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Atlas Coffee Club Subscription Review – Is Fresh Coffee Worth It?

Carol Faw
ByCarol FawFeb 14, 2022 | 0 comments
Atlas Coffee Club Subscription Review - Is Fresh Coffee Worth It?

Atlas Coffee Club Review

Is this coffee subscription worth it?

5/5 stars


  • Freshly roasted beans
  • Ground or whole bean
  • New and different coffee beans each month
  • Unique flavor notes
  • Creative bag designs
  • Learn about a new country every month


  • Each country is exclusive to each month
  • Hard to have a favorite as each month is exclusive
  • If you don't like your beans, stuck with them until next month (unless you return them)

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This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out our review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Atlas Coffee Club is a subscription box that delivers single-origin coffee beans to your door from a different country each month. They curate the beans to your preference, grind, and amount so you can always have the right quantity and quality of coffee for your daily cup.

I've spent the last four years of my life working in coffee shops, one specifically just for pour-over coffee, so to say that I am obsessed with coffee would be the understatement of the year. I cannot function without my daily cup and it better be the best cup I can brew at home as it is one of the few times of the day that I get exclusively for myself. So, when I heard about the Atlas Coffee Club subscription, I knew I had to get my hands on their fresh, globally curated beans.

In this Atlas Coffee Club review, we will try each product and provide feedback on the taste and quality of the product along with the price to see if this subscription box is right for you. We’ll even look at other coffee box subscriptions to see how they compare and see if they’re a better fit for you and your lifestyle. Now, let’s dive into this Atlas Coffee Club review.

Atlas Coffee Pros & Cons

Atlas Pros

  • Freshly roasted beans
  • Ground or whole bean
  • New and different coffee beans each month
  • Unique flavor notes
  • Creative bag designs
  • Learn about a new country every month

Atlas Cons

  • Each country is exclusive to each month
  • Hard to have a favorite as each month is exclusive
  • If you don't like your beans, stuck with them until next month (unless you return them)

All About Atlas Coffee Club

How did Atlas get started?

The Atlas Coffee Club was founded to help share the love of coffee from hard to reach destinations around the world. So you can experience a daily cup of brew from a different country each month. Their mission to "explore the world one cup at a time" combines wanderlust and daily coffee into an unbeatable combination. They roast each batch to highlight the distinctive tasting profiles to showcase that country's growing region.

One of the best aspects about Atlas Coffee Club is how dedicated they are to delivering coffee to you that is sustainably and ethically sourced. Their coffee is fair trade, meaning they pay above market price to the coffee farms they work with in order to ensure that the workers earn higher pay on the farm. In a market that is as heavily saturated as coffee, it would be easy to skim over this, but instead they have spent the time making sure that the farms they work with are fairly compensated.

How does the Atlas Coffee Club Subscription Work?

The Atlas Coffee Club subscription is completely tailored to your taste and lifestyle. Each box includes the current curated selection of a single-origin coffee, a postcard from the featured country, along with tasting notes and brewing tips for the batch so you can brew your perfect cup, every time.

You're just a few steps away from having fresh and curated coffee beans delivered to your front door. First, you select the number of bags you'd like for your shipment, then you'll select how often you'll receive it, which can be every two or four weeks. Then you select your flavor preferences from light to medium, medium to dark, or if you're feeling adventurous, select all roast types for a surprise option. Lastly, you'll select your grind type from either whole bean or ground and after entering your shipping and payment information you're all set.

Good to Know: 

If you're new to coffee and unsure about the difference in tastes for the different roasts, here's some flavor note info from the Atlas Coffee Club site.

  • Light to Medium: Fruit, berry, citrus, and chocolate notes.
  • Medium to Dark: Chocolate, bold, rich, and full-body notes.
  • All Roast Types: A surprise option! Also a great place to start if you're still figuring out your personal flavor profile.

How much does Atlas Coffee Club cost?

The price of the subscription boxes varies depending on the amount of coffee you order and if you want the beans delivered every two weeks or every four weeks. You have multiple bean bag options to choose from, so no matter if you're an experienced coffee drinker or brand new to the brew, they have an option for you.

  • The Double Bag (most popular): $28.00 gets you two 12 oz. bean bags or at least 60 cups of coffee.
  • The Single Bag: $14.00 gets you one 12 oz. bag or around 30 cups of coffee.
  • The Half Bag: $9.00 gets you one 6 oz. bag or about 15 cups of coffee.
  • Three Bags (best value): $39.00 gets you three 12 oz. bags with up to 90 cups of coffee.
  • Four Bags: $49.00 gets you four 12 oz. bags and a whopping 120 cups of coffee.
  • Custom plan: If that's still not enough coffee (which let's be honest there's never enough), you can select a custom plan for even more bags to be delivered for you and your loved ones.

I've worked for multiple coffee shops and a pound bag for $14.00 is such an affordable option, especially considering the quality of coffee that I received. While buying coffee at the grocery store will be a cheaper option, I have to say you really receive the quality that you pay for and life is too short to drink bad coffee.

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Where and how does Atlas ship?

Atlas Coffee Club ships to the United States and Canada. The shipments within the United States take about three to six business days while the Canadian shipments take about five to twelve business days. Though your shipment may take only a week to arrive, they do recommend letting the beans sit for even a few more days at home so that the flavor notes of the beans really stick out on their first brew, but if you're impatient like myself you can brew right away and enjoy.

Good to Know:

  • Canada shipments are subject to potential delays in accordance with customs
  • Shipping internationally costs more than what is listed on website
  • Additional shipping charges start at $6.00, but could be more

How are Atlas Products Packaged?

My products came packaged in low waste boxes with no frilly wrapping or bubble wrap. I was so happy to open up the box and find not only the coffee beans, but an adorable postcard of the region they originated, and a small informational card about the farm they came from as well. So often products arrive in excessive and wasteful packaging that it was refreshing to see a simple and compact box.  The actual beans came in a colorful and creative ban bag that was fun and suited the unique flavor notes of the beans.

Each box was 100% recyclable and made with recyclable materials along with the note to, "drink globally, recycle locally" on the back. All of these small details that Atlas includes show how much they care about their coffee and the environmental impact they have on the world.

The Atlas Coffee Club Products

I received the double bag box with two of their brand new roasts from Ecuador to try. The price of the double bag box is $28.00, which is $14.00 per bag, and is their most popular option. You can request whole bean or grounded coffee. I selected whole bean because I own a grinder, but if you don't you can have the beans ground. Your coffee will still be delivered fresh and delicious either way.

The Ecuadorian roast I received was from the Zumba sub-region and processed at an altitude of 1800 to 2000 meters above sea level. From the informational insert they sent to me, I discovered some of the coffee history of Ecuador including that coffee didn't become a major focus until after their cacao crops were threatened by disease in the 1920s. It also informed me that most Ecuadorian coffee is grown on small farms where the farmers handovpick each coffee cherry only when ripe along with using sustainable practices known as shade-growing, which ensures that the biodiversity of the Ecuadorian plant is protected.

Ecuador Medium Roast

The Ecuadorian medium roast intrigued me because of the surprising flavor notes of grapefruit, raisin, and black tea. I was not expecting that combination to taste good at all, but when I brewed the coffee in my french press those notes did come through and the aroma was very refreshing. They recommended I use an aeropress, but I used my french press and made a cold brew overnight. The following morning, I enjoyed the medium blend with just a little bit of oat milk. It had a light taste that made the coffee easy to drink, which led to some jitters later on when I accidentally had too many cups in a row. This is a great choice if you want a blend that isn't too bold or heavy with a unique flavor palette.

Ecuador Dark Roast 

The dark roast I was most excited to try as that is what I usually drink and even more excited when Atlas recommended I brew the coffee using a french press, which is also my normal method. I did not think that cola, lime, and chocolate would work but it was a wonderful blend that wasn't too heavy or too tart. The sweetness of the cola and chocolate was offset well by the lime. I had a steaming hot couple of cups on a lazy morning with a tiny amount of oat milk and the coffee was smooth and bold while hitting that sweet spot with the hint of chocolate. The best and worst part of this coffee is how easy it is to drink multiple cups of the brew, as I was left a bit jittery that afternoon. The following day I made another french press and limited myself to one cup and I had no jitters, only the warm wakeup of a bold dark blend.

What do MSA reviewers say about Atlas Coffee Club?

We have reviewed Atlas Coffee Club before. Check out what our reviewer had to say below about their Atlas Coffee Club box.

Lindsey’s Atlas Review:

  • Review Expertise: Lindsey is a writer and a self-proclaimed, "coffeeholic" who’s written numerous reviews for MSA and was impressed with her Colombian blend from Atlas.
  • Thoughts on Atlas Products: Lindsey loved her Colombian blend and was super impressed when she opened the bag, "As soon as I opened up the bag of beans, I had a feeling I’d love this coffee, and I was not wrong. This is the best coffee I’ve had in months."
  • Verdict: Lindsey was excited not only about the coffee she received but the mission behind Atlas, "I really enjoyed my delivery from Atlas Coffee Club. It was nice learning a little bit about Colombian coffee (and the La Plata region), I appreciated the provided brewing instructions, and— most importantly the coffee was exquisite. From the perfectly roasted beans to the beautiful packaging, I found the entire experience delightful. Better yet, I feel good about this company."

Are there alternatives to Atlas Coffee Club?

Atlas Coffee Club vs. Peet's Coffee

Peet's is a popular San Francisco coffee shop franchise known for it specialty coffee and teas.

  • Products: You can select from multiple subscription options from single-origin, small-batch, carbon-neutral, or their signature blend series.
  • Price: Peet's starts at $14.95 a shipment, which is around the same price as Atlas, but can go up to $19.00 a shipment depending on the subscription that you select.
  • Verdict: If you're already a dedicated Peet's drinker and like their blends or just like having more subscription box options, this could be for you, but if you like a surprise with every cup I would stick with Atlas.

Atlas Coffee Club vs. MistoBox

MistoBox is a personalized subscription box that delivers one 12 ounce bag of coffee to your door monthly.

  • Products: MistoBox works with 52 different roasters so you're sure to find the right brew for you.
  • Price: The monthly boxes are $10.95 plus shipping for one 12 ounce bag.
  • Verdict: MistoBox is a great choice if you like a new brew each month that's curated to your taste, but if you prefer single-origins versus a blend or espresso, Atlas is your best bet.

Atlas Coffee Club vs. Trade

Trade is a coffee subscription box that works with roasters around the United States.

  • Products: Trade works with roasters around the US, looking for the best local coffee.
  • Price: For a monthly 12 oz. bag, you'll pay $17.35, but one that's tailored to your coffee preferences.
  • Verdict: If you want to explore more of what American roasters have to offer, Trade is a great choice, but if you want a more global experience, stick with Atlas.

Is Atlas Coffee Club worth it?

Yes! If you're a long-time lover of coffee or are new to the scene, the Atlas Coffee Club subscription box is a great choice. The monthly new brews keep you from getting bored with your daily cup and help you explore what's out there globally for coffee. Not to mention their laser focus on making sure they are fair trade certified and working with farms that may be overlooked in other instances. This dedication to sustainability and ethics has me even more intrigued to try more of their coffee in the future.

You can try Atlas Coffee Club for yourself here:

ACTIVE DEAL: Use code MSA50 to Save 50% off your first subscription purchase

Have you tried Atlas Coffee Club? Head to the comments section and let us know!

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"Atlas Coffee Club is a coffee subscription that helps people discover coffee from around the world. Each month you'll receive coffee from a different country & region, brewing recommendations that are tailored to each batch, and the story of what makes each batch unique from the farming, p... read more.
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