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Allure Beauty Box August 2021 – Full Spoilers for New & Renewing Members

ByMSAAug 1, 2021 | 57 comments

We have full spoilers for the August 2021 Allure Beauty Box!




Beautaniq Beauty Blush Serum- Magenta Sky FULL SIZE

111Skin Y Theorem Day Cream FULL SIZE

Haruharu Wonder Black Rice Hyaluronic Toner

Realher Eye am Resilient Metallic Bronze Eyeliner FULL SIZE

Mediheal N.M.F Intensive Hydrating Beauty Mask

Avène Thermal Spring Water (New members only. Renewing alternative options below!)

Renewing Members may receive the following instead of the Avène Thermal Spring Water:

Decorté Moisture Liposome Serum
Decorté AQ Serum Absolute

Vitabrid C12 Dual Drop Serum

Clarins Total Eye Lift

Members will not receive the same product twice.

There is also an exclusive for new members:

New Member Exclusive: U Beauty Resurfacing Compound FULL SIZE

It is worth mentioning that the new member box has a $460+ retail value and is their highest-valued box to date!

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $23-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2021 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least three or more full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands and products.

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews and Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box, or find out why our readers named Allure Beauty Box one of the best skincare and beauty subscription box gifts!

What do you think of the spoilers?

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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I used to love Allure. I cancelled a few months ago. I keep checking back to see if anything has gotten better but nope, no Fomo here! Seriously glad I cancelled. It has lost is Allure.


New member here! I am curious why several people were disappointed about receiving 111Skin products. I am not very familiar with the brand, but I’ve received a few products through other subscriptions and have liked them. I’d love to know why some of you are bummed out since I don’t know much about 111Skin.

Also, for whatever reason, the allure website “doesn’t recognize” my email address when I try to sign in even though I’ve already received my first box and have purchased some extra items. Can anyone tell me if the U Beauty Resurfacing Compound is available to purchase through Allure at a discounted price? I have actually had a phenomenal experience with it!

Thank you!!!


It was the last time that i checked!


I’m loving this August Box.

Surprised by the negative comments about Chinese products. Hasn’t anyone noticed how amazing most Asian women’s skin is?

I’m a new member so I received the U-Beauty resurfacing compound. There was no instructions so I googled it. I think its a Serum.. that’s what “resurfacing compound” means. Honestly Im fed up of serums but this one is not oily. I really like it. The retail price for it is $150 which is ridiculous and I’m happy receive it in this allure box.

Great to receive a non black eyeliner. But this metallic shade comes off as more like a eye shadow than and eyeliner. I have olive colored skin. Its ok. Dont expect it to last through a day.

Im fine about the size of the fully product blush serum because the pigmentation is very very high so you only need a tiny bit. Not sure about the rasberry color for me. I like that its small enough to throw into my handbag and the tube makes it easy to use. BTW follow the instructions to squeeze it out on your hand first and not directly onto your face. As mentioned.. a little goes a LONG way!

The toning water is nice sample.
Love hydrating masks
Dont really care about Spring Water sprays. Do people really use that???


Because chinese lab standards are no where near as high as other countries just in being clean and sanitary alone. People find imbedded hairs in lipstick and get stys in their eyelids. I don’t trust things from china going on my face anymore. Chinese women prolly get their products from Taiwan or Japan where the lab standards are much higher.


I bought an annual for allure not long ago, thinking that maybe they will be as good as they used to be. I didn’t notice they raised the price to the same as other sub boxes however…
But then I thought that was okay, because allure gives us actual from the manufacturer/company things and aren’t separate made in china for them while keeping the logo like boxycharm and ipsy…
111 skin made for them from China… Foook you used to be so good allure, even when most stuff was samples, at least you were keeping it real. Now I can’t wait for my sub to die.


I opened this box and was honestly really disappointed in the small size of the “full size” blush and lip tube. Especially since it is multi-use, and therefore being used twice as much, I would have loved it to be bigger!


The blush/lippie only needs the tiniest amount when applying. It’s heavily pigmented and will last forever. I was shocked when I put it on my lips how little I needed.


Just received my Allure August box- came home at lunch so it wouldn’t be frying in my mailbox TOO long. put the blush and the eye pencil in the freezer so they won’t be melty when I open them after work. Checked the 111Skin creme- it IS made in China but the ingredient list is almost EXACTLY the same except the website lists AESCULUS HIPPOCASTANUM EXTRACT and the box has AESCULUS HIPPOCASTANUM (HORSE CHESTNUT/MARRON) SEED EXTRACT. Anyone know if these are the same thing? This is the next to last ingredient, right before FRAGRANCE / PARFUM (which I hope is not too strong, or else my feet are in for a treat! The website also says PARABEN, PARAFFIN, SILICONE AND SULPHATE FREE but the box does not. Thinking of emailing 111Skin about this. I also got the Vitabrid serum which will be fun to try. Another box down until the end (with my cancellations I think it will be December).


I think they’re the same thing. It could just be that labeling requirements are different for the US.


“Whilst we may produce a small number of units with our longstanding Far East manufacturer for beauty box partnerships, all raw materials are sourced from our regular suppliers within Europe and the USA to ensure the integrity, efficacy, fragrance and texture of our products remain at a consistently premium quality.” So we’re not getting the real thing… a “Far East” knockoff instead.


What? You just stated that we are getting a knock off. Nice, “.. long standing Far East manufacturer..” lol


I had cancelled Allure (along with all my boxes TBH) because of needing to cut back. But this is a great box and I just reupped. Is it just me though? I got that resurfacing serum in another box and was totally not blown away despite all the hype.

Pat Greene

Allure is so weird. I re-signed and they promptly refunded my $$. Not the first time this has happened.


I love the excitement of getting new products every month, some of which I have really enjoyed like the honey serum I got two months ago. My problem is I am starting to see a lot of repeats! I knew something was up with August box when the full spoilers weren’t out until well into the month. Then to find we are getting yet ANOTHER bronze eyeliner I won’t use and another sheet mask. Allure, c’mon. Continuing to broadcast sheet masks and crappy eyeliners as full size products is embarrassing. Like last month when you touted another Ciate shadow pallette that is nearly identical to the last one we got. I find myself seriously considering cancelling. The only thing this month that even is interesting is the cream blush. But I doubt its worth the cost of the box. Not sure if you’re losing money or companies to provide product? But yeah. September better be stellar or it’s time to bid you adieu.

Barbara McDonald

I don’t get all of the negative reviews for this box. I will be getting a second one through Amazon as the 111 skin care works very well for me and the price differential is incredible.

Do they still ahve rotten Customer Service? Fraid so, but I’m hanging on for a while longer.

Michelle Bunning

I don’t understand this Allure box I just got today (8-5-21)… It’s all deluxe sample sizes (with 3 fragrances, a mini eyeliner, mini mascara and tiny eye cream) and with exception of Giorgio Armani lipstick… No pamphlet and not one item listed as August spoilers…, what’s up Allure?


This was a gift box. It is not the July box. It is not the August box. It is a bonus box for loyal subscribers; however, it contains the same items as the new customer bonus for July. It’s a bonus. Enjoy it. And don’t listen to the other commenters who have no idea what they are talking about.


Does anyone know if the “loyal subscriber bundle” ships separately from our August box? I just got my box yesterday & it wasn’t included. But my sister got the bundle last week.


That’s actually the July box I believe! I got the same thing when I checked my mailbox today.

Barbara McDonald

Nope that’s August…you must have gotten an early delivery this month.


Yeah, I got the exact same box. Fortunately, this was my last box from my year subscription. I feel they went downhill.


And oops…it was a free gift from them according to my email.


Is the Thermal water full sized? I love that stuff.


No, it’s a deluxe sample size.


Please let me know when the August Allure box will be billed? I am broke until August 12. Please let me know!! Thank you! Can someone please help me?


I has just billed today.


Girl this is not the Allure website.


Girl, that doesn’t mean that someone on here might not know.


This box is down hill! It was better quality before the price change, I have been a subscriber for years! I will give it one more month then, it will go to the trash can of my memory, like I had to do IPSY, for so many repeats and items that are thrown together!


I didn’t realize the Mediheal mask was a sheet mask. That’s okay.


So glad I finally stopped renewing this sub. RIP, Allure. You had a good run.


So, if we discount the 111 skin product – which there’s been a lot of debate about in regard to price and quality – we have 5 other products which collectively total less than $40…

I used to really love Allure, but they are clearly struggling now and there’s not a single product here I want or will use. I would skip this box, but at this point I’m just going to finish up my annual subscription because I can’t keep skipping indefinitely, and just want it to end. So sad that the box quality has declined so much, so fast.


I feel you! I did not skip at all because I just wanted the annual subscription to come to an end. Finally, I receive my last box in August.

Laura Balzekas

I like that this is a lot of skincare. But I have cancelled Allure because they did not respond to 2 separate emails a few days apart asking to cancel the July box WEEKS before it was shipped. I got no response. This box is the last of my prepaid annual sub and I can’t justify paying for another year. Perhaps in future if there is a particular item I want I can just purchase that particular box without starting another subscription.


This actually wouldn’t be that bad if there was something other than that 111Skin stuff. I’m really interested in the blush serum. Oh well, we’ll see what September brings lol.


The U Beauty is from the February 2021 box.

I’m reasonably certain that the Eau Thermale is from a previous Allure box, but I tossed a bunch of the inserts booklets, so I can’t be completely certain.

Current members may get 1 of 4 random skin products? Since I skipped March, I’ll be getting September’s box (in theory), so I’m just going to let this one run out.

If they’re going to do random fillers, then they should at least give us a choice.


Both the Avene & vitabrid is from past boxes! The clarins eye was a new member gift, I believe. This is my last box, and I may be a PIA if I get a repeat. They used to be good about not sending repeats, but not so much lately with the masks variations.


I skipped March and June and I am also going to let this run out. Allure has been really disappointing.


Third month in a row I’ve skipped. The people that said this box is going downhill were spot on. Charging members way more for a bunch of unknown brands. Allure, you lost it. You had the spark and you lost it.

Also, the new MSA site on mobile is awful. Sorry but it’s true. It looks terrible and is not user friendly.
Sorry to be a negative Nancy but maybe if I point out the issues someone will listen and make changes.


I have to agree with you on both topics. Allure use to be amazing, its why I even loved sub boxes, now its nothing but disappointing anymore. There is nothing to look forward to.
The site changed only made it difficult. There was nothing wrong with the original site.
This is way too generic


111skin again! Sheesh


Yup, it will never go away. FYI Ipsy Plus spoilers today include yet another 111 Skin Serum.


Except there’s aren’t the same. Compare what Ispy sends you to, well, anywhere that sells it. Ingredients are different everytime. And it’s not just 111. It’s pretty much all of the “high end” skincare they send out. I’m with Ipsy, too, I’ve just been on pause since May.


The new customer bonuses are just for an annual sub? Id love that Resurfacing Compound, my face seems to love that product, but not sure it’s worth it. A lot of people seem to be not so happy with Allure most of the time.


I like them for the skincare. I get another beauty box where I can opt out of skincare. Really how much full size skincare can you go through without it expiring? If I need something specific I’ll get it through my other box, but I love what Allure sends. I think it should be a bit more inexpensive, though. It costs pretty much what Ipsy and Boxy does and they send 5 full-size products for $2 more..and you have choices. Just a thought.

Tanya M.

I skipped the Resurfacing Compound box but Wayne Goss reviwed after using an entire bottle/container, I became intrigued. I believe he said he wouldn’t repurchase but if someone gave him another container, he sure would use. I’ve been hoping to see it as an Allure Beauty special buy. Crossing fingers for Able and note it is made in EU unless my eyes deceive me.

Eryn PS

If you’re looking for a Great Vit C/ Retinol try the Strivectin SuperC Brighten & Correct Serum. You can get a small Trial size for $15 at Ulta and it’s enough for over a months use. I’m 45 and use it nightly(now), I love it! It doesn’t smell too citrusy, or metallic like some VitC combos do, and I have seen a noticable improvement in the last 40 days. It is potent so tread lightly if you have sensitive skin.
I like it almost as much as the Skinceuticals CE Ferulic, which works great for me, but I can’t justify the price tag!(It definitely smells better!)

Hope this helps!

I tried the Ulta skincare sampler and it had some great products for under $30. (On sale)


It is made in Europe for Able Skincare London(🤣). Mine is sitting right here. I don’t think I’m going to use it because I have a solid night routine. Will sell or Trade likely. I don’t know who Wayne Goss is. Can I find his review on YouTube?


The Resurfacing Compound is working for me but it is at a slow pace. I bought a second box from Amazon so I could have two bottles. For the $25 box price it is a great product but I’m not sure I would pay full price. I waited too long to cancel the August box but I am canceling for good before September arrives. I have enough skincare to last me close to two years now so I won’t be hurting.

Once I am finished with it I am headed to Ulta for The Ordinary skincare products. They are so cheap yet they have high percentages of Vitamin C, Retinol etc.


Dear MSA, you don’t have to post this, I’d just like you to know and then fix the fact that this post says, “We have full spoilers for the July 2021 Allure Beauty Box!”

Megan K.

Thanks for the catch Echo! How is it August already??


*sigh* I guess I’m going to skip yet again. If that toner had been full size, or even a deluxe sample, I might’ve gotten it. I’ve been skipping so much that I miss receiving my boxes.


Me too, 3rd month in a row. At this point, my year subscription is going to take 2 years until it’s up!


It’s been bad for so long that I can’t see it getting better any time soon so I’m trying to get my annual over with ASAP instead of skipping. I totally understand why people are skipping but between the box quality and this site going to pieces it just feels like delaying the inevitable to me and I’ve decided to just rip the bandaid off instead.


3rd time as well too! I swear I got that blush serum in my first Birchbox years ago.


Yep, same, this is month 3 in a row for me. I skipped yesterday even before I saw these and I’m not sad about it. I still have 6 month to go of my annual that I signed up for last fall. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.