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Moms + Babes Box Winter 2022 Review + 50% Off Your First Box

Christen Russo
ByChristen RussoJan 26, 2022 | 4 comments

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Moms + Babes Box
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Moms + Babes Box offers a quarterly subscription that curates high-quality, premium products for moms and kiddos. Created by friends Jana Kramer (from One Tree Hill) and Sarah Boyd, these fellow mamas noticed a void in the marketplace for high-quality products for families and sought to fill it.

The Cost: $59 per quarter and includes at least six full-sized premium products (totaling $150+ in retail value). Save with an annual subscription.

Coupon: Use code MSA50 for 50% off your first box!

Ships to: The U.S. (free shipping) & international (for a $20 flat rate)

First Impressions

open Moms + Babes box Winter 2022

This wasn't my first Moms + Babes Box, and one thing that's always been true of this subscription is how thrillingly hefty and full it feels. You know you're getting your money's worth before you even crack it open. The logo is neatly printed on the front and the box is designed to stay closed in transit with minimal tape, which I appreciate from a recycling perspective.

The Goods

open Moms + Babes box Winter 2022

Under a protective layer of paper sizzle, I found a packed box of full-size products. The focus is mostly on skincare, but there are also some other goodies for mama, plus a couple of things for the little ones. I have a three-year-old and an eight-month-old, and there was something small in there that could be used for each of them (besides the fun crinkly paper, of course). You'll see what I got below!

What's Inside the Box

The winter edition of Moms + Babes is rarin' to keep the whole family's skin hydrated in this dry season. Lotions and serums galore, plus more! It's a bit mom-heavy, which isn't uncommon for this subscription, but of course, it's mama who's working hard and needing some real TLC anyway, so I think it makes sense that way.

Here's a quick breakdown of everything inside the Winter 2022 box:

For the Little Ones

Because little hands are always eager to reach into all of my subscription boxes when they arrive (who doesn't love a mail day?), I love receiving one that actually has stuff in it for my toddler. I can say, "ooh, this looks like it's for you," and off she'll go to play with it. It's just now occurring to me that maybe this is all that's needed from the "Babes" category in this box. Previous times that I've received it I've wondered why it wasn't more balanced, but it just sort of clicked for me! Here's what the kiddos got:

The Raise Collection 8x10 Wall Art – Retail Value $25


What kid doesn't love a colorful poster for their wall? This one is meant to encourage adult-child interaction, not just with the uplifting and loving phrase on it, but also with its many colors and different-sized shapes. They also tossed in a "motivated like a mother" sticker in a fun font, and some info about this brand. 10% of their profits are used to sponsor academic and educational enrichment programs throughout the US.

Snuggle Shield Air Filtering Infant Cover – Retail Value $60


Using a lightweight cloth cover to create darkness or protection for your baby is nothing new, but this Snuggle Shield takes it a step further by including a pocket for a disposable air filter to be placed. Brilliant! Even the most cautious among us these days have to run out of the house for one reason or another, and it provides such peace of mind knowing that the littlest among us can be extra protected as they're brought along. Not only that, it is an extra layer of protection against the wind, which, if you live in a cold and blustery wintertime climate like I do, makes a huge difference.

The cloth itself is a super-soft jersey material with lovely tortoiseshell buttons to enclose it. It can double as a nursing cover by being worn over the shoulders. And, I appreciate that we were sent a black cover—in the past, I've received various baby items like this from subscriptions, but ended up passing them along because I didn't like the color or pattern.


This is what the air filter looks like. It's a custom size for this cover, and hospital grade—a similar 4-ply material to an N95 face mask. Snuggle Shield's site says they are "Tested in the US for breathability and bacterial filtration meeting US FDA guidelines with a BFE 99.8%" Four-pack air filter replacements cost $20.

Pop It Fidget Toy – Estimated Value $2 (buy a 3-pack here for $5.99)


These little popper toys are all the rage these days! I agree with the kids, they're really entertaining. They're also a great sensory item. Click through my pictures below to see how my daughter used it as a backdrop for one of the Mom items!

Cerave Baby Moisturizing Lotion, 16 fl oz – Estimated Value $17.94


I discovered the CeraVe brand through a sunscreen I was sent in a previous Moms + Babes box, and I am such a fan of this brand! Their products are all dermatologist-developed with three ceramides (which are lipids that make up part of the skin composition) to help restore a natural skin barrier, relieving acne, eczema, psoriasis. Okay, full disclosure: I'm not totally sure what all this means, but I can say from an experience perspective that their products are thick, creamy, smooth, and hydrating. They have a faint scent and they don't leave the skin greasy. All wins!

For Mom

I thought I knew what subscription box self-care meant, then I came face-to-face with my second covid winter—this time with a toddler and a baby instead of just one kid outside the womb—and, man, I am needing all the pick-me-ups and treats I can get my hands on. They really do help me get through the day! As someone who doesn't identify as a "beauty" person, I have in the past received a spread of skincare items from Moms + Babes and not really known how to incorporate them naturally into my day's rhythm (because I don't have any skincare/beauty routines or rituals). But this Winter 2022 box hits different! I'm so pumped to have quality skincare items to treat myself with.

Dr. Zenovia's Retinol Recover Eye Cream, 0.5 oz – Retail Value $64


Short of brushing my teeth and washing my face in the morning, I don't have any special beauty or skincare rituals to start my day. That changes now! Like so many parents navigating these challenging times, I am beyond burnt out, so giving my skin a little extra love, and also stealing that extra couple of minutes to myself as I start my day, feel incredibly needed and worth it. Retinol is a Vitamin A derivative that's been shown to stimulate collagen production in the face, which some may call "anti-aging," but for me, it's not that I'm trying not to show signs of aging as much as trying not to look and feel completely rundown. Maybe that's the same thing. Ha!

Anyway, this eye cream is indeed very creamy and smooth, it has a neutral scent, and it feels hydrating immediately. My only feedback for Dr. Zenovia is that it took me almost 5 minutes to get the first pump out—fiddling and squeezing and tapping and taking the top off & screwing it back on. The trick is to squeeze while you pump. Maybe this was obvious to others since it is sort of a toothpaste-shaped bottle, but it wasn't to me. I hope I save someone out there 5 minutes of struggle!

Beauty sample from Moms + Babes box Winter 2022

They also included this sample packet of night eye cream from the same brand. A full 1.5 fl oz bottle retails $72.

Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Body Balm, 6.7 oz – Listed Value $14.99


Next up is another lipid-restoring, repairing body balm. Both indicated on the front with a tiny blue illustration of a parent with a child and a stroller, and listed on the back, is a note that this can be used for adults, children, and babies (except premature infants). This one is recognized by the National Psoriasis Foundation and the National Eczema Association. All good signs! This product does feel a little redundant since the CeraVe lotion can also be used by the whole family, also has a subtle scent, and is also full-size. I decided not to open this one right away so that we don't have too many open products floating around the house at once. We can keep it as our "next in line" lotion.

MemoryKPR 4-Month SubscriptionRetail Value $20


MemoryKPR is (in my words) like a digital scrapbooking app. After signing up, you can upload your photos and videos, add context and stories, and keep them all stored in one spot that's not social media. The idea is to have some sort of digital photo/video album to pass along to your kids when they grow up.

MemoryKPR screenshot

Here's a screenshot from the memoryKPR website, showing an example of what an album in the app might look like. I think this is a really clever idea! I also can't imagine having the time to sit and make a full-blown album like I'd like to. But if I think of it as something I can chip away at, and that any memories saved are better than none, it feels more exciting and manageable.

AHC Aqualuronic Serum, 1.01 fl oz  – Retail Value $33


This serum pairs perfectly with the retinol eye cream above. It's a lightweight, moisture-boosting, water-based product that feels so rejuvenating to the skin.


The consistency is like a runny gel, very smooth, and with a lightly spa-like scent. In the first minute, or so after applying it feels the slightest bit sticky, but absorbs nicely and makes my face feel fresh and quenched.

Mommy Matters Soothe Perineal Spray, 60 mL – Retail Value $20


This perineal spray feels like a huge deal for me. When I was pregnant and newly postpartum with my first daughter, there felt like so few perinatal care products readily available that were beautiful and quality. My doula gave me a jar of belly balm and some bath herbs that were handmade by someone she knew in Detroit, and I found some natural nipple creams with cute labels here and there...but honestly, I had enough nipple cream to soothe a thousand nipples and very little to address any other of my postpartum needs outside of what the hospital gave me. This perineal spray is exactly the thing. It comes in a frosted glass bottle, it has a lovely label, it smells amazing, and it was made with thought and intention (cruelty-free, vegan and gluten-free, and more).

A little about the function of it: it's a perineal spray meant to soothe your healing vulva after having a baby. Witch hazel, rose water, lavender, and peppermint mean that it has soothing ingredients, good-smelling ingredients, and cooling ingredients. My first baby was born via Cesarean, and even still, my reproductive system had been through the wringer and I had some big-time perineal healing to do. A spray like this would've been awesome. My second baby was born vaginally, complete with a ton of tearing and stitches, and I was passed a cooling spray by a neighbor who loved it. For me, in those early weeks, it burned horribly. That said, the cooling sensation only lasts about ten minutes, so it didn't set my healing back at all. And, for those who love it, it is like magic.

Grace and Clay Handmade Earrings – Listed Value $18


I've been loving the polymer clay jewelry trend and follow a few makers who create such original things with it. These earrings are bright and cheery and definitely a pair that made me smile when I opened the box.


I'm a lover of gigantic earrings, and part of what's so great about clay earrings is how lightweight they are even when they're huge. The ones Moms + Babes Box sent are on the smaller side of what I go typically for, but their bold magenta hue makes for a standout par regardless. This isn't the pair I would've chosen for myself if I were to visit Grace and Clay's website on my own, but that's half the fun of subscription boxes!

Prince of Peace Lemon Ginger ChewsListed Value $2


Ginger is one of the main natural remedies recommended for morning sickness. I had wicked morning sickness for both of my pregnancies, and nothing seemed to help it, but I did guzzle ginger tea in hopes that it would provide some relief. I'm not much of a hard or chewy candy person, but the flavor of these chews is potent, so they definitely offer a blast of ginger some are after to alleviate nausea.

Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray, Peony Blossom – Retail Value $9.95


I first discovered Poo-Pourri on sale at a small boutique and just had to try it. I don't stay stocked up on it all the time, but I always consider it a score when I come into a bottle! You spray it in the toilet water prior to going to the bathroom, and the essential oil blend creates a smell-blocking film over the water that reduces the chances of any bad aromas drifting out of the bathroom. It's not foolproof, but it does help! This is my first time trying the Peony Blossom scent, and while it is somewhat floral, all the scents have strong citrus notes to them to help cover bad smells.

Value - Was This Box Worth It?

The Cost: $59 per quarterly box. Save with longer subscriptions.

Coupon: Use code MSA50 for 50% off your first box!

The Value: This box was filled with $286.88 worth of stuff. Wow! That's 5x the cost of the box.

I know I can count on Moms + Babes Box to send me full-size products that are from brands that are accredited by doctors and notable foundations. The fact that it's for moms, by moms means that it includes items that someone who isn't in this season of life (of having young children) might not consider—like the perineal spray or ginger chews.

Key Takeaways

This was my favorite Moms + Babes Box yet. Everything within it was seasonal—like tons of moisturizing products for this dry, dry time of year—useful, and thoughtful. With a few items for self-care, a few for fun (earrings!), and a few for the kiddos to scamper away with and enjoy, it is catered to people like me who are home with little people all day and need something for ourselves.

Keep track of your subscriptions by adding this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

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