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BeautyFix – Addressing CX Issues

ByMSAJul 16, 2021 | 29 comments

Dermstore Beauty Fix
4.2 overall rating
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Recently BeautyFix members reported being charged multiple times for their subscriptions. The issue occurred after BeautyFix had a site migration on July 7th. What happened was that the old site provider continued automated payments while the new site migrated.

But don’t be worried — The BeautyFix team is currently working on fixing all customers who were charged more than once. The senior leadership team is aware and the CS team is troubleshooting individual issues as well.

We will keep you updated as information becomes available.

Check out our BeautyFix reviews to find out more about the brand, and why it was voted one of the best subscription boxes for women in our Reader’s Choice Awards!

Dermstore offers professional-strength formulas from top skin care brands (otherwise only available at a dermatologist’s office), hard-to-find spa care and natural beauty brands, professional hair care and makeup products, and specialty brands from around the world.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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I was refunded AND they let me keep the extra box AND got a $25 gift certificate. I cancelled but will be signing back up as I really do enjoy the box. It’s the only box that is for just skin and hair (every once a while make up thing). Nothing out there like it. Thank you beauty fix


Same; the beginning seemed a little rocky but I liked how they handled it in the end. I think I’ll be signing up for an annual subscription now that that’s an option. I feel like that price is definitely worth it for 5 products a month even if just one is full size.


So who are the reputable and solid beauty boxes out there – in everyone’s opinion?


My refund is pending now. I did contact them the other day and they asked me to send proof of payment. I sent a screenshot from their own system showing the duplicate/wrong July box order, and they said they needed three days to investigate it. Glad to see they are correcting this now.

Ms. M

I hate hearing that Dermstore was bought out! They had some some really nice sales! Honestly, I never bought their beauty boxes, but I stocked up for the year on Oribe, Nest, and Skinceuticals during their sales. If their csv is flat-out cheating people, I’m out. This is too bad. I thought they were solid.


I’m so bummed too! Loved their sales. Wondering where I’m going to get my Skinceuticals stuff.
Skinstore has a sale now but they are also The Hut Group. I’m not buying from them ever again! Glossybox and Lookfantastic are also The Hut Group.
Interesting when I went to see my dermstore account and make sure beautyfix was cancelled I saw I had 2 items in my cart. I didn’t put them there! 2 more Beautyfix boxes! I also made sure there was no payment method on file.
Dumpster fire is too kind a description…


SkinCeuticals Vip skinsider program after a few orders is nice. Free UPS shipping


Blue Mercury is a good place to get Skinceuticals. I’m not sure of how much of a discount you got on them through Dermstore, but you can get it 20% off at least twice per year (plus any cashback offers & they have a rewards program too for $$ off a future purchase once you’ve accumulated enough points).


I got several emails from them today. One processing the cancellation to beautyfix, confirming the cancellation to beautyfix, informing me my order is out for delivery, and then processing the refund of the random charge for beautyfix- Child. Says it will process in up to 8 days. Never had one take so long, but dumpster fires take time to extinguish.


When I worked in customer support for a video game company, we’d have to tell people refunds would take up to 7 business days to process, because it depended on the bank the customer used.


I just looked at my bank account & have a pending refund for the $42.89 they charged me! It shows as being from “FDR RTN FIRST DATA”. I never even contacted them about it because I was waiting for the charge to post first but now I don’t have to. I’m sure you all will be getting your refunds soon too!


This isn’t a matter of being charged more than once. I was charged a completely random amount ($45.99) on July 14. I have had multiple conversations with Dermstore and they have yet to rectify and seem to be under a false impression that I may have actually placed another order. I suspect the issue is people were ALSO placing orders when this is happening and they are having trouble differentiating which is which. They have not refunded me nor given an update as to when I will receive a refund, so I contacted my credit card company to file a dispute, asked them to block futher charges from Dermstore, and cancelled my BeautyFIX subscription. If you go on their Facebook change, you will see dozens of people have had similar issues. I loved BeautyFIX, but I don’t have the time or patience for this, so I’m done.


Who bought them? This used to be a favorite of mine. Still no update of my missing $80…
this is not a subscription issue. this is a scam issue!!!


They were bought by The Hut Group in December IIRC


They charged me $41.74 for Beautyfix July box – Child, whatever that means.I already paid for and received my July box. So they charged me and I got an email saying it was shipped 9 hours later! Never has any order from Dermstore shipped so quickly! I tried to call them and I was on hold for 20 minutes then they hung up. I sent them email and they promised I would have answers in 48 hours. Still haven’t heard back.
It’s weird because it doesn’t show under regular orders on my account. it’s hidden and only shows up under completed subscriptions.
They triple charged me in February and it took hours to get straightened out. They told me I had to pay to return the extra boxes before I’d get a refund. I had to go full Karen on them insisting on a manager before it got fixed. But I let it slide that time after I got my money back. I sure feel stupid now!
I called my bank (over 2 hours on the phone!) to cancel the card and now I get to wait until the charge actually posts to dispute the charge. And I spent another hour today changing all my automatic payments associated with that card.
Take a look at their Facebook page. It’s happened to lots of us. Whoever monitors the page is sending dms to address complaints saying they are handling it, but nobody ever hears back.
Apparently Target sold dermstore to a UK based company called The Hut. They also own glossybox and look fantastic store and box.
It makes me sad! I loved beautyfix and dermstore! Obviously the feeling isn’t mutual 🙁


I loved the old Dermstore with their excellent customer service. Not sure if this level of disregard to their customers flies in the UK but I don’t see how any of us will remain their customers. I won’t for sure. I believe they owe us more than a refund at this point, so much time and aggravation and such complete disrespect and incompetence on their part.


So THAT’S what happened to BeautyFix. The Jabba the Hut Group swallowed them. Another one bites the dust. Thank you for explaining!


LMAO at “Jabba the Hut Group” 😉


Shame on you beautyfix. If people are saying they were charged for something they didn’t purchase and your customer service blows them off, that’s horrid and disgusting. I know they probably won’t read this but that is terrible


I completely agree with Melissa, this “apology” is rather hollow and doesn’t mention or even tries to acknowledge the real issue, and reads more like an ad.
2 days ago after days of back and forth with the customer service just telling me that someone will get back with me, I filed a dispute with my bank, today I received a response from Dermstore for my inquiry from 4 days ago – they are telling me they charged me $43.48 because “I placed the order”!!! Which I have been telling them for a week that I did NOT. And this is after their new leadership’s very weak attempt to acknowledge that they have messed up. They simply and bluntly refuse to be accountable, show no slightest regard to their customers and their actions, not a PR message, clearly demonstrate what this new Dermstore is all about.


Exactly! Also, these amounts are so random and everyone seems to be charged something different. Also, when I check my order status page there are no recent orders, so how could this possibly be an accidental duplicate charge? Very shady.


Super disappointed, I got charged $80? I wasn’t even a subscriber anymore. I was on hold for almost an hour and got hung up on. What is wrong with this company!?!? Disputing with my bank but come on…


I received emails saying my order was processed and it was on the way. What order? When trying to contact them, their site was down. Found out I was charged $40 something for a second July Beauty Fix. I was on the phone with them for forty minutes. Bad connection, kept cutting out, but I think they said they were crediting my card and should see the credit in 5-7 days. While on hold, I cancelled this sub. Was planning on cancelling soon, this just pushed me to do it sooner.


The extra charges have nothing to do with “being charged multiple times for subscriptions” because the charges do not in any way equal the cost of the box. It doesn’t even work out if you add a full price box with tax AND shipping (which I’m not charged for because it’s not my first box). It’s still too high of a charge yet not enough to have been charged “multiple” times for the subscription box. It’s an odd amount (mine is $44.29) that in no way is explained by this explanation.


They charged my account this week for 40.00, I sent them an email and they wrote back and said they were looking into it and would get back to me soon….They better give me back my 40.00 by next week….The box is only 27.00 so I am not sure how they charged me 40.00 for it.

Autumn P

I believe you should be able to call your cc company and dispute the charge or do a chargeback or whatever is appropriate. (As long as it’s an actual credit 💳 not anything prepaid or anything. (I am not signed up for a sub with them so I don’t know exactly what forms of payment(s) they accept. Hopefully you (& everybody else can get this resolved and FAST!) Tht’s very suspicious…to say the least.


Right? They charged me $48.03, where did they get that from?


I contacted Dermstore about this issue on the 8th, and they told me that is was probably a glitch, but there was nothing they could do about it. When I told them that if they couldn’t help me I would have to contact my bank to dispute the charges the rep literally told me they would not refund the charges if I opened a dispute. Seriously?

And then the email they sent out a week later saying “they missed the mark” and “encountered some unexpected challenges” – not even mentioning what actually happened with the multiple charges. In fact, that email read more like some kind of advertisement than an apology.

I am not impressed at all with the way this was handled.

Autumn P

Oh wow! —I think that is mainly up the the cc company/bank. You should get ahold of them, ASAP & explain the situation (of course).. ….but DEF about what the rep said. Because that is NOT right at all. And maybe get ahold of corporate, (of the sub co.?), and make sure they know how their reps are horribly handling the situation! Sheesh, tht sucks! Hopefully you & everyone else can get your money back, asap!!

Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.