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First Impressions: HUM Nutrition

Jessica Hapak
ByJessica HapakDec 23, 2021 | 3 comments

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HUM Nutrition
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First Impressions is a series that introduces and reviews new brands to My Subscription Addiction, drawing from readers’ requests for an insider’s first look. Interested in seeing more reviews from this brand, or have another box in mind that you’d like to see reviewed? Let us know in the comments.

Hum Nutrition is a vitamin and supplement brand that focuses on using clinically proven (in double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized studies) ingredients to create quality formulas that are then tested in-house before finally being verified by an independent lab for potency. They carry everything from tangerine-flavored gummies to help promote glowing skin, an everyday vitamin with all of the essential daily nutrients your body needs, and even supplements to help with stress, symptoms of menopause, and collagen production. You can purchase their supplements a la carte, but they also offer their products on a subscription basis.

My Subscription Addiction received this box at no cost in exchange for an honest review. (Check out our editorial guidelines to learn more about how we review boxes).

First Impressions

white mailer with colorful bottles on it

Everything arrived in these white mailers that have a rainbow assortment of Hum Nutrition bottles on the outside. I found it fun, and everything arrived to me safely.

The Breakdown

Daily Cleanse, 60 ct, 30-day supply – Retail Value $26


From Hum: Helps clear skin + cleanse the body. A powerful formula of 14 detoxifiers including chlorella + spirulina to help clear skin from the inside out.

What It Claims to Do: Addresses breakouts at the source to help clear skin from within, supports the body's natural detoxification processes, and supports the elimination of impurities from the body.

How It Claims to Work:

  • Green algae help bind impurities and eliminate them via normal digestive functions to detoxify the body
  • Herbal blend supports the body’s natural ability to filter out toxins
  • Antioxidants + minerals help support a healthy skin appearance

My Thoughts: I am always a little skeptical when a company claims to support "detoxifying" or "cleansing" your body because that's what your liver and kidneys are for. I do like that this formula has a lot of antioxidants inside of it just because I try to grab those wherever I can, but I am not sure if I was really able to see a difference in my skin or any other noticeable benefit from taking this. For the price, this isn't a supplement I am interested in continuing to use, but your mileage may vary.

Flatter Me, 60 ct, 30-day supply – Retail Value $26


From Hum: Supports a flatter stomach + healthy digestion. A blend of 18 full-spectrum digestive enzymes help break down food for better digestion + reduced bloating.

What It Claims to Do: Helps break down protein, carbs, fiber, lactose and fats, helps manage bloating, and optimizes digestive processes.

How It Claims to Work:

  • 18 full-spectrum enzymes break down food to support healthy digestion + reduce bloating
  • Ginger + peppermint leaf support healthy digestion
  • Fennel seed helps soothe digestive issues + support nutrient absorption

My Thoughts: I was really looking forward to this supplement because I have a lot of tummy and digestive issues, and I was optimistic that the 18 enzymes, ginger, peppermint, and fennel seed in this would help me out. My issues aren't usually centered around bloating, so I am not so sure this was the best supplement for my particular concerns (though ginger and peppermint absolutely do work to soothe my stomach when it is upset!). This isn't a supplement I would repurchase for myself, but I would still encourage others to try it if they have issues.

Private Party, 30 ct, 30-day supply – Retail Value $26


From Hum: Supports vaginal + urinary tract health. A potent probiotic + cranberry supplement to help balance the vaginal microbiome and promote optimal urinary tract function.

What It Claims to Do: Promotes a healthy vaginal pH + microbiome, helps balance good bacteria, and supports urinary tract health.

How It Claims to Work:

  • 3 strains of probiotics help support a healthy vaginal microbiome
  • Cranberry PACs support urinary tract function
  • Potent blend maintains pH balance for healthy levels of yeast + overall vaginal health

My Thoughts: This is actually my second bottle of Private Party- I had already almost emptied a bottle of this before I received this in this box for review. It is very easy for my pH balance to get out of sorts, so I love that this has three probiotic strains along with cranberries to keep everything below the belt happy and in good working order. This is a supplement I could see myself repurchasing, and I appreciate that I can take it at any time of day, with or without food.

Moody Bird, 60 ct, 30-day supply – Retail Value $26


From Hum: Help manage symptoms of PMS. This formula uses a potent herbal blend to support healthy hormone balance + ease symptoms of PMS.

What It Claims to Do: Eases PMS symptoms including cramps, mood swings + irritability, helps promote psychological and physical health associated with monthly cycles, and maintains healthy hormone balance.

How It Claims to Work:

  • Chaste berry has been shown to have hormone-modulating properties to help with regulating PMS symptoms
  • Dong quai root helps balance estrogen levels + replenish blood flow to help relieve cramps and provide a calming effect

My Thoughts: Okay, so I completely missed the part where I was supposed to take this supplement twice daily and have been taking this one a day, in the evening, for the past seven weeks (this bottle lasted twice as long since it was unintentionally stretched into a sixty-day supply). I am not advising that anyone take supplements not as directed, but I will say that taking this once a day made a noticeable difference in the duration and heaviness of my period after I had been taking this for about five weeks. I didn’t have nearly as many physical symptoms (I still had cramping, but it was much more mild than what I usually experience, and I didn’t feel like a bloated and stuffed thanksgiving turkey waiting to be put into the oven). I am not quite as sure if it helped with the psychological side effects of PMS, but the improvements in the physical side effects I experienced were more than enough to impress me. This is absolutely a supplement I am going to look at repurchasing once my bottle is empty.

Mighty Night, 60 ct, 30-day supply – Retail Value $40


From Hum: Nighttime skin cell renewal. A combination of clinically-tested nutrients to promote skin cell turnover, healthy-looking skin and optimal sleep.

What It Claims to Do: Helps support healthy skin texture + tone, promotes optimal sleep, and supports cell turnover.

How It Claims to Work:

  • Ceramides help skin retain moisture and improve texture
  • Antioxidant ferulic acid + CoQ10 help combat free radicals that cause early signs of aging
  • Valerian root, passion flower, and hops help promote deeper sleep

My Thoughts: I had high expectations for this supplement, both because it has a higher price point than some of the others but also because it has some ingredients I really enjoy like ceramides, CoQ10, ferulic acid, and valerian root. I have finished this entire bottle, and I just didn’t notice any difference whatsoever. I didn’t notice a difference in the quality of my sleep, nor did I notice a difference in the appearance or texture of my skin. Maybe you need to use it longer than 30 days to see the results, but I don’t know many people who want to spend $40 a month on a supplement that doesn’t give you even slight results after 30 days.

Hair Sweet Hair, 60 ct, 30-day supply – Retail Value $26


From Hum: A vegan gummy for stronger, healthier hair. Formulated with hair-loving ingredients like biotin + folic acid, these vegan berry gummies are your best-kept secret for longer, stronger, healthier hair.

What It Claims to Do: Supports hair growth, promotes stronger hair and maintains hair follicle health.

How It Claims to Work:

  • Biotin supports hair, skin, and nail health
  • Zinc promotes the health of hair follicles, helping prevent hair loss
  • Fo-Ti helps stimulate healthy hair growth + maintain healthy color

My Thoughts: Okay, I am a sucker for a gummy supplement- unless it is something that I absolutely need to take (like a non-negotiable prescription medication), a vitamin in gummy form is just going to increase the likelihood of me remembering to eat it while also increasing the likelihood that I'll enjoy it by 295%. I've tried this supplement plenty of times through subscription boxes before because sample packets with four or six gummies have appeared in previous boxes, but this is my first time being able to have a full thirty-day supply. Taste-wise this is great; I have no complaints. I love that the formula is vegan and contains zinc, biotin, folic acid, and vitamin B12 to help promote overall hair, skin, and nail health. This is the type of supplement I can easily remember to take every day, and even if I am not positive I am seeing results right away I know this is made with ingredients that have been proven to support healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Glow Sweet Glow, 60 ct, 30-day supply – Retail Value $26


From Hum: A vegan gummy for glowing, hydrated skin. Formulated with hyaluronic acid to help lock in moisture and vitamin C to stimulate collagen, these vegan tangerine gummies help give your skin the ultimate glow.

What It Claims to Do: Helps lock in moisture + boosts skin hydration, promotes the appearance of plump, glowing skin, and supports collagen production.

How It Claims to Work:

  • Hyaluronic acid helps skin retain moisture + decreases the appearance of lines + wrinkles
  • Antioxidant vitamin C helps reduce oxidative stress that can decrease skin’s natural glow
  • Antioxidant vitamin E helps neutralize free radicals for healthy skin

My Thoughts: This is another gummy supplement I have been able to sample before thanks to subscription boxes, and I was finally able to try ou for a full month now. This is made with hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and antioxidant-rich amla fruit, and vitamin C to help your skin maintain its hydration levels and help promote your body's natural collagen production. Just like Hair Sweet Hair this gummy tastes great, and while I can't definitively say this gives my skin a noticeable glow, I do think my skin looked a little better at the end of the thirty days.

Boost Sweet Boost, 60 ct, 30-day supply – Retail Value $26


From Hum: A vegan gummy for immune support. Formulated with immunity-boosting ingredients like high potency vitamin C, zinc, and elderberry, these vegan berry gummies help strengthen your natural defenses.

What It Claims to Do: Boosts immunity, supports innate and adaptive immune functions and promotes health and overall well-being.

How It Claims to Work:

  • High potency vitamin C plays a vital role in innate and adaptive immune function
  • Zinc is an essential mineral that supports immunity
  • Concentrated elderberry extract (75:1) is traditionally used to support immunity

My Thoughts: Just like Private Party, I was almost finished with my own bottle of Boost Sweet Boost when my review box arrived- yay! This gummy had a pleasant berry flavor and anything that I can do to boost and support my body's immune system I am all form- especially when all I have to do is eat two tasty gummies. This is made with a high concentration of elderberry extract, zinc, and vitamin C, and it is so much more enjoyable to eat these rather than to swallow zinc or vitamin C pills.

Calm Sweet Calm, 60 ct, 30-day supply – Retail Value $30


From Hum: A vegan gummy for stress support. Formulated with a patented extract of Ashwagandha (Sensoril®) & L-Theanine, these vegan sour cherry gummies help reduce symptoms of stress.

What It Claims to Do: Helps reduce symptoms of stress, improves relaxation & resistance to stress, and supports healthy cortisol levels.

How It Claims to Work:

  • Ashwagandha helps manage the stress hormone cortisol and the body’s response to stress with continued use
  • L-Theanine promotes relaxation and helps relieve emotional stress

My Thoughts: Right before receiving my Hum box, I tried out at different Ashwgandha gummy (one that's made with vitamin D instead of L-theanine) and quickly fell in love with how about 30-60 minutes after eating two gummies I could feel a noticeable difference in my stress levels. These gummies from Hum also feature Ashwagandha as the star ingredient, but it's paired with L-Theanine to promote relaxation. I wasn't the biggest fan of the sour cherry flavor of these gummies (though I do appreciate that all of the gummy supplements are free from artificial colors or sweeteners), and these didn't give me as noticeable relief from stress and anxiety as the other ashwagandha I had tired. I did notice a difference with this, and I'm not saying they don't work- but I don't think this is the stress-relieving gummy for me once this bottle is empty.

Fan Club, 30 ct, 30-day supply – Retail Value $40


From Hum: Multi-symptom menopause support. An estrogen-free, non-hormonal, clinically-studied probiotic formula that addresses 11 symptoms of perimenopause and menopause featuring Siberian rhubarb, patented probiotics, and grape seed extract.

What It Claims to Do: Helps reduce hot flashes + night sweats, vaginal dryness and fatigue, balances mood swings, irritability, restlessness, and sleeplessness, helps relieve heart racing, low sex drive, bladder problems, joint and muscle discomfort.

How It Claims to Work:

  • Siberian rhubarb extract decreases the severity of hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, fatigue, and irritability
  • A patented probiotic strain supports the gut-brain axis to improve mood
  • Grape seed extract provides stress support

My Thoughts: I don't experience heat flashes or night sweats, and relieving those symptoms seem to be one of the main benefits of this supplement thanks to the patented Siberian Rhubarb Extract. I do appreciate that this formula has probiotics, but I am not in the target audience for this particular supplement. I do appreciate that it's a hormone-free option that's available for those who are looking for estrogen-free options during perimenopause or menopause, though.

Here Comes The Sun, 30 ct, 30-day supply – Retail Value $12


From Hum: Supports the immune system + boosts mood, high-potency vegan D3 to support body + mood, no matter the season.

What It Claims to Do: Boosts mood, supports healthy immune system, aids calcium absorption.

How It Claims to Work:

  • High-potency vegan D3 helps boost mood, immune system, and bone health

My Thoughts: I actually have a vitamin D deficiency that is monitored by my primary care physician, and I have to take a 5,000 IU supplement on a daily basis to try to keep my vitamin D levels within the range they need to be in. This one by Hum Nutrition is only 2,000 IU, which is probably more than enough for most people but not quite enough for me. I wish it was though- I am very jealous of how small this happy yellow softgel is compared to the large pill I have to swallow. If you're curious about adding a vitamin D supplement into your routine but don't have a need for a higher-strength one, this one is worth checking out.

Beauty ZZZZ, 30 ct, 30-day supply – Retail Value $10


From Hum: Promotes a naturally restful sleep. This formula with melatonin + vitamin B6 helps adjust your internal body clock so you can fall asleep easier and sleep more soundly for better daytime alertness.

What It Claims to Do: Helps reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, supports a deeper, more restful sleep, helps adjust your internal body clock.

How It Claims to Work:

  • Melatonin promotes a more restful sleep
  • Vitamin B6 helps normalize circadian rhythm
  • Calcium improves sleep quality

My Thoughts: Okay, so I forget which subscription box a bottle of this stuff came in a few years ago, but a bottle of Beauty ZZZZ came in a subscription box a few years ago. I tried it, I loved it, I swapped for more bottles, I repurchased a bottle or two, and at this point, I can't even tell you how many bottles of this supplement I have gone through. It absolutely works for me at getting me to sleep and helping me stay asleep, and I love that it's the most affordable supplement that Hum offers. I don't take this every night anymore- I like to use a CBD and melatonin blend, and I found that if I took this too many nights in a row the melatonin started to give me very vivid dreams. But I always try to keep a bottle handy because I know that if I've had a long day and want to make sure I get a really good night's sleep, this will get the job done.

Value - How Much Does Hum Nutrition Cost?

As you could tell from my review, the price of each supplement varies depending on what you need. Supplements from Hum range in price from $10-$60 individually, but the good news is that you can save when you sign up for a monthly subscription of supplements or buy multiple supplements at one time.

My Verdict – Is Hum Nutrition Worth It?

Hum Nutrition is a brand I knew and respected long before this box showed up on my doorstep for review, and I enjoyed getting to try this brand out more thoroughly. The gummy vitamins were a really big hit for me, and my personal star out of all of the supplements I tried was Moody Bird- I truly was not expecting such noticeable results. I didn't do this review to come here and tell you that you need to add twelve new supplements to your daily routine, but if you're looking to add one or a few for targeted concerns I do think Hum is worth checking out. If you're curious but aren't sure what direction you should go in, take their three-minute quiz to get a better idea of what supplements could be a good fit for you.

Keep track of your subscriptions by adding this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

Have you tried Hum Nutrition before? Are there any must-take supplements you have in your daily routine?

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Jessica what is the stress reducing pill you like more ?

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Jessica Hapak

Hi Brittany! They’re they Goli Ashwaghanda gummies!

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Jody E

I didn’t realize they had so many kinds. I have tried the hair/skin/nails and did not care for the taste or texture. I am trying this brand new to me that is called tgin (all lower letters) that I found at Ulta. They are the bomb. The best tasting gummie ever! I wish all supplements were this good. I am interested in a bloating pill and had a sample of those ByeBye Bloat but was hesitant to try a whole bottle. Maybe you can review that brand?
I take a magnesium pill nightly. I try to manage my moods with this.

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