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Allure Beauty Box September 2021 – Spoiler #1

ByMSAJul 31, 2021 | 72 comments

We’ve got the first spoiler for the September 2021 Allure Beauty Box.

Allure Beauty Box
3.6 overall rating
726 Ratings | 160 Reviews

The September 2021 Allure Beauty Box will include:

From the Sunday Riley website:

A lightweight broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen with antioxidant Turmeric and blue light-blocking Xanthophyll. Protects and hydrates skin with a velvet finish, for use with or without makeup.

Light Hearted is a breathable, lightweight, and transparent sunscreen that sinks into the skin without leaving a white, chalky residue or an oily finish. As both a physical and chemical sunscreen, this 99.99% oil-free formulation is perfect for all skin types and tones. Plant-based Xanthophyll provides blue light defense while antioxidant Turmeric offers environmental protection. A velvet finish reduces the look of pores while minimizing the appearance of dark spots, lines, and wrinkles.

The Subscription: Allure Beauty Box

The Price: $23 a month

The Goods: Each month, subscribers receive six or more Allure-approved makeup and skincare selections (including at least three full-size products) valued at $100+

Ships to: The contiguous US for free

To learn more, check out our Allure Beauty Box reviews and Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box, or find out why our readers named Allure Beauty Box one of the best skincare and beauty subscription box gifts!

What do you think of the spoiler?

"Each month, you'll get 6+ Allure-approved makeup and skincare picks delivered to your door ($100+ value for only $23). 6 or more products (at least 3 FULL-SIZE) valued at $100+ Only expert-approved products, hand-selected by Allure editors New member gift valued at $15+ Free shi... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Looks like another item will be an Alpha-H item.


I got B Anastasia lip color in some past month. The color was so dark that it was not a shade that I could wear.


Yes. The AHA product and an Anastasia lip color


has this been confirmed? I saw on one site that it’s not clear if the lip color is a new member item or not. Honestly they might as well not even do spoilers if they’re going to give incomplete and unclear information this late in the month.


I saw that too. Finally a month I don’t have to skip 🥳


Hoping Allure releases more spoilers before the month is over….


Same here…I’m on the fence with the Sunday Riley SPF, so the rest of the spoilers will help me figure out if I want the September box.


I’m completely new to this forum and allure box. After reading so many comments here, I have a ? I got my Aug box today. And as expected, the main 111skin was indeed made in china. But when I felt it, it didn’t seem *that* bad! Are you guys more concerned about the image of the ‘made in china’ (sometimes pls equate made in china to be cheap and poor quality) or are you legit not liking the actual product?


I was actually super interested to try the product in light of all the shrieking about it. I have to say, it’s a really nice moisturizer. I have extremely dry, sensitive skin and I am currently sitting here with Marc Jacobs Youthquake, Kate Somerville Goatmilk, Herbivore Pink Cloud, and about five others, and out of all of them, my skin feels the best after using the 111Skin. It’s super hydrating and non-irritating and my skin doesn’t feel dry again 10 minutes after application. I wouldn’t pay $270 for it, but I wouldn’t pay that for any moisturizer. It is however, a nice product and I’m really happy to have received it for this price. Having said that, I do not think it would be suitable for skin types other than dry/extremely dry.


Made in China cosmetic type products in particular have a history of being contaminated with ingredients that are not supposed to be there, lead, etc. That doesn’t mean they ALL do, or that a product from another country may not have the same issue, but China is more lax in their standards for checking these things.


What you said makes perfect sense. Thanks

Barbara McDonald

I am just not psyched about what they have shown us thus far. I have subscribed to Allure for years now and have been a staunch fan and supporter…but I must say, that is waning. I just may be reconsidering my subscription to this beauty box…sadly so after all of these years.


OMG YES! I’ve been wanting to try this, but still working through some tubes before I need to buy

Barbara McDonald

I simply do not understand the timing of giving us sunscreen in September. I would have been delighted for this from April – August..but September?

DO . NOT . GET . IT .


me neither. With all the sunscreens that were pulled off shelves for cancer causing benzene this year-this would have been a nice welcome to summer item in the May box


Most of those pulled were the spray kind. So it may have had something more to do with the propellant. And no box is going to want to send a pressurized can in the summer where temps in delivery warehouses and vans can get crazy high. I actually applaud them for sending sunscreen in an off-summer box since a good practice is to wear it year-round.


I feel the same way—it’s weird timing for sure. BUT as others had said it’s important to wear year round and we can sometimes have worse burns in the winter.

Anyways, I own light hearted and it’s a really GREAT PRIMER! So use it for that and get the added benefit of spf 🙂

Melissa Baker

To be perfectly honest, my initial reaction was the same as Barbara’s. However, I work in cancer prevention, and I can confirm that all of us should wear sunscreen every day, all year long, even if we do not live in Arizona, like Jen, and even if we do not ski or participate in other winter sports. If you are getting any sun exposure at all, you should wear sunscreen. Period.


Because there are a lot of us that wear sunscreen year round, myself included? This does not appear to be water or sweat resistant, so those are usually for daily wear.


Thank you Marie, I’m also a daily sunscreen user. Some people just don’t understand that just bc its fall/winter doesn’t mean you don’t need sun protection. People who ski need it etc, but I live in Arizona where there is no snow and just intense sun 365 … so sunscreen especially from a good brand like SR is very much appreciated!


Allure finally did something right… I got a free bonus box in the mail yesterday with a full-size Armani lip and other lux item to thank me for my loyalty. I was really happy to get this freebie box, b/c even though it did not contain at least 3 full-size items, I liked it better than most of the months I paid for lately bc of the high-end brands that I recognized.

This is the email I got about this bonus box: “We couldn’t be happier to have you as a loyal Allure Beauty Box member, and to show our appreciation, we’re sending you a free gift! Keep an eye on your mailbox for a bonus luxury bundle curated by Allure editors and our friends at L’Oréal (a $120 value). Inside you’ll find beauty essentials from the most iconic brands out there, like Lancôme’s Lash Idole Mascara, Urban Decay’s smooth black 24/7 Eye Pencil, and Giorgio Armani’s richly pigmented Lip Maestro—along with picks from YSL, Kiehl’s, and more. We hope you enjoy this special delivery (and this month’s Beauty Box)!”

Thank you, Allure! <3<3


I wonder if only people who didn’t skip this month are getting that since it says “(and this month’s Beauty Box)!”

That would count me out. I’ve been skipping since June. I wonder if that’s their way of getting us to not skip.


I received June and July but I skipped August. I never received the email but I did get the bonus box.


This is awesome! I received my box yesterday! I did kind of laugh at the info card that said it covers us head to toe or something to that effect because there are literally 3 eye items and 2 perfumes (in addition to some other items) – not exactly head to toe.

I wanted to give everyone a heads up – mine went to my billing address, not the address where I receive my monthly box. So if anyone out there is like me and uses different addresses, be sure to check your billing address for your package, not your usual place where you get your monthly box.


I have never skipped a box in my annual and this is my second year as an annual and I have not received the “extra” box nor have I received an email that one is coming. I did however call and ask for my annual to not renew after my last box (which will be the September box) so maybe it is for people who have not stopped their annual yet? Or maybe it is just completely random. I saw someone post on another site that they also received an “extra” box for loyalty and their box had completely different contents from this one. In fact, it was the same “mega” bundle box I received when I went annual. I wonder if they are just giving away extra stock? To be honest, the fact that some people are receiving them and some are not is just another reason I’m glad I chose not to renew. I was month to month for about a year before I went annual 2 years ago and I have never received anything “extra”. I’m super happy for those who do receive these boxes, truly I am. I know this comment sounds bitter but I’m not at all, I’m just pointing out the ways Allure has really dropped off as of late.


I skipped June & July but not August and haven’t received any e-mail or extra box yet. I’ve been a month-to-month subscriber for a few years.


I just got an email from Allure saying that current members were going to receive an extra bundle this month. It’s all the new subscriber things from last month.


I didn’t get tis email 🙁 haven’t been getting emails from them lately and I’m annual


I’m an annual member but didn’t receive email, and I didn’t receive any gifts either. Maybe because I skipped July and August box:(


I didn’t receive an email, but I just got an extra box in the mail today. It was a nice surprise.

Jeanette LeBlanc

Nothing in my inbox at all…


Interesting indeed. I didn’t get that message (yet) but would really appreciate getting that new member bundle!


Thanks for the tip, Wendy, I appreciate it! Still no message from Allure regarding the loyalty gift.

Linda, I’ve never skipped a box – not even before the annual deal when I was month-to-month. 🙁


Echo – Mine was in my promotions tab. Normally, my Allure emails come to my primary. I just happened to see it.


Interesting. I wonder what they’re trying to do.


Probably trying to get people to renew their annual, or at least not cancel.


Got it in the mail today. It’s the nicest box I’ve gotten in quite a while. It also had a Valentino perfume sample. I’m happy. I hope you all get it, too!!


I’m tired of getting sunscreens in boxes. IMHO, that’s a pharmacy or medical item, not a beauty item. It’s like getting groceries.


I usually see sunscreen and roll my eye’s because most contain Avobenzone which I won’t touch. This actually doesn’t, so would be OK for me.

Worse than sunscreen for me is Sheet Masks. SOOO MANY SHEET MASKS. Frankly I don’t want to see a sheet mask ever again…


@Louisastl This is the one and only product from Sunday Riley that I don’t want because of its two chemical sunscreen ingredients, which I stay away from. So disappointed.


I think a lot of us that have been subbed to boxes for years have drawers full of makeup that doesn’t get used. There is only so many lipsticks and eye shadow palettes before you’ve got every possible colour in stock. So its nice to get practical daily use products in the boxes too. Especially higher end ones we wouldn’t normally get.


It’s not the sexiest item ever but I would definitely consider sunscreen a beauty item.


Sunscreen is a beauty item if you go out in the sun and don’t want wrinkles. lol


Wow – that’s a tiny ‘Full Size’ product….but, yes I’ll try it in a sub box.

Tabby O

I signed up for the great extra big that had some of my fav deluxe scents and that pretty fall lip color this month. I’m tempted to let it ride if other spoilers stay this good. I enjoy this sun screen, but only keep it in my purse for when I go out and forget because it is expensive and small.


Darn it, alcohol denat. is so high up on the ingredient list!

Charlotte G.

Thank you, that makes it a no go for me. Saved me some money!


You say it “denatured alcohol.”


@Pink5 Thank you!


Some people find it irritating or drying.


I’d like to try this. I’ll see what else is in the box and hopefully they have a good new member gift.

Jessica Hapak

I’ve heard terrible reviews on this sunscreen. Do I still want it? Yeah.


I wear sunscreen daily, and though I don’t buy this brand because of their fake review scandal, I’ll take it in a box. Note that the full size is only 1.5 oz and they do charge $35 for it. That’s a little rich for my wallet so I’m glad to get to try it.
Glad to see Allure offering a legit high end line in full size.


Honestly I work in marketing and they didn’t really do anything that a ton of other companies haven’t been doing for years. They were just stupid enough to get caught because they didn’t use VPNs and incognito mode, so it was all easily traced back to their company’s servers. Really, online reviews are basically worthless between the companies that plant them, and the ones who mail out thousands of free products and will drop people from their free product lists if they don’t keep posting positive reviews.


I get what you are saying and I think that is def true in alot of cases however in my personal experience I have signed up for multiple companies that send me free products all the time and if I dont like it I make sure my review reflects that and so far (fingers crossed) I haven’t been dropped.

Tanya M.

For me its the fake reviews AND the added pigments Green 6 and Violet 2. But yes, I will try the sunscreen as an avid retinol user, I am sure to have comments later. Hopefully positive. I don’t purposely support the brand except in beauty boxes.


Yes!!! I can get behind this spoiler.


As a suggestion, it would be really helpful to get a link to the product page so we can check out the ingredients and such.


Thanks for the suggestion! We’ve updated this post.


So… Allure still hasn’t released full spoilers for August but they’ve released one for September?!? Are they no longer going to release full spoilers???


It is a renewal month for customers who bought the 1 year subscription at the old price. They are trying to convince everyone to keep their subscriptions.


@EMILY – call them, they will tell you.


Is there a way to see how many months we have left in our annual sub?


Same for me as Pam and JOJOB – I was trying to decide whether to skip August or just let the subscription run out and not renew. I reached out and they actually offered to cancel my subscription. Even though I didn’t want to renew – because the last few boxes have been truly awful – I did feel like it was “Ok – Bye”! Very different experience to cancelling Ipsy 😉


Pam I got the same! I called to make sure my annual didn’t renew as well. Lol, I didn’t want them to ask me to stay but I was a bit taken aback that they didn’t! I’ve been an annual for 2 years. They were very helpful and I had no problem canceling which was great, but it was absolutely “okay bye!” for me too! 😂

Tanya M

Pam, that’s some cold CS!! I wonder if it depends on what agent answers your call? Or your reason for leaving? I stated I had way too much product and was offered six month pause! Pam do you remember the annual month long contest with the app?? I remember winning a couple prizes and being so thrilled. I guess the “for Allure members only” is the equivalent these days. I’m not so much unhappy with boxes as I went overboard with ordering and need to use up much before starting back up. I’ve moved into home, candles and such. Away from skin and makeup. Boy, that went memory lane .. oops


Could be. As an addendum to that, in case anyone was wondering – I confirmed this morning (when I called to skip August) that the auto-renewal for an annual is based on the # of boxes received, not on the calendar date. So if you skipped boxes, your renewal will come whenever box 12 happens for you, not a calendar year after you signed up for annual. (I’m pretty sure I didn’t sign up for annual until Sept. or Oct., so I guess it’s partial spoilers for a few months… sigh…)


Funny they didn’t try to keep me, been a subscriber since the beginning, before it was even called Allure Beauty Box. Told them don’t renew my annual sub and they said ‘ok bye’ lol


I’ve wanted to try this sunscreen but had an awful experience with canceling Allure the last time around so I probably won’t get it.

Char D.

Go thru Amazon! Plus you see your entire box early and everybody with Amazon gets the same box.

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