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NewBeauty TestTube Subscription Review – May 2021

Megan K.
ByMegan K.Jul 1, 2021 | 43 comments

NewBeauty TestTube
3.6 overall rating
115 Ratings | 24 Reviews

NewBeauty TestTube is a bi-monthly beauty and makeup subscription box. Every other month they send you a tube full of deluxe and full-size beauty samples and you also get a digital subscription to NewBeauty Magazine. It’s a little pricier than other beauty subscriptions, but in general, the value is usually great.

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

About this Beauty Subscription Box

The Subscription Box: NewBeauty TestTube

The Cost: $29.95 a box plus $8.95 shipping (ships every other month)

The Products: Deluxe and full-size beauty products. (This subscription also includes a subscription to NewBeauty Magazine).

Ships to: The continental U.S. only

Our May 2021 Review


Usually, this subscription arrives with a very informative booklet, but it looks like they have gone digital.

Now, on to the items!


GLO Skin Beauty Anti-Stress CBD Drops, 1 fl oz – Retail Value $125.00

Honestly, after the month I have had I am prepared to bathe myself in CBD. Stressful weird life stuff aside, I tend to really enjoy CBD skincare because I find that it helps my redness and calms my skin very effectively. The ingredient list is targeted for soothing (aloe), softening (squalane), and skin clearing (salicylic acid), which is a great combination for someone who is always flushed but also sleeps with her hands under her chin causing jawline zits. The texture here is thicker and milky, but it absorbs a lot easier than I would have thought from the density. For that reason, this was a great choice for daytime use before my sunscreen.


U Beauty The SUPER Hydrator, 10 mL – Estimated Value $33.60 (buy a full size 50 mL for $168.00)

This serum had a similar white look to the first item this month, but was much, much heavier. I tried it out in the AM and decided this was a PM sort of deal for me. I also think this is geared towards drier skin, so if you are oily, maybe try a drop or two in your normal moisturizer to cut it down a little. Though I would never pay the full retail for this product (or, most any skincare item at this price) I was impressed by the ingredient list. Here are some standouts: shea, panthenol, multiple sizes of hyaluronic acid, mandelic acid, and loads more. I liked this serum a lot and would be thrilled to get it again someday in a box or tube.


Dose & Co. Unflavored Collagen Peptides,  10 oz – Full Size! Retail Value $24.99

I know loads of readers might have some initial opinions of this stuff because Khloe Kardashian is their spokesperson, but I have actually been wanting to try it for a while. Collagen is one of those things that is great for you because it helps boost the health of your skin, hair, and nails. But sometimes, depending on the brand of collagen, it can create really disgusting lumpy clumps in your drink, especially if it is cold. This collagen was so fine that I had no issues with clumping when I used one of my many blender bottles to mix it. Because it is unflavored and has no real taste at all, you can mix it with anything. My go-to’s for this stuff are both from a brand called Alani Nu. I love their Cereal Milk Protein and their Key Lime Pre Workout. I have been using this for about three weeks and I absolutely think my nails feel stronger and I feel like my joints hurt less after an extreme gym session. Again, this could totally be in my head, but for $25 I will keep trying it long term.


Hello Lavender + Eucalyptus Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Spray, 2 fl oz – Retail Value $3.99

This stuff smells exactly like my favorite gin + lavender cocktail which made me like it immediately. Sure, it feels a little like an afterthought in this tube, but I can always use more hand sanitizer and this one is gentle on my hands. Cheers!


Davids Premium Natural Toothpaste in Herbal Citrus Peppermint, 5.25 oz – Retail Value $9.95

I always feel a little left out of the fun natural toothpaste trend because my enamel is crappy and I need fluoride in my toothpaste to protect what I have left. If I was able to fully partake of this stuff I would tell you that I loved the slightly weird citrus and peppermint taste and I thought the metal tube and tuning key was really cool. I ended up using this only once then passing it on to a friend with brilliantly perfect teeth, but if you are on the lookout for a natural toothpaste with a quirky but delightful flavor, this would be a great one to try.


Floss Lip Advocate in ‘Proof’ – Retail Value $18.00

As someone who really doesn’t wear a ton of makeup anymore, I always appreciate balmy lip products like this that I can wear with a bare face and not feel like I look too weird. This shade is a sheer pinkish berry and I think it is super flattering. Like most sheer balms, it is buildable, so you can customize the depth of the color. It is easy to apply with or without a mirror and the texture is soft and smooth, leaving your lips moisturized and cute.

Here is an arm swatch.

And here it is on my face!


Daily Concepts Daily Exfoliating Dual Texture Scrubber – Retail Value $5.00

My last item was a little body scrubber. This is, in my opinion, absolutely not for the face, so keep it to your arms, thighs, knees, etc. It features two different scrubbing textures and a little loop to slip over your hand.

Verdict:  This NewBeauty TestTube didn’t look all that exciting when I first opened it, but I ended up really enjoying it and appreciating the value. I haven’t really loved GLO Beauty products in the past, but I like these CBD drops a lot. And though the U Beauty sample was on the smaller end, a little goes a long way and they make my face feel great. I was most excited for the Dose & Co collagen and I can see myself buying that regularly since it is so effortless to mix with the other random assortment of powders I already consume daily. The Floss balm is a great color and texture, and even if hand sanitizer isn’t exciting, it is still useful. The scrubber will be used daily until it wears out and the toothpaste was a treat for a friend. Overall, the value here lands around $220.53 which is pretty darn good for the cost of this Tube.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, your first box will be July.

Value Breakdown: At $38.90 for this box, here is what you are paying approximately per item:

  • CBD Drops $22.05
  • Super Hydrator $5.93
  • Collagen Powder $4.41
  • Hand Sanitizer $0.70
  • Toothpaste $1.76
  • Balm $3.18
  • Scrubber $0.88

Alternatively, each of the 7 items in this box has an average cost of $5.56

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What do you think of this NewBeauty TestTube?

New Beauty Test Tube is a beauty and makeup subscription service. Every two months they send you deluxe and full size skincare, haircare, and makeup products.
Megan K.
Megan K.
I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.

Megan K.
Megan K.
I love natural/vegan beauty products, Korean skincare, unique jewelry, and weird candies from far away places. When I am not waiting for my next exciting box you can find me painting or taking photographs of interesting people. I never leave home without pug hair somewhere on my shirt and a bold lipstick on my smile.
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Thank you test tube.I had wonderful service this month in July ! l have received my tube earlier than.I have been.! And the past two tubes have been so great! Keep up the fine work you do and make me happy with more wonderful tubes !


What is with all of the collagen lately? As a vegetarian I don’t use it and I’m tired of it taking up so much real estate in my beauty subscriptions.



Thank you for bringing this to our attention, your feedback helps us do better!


The new test tube spoilers are out!


What is going on with this site? I already have my July tube and they’re just now posting a review of the previous one? I was away from home but checked the site every day for a post about spoilers for July. Alas, it never came.


Holy Twenty-Star Tube!!!!! A Tatcha lipstick in Kyoto Red AND a tube of Babe Lash!?!?!?!?!?! Honestly, I am so excited about those I don’t remember what else was in there, because it really doesn’t even matter. I’m sure it’s all fabulous, though.

TestTube Customer Service

Thank you for your feedback! We’re happy that your happy!


Hi Karol,

Thank you so much for your positive feedback! We’re happy that you’re happy ☺️


My tube just came yesterday. My last two were so bad I intended to cancel the sub, but I’m a procrastinator and I’m so glad because this tube is AWESOME. while I don’t usually wear red lipstick, if I’m going to own one, this Tatcha one is THE BOMB. It is so luxe, matte but not drying, just an overall gorgeous product. I’ve already been using Virtue shampoo and conditioner so I’m psyched about the mask, Babe Lash!, a nice big hair towel that I haven’t quite figured out yet (but it’s nice), a hair protectant, even the Herbo perfume oil is nice IMO. So glad I forgot to cancel; the FOMO would have been real! I hope you guys like your tubes as much as I do mine! 🙂


I received my July TestTube today and it is a great box. It is definitely the best TestTube I have received since I signed up in September 2020. The value is amazing and I will get use out of every product. The Tatcha lipstick is Bright and not a color i will use everyday however If I buy another bullet lipstick i will only go with Tatcha. It is that amazing. IM very impressed with this box. The Babe lash in the mini size is my only complaint, A full size would be nice since it takes months to see any results from a lash serum. Overall i give July TestTube box a 5/5.

Thank you TestTube!!!


You can find them on the TestTube site, r e d d i t and another sub box site.


I wish fluoride toothpaste came in interesting flavors 🙁


I gave up fluoride when I learned that it’s very difficult to detox it out of your body. Also that fluoride in your toothpaste Is a neurotoxin. It all started when I noticed my tube had a warning label: Do not swallow (and I know it’s toxic for my dogs).

Megan K.

right? I will never not want that jasmine mint flavor i tried once but couldnt stick with because it lacked.

Beth in Oklahoma

I had no idea that gin + lavender cocktail was a thing! I’m intrigued. Off to google . . .


Did you get a drink mix in your tube? I didn’t get one.

Megan K.

Mine is equal parts of St. Germain, Gin, and lavender simple syrup. Top off with soda! ENJOY! <3


This is the May/June box and today is July 2. That said, especially for an anniversary box I am very disappointed. Two toothpastes in a row too.

Megan K.

Hey Susan. I’ve had two family deaths and said goodbye to my dog in the last two months. Understandably this has caused a little backlog in my reviews. Rest assured that I am catching up as fast as I can. I appreciate your understanding.



We’re so sorry for your losses.


I am truly sorry for your losses. Sending you intentions of peace and healing.


It has been an awful month! I’d like to roll my entire body in a vat of CBD.


Sorry for your losses.

Beth in Oklahoma

That would rock anyone’s world. Sorry for your losses.


Hi Friends, are all of you able to sign into your accounts? I’ve literally tried everything. I’ve emailed them, chatted with them on their site, and finally even called them. I can’t even seem to get a new password, because it says that there isn’t an account with my email address. That can’t be possible, because I receive frequent correspondence from them to that address. Any suggestions you folks could offer would be really appreciated. I’m honestly at a loss as what to do at this point. Thanks so much. 💜


Nothing you can do about it. I had the same issue for months. Their answer is always the same: we are working on the problem. I gave up. On the bright side- this box looks much better comparing to previous two.


I have experienced these site issues the entire time I’ve been subscribed and here is my suggestion -warning, I cannot be sure this will work and/or not further screw things up!

Create a new account. That’s what I did a few months ago. I believe but don’t know for sure that the most recent problems are from them switching to Shopify. After creating that “new” account I was able to login. I’m reasonably sure this isn’t Shopify’s fault.


I know I could ask this in many places but this tube prompted me:

What is so special about the brand Daily Concepts? I’ve received many of their products and they’re nice, but what makes them, I don’t know, high end? They’ve been filler in so many of my boxes…


Also, can anyone point me to spoilers for the next tube?


@Kat, thank you! I posted the info above, too 😀


Spoilers for the July tube are up on the Test Tube site. 🙂


Was looking at their site the other day and saw ppl can buy 6-8 of their previous curations and this was one of them. So if you’re interested, the section is linked on the box’s home page.


Thanks, I grabbed the January tube – that’s a steal for the Christophe Robin alone!


Megan, I thought the U beauty was the moisturizer? They sent the serum before,

Megan K.

Hey Jody! This was a different serum than last time. We received the Resurfacing Compound in March. I would personally classify this serum as a moisturizer, it just felt more, well, fluid I guess than a cream.

Monique E

No FOMO here, what a disappointment.


You didn’t miss anything. It was their worst box ever. Tried giving away everything in the tube to friends and they didn’t even want it. If it was a vegan collagen it would have been usable. And no fluoride in the toothpaste.


Hmmm, just realized mine didn’t have the scrubber in it. Thought it felt light but without the pamphlet I didn’t know why doh.


Did you check under the lid of the tube.


I did not lol. I’ll go home and check, thanks!


Greater review Megan I felt the same way initially about this one. Boring..but after I tried everything I really think it may be one of my favorite tubes. Do we know when the next TestTube will ship?

Megan K.

I don’t have any new info on the next Tube yet! Hopefully we hear something soon. 🙂

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.