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Honest Après Review – We Tried Every Flavor

Christen Russo
ByChristen RussoJan 27, 2022 | 8 comments
Honest Après Review - We Tried Every Flavor


What is Après?

Après offers plant-based protein drinks meant for post-workout replenishment or a nutrient-rich snack. All Après drinks are vegan, non-GMO, and free of dairy, soy, and gluten. They have four flavor options, and the drinks can be purchased in single-flavor packs or varieties. Each 11 oz. beverage contains 14g of protein, 3g of MCTs, and 5-6 electrolyte minerals.

To make things more exciting, I’ve invited others to try Après alongside me. You’ll hear input from familiar voices: Lacey, Megan, Sara, Savannah, and myself—as well as from my husband, Guy, who is a serious triathlete with particularly easy-to-please tastebuds.

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This package was sent to us at no cost to review. (Check out our review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

Note that our images show a sample and are not representative of purchase options. The minimum quantity Après offers per shipment is 12.

About Après

The Subscription: Après

The Cost: $44.43 for a 12-pack, $79.99 for a 24-pack. Save 10% by subscribing. Sign up here!

The Products: Protein-based replenishment drinks designed to give back to your body with premium, plant-based ingredients.

Ships to: The US for free

Is Après a Meal Replacement Drink?

It’s not intended to replace meals, no. Après is meant for post-workout replenishment (when you might otherwise consume a protein drink or supplement) and/or to be used as a snack. The base ingredients of each flavor include filtered water, coconut water, a plant-protein blend of pea, chia, cacao, and hemp proteins, virgin coconut oil, coconut sugar, and an electrolyte blend of potassium phosphate and sea salt. Each is enhanced with natural flavors, some of which are just indicated as “natural flavors," and others which are listed in the ingredients (an example is “cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and peppermint oil” in the Mint Chocolate drink, shown below). The metabolic fats it boasts are from the virgin coconut oil. 

What Flavors Are There to Choose From?

The four flavors Après currently offers are Sea Salt Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Mint Chocolate, and Cold Brew Coffee. 

How Does a Subscription Work?

The minimum order amount that can be placed with Après is a 12-pack; the other option is a 24-pack (we received a sample pack for the sake of this review, which is why our images only show 6 cartons in the box). When you visit their Shop page, you’ll find all four flavors listed both individually and in various combinations. Select which suits your preferences, and as part of the checkout process, you’ll have the option to make a one-time purchase or subscribe to your order. Subscriptions are sent every 4 or 6 weeks, and by subscribing you save 10% per order. 

Here’s how the pricing works out:

  • 12-pack: $44.43 for a one-time purchase ($3.70/bottle), $39.99 with subscription ($3.33/bottle)
  • 24-pack: $79.99 for a one-time purchase ($3.33/bottle), $71.99 with subscription ($3.00/bottle)

My Après Review

I approached Après as someone who follows a mostly plant-based diet. At home Guy and I avoid meat and dairy with the exception of the occasional sprinkle of cheese or cup of yogurt. I exercise 5-6 days a week—a combo of running, cycling, circuit training, and yoga, and sometimes swimming. Guy is very active as a triathlete who trains about 10 hours per week.

Among my colleagues (Lacey, Megan, Sara, and Savannah), none are strictly plant-based, but not one drinks dairy milk regularly. They incorporate varying levels of movement into their lifestyles, but all have at least some experience with post-workout replenishment options.

For the sake of a thorough review, we chose the 4-flavor variety pack, but that’s probably what I would have chosen were it just me placing an order—I thought all four flavors sounded like they had potential. Plus, I’m easily bored by routine so I’m all about keeping things exciting and interesting in my day-to-day! 


How gorgeous is that box? I feel like my house got classier the moment I brought it in! I'm used to workout-focused products using jarring colors and bold design—you know, that gritty vibe that's meant to make people feel like cavemen and look intense at the gym. Now that I no longer have the generous metabolism that lofted me through my early 20s I understand that exercise needs to be baked into my lifestyle to be a realistic routine. I appreciate that the minimalist design, contemporary colors, and general simplicity of this experience is something I can feel like "me" carrying...even if I'm just carrying it to our guest bedroom to hide from my toddler while I do some yoga.

Below you’ll find input on each flavor from multiple voices. Ready? Here we go…

Mint Chocolate:


Our introductory taste of Après was with the Mint Chocolate flavor, and all of us were surprised by how mild it tasted! With only 5g of sugar, Après drinks aren’t overly sweet (as we would learn over the course of our taste testing sesh), and this one went easy on both the chocolate and on the mint. To be honest, it wasn't what any of us were expecting, but we went in with open minds, spent a few minutes making sense of what was happening in our mouths, and came out appreciating that it didn't have the intensity or grainy-ness that a typical protein drink has.

Guy: [Sips. Pauses. Nods. Cracks a smile.] "Yeah! It's good!"

Lacey: “I love mint chocolate ice cream, and was excited to try this! The mint was actually really faint and hits you more at the end. I didn't hate it but preferred other flavors more.”

Megan: “It tastes very mild, it’s not minty to me at all. As someone who usually hates mint chocolate it was totally doable.”

Sara: “Tastes light on flavor and consistency. I’m a sugar-a-holic so this was not sweet enough but that’s also probably good! There’s an artificial sweetener-like aftertaste but I can't pinpoint if that's the mint or from the coconut water base.”

Savannah: "It’s pleasantly sweet but mature; light on the mint, light on the chocolate. My fave of the bunch.”

Christen: “It’s less flavorful than I expected. The mint is barely detectable to me, but I think I like that about it.”


Cold Brew:


We all have something specific in mind when we think of cold brew coffee, right? Given that, this flavor totally went against all our expectations—which went over better for some of us than others. Note that this one does have caffeine in it. Per the Après site, this flavor “contains 95mg per serving, comparable to the average caffeine content of an 8oz, brewed cup of coffee.”

Guy: "It's not coffee but it's not bad."

Lacey: “Also love coffee, but this again just had a mild coffee aftertaste. Overall I think this was my least favorite of the bunch but I felt like it might be good with some actual espresso mixed in.”

Megan: “I liked it because it tastes like the amount of coffee that my iced coffee ends up having in it after the ice melts, which is not a lot! I found that it has a nutty flavor.”

Sara: “I like the smell, it has a nice coffee aroma. Again it tastes light on flavor and I wouldn’t reach for this particular flavor.”

Savannah: “It's very light on flavor with just a whisper of coffee. Not bad, just not anything like I was expecting!”

Christen: “First off I was expecting it to smell like coffee and it doesn’t at all, so that surprised me. Again the flavor is very mild—it’s more nutty and creamy to me, and not very coffee-ish. I'm not loving this one.”


Vanilla Bean:


Après calls the Vanilla Bean flavor “deliciously drinkable,” and I think we’d all agree. It continues on the trend of having a light flavor, which works well for it. A closer look at the ingredients list shows it contains nutmeg oil, which may contribute to the balance of flavor in this one, and keeps it from being too sweet. This one was a crowd favorite!

Guy: "I would choose chocolate over vanilla 10 times out of 10, but this isn't bad."

Lacey: “The vanilla flavor hit at the very end, but overall the flavor on this was pretty good! It felt creamier and tasted a bit nutty. I would drink this again.”

Megan: "I legitimately like drinks like Ensure, and this is like a much lighter version! I feel like I get a nice little protein boost which helps with afternoon cravings, and I am here for it!"

Sara: “This flavor is the best to me so far, consistency is a bit thicker and more fulfilling.”

Savannah: “It had a pleasant vanilla scent and was much more naturally sweet than the cold brew, but not in a cloying way. Earthy and smooth.”

Christen: “Vanilla is my favorite so far! It reminds me of oat milk in that it has a creamy taste without having a creamy consistency. Really pleasant flavor.”


Sea Salt Chocolate:


The Sea Salt Chocolate flavor is one of Après’ best-sellers, and for good reason! Chocolate seems to have universal draw in breakfast beverages, supplement drinks, and protein shakes, so we had high hopes going into sampling this one. And, triumphantly, it had a high payoff!

Guy: “All in all it was delicious, as most chocolate things are. There was a hint of scientific artificiality, but it was subtle enough that I was sad when the carton was gone.”

Lacey: “My favorite out of the bunch. Again, the chocolate flavor is mild, but you can definitely taste the saltiness in a way that I liked. I felt like this one would be the most likely to quench a sugary craving after a workout.”

Megan: “I like this one, it’s the most dessert-tasting one. An indulgence, but healthy.”

Sara: “It reminds me of water-based hot chocolate once it’s cooled down. I like this flavor the best, it tastes the sweetest.”

Savannah: “Tastes like Milo; healthy but with a small hint of chocolate to keep things interesting. Like, it’s possible to have a nice treat while still getting nutrients. I didn’t pick up on the salt, but after exercising, I probably wouldn’t welcome something super salty anyway.”

Christen: “Sea Salt Chocolate is another creamy one, which gives it a bit more substantial of a mouth-feel. I would call it my 2nd favorite!”


Is Après Worth It?

So, what’s the final thought on Après drinks? Generally a positive one! We can all agree that these are far more preferable to classic protein drinks that are targeted for post-workout consumption. We also all suspected after our initial tasting that they would be more enjoyable for post-exercise use than as a snack. For those of us who actually did have the opportunity to try these drinks after working out (Guy and me), that hunch was confirmed—whereas the light flavors felt a little underwhelming as an afternoon snack, they were quite appreciated when we were out of breath, looking to have our thirst quenched, and needing to refuel our bodies. We also highly recommend drinking them chilled, as the carton suggests—they were more refreshing and generally more palatable cold vs. room temperature.

In terms of the replenishing qualities, I was pleased. I guzzled a Vanilla Bean after being beat up by my bike (setup on a trainer stand in our basement because it's very much winter, y'all). I rode first thing in the morning, before eating anything. I drank my Après immediately following the ride and was delighted by how easily it went down, and how satisfied I felt while I showered and got dressed. I did eat breakfast shortly thereafter but I wasn't desperate like I usually am.

Guy gave it a try after a much longer, far more grueling bike trainer ride and it was gone, like, instantly. He said he could have easily consumed at least double the 11oz that was in the carton, and he ended up following it up with a simple protein shake made from almond milk + hemp protein powder, then breakfast not long after. We weren't shocked that Après felt more appropriate for an "average" workout regimen over an intense training session, nor were we particularly disappointed—it's not unusual for Guy to have to supplement meals with a little extra protein boost, so it was business as usual. He might not be the best candidate as a regular subscriber—the rapidity with which he would go through the drinks might not be entirely cost effective—but he loved it as a "sometimes" option.

Here are recaps from two more points of view:


Sara: “Overall everything tastes too healthy for my current tastebuds, but is a great option to get more protein into my diet. I do think it's the best consistency for post-workouts or at a time where you need nourishment but not a full meal.”


Savannah: “I appreciated how sippable each drink was, how they weren’t chalky at all, and how they didn’t sit like a rock in my stomach like some other protein beverages have in the past. After a workout, I’d confidently guzzle one down and not think twice about any potential digestive chaos. The flavors were incredibly light, though for me, they weren’t the main draw to the product. I thought the smooth consistency was the real champion of the experience, with the flavor acting as both a pleasant intake gateway and a gentle treat for the recipient.”


Are you thinking of trying Après? Which flavor appeals to you the most?

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"Après is a protein-based replenishment drink designed to give back to your body with clean, plant-based ingredients." Flavors include Sea Salt Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Cold Brew Coffee, and Mint Chocolate. Pricing starts at $39.99 per 12-pack when you subscribe.
Christen Russo
Christen Russo

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I like the idea of a subtle flavor in a post workout drink. After a heavy boot camp session I need something on the way home, but detest sport drinks and find most protein shakes to be overly sweet and gritty. This was a thoughtful review of an interesting product. The price point is a little high for me right now, as is the caloric value, since I’m on a plan where every calorie counts, but I may revisit this subscription in a few months. I like hearing about new products.

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Christen Russo

It sounds like Aprés might suit your needs when you’re ready to give it a try, Penny! I absolutely hear what you’re saying about needing the caloric value to be just-right—I became especially aware of that when trying it side-by-side with my husband. The one day I was drinking less than one carton after a workout while he was pouring his into a glass and scooping hemp protein in. 😂 Thank you for reading my review!

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This is a really great review format, especially for something as subjective as beverages. I have no desire to ever drink one (not my jam) but I really enjoyed reading this! I appreciated the varying perspectives and honest viewpoints.
Thanks for writing this! I would love to see more reviews like this in the future

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Christen Russo

Thanks for your feedback, Joy, I’m so glad you liked it! Keep an eye out—we’ll be doing more for sure. 😁

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“Digestive Chaos” is my new band name.

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Christen Russo

Haha! I’d give ya a listen! Thanks for reading. 😁

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So basically, none of them have any flavor.

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Christen Russo

Oh no, they definitely have flavor! It’s not in your face, but it’s there!

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