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My Subscription Addiction

5 Ways Smalls Proved a Cat Concierge is Completely Necessary

Kat Giuffrida
ByKat GiuffridaFeb 2, 2022

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Love your cat? Of course you do. So when the time comes to make selections and adjustments to your furry friend's diet, you want only the best for them. Smalls considers your cat's nutritional health serious business, delivering an experience that is next-level. Spoiler alert: there's a Cat Concierge involved, and it's a complete game changer.

5 Ways Smalls Proved a Cat Concierge is Completely Necessary

1. Smalls Welcomes Your Cat With A Tender White Glove

From the moment you get started, you’ll be assigned your very own Cat Concierge at Smalls who will assist you with easing your cat into their new food and answer any questions you may have (I imagine they wear a formal tailcoat and fancy top hat from the other end, but this is unconfirmed). Expert cat nutritionists will help build Fuzzy's meal plan, and within a week, a sampler box will land at your door. And since your favorite feline is a VIP, the customer service doesn’t end there. Need some guidance with selections? Is your cat demanding a particular recipe over another? Your personal Cat Concierge will make sure you and your pet get the white glove treatment!

2. Cater To Your Cat's Palate With A Sampler Box

What better way to determine your cat's preferences than by giving them the full menu? Perhaps one of the best features of Smalls is the initial trial period. During the first two weeks of trying out Smalls, your cat will be provided with a sample of each of the different types of foods to figure out what they like best, rather than trying out only 1-2 products. Once you’ve completed the trial period, you can then customize your cat’s food plan with their preferred meals and ensure that your cat loves each and every bite of their upcoming orders. This entire process is facilitated by your cat's personal Cat Concierge, leaving them to feel doted on in their sampler feast.

Not all cat food subscriptions allow you to do this, and Smalls even offers a full refund if your cat ends up not liking any of the meals during the trial periods (this rarely happens). Trials start at $35.

3. Have a Specific Question About Your Cat’s Diet? Text Your Concierge!

Remember that time you went to the grocery store to pick up cat food, and the on-shift clerk was really helpful in directing you to the most delicious, nutritional bag of dry cat food in the aisle, tailored specifically to your pet’s dietary needs? Yeah, me neither. 

Unlike a run to the grocery store or the anonymous experience akin to most pet e-commerce sites, Smalls is there for you like a best bud just as they should be: one text away. Want to know about whether your furry friend is getting the right superfoods? Concerned about their ideal weight? Feeling indecisive and need help choosing between wet, freeze-dried, and kibble foods? At Smalls, it’s Cat Concierge to the rescue! And since they aim to respond within one business day, the response rate is way better than some certain friends we all know and love (humans - am I right?!).

4.  No Mystery Meat Business Here!

As every pet parent knows, your cat deserves only the best. No one understands this better than your Smalls Cat Concierge. Rather than have you deal with bogus meat in your cat food, Smalls only includes human-grade ingredients that you would eat, or at least recognize. No more mysterious meat filled with by-products and synthetic nutrients; your cat's personal concierge will deliver peace of mind with high quality ingredients such as chicken thigh, chicken breast, chicken liver, green beans, peas, and kale. The result? Better tasting food for your favorite feline that is bursting with flavor and nutritional value.

5.  Smalls is No Stranger to the Picky Eater

So, your cat is a neophile. Just as soon as Mr. Whiskers goes wild for the ground bird, his palate has taken a fancy to the crunchy freeze-dried chicken variety. Cats can be finicky, but that shouldn’t be your problem. Set your schedule, switch meals, add on goodies, skip deliveries, or cancel all together - whatever the situation calls for, Smalls adapts to your cat’s needs. And in the spirit of keeping things casual, you can give them a try completely risk-free. In the unlikely event that Mr. Whiskers isn’t feeling it, Smalls offers a money-back guarantee (they’re pretty confident like that).

Try Smalls here starting at $35 for your first box! You can also read our Smalls details and reviews.

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Smalls serves up healthy, human-grade food for cats and can be considered your one-stop pet shop as it also sells cat toys, treats, and litter. In order to use Smalls, you’ll first need to answer a few questions about your cat and then Smalls will ship a trial to your doorstep so your beloved feline... read more.
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