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Introducing the New My Subscription Addiction: Everything You Need to Know About Our New Look

ByMSAJul 13, 2021 | 272 comments

Welcome to the new My Subscription Addiction.

We’ve redesigned with you in mind. Our new layout was thoughtfully created based on feedback from community members who generously provided their assessment of the website. We couldn’t have done it without you, so thank you for your time and effort in making MSA a must-visit destination for our loyal audience and for new readers.

At MSA, we believe in better living through subscriptions. It’s our hope that our new look will help you discover more brands, products and experiences to improve your everyday life. To celebrate, we’re launching weekly giveaways from some of your favorite brands like Atlas Coffee Club, Bespoke Post, Beachly, Ipsy, Home Chef, Function of Beauty and See New Skincare. Sign up here to learn more about how to win.

While things may look a little different, our dedication to serving as your trusted partner in discovering new brands, scoring deals and keeping up with the latest news remains the same.

Here’s what you’ll find on our new homepage:

You’ll find our navigation menu at the top left of our homepage. Click on the three lines next to our logo and a menu will appear to help you find reviews, spoilers, coupons, swaps and more.

We got organized. Use The Latest section to keep up with everything happening with your favorite brands, products, boxes and more. In the What’s Trending section, you’ll find content clearly categorized. It’s easier than ever to find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it be deals, stories or spoilers.

You play a part in what we review. We love learning about new products from our readers, that’s why our Should We Review It? section lets you vote on what brands we should cover at MSA.

We’re as obsessed as you are. Everyone’s got a favorite product they discovered in a subscription box. We’re surfacing your top picks in our What We Can’t Stop Thinking About section, so you can learn more about fellow readers’ most loved — and wanted — picks.

Tell us what you’re most excited about. Have a brand that you love? Use our Submit a Brand form to put it on our radar.

Ask the experts. The MSA team is dedicated to providing transparent, accurate reviews and now, you can ask them specific questions. Ask The Author is a new way to interact with our writers and reviewers and ask questions.

Join the conversation. Our Community Question section lets you chime in on what’s happening on MSA.

Get to know us a little better. Want to know who is behind the reviews? Our About Us section is a great way to be better acquainted with the team here.

What do you think? Let us know what you think about MSA’s new look in the comments below.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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It looks like the front page has been down for several hours at least now? I’m hoping that means some more major renovations in response to reader comments, and it’s not just really unstable now.


I’m so disappointed with the changes. I’ve been poking in on the site intermittently this week in hopes that there will be content that convinces me to stay, but if anything, I’ve been persuaded to go. Other subscription review websites are already posting spoilers for the 2nd selection item in the Fall FFF box. Other subscription websites are featuring full reviews of products they actually tried (not affiliate blurbs) and including boxes I have never seen on MSA. At this point, the only thing MSA has going for it is the reader base who comment frequently and actively – and I’m just hoping we all wind up on the same other site, that is still chronological and user-friendly with no added fluff. This will be my last comment on MSA, it’s been a lovely 9 years but I don’t recognize the site you’ve become. I’ll miss the content and writers you used to have.

Mary L.

I like the idea behind the “Should We Review It?” section but am confused as to the criteria of what gets included there. I just saw Gopuff pop up, and that’s not a subscription service. That’s a delivery service like DoorDash but for convenience products.

I also wish there was some way to click on the box and see what it’s all about. It’s hard to tell from the photos what some boxes are offering.


I don’t know if it was one particular post or all comments, but when I hit double enter to start a new paragraph in the body of the comment, anything except the first paragraph was cut off.

Let’s see if this posts.


Yeah, I can’t read my “let’s see if this posts” at the bottom of this comment.


It showed up in the email for subscribe by email, so it must be something about the site formatting.


The Notifications tab still does not work. Looks like the auto-fill with name and email got fixed. ‘

Search doesn’t work either. C’mon guys, this is stupid. Makes the whole site less than useful because I only want to check on a few things.

I use a PC and Chrome browser.

Subscription Snob

Oh no! Well there we go on the censoring again. Let us speak freely! Geesh!

Subscription Snob

I like the new look, surprisingly. I guess I’m over Liz being gone. I’m over the format changing. I’m over the old reviewers being gone. But there’s just one thing I’ll never get over…and that is comment censoring. I’m telling you MSA… you’ll catch more flies with honey! Why would y’all even waste your time with that when you’re going to let half of the negative comments through, anyway? It just makes it feel like we don’t matter. It makes people mad. And it turns people away. Y’all need to let us speak. It’s so important as a function of this community.
You say you have our feedback in mind… well then you know that what we want is: no censoring, a chronological feed of all posts, more written reviews and timely spoilers.
I know you have a job to do, money to make, but if you just gave us those things and reviewers that are down to earth yet hip enough to “look to“ for trendworthy advice. I would love someone fashionable and fabulous! Especially those with niche attraction like one that’s a fashion nut, one that’sa cat lady, one that’s into natural wellness, one that’s quirky, one that’s outdoorsy, etc… I think the characters were so important to this site and its story. If we could get those things I think we could look past some of the click bait, sales crap. Just my opinion. Thanks


Why is Megan your “beauty expert”? Lol you’re kidding right?!

Subscription Snob

Okay well you said it… Megan seems wonderful and all but she doesn’t seem very fashion forward or beauty obsessed. I think what we all loved about Liz is not something you find everyday with everyone. She was cool, classy, fashionable yet down to earth enough. She was on one hand relatable but on another hand someone to aspire to. Someone with serious class. A little snobby and definitely was not putting her name on bad reviews, bad products. Bad boxes. It felt like she would call them out when needed.
Remember when bad boxes were the villian? Not MSA? When we used to laugh our butts off at Slutbox and Cosmo box. How did Cosmo fail that miserably? I will never understand. Lol. I wish I could write reviews for you, MSA. But I know y’all won’t let me. Lol
We need you to say that Curateur‘s customer service is garbage, that Causebox is a scam and that Shoedazzle’s heels are too high. We need you to point out that this Allure gift is the best one in a while, for real. And someone who would model the latest Ruana with their other fashionable looks. Making it look fab! Making us ask where did you get that bag, though? Or I love your new hair style. We need another Liz. And the other “supporting characters” were nice. I loved the blond lady that did the bijoux box reviews. Can’t believe I forgot her name! 😖 I love Nicole. She has such a unique style. And Reagan. These are true
I think that this community likes a little drama. A little controversy. And MSA is just the bad guy right now. MSA we need you back. Heart and soul! Do what you’ve gotta do but give us some people we can love. Some people who will stick up for us and tell the truth. Some exciting people. I just discovered Naomi today and she seems like a keeper, at least for video. But you know we all love this site because it’s print or we would be on YouTube watching those unboxings with the overly excited about every single item wanna-bes! Thank for listening to my gripes😫


Megan went to school to become a licensed esthetician. I don’t know that there’s any more “beauty expert” than that. She’s fabulous.


I hate the new format of the site, and am also bummed about the writers. But I’m going to stick up for Megan on this one. While she might not have the scientific knowledge Ragan brought to the table, Megan has reviewed a number of my favorite clean beauty boxes in an honest way and has helped me make good decisions about which boxes I like. While I don’t use conventional beauty products, Megan’s review on those might end up being useful to others a well.

Still hate this site and it literally took my 5 minutes to find this article again to post.


Can you not see older comments anymore? I know there’s more than what is showing but I don’t see how to read them.


The ‘older comments’ tab appears to be missing.


Where did the reviews go?

Beth H

Noticing the small changes here & there. Can you add likes back to the posts as well?


What this website needs is Liz back. She always did a good job with this website. Whomever owns it should do whatever it takes to get her back.


Liz had to sell this site ages ago.


I hate this new layout. The website is no longer user friendly. Anyone else feel this way?



I complained via comments, email Facebook. One thing I mentioned got fixed. It was a little thing. The other two not working makes navigating the site difficult.


I agree. I took it off of my favorites list and visit another subscription box site mostly now.


Absolutely. It’s repetitive, cumbersome, and lacks the simple, easy to retrieve information that we came to this site for in the first place. I’m also mourning my favorite box reviews and reviewers.


I have given it a try but do not like the new site. Too busy and hard to find what I am really looking for. I just want to see reviews, member comments and new and limited boxes. This seems to have become more profit oriented and less of a member community.


I have commented 4 times, on this post. Every one of them has been removed. Why? I’ve seen this happen, on a more rare occasion, with the old site but this is ridiculous. Seems like you guys want to control your own narrative and not how people are really feeling about the new site. Super disappointing and bet this comment won’t post or won’t be up for long either.


Not that anyone cares but I think I’m done here. The overall design is pretty but this is all a hot mess. There is so much going on. So many articles that I have 0 interest in. This is a spoiler and review site but you barely have any. Just a ton of fluff. I don’t need fluff. I want quality reviews and spoilers. I don’t care about any of the other stuff. It’s been a fun few years but I’m out.


Same here. I don’t like how busy the site is now. I am moving on. Plus, my comments are not being shown. Censoring at its best.


Waited to write my thoughts. New layout has really grown on me! I do find myself scrolling immediately to the bottom of the homepage, but I LOVE the left posts where it shows how many others are “currently viewing.”

Wish I could still see how many comments are on a post in case more comments have been made on a post I care about, but that’s not a deal breaker


I had a dream last night that they fixed the website to address our complaints. Lo and behold, this morning I see DATES on the posts!! Hallelujah! I still have way too many “spam” coupons in the reviews section and not nearly enough reviews (specifically looking at the kids boxes) but this is progress! Not gonna lie, I’m still over at the other site commenting up a storm. My loyalty to MSA is shook. I hope they continue to clean up the site with our feedback. If they actually review some non-mainstream boxes with a bit of consistency and the new writers show just a little less of themselves and a little more of the products in the photos, I might still be willing to use MSA’s affiliate links.


I am trying to comment on another site also. Although I love Megafood vitamins – that coupon is not why I spend my time visiting this site. In addition, I have been sorta grumpy since the site and the new owner scrubbed all info about their relationship. BTW – from what I remember, the new owner was a company that helped brand expand and plan their online marketing. Hmm . . .


Which site are a lot of you going to – the redd site or ? Would love to follow 🙂


Thank you Lauren! I was wondering if that was it. SEE YOU THERE!


HELLO! It won’t let me post the site but there’s only one that i know of.

I love SUBSCRIPTION boxes so much though. I hope I get to chat with others about them.


Please create an option to see the post chronologically, that’s how most of us use this site. If we have to dig through all of this promotional content to get to the tidbits of valuable information we’re looking for we’re just going to move on to more user-friendly sub box sites who are already doing a better job at timeliness and accuracy of their posts.


I notice Haley and Ragan are not listed as reviewers anymore. Very disappointed!


As a fellow cat lover, I will miss seeing Ragan with her kitty kids. I would love to know why she and Haley are no longer with MSA.


Also disappointed. Always enjoyed their reviews.


Hey were the best two.


FWIW, I thought I’d mention the following updates that I’ve seen:
1. There is now a “The Latest” tab in the navigation bar at the top of the page to take you right down to the new post section.
2. My name/email addy automatically populate (when I’m logged in) so I don’t have to enter that every time I want to drop a comment.
3. The comment box is at the top of the page now.
4. Comments seem to be consistently “X hours/days ago” although still not in chrono order.

I’m still struggling with quite a few aspects of the new design and the changes in general, but since I’m one to try to give credit where credit is due, I do at least appreciate that some of the concerns mentioned in the comments are being addressed.


Just stop.


I appreciated her update – would also like to see spoilers/reviews in chronological order, last I checked they weren’t.


I know this comment won’t make it past the screeners but –

Take a look at the ‘about us’ section and the ‘submit a brand’ page – you will find out all you need to know. This site is now just a money maker for some corporate entity that apparently also involves The WaPo, Forbes and the NYT. Which is fine – I’m all for capitalism. Just don’t try to hide it. If you’re so proud of the brand, it should have been made known that the original MSA was bought out and by whom. You now have a staff of about 40 people working on the site in some capacity. Their salaries have to come from somewhere. Hence the super, mega dosed clickbait site that is currently MSA. This goes in conjunction with the ‘submit a brand’ page…Where MSA gets a commission from subs that are a result from this page. Again, that’s fine. Just don’t be surprised when you have no readers left because everything is just clickbait….


MSA was bought out a long time ago, and it was a for profit entity even when Liz was running it, so this isn’t entirely new.


I’m done with this site.


The RSS feed isn’t working anymore. I like getting a notification as soon as a post goes up (but not through my browser!).

Charlotte G.

Count me as another person who doesn’t like the new layout. It’s so difficult to find what I’m looking for (most recent posts in chronological order), that I just click away from the site.

To me, MSA’s big advantages over certain other sites was the community of commenters and the personality of the reviews. I feel like these changes do a disservice to both.

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.