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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

We’ve Been Obsessed With Bespoke Post Lately. Here’s Why…

April Stettner
ByApril StettnerMay 13, 2022


When I first had the opportunity to try Bespoke Post back in October, I found myself impressed with how this subscription delivered an effortlessly fun and unique experience. Although it wasn't a subscription that I would have naturally gravitated to, I was impressed by the product quality and attention to detail. If you have been debating whether to try Bespoke Post, here are five reasons this subscription will bring joy and value into your life.

1. Inspire New Hobbies or Interests


Some of the best hobbies or activities can be discovered sometimes purely by accident. Bespoke's subscription and online shop encourages experience making. Maybe you've wondered if you are an outdoor enthusiast just waiting to emerge, or you've wanted to explore making hand crafted spirits or even try the therapeutic benefits of gardening.

Bespoke's boxes like Get Outdoors, Cask, and Rooted can help you experience varied interests. You may even want to invite friends and family throughout this new hobby journey or let remain a solo one.

2. Enhancing Your Day To Day

Bespoke Post curates boxes and products that you'll reach for more than once. Sometimes joy can come in the form of a product that improves or augments your day. Many of Bespoke's boxes and products are curated with the intent of making life just a little easier. Bespoke's everyday essentials like Stealth take everyday products and center around making them more functional. Sometimes comfort and relaxation is the ultimate goal and Hibernate and Dwell are able to achieve that with products that offer an elevated experience.

3. Diverse and Inclusive High-Value Products

Bespoke Post has a knack for discovering unique and under the radar products and brands. My initial thought (before perusing the site and receiving my first box ) was that I wasn't sure if this subscription would be for me. I knew they had received numerous awards, even as one of the Best Subscription Boxes For Men, but I quickly learned Bespoke Post is not just for the boys. Their curated subscriptions and products are gender neutral and highlight a wide range of interests from Cocktail Curating, Wellness, S'mores Making and much more.

4. Commitment to Giving Back

Bespoke Post has the kind of reputation many subscription-based brands covet. Not only are they known for consistently delivering high-quality product experiences, but they also have a long-standing commitment to small businesses through their Support Small Initiative.

Over 90% of the products that Bespoke Post features are from small businesses. Bespoke Post looks to support unique brands that have not yet become mainstream: during the Covid-19 crisis, Bespoke Post purchased over $138 million of goods from small businesses. The knowledge that purchasing a subscription or product gives back to the small business community is a worthy standout for Bespoke.

5. Curated Subscriptions That Are Flexible

Bespoke Post takes the time to deliver unique and personalized products through a flexible subscription-based offering. Subscribers initially take a brief quiz to determine their general likes and dislikes and are presented boxes based on their preferences.

Subscribers can then preview, swap, skip, or cancel a box before before even committing to join. This is unique to many subscriptions, where there can be much less flexibility. Another perk exclusive to subscribers - boxes come at a price point of $45, which is a steep savings from the standard cost of $55 for non-subscribers, where the box value still typically exceeds the box price.

Are you ready to join the Bespoke Post community? Subscribe or check out our Bespoke Post Brand Page to learn more.