle Studio offers two additional subscription options, but rather than being surprise subscription options, they’re more like auto shipments that save you 25% on the regular retail price! The Minimalist subscription ($18/month) and the Escapist subscription ($30/month)—for each, you choose your scent and shipment frequency and will receive the candle you selected every 1, 2, or 3 months. You can change your scent anytime!

Candle size: 

  • Jar candle: 7.5 oz
  • Travel tin (in Deluxe subscription): 0.5 oz

Burn time: 

  • Up to 50 hours for jar candles.
  • Up to 5 hours for travel tins.

Ships to the US and internationally at varying rates.


6. Wickbox — luxury candles picked to match your scent preferences

Wickbox subscription unboxed to show candle in a glass jar.

Image via Wickbox Cratejoy.

The Cost: $29.95 per month + shipping for the Medium box, $39.95 per month + shipping for the Large box. Save with longer commitments. Subscribe here!

About This Box: If you love luxe candles in eye-catching containers, Wickbox is where you’ll find them! You’ll indicate your scent preferences at the start, and Wickbox will surprise you with a seasonal scent that they’re sure you’ll love. After burning through each candle, Wickbox encourages subscribers to clean out the jars and use them as vases, storage, or other ways to creatively reuse these pretty pieces. If you decide to gift this candle subscription, it ends up being like two presents in one!

Candle size: Specific sizes vary per box.

Burn time: 

  • 30-60 hours for medium-sized candles sent in the Medium box.
  • 60-100 hours for large-sized candles sent in the Large box.

Check out our Wickbox reviews and Wickbox details for more info on subscribing. Ships to the US for $5 and worldwide at varying rates.


7. Scent — high-end, design-led contemporary candles from around the world

Sample candle you may receive in a Scent box.

Image via Scent.

The Cost: $65 per candle + free shipping. Choose whether you’d like to receive one monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. Subscribe here!

About This Box: If you love contemporary candle brands like Calming Park, SOH, Joya, and Maison Balzac, you may want to get in on a Scent candle subscription! Begin by creating your scent profile, which will include indicating what notes you know you like, what atmosphere you like to create in your home, and more. Scent will then choose a home fragrance that’s suited to you, so you can add it to your mantle, dresser, or bathroom counter with intention and small joy over a thoughtful design element that also smells amazing. This high-end subscription would make a fantastic gift for the design-minded friend who seeks out the latest and greatest in home upgrades.

Candle size: Varies per month.

Burn time: Varies per candle.

Ships to the continental US for free.


8. Wicksly — artisan candles with elegant scents and minimalist jars

Wicksly subscription candle in a glass jar.

Image via Wicksly.

The Cost: $15 per month + free shipping. Save with an annual subscription. Subscribe here!

About This Box: With a Wicksly candle subscription you’ll be sent a seasonally scented candle that’s been hand-poured in the US with 100% soy wax. Every delivery also comes with a small box of matches with a minimal design, just like the simple and elegant glass candle jar they send. When you buy a gift subscription to Wicksly, the first month’s shipment will come with a hand-written note to make your recipient’s unboxing experience extra elevated!

Candle size: 5 oz.

Burn time: 40 hours.

Check out our Wicksly reviews and Wicksly details for more info on subscribing. Ships to the US for free.


9. Cowboy & Cricket Candle Co — handmade soy candles with clever themes

The Cost: $15 per month. Save with longer commitments. Subscribe here!

About This Box: Nerd alert! Cowboy & Cricket‘s 4 oz tin candles are all scented in delightfully clever themes, and there’s something for everyone. One month you might discover a candle crafted to smell like Poe Dameron’s jacket (a Star Wars themed candle scented as leather & tobacco), another month it could be Luke’s Diner (a Gilmore Girls themed candle scented like hazelnut coffee & biscuits). Another month still you might find a Pretzel Day candle (The Office themed candle scented like sweet pretzels with 18 different toppings). Oh yes, they have fun, and what’s more, each candle is handmade in tiny batches in Albuquerque, NM using sustainable soy wax.

Good to know: Cowboy & Cricket also offers a soy wax melt monthly subscription, for $10 per month (or save with longer commitments)! The melts are made in tiny batches with sustainable, natural soy wax, and phthalate-free fragrance oils.

Candle size: 4 oz tin.

Burn time: Not indicated.

Ships worldwide.


10. Keap Candle Subscription — coconut wax candles with nature-inspired scents, sent in plastic-free packaging

Keap candle lit next to a bowl of cherries.

Image via Keap.

The Cost: Starts at $39.50 for 1 candle every other month + free shipping. Choose 1 candle every month, 2 candles every month, or 1 candle every 2 months.  Subscribe here!

About This Box: Keap is a sustainable candle company offering a subscription that gives you $10 off the regular cost of their candles. Each candle is ethically made in Brooklyn, NY and sent in plastic-free packaging. Their use of coconut means you can expect a clean, slow burn, and their scents are all inspired by the natural world. When you sign up, you’re given the option to choose the first scent you’d like to receive, then you can expect a surprise in subsequent boxes. Their glass jars are minimal and meant to be reused, and each delivery comes with a small box of matches and limited-edition art that’s on-theme.

Good to know: While this candle subscription service doesn’t include a scent survey, you are welcome to let them know if you have aroma preferences by emailing [email protected]

Candle size: 7.4 oz.

Burn time: 45 hours.

Ships to the US for free.


11. Lovespoon Candle Club — high-quality soy candles with luxury scents

The Cost: $55 per month + free shipping. Save with longer commitments. Subscribe here!

About This Box: This luxury candle subscription sends scented jar, tin, and travel candles made with the highest-quality soy wax and essential oils. During sign-up you’ll take a four-question matchmaking quiz wherein you’ll have the opportunity to share scents you know you love and ones you aren’t as fond of. Subscribers love the design of Lovespoon‘s packaging and how their vessels add a decorative touch to their decor, and find that their complexly scented offerings make for welcome gifts!

Good to know: Lovespoon partners with Feeding Children Everywhere to donate $1 every month for each Candle Club subscriber.

Candle size: Two 8.5 oz candles and one 2 oz travel tin candle.

Burn time: 50 hours for the 8.5 oz candles, 30 hours for 2 oz travel tins.

Check out our Lovespoon Candle Club reviews and Lovespoon details for more info on subscribing. Ships to the US for free.


12. Woodfire Candle Company — seasonal soy candles with wood wicks

The Cost: $50 per quarter. Woodfire Candle Company

About This Box: Eco-friendly soy wax, the comforting crackle of a wood wick, and premium quality fragrance oils & essential oils creating clean scents — three reasons to love Woodfire Candle Co! Their seasonal candle subscription sends a box filled with Minnesota-made candles of all kinds, including early access to exclusive scents and a value of over $90 in each shipment.

Good to know: How amazing is that oblong wooden candle holder with multiple wicks in the photo above? Woodfire sells them separately (sans candle) on their etsy page, so you can DIY your own cool candle or simply use it as a bowl!

Candle size: Candle sizes vary.

Burn time: Burn time varies per candle.

Ships to the US.

Bonus! Here’s a vegan spa subscription & a book and candle club to consider:

13. Wicked Flame — artisan soy candles & vegan bath, body, and skincare products

Wicked Flame open box

Image via Wicked Flame.

The Cost: $54.99 per month + free shipping. Save with longer commitments. Subscribe here!

About This Box: If you weren’t already making time for self-care, the Wicked Flame subscription will completely convince you! In this beautiful, Black-owned subscription you can expect at least 4 full-size products, which will include a handmade soy candle nestled in with a spread of vegan soap, scrubs, salts, soaks, body butter, masks, serums, or oils. Each month’s box is curated around a theme and also comes with an exclusive playlist to enjoy as you explore your small-batch, cruelty-free (and often kosher & certified organic) skincare and body goodies.

Ships to the US for free.


14. Introverts Retreat — candles, novels, snacks, and more for staying indoors

The Cost: $23.99 per month for the Read & Relax box, $39.99 per month for the Read, Relax, & Recharge box. Save with longer commitments. Subscribe here!

COUPON: Use code 30PERCENT to save 30% off your first box with a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription.

About This Box: Introverts Retreat is a monthly subscription box for anyone who considers themselves a member of the Stay Indoors Club! If you sign up for the Read & Relax box, you can expect a used book in excellent condition by a female author (your choice of genre), an exclusive bookmark, a 6 oz hand-poured soy candle with a scent, 8 oz of bath salts or a handmade bar of soap (your choice), and coffee or tea (your choice). The Read, Relax, & Recharge box includes all of that plus a sweet or savory snack and one extra bath or body care item that’s been handmade exclusively for Introverts Read.

Good to know: This subscription also offers a Read tier (book + tea only) for $17.99 per month, or less for longer commitments.

Check out our Introverts Retreat reviews (coming soon!) for more info on subscribing. Ships to the US and Canada.


15. Fire and Nice — a quirky self-care box with artisan candles and bath products

The Cost: Starts at $15 per month + shipping for the Mini Artisan Candles and Spa box (larger boxes also available), $39 per month + shipping for the Customized Vegan Soy Candle subscription. Save with longer commitments. Subscribe here!

About This Box: The Fire and Nice subscription sends handmade bath, body, and self-care items with a vegan soy candle in every box! The Mini box ($15/month) includes 4-5 items, the Deluxe box ($39.99/month) contains 6-8 items, and the Large Mystery box ($45/month) is a total surprise. But that’s not all—if you want to partake in customization, the Vegan Soy Candle subscription ($39/month) sends two 16 oz. candles with your choice of sent and a customized label (no spa products included).

Ships to the US for $3-$5 and Canada for an additional charge.


Looking for more subscriptions to set the mood?

We recommend browsing these lists, which are filled with subscriptions that tend to have some crossover with candle-lovers:

How many rooms of your house have candles awaiting their next big moment? Please, tell us all about your candle obsession in the comments!

Written by Christen Russo

Christen Russo

Christen is a smile collector, outdoors enthusiast, and appreciator of soggy French fries. Her favorite subscriptions involve eco-friendly products and clothes, nature supplies, stationery, and coffee. She can be easily won over with a good sheet of stickers.

Comments (23)

  1. I love the Introverts Retreat wood-wick candles!

  2. I was so bummed to see D.L. & Co. closed. They had the best candles! Though I have bought some on ebay & see they are available for swaps.

    Will check these out – candles are a great pick-me-up for all this time at home. And great for the Fall/Winter!

  3. There are 13 candle subscription boxes?

    • Hey Christy! There are actually even more candle subscriptions than what we have featured in this list, these are just our top picks!

  4. Really into this list! I am a Bath & Body Works junkie and I miss browsing TJ Maxx for candles, but I am seriously considering Vellabox. I just have to figure out the tier….

    • Oh, those were the days! Home Goods, too. I will say, though, that sometimes the candles I’d find at those types of stores didn’t throw their scent very effectively. I realized recently that I’d be willing to spend a few extra bucks for a candle that truly does fill my home with a beautiful aroma—I think Vellabox is a great pick!!

  5. I love candles, and since I’ve been working from home since March, I have burned a ton of them. But looking at these prices… they just don’t seem like the right kind of item for a sub box. These prices just seem crazy high to me for the size candle you get, although I’m sure part of it is the shipping costs since candles are so heavy. I think I’ll stick with stocking up through BBW when they have sales.

    • You’re right, Sherri, some of them are definitely boutiquey beyond what I personally would go for on a regular basis—maybe once as a gift (to myself or someone else) to celebrate a special moment!

  6. I get the woodfire candle company subscription box. It’s quarterly for $50 plus shipping. I love the wooden wicks and there candles are awesome.

    • Oooh, thanks for the rec, Philomena—I just added this one to the list!

      • The links for Woodfire go to Lovespoon.

      • Thanks for the head’s up, I’ve updated the links!

  7. I get the woodfire candle company subscription box. It’s 4 times a year for $50 plus shipping a box.

  8. Wow most are so spendy! I subscribed to Burlap Bag for a bit but honestly I didn’t care so much for their monthly scents as much as the ones I selected from their shop.

    Another great mention (and I personally think more value for the money too) is Fire and Nice. They have 2 bath & body subscriptions (mini & deluxe) which always include a candle as well, and 2 candle subscriptions where you get to choose your fragrances…and choose either 2x 8oz (for $29) or 2x 16oz (for $39) candle jars per month. PS, she also has Mystery Boxes which don’t start a subscription if you want to try it out first!

    Otherwise, my personal favorite candles without a subscription but with good prices, are Free Reign Farm and The Good Candle!

    • You are the candle queen, Rena! I just added Fire & Nice to the list—thanks for suggesting it!

  9. Love vellabox. The candles are amazing.

    • Seconding this, and I appreciate that they source candles from a variety of small batch companies. If you factor in shipping, the added items, and the high quality of the candles, it does pencil out in the end.

  10. WOW. Some of these are so expensive for 1 candle! Do they dust and do the dishes? 🙂

    • Yeah, life is pretty good if you’ve got $60 a month to spend on a candle. I guess you have money to burn! See what I did there? I crack myself up.

      • I snorted out loud! You’re on 🔥! 🤣

      • Theresa, you crack yourself up? Good thing you’re not an egg!

    • They are so expensive. I love Yankee Candle. We go to the lake, usually once a year, where there happens to be an amazing Outlet Mall, with a Yankee store! I stock up while there. I can’t bring myself to pay regular retail prices. Lol.

      • Same here! I love YC as well and I’m lucky enough to live near a YC outlet, so I go there and stock up every few months. Prices are great!

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