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We Relaunched, We Listened, We’re Making Changes: A Note to MSA Readers About Our Latest Site Improvements

ByMSAJul 21, 2021 | 86 comments

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe change can be a very good thing. (After all, we’re a business built on the excitement of trying something new every month!)

Still, when we relaunched our site earlier this month, we also recognized that change always comes with a learning curve. That’s why we’ve been reading through all of your comments (really, all of them!) for feedback on what we can do better. And now, we’re happy to tell you that we’ve already made some changes by adding a few new features that we think you’ll find super-helpful.

Here’s a rundown of what’s new and improved on our platform—thanks to you.

Writing and reading comments is easier

We moved the comment form on each post to the top so you don’t have to scroll to the bottom anymore to share your thoughts— hooray! Also, once you’re logged in, your info will be pre-populated so you don’t have to type it in each time. (Speaking of which, do you have an MSA profile yet? If not, you’re going to want to sign up for one here, because—spoiler alert!—there are many more goodies coming with all of our site updates. This is just the beginning.) Also, we changed the font on comments so they are easier to read. Hope that helps!

New comment input location on My Subscription Addiction

Time-traveling comments have departed

That was a great catch, folks; we had comments that were somehow appearing from the future. Technology is tricky, but thanks for helping us catch that. It’s fixed now.

Comments, comments, and more comments

There’s a Load More button for comments now. Before we cut off comments after a certain threshold to make sure the page was fast, but we hear you. The Load More button is after the most recent comments, click it to keep on scrolling through and see what friends are saying. All comments are there as long as they follow our Community Guidelines. TLDR: Let’s just have some fun and be nice.

“The Latest” posts are still here and even easier to find now

We love that you are here to read all about the newest spoilers, news, reviews and deals because our writers are busy making sure you’re up on the freshest intel when it comes to your favorite subscriptions. To make it even easier to get to The Latest, we added it to our Explore Bar, which lives just below our top-of-page content, as you can see below:

New option in the Explore bar to jump to the latest

Also, all posts now include the date they were published and appear in order of most-recently-written, just like they did on the old site.

Now find the date under all posts in the latest section.

“What’s Trending” is now optional 

The “What’s Trending” highlights top deals, spoilers, and stories based on the ones that get the most comments. We learned that it might be easier to shrink this section on mobile. Now it’s possible to do so by tapping on the arrow on mobile. Did we mention this feature is only on mobile? Yes, this is only on mobile.

The top sections are now collapsible on mobile to take up less space.

Learning more before deciding if we should review

You all were the inspiration behind our new “Should We Review It?” section, but since launching that feature, we’ve learned that it would be helpful for you to be given some more details on the brand before deciding “No Thanks” or “Yes Please.” You can now click on the brand image to learn more before you vote. Keep those votes coming!

More reviews are coming soon

We also hear that you miss reviews. We do, too! We had to make some tweaks to our day-to-day to work on the site, but we are bringing back more reviews soon so you can learn about the latest brands.

What else would be helpful? Let us know! We want your input.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Honestly, just go back to the original one! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! It wasn’t broke, why would yinz mess with it?!?! I used to honestly look at this site 4 or more times a day, now I’ve gone days without looking. Do what we REALLY want and bring back the original platform. Thanks


My comments are not showing up, if so it is taking over a day for the post to go through. I guess you all can not see all the critical reviews because they are blocking them. So sad and unprofessional


I think the MSA staff has put a lot of work in to this new site. And I hate to be a buzz kill on a team of people’s hard work…the site is really confusing now though. I’ve been reading pretty well daily for 5 years and I have watched this site grow and change and move forward with new people while the old ones fade out and it’s not been so bad. The reviewers are still doing a great job and I don’t scour the web for spoilers so I just look here so if MSA isn’t the first to get a spoiler out, I honestly don’t mind. I am still finding what I want on here. Barely. I like simple. It’s my lifestyle and I’m not going to lie…I miss the old simplicity MSA had.


Good gosh, I thought you were reading these comments? The website is a MESS! Readers want reviews and spoilers. I had to scroll all the way to the bottom to see any relevant posts. Please listen– we want posts ordered by time and please stop with every other section of your website. I’ve been a daily reader for YEARS until the last couple of weeks. With the revamp, I’ve stopped checking this site for subscription news. I don’t know what you guys are thinking.


They meant that the box for us to comment is at the top of the comment list not the bottom, which is a VERY good change. Just give it some time and hope it all resolves.

Ashley C

Sadly, I agree. I’m not normally very critical, but the new site is not very easy to navigate at all. I think I give up on MSA. I’ll check back in the future to see if they change it again.


Amen – I hate the new format & the spoilers aren’t the easiest to find. This used to be the best site for up-to-date info on spoilers — not any more.


I absolutely love this site! I found several subscription boxes I never otherwise would have known about. Thank you for that!

There are 3 issues (for lack of a better word) that I feel are important to be resolved. Both are regarding the swap section:
1) When we are negotiating swaps with one another, it’s pretty common to carry on a conversation. However, there is no notification on the swap page to alert each other when we post comments/questions/answers/etc! We are completely unware unless we open the swap and scroll down to check for it. This is a HUGE frustration for several reasons. One example is that I’ve missed out on several swaps because I didn’t know other swappers replied in the conversation section with questions before they selected the items they wanted to swap for. By chance I opened the swap days later, saw the questions, but the items I requested were already promised in other swaps. Please make some kind of change. Possibly add a red exclamation mark to the swap to indicate a new chat post in the conversation. Super easy fix!

2) Many of the beauty items have expiration dates. And yes, you have a section that asks swappers to post the exp date. However not everyone does. I have had 3 swaps where I was sent expired products. The expiration dates can be very hard to locate, and sometimes hard to decipher. I gave the swappers the benefit of the doubt. But still in total, I took a $62 retail value hit. While the products I sent were new, and either had no expiration date, or it was listed 2 years out. A simple fix would be to include the month and year items are posted.

3) Is there any way you could send reminders to swappers to provide feedback for completed swaps? I’m fairly new, and have completed 25 swaps and have 2 more in progress. All 25 were positive, but only 15 left feedback. As a newer member to MSA, I want to get my feedback posted so that I come up higher in searches, and so swappers feel more comfortable swapping with me.

I want to emphasize I LOVE this site! I have told many friends about it, all of whom have registered and started swapping 😊🤩💜💛💜🤩😊 I would just really appreciate if your would address the 3 topics I explained above.

Thank you so much!


Tammy R.

Thanks for listening! I’m glad to see that what was griping me is no longer an issue, lol (posts not showing up from most recent, difficulty finding the latest posts, etc.).


I liked the old format better.


Well kudos to them for listening to the complaints and trying to address them, but I just find the site confusing. When I come to the site now I just see a jumble of stuff I have to navigate and click through to get to what I want – reviews and spoilers. That’s it! REVIEWS and SPOILERS please! As others have said, that’s why I come here. There’s so much extraneous stuff on the website now that the whole experience just feels like a hard sell. I like a lot of the reviewers, this isn’t personal. Of course we all miss Liz but the current reviewers are also very likable and many of them I really like a lot. But I’m heading to “that other site” far more often now, sadly.


I totally agree with everything you said. I’ve only been using this site for a year but its too confusing now. I used to check this site on the daily but now Im trying to look for spoilers and not finding what I’m looking for at all. It used to be so much simpler.


It looks sleek, it does. But it’s very hard to navigate and like another commentor, I only want reviews, spoilers, and choice. And they’re hard to find. I don’t hardly ever see any of the 3 anymore. And spoilers I do find are very late. But I hope they do continue to improve because even with me not liking the change, I still find myself here nonetheless.

Amy G

I saw this headline and thought “they’re going to admit they’re moderating comments to keep out spoilers that are all over the Internet, apologize, and stop it.”

But no, you’re continuing to deny doing it. I don’t know what is up with MSA & FFF but when entire spoilers for a category are up on the FFF website, and other subscription websites, but MSA is only posting partial spoilers, MSA’s continued refusal to post comments and then refusing to admit it is frustrating.


Every time you make a comment, a flag pops up that says it will be posted pending moderation, so I’m not sure how they are denying the fact that comments are being approved before being posted. Also, not everyone wants spoilers. They are probably trying to protect those people from inadvertently reading a comment that contains spoilers they don’t want to see.

Amy G

Melissa, I can understand that on some posts, but when a post says it contains spoilers for customization 3, for example, and the spoilers are all up on the FFF site, IG, and other review sites, it doesn’t make any sense why MSA wouldn’t allow comments that include spoilers. Presumably anyone reading the post and comments is actually looking for spoilers. This is something that suddenly started happening all week with FFF, and which they haven’t addressed.


Could you please adjust the comment template to show responses in the order that they’ve been posted? Replies are currently displayed in an asynchronous fashion.


So I realized msa is a big part of my sub addiction…I noticed the things I liked were not being posted or posted too late. I was progressively giving up…now this new site has me lost. All I want to see is Ipsy Birchbox fabfitfun and a few other boxes…their spoilers reviews and choice dates. I cannot find any of these on this new site. I just don’t get it…please come back to me msa…

Autumn P

I’m with ya there about not being able to easily guide through the new setup! I appreciate them taking the initiative and time to “update” the site…And I understand why they would…However, it’s not user-friendly anymore, imho. I know sometimes it’s an adjustment to go w/the new changes & all, but NO. I’m not feeling this layout at all. And it’s not easy/easier to go to exactly where I want to go. I kept coming to this site over others due to the user-friendliness(?) of MSA. But I’ll give it a couple more weeks (maybe) & either I learn or they do something about it. Yikes!


Even before this change we weren’t getting spoilers on time and many boxes weren’t being reviewed anymore. Since last week I’ve been going to the other sub site and realized what we had been missing. Many of us are commenting over there and there are so many great sub spoilers and boxes being mentioned, I’m remembering why I loved sub boxes in the first place. You should check it out if you’re interested. This site is just going in a different direction now I guess.


I’m still waiting for reviews to actually be reviews! The kids’ review section is littered with coupons, but only has maybe 5 reviews? What is that? Have a promo section if you must but get it out of the reviews. It’s literally just an ad! And there are nearly 15 of them on any given page!

Also, please use the contents of the box and not pictures of your staff and families for article thumbnails. I can’t tell which beauty box you want me to subscribe to if the makeup is already applied to a writer’s face. Just use the box so I can see the branding and the contents very quickly. When I’m interested and click the post, THEN show me how the writer applied the makeup or the kids mixed the cake batter in their cooking box. The photos of staff with article titles in tiny font below make it hard to figure out what I’m seeing or why I should want it. I like that it’s included! But it shouldn’t be the main photo.

As others have stated, more reviews — written review, not video reviews or unboxings — would go a long way in helping me to trust the newer writers and give MSA another chance. Because while I’m commenting here, I’m using links from other sites that haven’t done a complete 180 on content and design.


I’ve been following this site since 2014, I wish it would go back to just Liz posting reviews, I even liked the old site, it was much more user friendly, while this one is pretty and up to date with current design trends, you’ve lost focus.

Cheryl Zaccone

Same, I was with this site since the beginning when Liz started it. It was part of my daily web browsing. This new format is awful, and I’m kinda glad because I don’t need to be addicted to anything right now;)


Same!! I discovered the site randomly in 2013/2014 and loved reading all the reviews and spoilers. I logged on today for the first time in weeks and was shocked at the new format. It just looks like ads to me? I couldn’t find spoilers. Probably won’t be coming back to the site or swap site at all.


She’s is gone…sold her baby. I am trying to make peace with the new msa but I am just not satisfied with what I’m seeing…

Molly Irene

This is definitely an improvement, and re-adding the number of comments to the main page would also help get it back to being as functional as it was a week ago.

Even so, the content isn’t there, so I’ll be checking on a different site until the content here is better than it is there. Currently both content and functionality are worse.


I actually like the new site and recognize that it will take a bit of a learning curve. Thank you for the update and the tweaks.
A bug I found was that when I search for an item such as “Margot Elena”on my Android phone. The item shows up in the search but I can’t actually click on it to then go to that reviews or anything. Which is a bummer, I often look at past box reviews before I decide to purchase a subscription.

Autumn P

Yes, I agree about the appreciation for “updating” the site. That takes time, patience, and all that, BUT while I agree also their is an adjustment – to a newly layed-out site…but a learning curve is a bit much. And tht’s exactly how I feel. It’s not so much getting use to something so different, I am finding (for me anyway,) that it doesn’t seem to be as user-friendly at all…unfortunately.


Learn to pronounce
the avoidance of excess or extremes, especially in one’s behavior or political opinions.

Maybe find a better word for the need for Big Brother to watch over comments.


Please explain “Comments should appear pending moderation” What exactly do you feel you need to modify?


One word: SPAM!
Every website has to contend with spam. That’s reason #1 for the moderation.

But in addition to spam, yes, comments are being okayed or deleted based on their content. I’ve posted things that have been deleted, and it sucks to write something out and have it disappear into a void, but it’s their site and they don’t have to let me or anyone else post anything at all. It’s in their comment policy, too.


Hahaha. I thought the SAME thing.

But hey, at least they aren’t pretending they aren’t censoring/cutting comments anymore


I’m not missing her point at all. I literally don’t understand how someone can post an incorrect definition and expect to be taken seriously.

As far as the moderation on this site, they have been moderating it for a long time, as you said in your other comment. They actually weren’t “pretending” that they weren’t. The information that they could choose to censor comments was posted. Also, the majority of places that allow public comment do some degree of moderation. I don’t know why this is a surprise to anyone.


“Modify” and “moderate” are two different words. Also, you are using the wrong definition of “moderation.” How can you have never heard the term “moderation” in terms of a forum or public platform?


I think you are missing her point. What are they moderating? Why? This is an unnecessary step and it appears to have been done to control the narrative in the comments. Set up the rules for comments so certain words and phrases are flagged and don’t post, then let the rest of us say what we say because very few of us here are violating terms of service.

It seems like all the trust is gone. We don’t trust MSA and they obviously don’t trust us. How do we go from here so that we can get the services we want from MSA (reviews, prompt spoilers, and comments) and they can get us using the site and clicking their links again? The trust is definitely eroded and I’m not 100% sure how to get it back.


All of my comments have been deleted in the past week. I am unsubscribing from MSA. It should save me money. I find that the site is not as fun and entertaining as it was. Greed got the best of MSA.

Cheryl Zaccone

same, I unsubscribed already. I was googling what was in the Macy’s Aug box, and found another site, but came here as well. What I miss is all you posters with your comments that are the BEST!


I have an old update that i have not been able to clear. I click, it blinks off. I click “remove notifications” and nothing happens.


Maybe, stop erasing comments. And yes, you absolutely erased my comment about the NFL box.


Did they “erase” it (it actually won’t post until it has been approved, so it isn’t technically “erased,” just never got posted), or did it just not show up right away?


I’m having comments post, but then disappear the next day or two. And not like, disappear because my comments got pushed to the bottom/cut off. Like my reply to someone was there and now it’s gone. Not sure if anyone else is having that.

And I think it might be a glitch because I’m not even saying anything negative. My words could literally be ”I agree” and the post disappears off the page. *shrug*


Can you just do reviews and spoilers. Most of what you post has nothing to do with sub boxes anymore. Might be time to change the name of the site as well.


Please do NOT redesign swap site to this new format! I love MSA swaps!
One very welcome feature would be having ability to search your own listings to edit/delete a specific item instead of scrolling through 100+ “skincare” (or was it under “face”?) items to delete what’s no longer available. When sorting a specific item listing by swapper (most experienced, highly rated, etc) the option “closest to you” doesn’t work & you can’t quickly jump to your own listing to see if yours is a sample or full size or bundle of 2 & what the value is and it’s a hassle to scroll through 84 listings looking for yours (did I list it already or got distracted? Do I still have it?). It would be very helpful if I could easily edit/delete my own listing by clicking on it in the “view listings” for that item once I scroll to it.
It would be great to have a designated space for value & whoever is the first person creating a listing, please state both the exact value & size (“sample” can be 0.1oz or 1.0oz & “full” can be ranging from 1 to 10 oz). Otherwise values & sizes are either missing or all over the place. MSA is doing a great job accurately assessing sample values so I always read your reviews to decide if something is worth the price.
Another suggestion – have a required entry for “month & year received” instead of “expiration date”. Otherwise there is no telling if an item is from this month Ipsy or from a year ago Boxy but listed under FFF add-on because somebody didn’t want to bother to create a new listing under the appropriate box or double listed same item in 2 places.


Also, it’s been lost on MSA how much having the swaps going affect the purchase of new boxes from the MSA website. When swaps were going great I impulse bought more knowing that if there were things I can use I couldn’t use I could swap them. If you want this platform to work it needs to have value to the people who come to it. When the swaps were going full swing I was checking out reviews and offers a few times a day. I would have 8-10 boxes at any one time and sometimes more than one of the same for varrations. Now I have 2-3 and am winding down on those.


Jane is correct these would all be helpful features. Also doing something to get new blood coming to the swap site. It was fun when there were new people with different wants. I think the remaining swappers are a bit swapped out. I see so much in the way of old cosmetic items and not a lot of posting new box items.


I believe they don’t want a million different listings I think back in the day you were asked not to create new which is why people say what box it came in. It was crazy how many different listings there were for the same product so they consolidated a lot of them.


While you’ll never make everyone happy, I really appreciate the effort that was quickly made to address reader-requested tweaks. It’ll take a bit for those of us who made MSA a daily stop to get used to the new site, but change is good!


Here’s my beef…if I click on the “Load More’ button in the “Latest” category and then click on any of the stories, when I go back to the “Latest” category, I have to start over at the top again and I lose my place. I hate that so much and it keeps me from looking at more than the current page.

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.