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My Subscription Addiction
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10 Best Cold Brew & Iced Coffee Subscriptions of 2020

The Best Iced Coffee & Cold Brew Subscriptions

Ahh, cold brew, it's summer's elixir. While once iced coffee drinkers used to stop by their local coffee shop, they are now subscribing to cold brew delivery services and taking matters into their own hands—and with eye-openingly delicious results! As it turns out, some of our favorite coffee brewers from around the country are equipped to ship freshly roasted coffee beans and grounds, plus eco-friendly mesh bags, equipping coffee-lovers with the means to DIY their ever-refreshing caffeine boost. All it takes is a gigantic jar, some cold water, and 12-16 hours' waiting time to concoct your own coffee concentrate—to be enjoyed as a rich and flavorful cold brew or poured over rocks for an epic iced coffee.

We see you out there, too, immediate gratification crew—this list of coffee subscriptions also includes several choices for pre-brewed cold brew that comes ready to be guzzled. We have the jitters already.

Want to feel out all your coffee delivery options? Peep our coffee subscription directory here.

Cold Brew Coffee Delivery & Iced Coffee Subscriptions to Wet Your Whistle

1. Trade Coffee

Trade Coffee cold brew bags.

Image from our review.

The Cost: $15-$25 depending on which coffee you're matched with. Sign up here!

About this subscription: Trade is a coffee matchmaker, connecting subscribers with high-quality coffees from around the country. After communicating your preferences in an introductory quiz, you'll be paired with a subscription plan that'll start sending you freshly roasted beans or grounds directly from the roasters, at the frequency of your choosing. To have cold brew coffee grounds delivered through Trade, be sure to indicate your brewing method as "cold brew" in your quiz (you can go back and change your brewing method if you're already signed up to receive regular coffee), and don't forget to add their cold brew bags to your cart. Anytime you want to start receiving coffee meant to be brewed hot, you can change up your brewing method in your account settings.

Good to know: Trade lets you choose if you'd like to receive whole beans or coffee grounds (which you can customize based on your brewing technique!), but their cold brew is always sent ground.

Check out our Trade Coffee Cold Brew review to see my step-by-step brewing process & our Trade Coffee subscription review for more info on this subscription! Ships to the continental US for $2; free shipping for orders of $30 or more.


2. Driftaway Coffee

Driftaway Coffee pictured alongside cold brew being made.

Image via Driftaway Coffee.

The Cost: Starts at $16 for 11 oz coffee beans without mesh cold brew bags. Sign up here!

ACTIVE DEAL: Get 50% off your first month! (Regularly $16)

About this subscription: Every Driftaway Coffee subscription starts with a tasting kit to familiarize you with all your options. The cold brew subscription is no exception! Your sampler box will contain three cold brew flavor profiles to make at home and enjoy at your leisure, then you'll head to your Driftaway account to indicate your preferences. From there, you'll kick off recurring shipments of your favorites! When you sign up you'll select whether you'd like your cold brew to come already loaded up into mesh brewing bags or not, how many ounces you want to be sent, and the frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly). See Driftaway's size guide below for reference on volume options for both one-time orders and subscriptions of their single-origin coffees and cold brew:

Driftaway Coffee delivery size guide.

Check out our Driftaway Coffee reviews to see what their hot coffee subscription is all about. Ships to the US for free.


3. Wandering Bear

Wandering Bear cold brew subscription.

Image via Wandering Bear.

The Cost: $30 for a 96 oz. box, $48 for a 12-pack of 11 oz. cartons. Save with recurring shipments. Sign up here!

About this subscription: If you like your cold brew like you like your boxed wine, you've come to the right place. Wandering Bear's 96 oz. cold brew boxes come with that familiar nozzle so you can fill your cup with straight black, hazelnut, or vanilla coffee. The choices differ a bit for their on-the-go 11 oz. cartons—in that size you can choose from straight black, mocha coconut, and vanilla coconut. Wandering Bear is USDA-certified organic, fair trade, and some flavors are Kosher. It's not technically coffee concentrate, but it is super flavorful, so feel free to play with adding milk, sugar, or popping some cubes to turn it into iced coffee if that's your thing. Place an order just once, or save a few bucks when you sign up for shipments every 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks!

Ships to the contiguous US via FedEx; if you live in the New York area, look for Wandering Bear at the following retailers: Whole Foods, Target, Eataly, and online at FreshDirect. It's also available on Amazon!


4. MyBevBox

Five canned coffee drinks from around the country, from MyBevBox.

Image via MyBevBox.

The Cost: Starts at $20 per month. Save with an annual subscription. Sign up here!

About this subscription: MyBevBox is for coffee drinkers who get their kicks from cracking open a can of cold brew, who love trying new things, and who are into the idea of supporting coffee companies from around the country. Each month you'll be sent a selection of five canned coffee drinks from small and independent brands. Think nitro coffee, classic cold brew, flavored joe, lattes, and other creative combinations!

Ships to the contiguous US.


5. MistoBox

Small glass of iced coffee from MistoBox.

Image via MistoBox.

The Cost: Plans start at $14.95 per delivery + $5 shipping. Sign up here!

About this subscription: A MistoBox subscription kicks off with a quiz where you'll indicate your coffee preferences (if you know them) and choose a delivery frequency (every 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks). You'll be paired up with a "coffee curator," which is a real live human being who will choose a coffee from a small US roaster that they think you'll love, from single origin, espresso, blends, and decaf options—plus, of course, cold brew. If you need tips on how to make cold brew or iced coffee, MistoBox offers how-to guides on their site to set you off on the right foot!

Check out our MistoBox hot coffee reviews for more info about this subscription! Ships to the US for $5.


6. Onyx Coffee Lab

Onyx Coffee Lab bag of cold brew beans.

Image via Onyx.

The Cost: $17 per delivery for a 12 oz. bag, $85 per delivery for a 5 lb. bag + free shipping. Sign up here!

About this subscription: Onyx Coffee Lab is a coffee roaster that pops up in many coffee subscriptions, and for good reason: they've got the flavor thing down. Their own subscription puts the power in your hands, letting you choose which coffee you'd like to receive in each delivery, and whether you want it to arrive every week, every other week, or once a month. If you want to start off your subscription with a cold brew delivery (of course you do!) but switch it up for future shipments, you can easily update your account to queue up your choice of Onyx's Geometry Blend, Monarch Espresso, decaf Columbia San Jose, Roasters Choice (a different single-origin coffee with each delivery), or Southern Weather Blend. Skipping shipments is a cinch, too!

Curious about what this tastes like? We tried Onyx's Cold Brew through Trade Coffee—read the review here. Ships to the US for free.


7. Cold Brew Club

The Cost: $59 per month. Save with longer commitments. Sign up here!

About this subscription: Here's the deal with Cold Brew Club: each month you get sent a different cold brew concentrate in a carbon-neutral, recyclable, and biodegradable pouch. The pouch doesn't take up a ton of space in your fridge, yet it'll get you 38 cups of iced coffee—that breaks down to $1.55 per cup! This coffee concentrate is meant to be mixed with 2 parts water for 1 part cold brew, and by the time you work your way through your easy-pour nozzle bag, the next one will arrive. That said, if the timing isn't quite right, you can skip a month with ease.

Ships to the US for $8-$12.


8. Amora Coffee

The Cost: $59.80 per month (4 bags of coffee per month). Sign up here!

About this subscription: Amora's coffee subscription offers light roasts, medium roasts, dark roasts, and even a robust roast, plus flavored beans including French vanilla, hazelnut vanilla, caramel vanilla, hazelnut & cinnamon, chocolate truffle flavor, and last but certainly not least, cold brew! All their beans are roasted in the USA. When you sign up for a subscription, it will default to delivering you 4 half-pound bags for $14.95 each, but a quick call to their customer concierge line lets you customize your preferences (the number is 1-855-642-6672). Subscribers love the perks of this coffee club—they send free coffee, scoops, storage canisters, coffee travel mugs, and even a coffee maker the longer you subscribe.

Check out our Amora Coffee reviews for more info about this subscription! Ships to the US for $8.95.


9. Grady's Cold Brew

Box of Grady's iced coffee concentrate.

Image via Grady's Cold Brew.

The Cost: Starts at $12 for a bean bag can (up to 12 servings). Save 5% when you subscribe. Sign up here!

About this subscription: How would you like to go about this? Grady's offers options! You can order your cold brew as pre-filled bean bags for at-home brewing, choose a concentrate bottle that makes up to 8 servings of iced coffee or cold brew when combined with water, or go big with a cold brew concentrate box that contains 42 servings of the good stuff. Once you've landed on the right cold brew delivery situation for you, choose whether you'd like your re-up to arrive every 7, 14, or 21 days.

Good to know: All of Grady's products are all-natural, sugar-free, vegan, low calorie, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Their liquid concentrate is certified Kosher.

Ships to the US.


10. Rise Brewing Co.

Rise Brewing Co. cans on display.

Image via Rise Brewing Co.

The Cost: Starts at $31.49 per shipment for a 12-pack of 7 oz. cans. Sign up here!

ACTIVE DEAL: 50% off Oat Milk Mocha, use code "MOCHA2020" in checkout. Minimum purchase of $50.

About this subscription: If you've never tried cold brew coffee that's been given the nitro treatment, you're in for quite an experience! Charging coffee up with nitrogen gives it a faint effervescence and a creamy head, leaving you with a caffeinated beverage that goes down like a Guinness. Rise Brewing Co. is a nitro cold brew purveyor that carries flavors including straight-up black coffee, oat milk latte, oat milk mocha, and classic latte. This USDA-certified organic cold brew subscription offers 12-can deliveries every 14, 30, or 60 days depending on how fizzy you want your coffee fix experience to be!

Ships to the US.

Do you sense a cold brew subscription in your future? Tell us which you plan to try first!

Here are even more coffee subscription services!

We couldn't help but recommend hot coffee subscriptions, tea boxes, and an article for our caffeinated friends out there:

Best Iced Coffee & Cold Brew Subscriptions

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I’ve tried a lot of these and they aren’t that great. Some were inconsistent with taste with each batch, one would be okay and another would be watery or bitter.

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its crazy how expensive prepared coffee is. I bought a cold brew coffee maker, that has a cylinder in the middle. You fill the middle with your ground coffee, add water to the pitcher – put in the fridge for a day or two. I can add my flavored creamer and ice. Bam! So much cheaper.

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I have one like that, too. I love it. Easy, cheap and the only way I can get decaf cold brew is to make it myself. I love iced coffee, but can’t have caffeine.

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I, uh, stick a pound of coffee in cheesecloth and steep it in two gallons of water in my fridge for a few days like a giant tea bag. It costs pennies per cup and requires virtually no effort. I appreciate that there are services available for those who may not have room in their fridge for two gallons of cold brew, but it couldn’t be easier to make on your own.

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It’s easy even without the fridge space! I’m the only coffee drinker in my house so a quart (brewed in a french press for 24 hours and then moved to a quart-sized mason jar) lasts me 5-6 days. No special grounds needed either.

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Christen Russo

Clever idea leaving it in your French press, Lydia!

Like This CommentLike

Christen Russo

Jenny, this is awesome! It hadn’t occurred to me to try this until I first received cold brew grounds + bags through my Trade subscription and I realized how simple the cold brewing process really is. When I run out of the bags Trade sent me I’m totally going to DIY it like you do!

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I don’t really like cold brew but absolutely love iced coffee, unfortunately there isn’t any iced coffee options here.

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Same here. All I drink is iced coffee, and cold brew just isn’t the same. Was really excited when I saw the title, but now I’m sad.

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I exclusively drink cold brew over ice. Since it’s more concentrated, you don’t get the same dilution as the ice melts as you do when pouring regular brewed coffee over ice.

Like This CommentLike

Christen Russo

Yes, Lynn! That is my understanding, too! I also believe I’m not alone in drinking my cold brew over ice (voila—iced coffee!) because the intense flavor of the cold brew mellows out a little as the ice melts. I’ve learned that there are differences in the acidity & antioxidants of cold brew beans vs. regular coffee beans and will link an article below that gives more info on that. So I think “iced coffee” is kind of a loosey-goosey term for any kind of coffee you like, just served with ice. Hope that helps those with questions!


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Lynn m.

This is meant not at all snarky. So iced coffee is regular hot brewed coffee that is just iced or put in the fridge. So almost all these offer iced coffee bc they offer regular hot brew coffee beans. Cold brew is typically regular coffee grinded differently so each ground can release the most coffee while at room temperature. Basically it is all the same bean, just different grinds and iced coffee/hit coffee versus cold brew is brewed in two different ways.

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I had no idea there was so many options! Thanks for this post!

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Christen Russo

I was so pleasantly surprised to find that there are so many, too! The only one I’ve tried is Trade (and so far the 2 bags of cold brew grounds I’ve been sent yielded pure awesomeness) so I’m over here calculatin’ which one I want to try next. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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