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First Impressions: Skincare and Supplements Reimagined by Asystem

Kat Giuffrida
ByKat GiuffridaOct 12, 2021 | 5 comments

Asystem Review

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Ever wish you could use find a supplement line that provides adequate care not just for one area of your life, but for pretty much everything else too? Nowadays, it seems like many B2C companies specialize in one area of health but are lagging in others. Thankfully, Asystem has stepped up to the plate to be the company that covers all of your bases by offering supplements for stress, sleep, immunity, skincare, and more.

Asystem offers several options for its health and wellness subscription boxes. Although its products are technically geared towards men's health, women are also able to use Asystem as well, except for Superhuman Supplements which is its daily vitamin pack for men. Each subscription box from Asystem contains some mixture of vitamins, herbal gummies, skin care treatment, and pain relief products. Subscription options are referred to as Systems and are tailored towards meeting specific health goals, such as The Athlete System or The Complete Calm System.

My Subscription Addiction received this box at no cost in exchange for an honest review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Breakdown - What's Inside The Box

I received The Serious Business System subscription box from Asystem. This subscription box is worth $312 and contains each of the following major products sold by Asystem:

Here's a closer look at my experience with each of the products!

Superhuman Supplements, 30 Day Supply - Retail Value $75

Asystem Review

To remain true to Asystem's intentions, I gave this product to my husband to try out since it's designed for men. Overall, he thought the product worked fairly well and kept his energy levels up, but he wasn't super pleased with the use of anchovies in the fish oil. He much prefers cod liver oil, as do I, not only for digestive reasons but also due to its higher concentration of DHA and additional nutrients.

We also weren't major fans of some of the forms of vitamins and minerals used as some of them weren't optimal, like iron as ferrous fumarate and magnesium as a blend. It's better to use these nutrients in a chelated form whenever possible as it's gentler and more bioavailable. We also felt that some of the key ingredients, think CoQ10, were provided in somewhat low dosages to have much of a noticeable effect.

If you're looking for an all-in-one product that combines the best of both worlds for vitamins and supplements for men, then this product would probably be fine for general use. However, if you're looking to use the highest quality nutrients possible to target more specific health goals, then this may not be the best product for you.

Twice Daily Invigorating Cleanser, 30 Day Supply - Retail Value $19

Asystem Review

This cleanser worked quite well, and I found it less harsh than competing brands. It was great for exfoliating, yet it was much gentler than other cleansers I've tried. Overall, it made my skin feel smooth and it did not become inflamed whatsoever.

However, I wasn't a huge fan of every ingredient included in its formulation as it contained a handful of ingredients that have varying safety scores on the EWG's list due to allergic reactions and potential contamination. Examples of these include Cocamidopropyl Betaine and Polysorbate-20.

Daily Defense Moisturizer, 30 Day Supply - Retail Value $21

Asystem Review

This sunscreen did its job perfectly, and I noticed that my skin appeared softer when using in conjunction with the other products within the skincare set. It also didn't irritate my skin, and was nowhere near as greasy as most sunscreens are. Although I typically don't wear sunscreen, this is a product I wouldn't necessarily mind using more often and I think most people would enjoy using it.

However, this product also contained some ingredients that I'm not fully confident in either due to a lack of studies on long-term safety or the presence of some clinical studies demonstrating side effects. Some examples of ingredients that fell under this category include Phenoxyethanol, homosalate, octisalate.

While I realize that some of the ingredients are included to enhance the effectiveness of this product (i.e. the last 2 ingredients mentioned previously are sunscreen-specific components), I think it's important for every consumer to look into potential side effects and decide whether or not the trade-off is worth it.

Overnight Rebuilding Cream, 30 Day Supply - Retail Value $23

Asystem Review

In the past, I haven't been a huge fan of most moisturizers as many contain ingredients that are petroleum-derived and practically suffocate your pores with their thick consistency as well as prevent water from truly penetrating through. I loved that almost every single ingredient was naturally derived and both my face's complexion and texture improved within a few days of use.

Despite liking this product, it does contain phenoxyethanol which is restricted for use in cosmetics in Japan and must not exceed a certain concentration limit. This is due to certain studies confirming side effects such as allergic reactions and organ system toxicity. However, practically all other ingredients had low scores on the EWG's Skin Deep scale for toxicity and side effects so this product is most likely safe for short-term use or in people who do not have sensitivities to this ingredient.

Radical Relief Gel Roll On, 30 Day Supply - Retail Value $52

Asystem Review

I found this product to be somewhat therapeutic due to the cryosphere head, however it was hard to tell whether or not I was getting an ample amount of the solution and I wasn't a big fan of the inclusion of FD&C Blue 1 as one of its ingredients. I would say it's better to get a cream instead of a roll-on for a product like this so that you can apply it adequately for more targeted and effective treatment.

Anti-Inflammatory Pills, 30 Day Supply (60 Capsules) - Retail Value $59

Asystem Review

I thought this product's ingredient combination was absolutely brilliant! The turmeric and CBD combination lessened the severity of my chronic back pain after a week of use and I also felt calmer overall.

Complete Calm De-Stress Gummies, 16 Count - Retail Value $39

Asystem Review

Oh my gosh - I loved these gummies! I'm a huge fan of herbal blends and appreciated the high-quality herbs and nutrients that were used in this product, such as Safr'Inside, Panax Ginseng, and the terpene blend. I also thought it was awesome that each serving only contained 2 grams of sugar, which was the perfect amount to help mask some of the bitter qualities of certain herbs.

I took these whenever I needed them throughout the day (2 max per day) to cope with stress, especially when it was too late in the day to drink coffee and I needed a fix to get me through work. My husband and I devoured these within the first week of having them...

Complete Calm Sleep Gummies, 16 Count - $39

Asystem Review

Oh, and we also went crazy over these gummies as well! Truth be told, I noticed better sleep the first night I used them, and each night that I used this product I was able to stay asleep longer and experienced less tossing and turning throughout the night.

I took these gummies between 1-2 hours before bed to get my mind calmed down and to feel less stressed. The l-tryptophan definitely put me into a happier state of mind and the chamomile and passionflower extracts helped me to fall asleep more quickly.

Value - Was This Box Worth It?

The Cost: $312

Value Breakdown: 

  • 30 Day supply of Superhuman Supplements for Men: $75
  • 1 x Twice Daily Invigorating Cleanser (90ml) - $19
  • 1 x Daily Defense Moisturizer + SPF30 (30ml) - $21
  • 1 x Overnight Rebuilding Cream (30ml) - $23
  • 1 x Radical Relief Gel Roll-On - $52
  • 30 Day supply of Anti-Inflammatory Pills - $59
  • 16 Daily De-Stress Gummies - $39
  • 16 Daily Sleep Gummies - $39

The products this month have an estimated retail value of around $327, which saves you $15 each month if you choose to sign up for a subscription.

My Verdict – Is Asystem Worth It?

If you're looking for a brand to help enhance all aspects of your health and don't mind paying a bit more money for top-notch quality, then Asystem is absolutely a fit for you. From its full set of skincare products to pain relief ointments and wellness supplements, it offers products that most anyone could enjoy. Not only does Asystem use clinically effective ingredients, but it also focuses on nature as the cure when formulating its supplements. Although I wasn't a fan of some of the ingredients uses in its skin products and didn't think all of Superhuman Supplement's nutrients were fully optimal, I have to say that I still thoroughly enjoyed trying out each of Asystem's products and truly believe that most customers would greatly benefit from their use.

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Kat Giuffrida
Kat Giuffrida

Kathryn is a native of the sunshine state and currently resides with her husband and daughter in Auburndale.

She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2015 as well as a Master of Public Health in Environmental and Occupational Health from the University of South Florida in 2018. She also earned national certification in public health in 2018 from the National Board of Public Health Examiners (NBPHE).

Kathryn decided to start her career in regulatory compliance for a specialty chemical industry but soon found her way into the digital marketing world and hasn’t looked back ever since. She has contributed to websites including Muscle and Brawn, Pay It Forward Fertility Foundation, The Unwinder, and SHALE Magazine and is excited to continue her work at MSA.

Outside of work, she’s a year-round swimmer who qualified to compete in the 2020 TYR Pro Series. Whenever she’s not behind the keyboard typing up new articles you can most likely find her in a pool...or chasing after her 5-month-old baby.

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Dear Kat,

I love reading the reviews on this site, have for years now, and I want to share with you that this review was one of the best I’ve read. Ingredients are so important — It’s good practice to always look them up before using a product. Your review was thorough, included research into the things I find important, and was enjoyable to read. Thank you!

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Interesting review and products! Though for some reason it says MSA received this BOOK for no cost….I’m thinking box lol.

I appreciate, Kat, your thoughts on certain ingredients. I know I should be more ingredient savvy myself, but at this point I’m pretty certain I have exceeded my lead levels in lipstick alone so everything else is just icing on the cake 😆

Kat, may I ask why you don’t wear sunscreen?

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Kat Giuffrida

Hi Snow!

Thank you so much for your feedback and also for catching that error! 🙂

I completely understand, I’ve been the same way in the past with certain products and it’s incredibly hard to avoid most pollutants like that in the majority of makeup and skincare items.

Personally, I’m more concerned with the potential long-term side effects of most of the chemicals found in most sunscreens vs. potential skin damage from sun exposure. I realize there are always exceptions to the rule on this one, but for me personally, I try to avoid exposure as much as possible to any chemicals that have mixed toxicity study results. I truly believe that many of the chemicals contained in most store-bought or popular sunscreen brands pose a greater risk to long term health than that of the side effects of limited sun exposure (for most people) due to many of them acting as endocrine disruptors or having petroleum-like chemicals that clog pores, lead to inflammation, and disrupt the skin’s natural microbiome.

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I’m curious, you mentioned “Personally, I’m more concerned with the potential long-term side effects of most of the chemicals found in most sunscreens vs. potential skin damage from sun exposure.” Do you include skin cancer as a form of skin damage?

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Wow. Very impressed that this topic was touched on here. I have to say I gained a lot of reespect for MSA + Kat tonight. I agree on the sunscreen. Great, great review!

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