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Ipsy Announces 10 New Brands Coming to Glam Bag and Glam Bag Plus in June

ByMSAJun 28, 2021 | 60 comments

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Ready for something new this summer? Ipsy has just announced that they’re bringing a bunch of new brands into the Ipsy fold for all of you Ipsy Glam Bag and Ipsy Glam Bag Plus subscribers, starting this month!

Welcome to the season of sun, sand, and surf! Summer is (officially) here and we couldn’t be more excited to embrace splashy makeup looks, glowy skin days, and a new crew of super fresh beauty brands. We’ve got 10 amazing newcomers in our June Glam Bag and Glam Bag Plus featuring everything from skin-quenching formulas to SPF-infused treats. Read on for the makeup, hair, and skincare brands that are about to be the MVP’s of your summer.

Here are seven brands coming to Ipsy Glam Bag in June, along with a peek at some of their top products:

INNATE Instant Hydrating Conditioner

Defined curls? You got it. Easy detangling? NBD. Curated by professional salon stylists specializing in textured hair, INNATE creates formulas that maintain movement, boost health, and bring out the natural beauty of your hair. Their Instant Hydrating Conditioner repairs and protects your hair in just 3 minutes! It’s made with aloe vera, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and more to deliver a healthy dose of moisture that helps soften hair, boost shine, tame frizz, and improve manageability overall.

MAZI Balancing Multi-Effect Facial Cleanser

Proof that at-home skincare can be as indulgent as a day at the spa? MAZI’s professional-grade products. Their innovative formulas don’t just produce real results—they’re made to nourish your skin, your senses, and your soul. When you’re in need of a quick skin refresh, this restorative, invigorating cleanser is your go-to. Made for all skin types (including blemish-prone), it deep cleans while delivering nourishing fatty acids to skin, improving elasticity, and increasing moisture.

PRETTY VULGAR Under Cover Concealer

Each product from this Glam Bag newbie checks all the right boxes. Their line is motivated by diversity, inclusivity, and individuality. Look to them for high quality products that celebrate every nuance and shade of your personality, and win for versatility, too. Their Under Cover Concealer is perfect for summer—lightweight, buildable, and long-lasting—so you can flaunt a flawless complexion from beach days to fun summer nights.


We’ve found the secret to skin that glows all summer long. LAPALETTE combines all the best natural ingredients with the latest research to bring you products that are healthy and really work. Exhibit A: Their Calming Green Turnover Toner in our June Glam Bag. Not only is it vegan and cruelty-free, it’s made with refreshing, antioxidant-rich green tea extract and a combo of exfoliating acids to reveal your freshest, brightest, most glowing skin.

CORAL SUN SPF 15 Coconut Lip Balm

Sunshine szn is in full swing and that means we’re slathering on extra SPF to keep our skin protected. Look to CORAL SUN for expertly formulated suncare products that are safe for you, your family, and the environment, and that make sun protection dare we say—fun? Their SPF 15 Coconut Lip Balm smells just like a tropical vacay, and it nourishes and protects the delicate skin on your lips from UVA and UVB rays. Consider it your summer beach bag essential.


Known for its highly effective, clinical-grade products, this brand has been a cult favorite among patients, customers, and medical providers since 1981 (so they really know their stuff). pH-balanced products are buzzy right now, so we’re thrilled to have this skin barrier-boosting cleanser in our Glam Bags. Use it morning and night to remove makeup, dirt, and excess oils while keeping your skin balanced, hydrated, and happy.

LES BEAUTY Punk Rock Eyeshadow Quad

So many magical things come out of NYC’s famed Lower East side, including this unique makeup brand. It’s inspired by the eclectic neighborhood where unexpected makeup looks are always welcome. This cruelty-free brand is all about high-impact pigments, innovative formulas, and inclusive beauty, and their Punk Rock Eyeshadow Quad is no exception. It’s got four highly pigmented eyeshadows in shimmery rose, berry, plum, and peach—aka all you need to create gorgeous looks for sun up to sun down.

And here are the three new brands/products you can look forward to seeing in Ipsy’s Glam Bag Plus starting this month:

TANAÏS Sunset to the Stars Lip Oil Duo

Founder TANAÏS imagines their fragrance, beauty, and jewelry creations as expressions of ritual, adornment, and ancestry. Each good is crafted from rare and gorgeous materials, and is infused with rich storytelling. The proof? TANAÏS’ gorgeous Sunset to Stars Lip Oil Duo in Mahina Moon & Plumeria Petals that are inspired by lush Hawaiian florals and fruits. Made with nourishing coconut oil and pomegranate seed oil, they’ll hydrate and plump your lips while coating them in sheer, shimmery, buildable color.

BALI BALM Lemon and Black Pepper Lip Balm

Craving #vacayvibes? Transport yourself (and your lips) to Bali. Every formula from BALI BALM is inspired by the island’s lush vegetation, rich colors, and captivating aromas. Their Lemon and Black Pepper Lip Balm is just the TLC your lips need when you’re out in the summer heat. It uses peppermint leaf to soothe and pump, plus organic lemon and black pepper extracts for some extra zing. Swiping on lip balm has never felt so refreshing.

SYMBIOSIS SKINCARE [Salicylic + Zincidone] – Blemish Treatment Serum

Clinically-proven, luxurious, and always cruelty-free—this innovative British skincare brand is dedicated to designing ground-breaking products that deliver real results. If you’re dealing with breakouts (we know the struggle), this powerful formula helps treat and keep them at bay with acne-fighting salicylic acid and oil-balancing zincidone. Together, these ingredients help keep acne-causing bacteria while cleaning pores to promote a clearer complexion.

Ipsy Glam Bag costs $12/month, while a Glam Bag Plus subscription costs $25/month. The biggest difference between Glam Bag and Glam Bag Plus?  The Glam Bag delivers five deluxe-sized sample products every month along with a makeup bag. Meanwhile, Glam Bag Plus send your five full-sized beauty products along with a drawstring-style bag sized to hold your monthly stash. (And yes, you can subscribe to both at once!)
What do you think of the new brands?
IPSY Glam Bag ($13 per month) is one of the most popular and affordable subscriptions around, and our readers have selected it as one of the top beauty boxes for the last 5 years running! IPSY Glam Bag connects members with five makeup, skincare, hair care, and other beauty samples each month, plus ... read more.
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Oh and everyone knows they upped the subscription to 13 right just read email


Love that these shady things are coming out I’ve been with ipsy for 3 years never paused last month due to bag and products just being crap honestly lol I paused I have enough stuff and these new products arent anything I want either I’m skipping again i guess might even cancel shame bc I really used to look forward to my ipsy bag and add ons but getting ridiculous with same ol stuff and now shady things that arent being addressed after PROMISES they weren’t purchasing dsl brands again now happening again no thanks I’ll find another bag if i have to


Im praying boxycharm does not turn into Ipsy. I hate that Ipsy bought out boxycharm. If it starts to look like 2 boxes of junk will cancel ipsy. I down graded when the ipsy ultimate came out. Ridiculous amounts of junk product. Thanks for the education on DLS and Alibaba!


So glad I cancelled before I was billed.
Goodbye ipsy and your dls alibaba brands ughh


For the first time since I started getting Ipsy 5 years ago, I am skipping, and will probably cancel. I am tired of received all of these no-name products that Ipsy is getting for pennies. You used to receive brands that you recognized in the bags. Now I am almost always disappointed with 2 or 3 items per bag. Just not worth it. I have enjoyed the last few Sephora boxes for $10 or $12 more than Ipsy. At least those are nice brands that I recognize, and I know I can buy them at Sephora if I really like them. I would rather get those when they are offered.

Autumn P

Wow! These comments are….interesting…to say the least! Anyway, this helped me to decide I’m definitely not going to get the glam bag now. Don’t need it anyway. I just was wondering the KAB Cosmetics have been brought up as one of these brands, I know one of the Real Housewives was the “face” of said brand. Kim Zolciak(?), so how does that work? I know they didn’t get into a lab and formulate the makeup themselves, but I did believe they had a hand in picking out colors, etc. Like other influencers have when they collab with a big brand. They either didn’t know themselves, knew and didn’t care, or are in on it, and helping with the whole scheme? With that being said, I have honestly heard good things about the brand. But I know some things can be made “up to par” to be OK, passing (so to speak). Just it’s a big ol’ hit or miss, and they aren’t held to the same standards as other brands and companies are. (Being in another country that is). TIA for any info, or insight!

Ouwala D

Alibaba is essentially a wholesaler, and Wish would be like their “public store”. Or something like that. Alibaba is a place where [mostly] businesses buy wholesale goods. Look through Ebay – you’ll see a ton of stuff there that you can also find on Alibaba – but Alibaba sells in bulk.

tammy g.

oh, great …new products…can’t wait to try these products..


I have been skipping months. I like to shop flash sales for the occasional gem. If I cancel, I cannot shop.☹️


Ouch! All this b.s. with Ipsy, shady products, declining product quality etc., has created a most disgusting taste in my mouth. I foresee more money in my wallet in the near future! I am tapping out.


I agree. I have been with Ipsy for years and I just could never seem to give it up. But reading all this shady stuff, I don’t like it. It’s scammy. Plus I’m am so deep in product overload. I could use the money too. I wanna pause or cancel I think.


Hi MSAers- Alibaba is an wholesale ecommerce site that sells goods from China. It’s not regulated so you really don’t know the quality or ingredients you’re getting. Some vendors on here are great and provide quality stuff and others, well there’s been articles where the ingredients were not found to match what the label says. There’s also questionable business practices, unsanitary warehouses and forced labor practices. If you’re a business buying stuff on here, you’re looking for cheap so basically that’s what you’re getting. I would not advise looking on this site (which can get you anything you can think of) because you’ll see most of your stuff from sub boxes and it’s less than a dollar.

Grace & Stella is not DLS but they have never hidden that they buy wholesale, rebrand and sell their goods. There’s an article where they freely admit it and have never lied about this. I have found their face masks and eye masks on Alibaba for 3 cents a piece….let that sink in when they sell 10 for $21 or close to that.

DLS (Dirty Little Secrets) is a brand owned by Emanuele DeFalco. The reason why people hate this brand so much is because she lied to everyone and said her sister, who “went to chemist school” created these brands from scratch and this is her proprietary formula. Not to mention this is cheap makeup from unknown manufacturer sold for pennies. Everything from all her brands is bought from Alibaba for dirt cheap….like less than a dollar. Her moisturizer which she sells for $100 was found on Alibaba for $1.70 landed. People have found all her import records but she has yet to admit it even though she was caught. She has dozens of brands :Dirty Little Secret, Luna by Luna, Steve Laurant, Bang Beauty, Faccia Skin, Basic Beauty, Glow on 5th, Saint Luxe, KAB Cosmetics and possibly Sophia + Mabelle.

Since most people have found out about her scam of selling 25 cent eyeshadow quads and 5 cent lipsticks she has moved to using her friend as the frontwoman of her new brands to trick people into not thinking it’s not her. So, her latest brands Saint Luxe, Basic Beauty and Glow on 5th, shows her black friend Nicole as the owner and she used the black owned angle to get into Ipsy. Savvy people have found her import records that show all these 3 brands are under DLS and the websites and registration of these brands are registered to DeFalco only. I have written to Ipsy and they denied it and when I showed them proof of the import, registrations records, and connection to this woman they denied it again and said they’ll forward to management but never said they will stop buying these fake brands.

Some makeup/skincare from China is good, but a lot isn’t. No hate, it’s just that there’s more regulations from labs in the US, UK or Europe then from the largest online wholesaler that’s unregulated in China. If I could I would post several articles that discusses this.


Aw MAN! I KNEW something was up with Glow on 5th and now I get the connection. I bought their Bye Bye Puffy Eyes directly from them based on a good blog review/post on Ipsy and it was a totally useless product. ‘Splains a lot. Thanks for the enlightenment! And you’re right, I went on Alibaba and found tons of what appear to be the same products I see for many brands. Now, they could just be ripoffs, but let’s be real, all these fundies setting up beauty brands didn’t go to “chemist school” (lol) and are totally private labeling cheap imports.


Wow… thank you for explaining this. I often wonder about the products from Ipsy. I’ve been with them for 6 years , I receive GB plus & X. I’m extremely disappointed & disgusted knowing that they are aware of these / this brand & still use them. I get that everyone wants to make money however pushing potentially harmful products on your users is just wrong. Not to mention the ethics of it all. I genuinely wish that it was illegal to purchase things in other countries that do not have equal /more policies as the country you live in. Lol we’d see ALOT of pissed off rich people… its alarming that it is legal to dupe / defraud people like that. I’m surprised that more people aren’t totally freaked out by this.


In order to sell makeup in China, it MUST be tested on animals. Please keep that in mind.


Not 100% accurate. Makeup made in China does not have to be tested on animals to be sold there — the mandatory animal testing was only for cosmetics imported to China. However, that has changed as of spring of this year. Most makeup is now not required to be tested on animals to be sold in China.

Many cruelty-free makeup users still would not count product sold in China as “cruelty free” because the Chinese government may pull any cosmetics off the shelves at any time to conduct their own tests on animals using the products (so even though the companies may not test on animals themselves, by selling in China, they know that their products may end up being tested on animals, anyway).


Thank you for the in depth explanation! I was not aware of the details of DLS and now I know what to look out for.


Also, Give Them Lala, in case anyone actually cared.


The LES Beauty “brand” website looks like a copypasta of every other DLS-type “brand” in these boxes. So that one can go on the list as well.


After reading all of these comments it sounds like I’ll be cancelling soon! I was already on the fence after my first two X boxes included mostly things I’ll never use. I was waiting to give it another chance but I think I’ll be done after August.


GRACE AND STELLA is a bad filler brand?? Someone posted that above then another person replied that G&S isnt. Can we get an accurate response please? Thanks much, Carla

I’ve enjoyed using their stuff and thought they were clean and good???


Grace & Stella products are not sold under DLS but their company model is exactly the same. They purchase products from Alibaba, slap their label on and sell it as theirs. You can find the import records on Reddit.


It’s kind of more like Amazon than wish. But companies can buy a lot of wholesale for nothing. In this case makeup


Alibaba is an internet platform where people can buy or sell all sorts of stuff.

It’s not based in the US, and I’m a little fuzzy on how exactly it works.


Can anyone tell me what Alibaba is? A place or a company or what?

Beth in Oklahoma

Didn’t Ipsy make a solemn promise of no more DLS brands about this time last year? I guess that promise expired. Everyone needs to contact Ipsy and let them know we’re on to their shenanigans.


I know they’ve been contacted about the promise not to use DLS but I think they’re trying to get off on the technicality that these brands aren’t under the DLS name/umbrella and therefore the private label in question, no matter who imports it, is acceptable to carry. I hope that makes sense and these are just my own musings.


My first reaction to this post was…oh no, sounds like more questionable private label brands on the way. Ugh. I know some won’t be but I also think some will be–and I’ve had enough of wondering where they’re getting their stuff all the time. I don’t trust their sourcing. Kinda makes the light and fun experience of Ipsy not so light and fun any more. For me anyway.


YES!!! THIS! Thank you so much for saying this because this is exactly how I was feeling about the whole situation as well. I also just wanted to add that Ipsy just made a promise to us, their customers that they were going to be eliminating this list of ‘bad’ ingredients. I’m wondering how exactly they are planning on doing that when they are not even sure if they know what is in these products because they are getting them (KNOWINGLY) from untrustworthy suppliers, it makes no sense to me. I’m fairly new to the sub but I joined because I wanted to get a chance to try more natural and clean beauty brands without breaking the bank to see what products I liked enough to start using and continue to purchase in the full size. I’m trying to eliminate toxins and junk from my routine and then I find out I might possibly be inadvertently be putting who knows what in unregulated poison eye cream from some DLS Alibaba junk brand I thought was just a ‘new brand’ Ipsy was introducing but it’s them trying to increase their profit margins. Gross. Maybe if they just had better business practices and customer service they would be able to keep their customers happy and keep their customers and they would not have to resort to these measures to make a profit.
Wow that unintentionally turned into a total rant. I wanted to love Ipsy so much I feel like I am in a relationship with a bad man at this point, I don’t want to let it go but I don’t think it’s any good for me. I’m having major trust issues and serious FOMO all at the same time but I think my trust issues are going to end up being on the winning side of things. After everything that’s happened…


Ipsy has never been a place for clean and natural beauty products. It’s a bag of stuff for $12 and as always, buyer beware. Customers are always wowed by their huge retail values but it’s clear after trying (or reading the labels) that it’s not all that great, but they provided what the customer claimed they wanted. If you prefer clean and natural beauty, then you will have to pay more for it. Check out Petit Vour, some of Vegancuts stuff is ok, See New, Beauty Heroes, etc. Whole Foods has two lists that you can use to compare ingredients. They have a do not sell list, and then they have a premium beauty list of banned ingredients. I sometimes cross reference ingredients and if it won’t be sold at Whole Foods then I tend to avoid it.


Symbiosis London is a fake company whose addresses were found to go to Home Depot locations, I doubt they’ve cleaned up their practices,only hid it better. It might be time to completely cancel Ipsy, I’ve had many mazing products over the years and I have a lot that needs used still without filling drawers full of tiny crap products.


I’m now reading the reddit thread about this company, and an astute consumer has done some serious digging that they are not only totally fake, but that Boxy is in on it. Worth a google (symbiosis London Reddit).


I unsubscribed from julys glam bag plus. And ive quit the regular glam bag. The regular glam bag features one or maybe 2 awesome sephora items and the rest of the bag is turning into filler. That essentially makes that one sample you wanted $13-14 after tax. And to know a glam bag plus is gonna suck before the interesting glam x release means 27 bucks down the toilet for uninteresting ipsy brands
TLDR Recap: i see it as Pay 27 bucks for ipsy brand and DLS to pay 55 bucks and tax for the chance of getting a few known brands and more mystery items.

Also Beth

I…kind of actually agree with this. It really seems as if sourcing for X has put a strain on ipsy.

Kathy S

The Tanais Lip Oils and the Bali Balm were choices for June at least for me. Maybe MSA is late with this post?


They must be late. Those are all on the product list for the June glam bag.


Is this for JULY? We already got our June bags. I didn’t see any of these in my bag.


I got the LES punk rock eyeshadow. Haven’t tried it, most likely won’t if it’s private label.


I wouldn’t use it. I looked at their website, it was created in 2021. There is not an ingredients list on a single product on their website. Their Facebook link on their website leads to a page that was removed.


The green tea toner looks nice, but I already have a huge bottle of a similar product from Tony Moly. Nothing else really interests me and I’m paused again this month anyway.


I am only getting one more bag because they offered it free next month if I didn’t cancel. I’m thinking I maybe should’ve just cancelled but glad to see some new brands


I got that LES eyeshadow quad this month. Didn’t care for it. Didn’t get any of the others


So excited about Bali Balm! I got one of these in Boxy and then bought 4 more in their sale because I loved them so much. Been working my way through all of them. I use them every single day! So excited to get my hands on some more. Definitely my ride-or-die lipbalm of choice.

Amy Nicole

I mean the Bali Balm is ok. I feel like people think it’s great because Boxy any Ipsy try to say the retail is 33$.


I got a Bali Balm is cinnamon and burnt orange and really did not like it at all. The cinnamon was overpowering and the product separated so that water would squeeze out of the tube apart from the waxy balm part. I ended up throwing it out because it was so bad.


And how many of these are DLS products/brands? 🙁


Stephanie & Francis — let me clarify. Grace & Stella products are not sold under DLS but their company model is exactly the same. They purchase off Alibaba, put their labeling on and call it theirs with a price tag to go along with it. You can find the import records on Reddit.


What is DLS?


Grace & Stella is not DLS.


@Vic I had no idea that Grace & Stella was a DLS brand! Thanks for the heads up.


DLS = Dirty Little Secrets. It’s a cosmetics “company” that imports their products from Alibaba. Basically they purchase products for pennies on the dollar, slap their label on them, then sell the products at ridiculously high mark ups while claiming the formula is somehow special or proprietary. Examples of these brands include Dirty Little Secret, Luna by Luna, Steve Laurant, Bang Beauty, Faccis Skin, Basic Beauty, Glow on 5th, Saint Luxe, KAB Cosmetics, Grace & Stella.


Is this for June or July???

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